Managing Interpersonal Sensitivity: Knowing When — and When Not — To Understand Others


Jessi Smith (Editor)
Montana State Univ., MT, USA

William Ickes (Editor)
University of Texas at Arlington, TX, USA

Judith A. Hall (Editor)
Northeastern University, MA, USA

Sara Hodges (Editor)
University of Oregon, OR, USA

Series: Psychology of Emotions, Motivations and Actions

Findings from the past two decades of interpersonal sensitivity research presented a big surprise to the researchers who were working in this area. These findings, at first suggestive and then unmistakably clear, showed that scores on various interpersonal sensitivity measures were not as stable as scores on other measures of cognitive ability (for example, IQ scores) seemed to be.

The accumulating data further suggested that differences in situationally-evoked motivational states were the most probable cause of these variations in interpersonal sensitivity. This book examines this discovery and how it has completely changed the research agenda for those working in this field of study. (Imprint: Nova)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Preface: Interpersonal Sensitivity: A Set of Abilities We Can Dial Up or Down as Needed?pp,vii-xiii

1. Manipulated Motivation and Interpersonal Accuracy, pp. 1-20
(Judith Hall)

2. Why, When, and How Motivation Helps Mind-Reading, pp. 21-40
(Geoff Thomas, Alison Legood and Allan Lee)

3. Accurate When It Counts: Perceiving Power and Status in Social Groups, pp. 41-58
(Sanjay Srivastava and Cameron Anderson)

4. Specifically Motivated, Feminine, or Just Female: Do Women have an Empathic Accuracy Advantage?, pp. 59-74
(Sara D. Hodges, Sean M. Laurent, and Karyn L. Lewis)

5. Tuning Out in Order to Fit In: The Effects of Gender Role Expectations and Affiliation Motives on Men’s Interpersonal Sensitivity, pp. 75-97
(Karyn L. Lewis, Jessi L. Smith, and Kristin E. Hawkinson)

6. Romantic Enquiring Minds: The Motivation to Acquire Relationship-Threatening Information, pp. 99-124
(Carol L. Wilson)

7. Adult Attachment Styles and Motivated Accuracy, pp. 125-142
(Jeremy W. Dugosh, Wen Cheng and Anna E. Park)

8. Rejection Sensitivity, Violence and Decoding Deficits in Married Men, pp. 143-167
(Laurance Robillard and Patricia Noller)

9. Motivation, Empathic Accuracy, and Spousal Support: It’s Complicated!, pp. 169-192
(Lesley L. Verhofstadt, Mark Davis and William Ickes)

10. Motivated Misunderstanding in Family Conflict Discussions, pp. 193-213
(Alan Sillars)

11. Motivated Inaccuracy: Past and Future Directions, pp. 215-233
Ronen Cuperman, Maryhope Howland, William Ickes, and Jeffry A. Simpson

12. To Be, or Not to Be, Accurate: Addressing That and Other Complicated Questions, pp. 235-255
(Jessi L. Smith, Judith Hall, Sara D. Hodges, and William Ickes)

Index pp,255-265

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