Live and Let Others Live – In Reference to Sustainability and Environment Conservation


Medani P. Bhandari, PhD – Professor, Akamai University, USA, Sumy State University, Ukraine, Gandaki University, Nepal, Fairfax, VA, United States

Series: Environmental Research Advances
BISAC: LAW034000; NAT038000

“Live and Let Others Live” is profoundly relevant amid current debates on sustainability and environmental conservation. It addresses the urgent challenges of climate change, deforestation, and species loss, emphasizing the imperative of coexisting harmoniously with nature. This philosophy underscores the vital need to safeguard our planet’s fragile ecosystems, promote responsible consumption, and preserve biodiversity. It resonates with contemporary dialogues on sustainable living, climate action, and global initiatives to address environmental crises, making it a highly pertinent and timely subject in our world today.

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Table of Contents




Chapter 1. Introduction

Chapter 2. The Journey, the Principle of “Live and Let Others Live” – In Reference to Sustainability and Environment Conservation

Chapter 3. The Understanding of without Education There Was No Life and No Future

Chapter 4. The Compromise and Adaptation to the Circumstances

Chapter 5. Real but a Joke for Others – Life without a Wheel, Electricity, Roads

Chapter 6. Unconditional Love – No Way to Pay Back to Them

Chapter 7. New Direction

Chapter 8. Pain and Joy Travel Together: There Is No Pain and Joy – It Is a Kind of State of Mind

Chapter 9. Sustainability – Ideas Flourished with Real Work as a Subsistence Farmer’s Son

Chapter 10. Situational Problems Can Be Guiding Principles for People Who Have Persevered

Chapter 11. Following the Route – Saves the Identity

Chapter 12. Nothing Is Impossible for a Dedicated and Decided Person

Chapter 13. The Realization of the Dream Was a Testament to the Power of Dedication and Determination

Chapter 14. Hardships Can Be Joyful

Chapter 15. When We Feel, Think, and Act to Acquire Our Goals: “We Will Make It”

Chapter 16. The Alternative Is Always There – If One Door Is Closed Another Will Be Opened

Chapter 17. Mission Guided Minds Always Empower Physically and Mentally

Chapter 18. Without Expectation Gives Heavenly Pleasure – Ways of Sustainable Living

Chapter 19. There Is Always Variation between Rich and Poor

Chapter 20. Failing and Falling Is Not the End of the Story but the Beginning of a New Pathway

Chapter 21. Sharing a Problem Is Not an Act of Shame

Chapter 22. There Are Always Two Sides to the Coin

Chapter 23. A Person of Vision – of Sustainability – Never Knows in What Form a Real Guide Will Appear

Chapter 24. The Real Pain of the Final Journey – The Ultimate Reality – Death

Chapter 25. The Purpose of Life

Chapter 26. The Burden of Faith? Or Peace No Clue? Pain Translated in Real Life

Chapter 27. The Unceasing Momentum of the World: Fostering Sustainability for Future Generations

Chapter 28. Another Fold of Life – Sustaining in a Natural Route

Chapter 29. The New Chapter Begins with Marriage

Chapter 30. The Genesis of Environmental Passion

Chapter 31. Give Back to Nature as Nature Gives Us

Chapter 32. New Shift New Way

Chapter 33. Education – Research, Environment Conservation, and Social Empowerment

Chapter 34. The Real Essence of Sustainable Development

Chapter 35. New Way of Thinking – Let Us Think and Join Hands in a Way That We All Are Interconnected

Chapter 36. The World Is in a Problem

Chapter 37. Hope, Positive and Rational Thinking: Collective Work

Chapter 38. Conclusion


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