Life in the Mediterranean Sea: A Look at Habitat Changes


Noga Stambler (Editor)
Bar Ilan University, Ramat Gan, Israel

Series: Environmental Science, Engineering and Technology

The Mediterranean Sea is considered the most threatened sea on Earth. This new book presents a scientific look at the past, present and future changes occurring in the Mediterranean Sea. In addition, this book also gives a background description of the geology, physical oceanography, marine chemistry and marine biology of the Mediterranean Sea. It provides an up-to-date summary of the human (anthropogenic) factors affecting the Mediterranean marine environment, as well as an estimate of the future of the Mediterranean Sea as related to local and global changes, with an emphasis on climate change. (Imprint: Nova)


Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Mediterranean Sea Biodiversity between the Legacy from the Past and a Future of Change
(Carlo Nike Bianchi, Carla Morri, Mariachiara Chiantore, Monica Montefalcone, Valeriano Parravicini and Alessio Rovere) pp.1-56

Chapter 2. Tectonic Development of the Levant Continental Margin, Eastern Mediterranean
(Uri Schattner and Zvi Ben-Avraham)pp.57-70

Chapter 3. The Nile Littoral Cell and Recent Shoreline Change: A Review
(Micha Klein) pp.71-98

Chapter 4. Circulation in the Mediterranean Sea
(Steve Brenner) pp.99-126

Chapter 5. The Upper Mixed Layer
(Fabrizio D’Ortenzio and Louis Prieur) pp.127-156

Chapter 6. Nutrient Distribution in the Eastern Mediterranean before
and after the Transient Event
(Nurit Kress, Barak Herut, Isaac Gertman) pp.157-174

Chapter 7. Underwater Light Field of the Mediterranean Sea
(Noga Stambler) pp.175-198

Chapter 8. Dinitrogen fixation as a Source for New Production in the Mediterranean Sea: A Review
(Ilana Berman-Frank and Eyal Rahav) pp.199-226

Chapter 9. Heterotrophic Bacteria in the Pelagic Realm of the Mediterranean Sea
(Elvira Pulido-Villena, Jean François Ghiglione, Eva Ortega-Retuerta, France Van Wambeke and Tamar Zohary) pp.227-266

Chapter 10. Seize the Sea: Alien Invertebrates in the Mediterranean Sea
(Bella Galil) pp.267-294

Chapter 11. Red Sea Fishes in the Mediterranean Sea – History and Recent Developments
(Danny Golani and Brenda Appelbaum-Golani) pp.295-308

Chapter 12. Cetaceans of the Mediterranean Sea
(Simone Panigada, Margherita Zanardelli, Giuseppe Notarbartolo di Sciara) pp.309-354

Chapter 13. Shallow Water Scleractinian Corals of the Mediterranean Sea
(Christine Ferrier-Pagès,Stéphanie Reynaud, Denis Allemand)pp.355-390

Chapter 14. The Deep-Mediterranean Sea: Habitats, Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning
(Roberto Danovaro) pp.391-412

Chapter 15. Sandhoppers as Bioindicators of Anthropogenic Influence on Mediterranean Sandy Beaches
(Alberto Ugolini and Giuseppe Ungherese) pp.413-444

Chapter 16. Eutrophication in the Mediterranean Sea
(Antonio Cruzado) pp.445-482

Chapter 17. Ecological Indices based on Macroalgae and Angiosperms in the Mediterranean Eco-Region: An Overview
(Adriano Sfriso and Chiara Facca)pp.483-504

Chapter 18. Caulerpa Racemosa, An Invasive Habitat-Modifying Macroalga in the Mediterranean Sea
(Judith C. Klein) pp.505-518

Chapter 19. Habitat Changes in the Mediterranean Sea and the Consequences for Harmful Algal-Bloom Formation
(Esther Garces and Jordi Camp)pp.519-542

Chapter 20. Floating Plastics, Plastic Pellets, and Organic Micro Pollutants in the Mediterranean Sea
(Hrissi K. Karapanagioti)pp.543-556

Chapter 21. Floating and Benthic Marine Litter in the Mediterranean Sea: Typology, Abundance, Sources, Survey Methods and Impacts on Marine Biota
(George Papatheodorou) pp.557-594

Chapter 22. Aquaculture Impacts on Mediterranean Seagrasses: An Evaluation of Current Status and Future Prospects
(Marta Pérez, Juan Manuel Ruiz, Maria García Sanz, Javier Romero)pp.595-616

Chapter 23. Environmental Interactions of Marine Aquaculture in the Mediterranean: Current Status and Expected Changes
(Nafsika Papageorgiou and Ioannis Karakassis)pp.617-634

Chapter 24. Oil Pollution in the Mediterranean
(Jordi Pon and Joan Albaiges)pp.635-670

Chapter 25. Effects of Ocean Acidification on Mediterranean Coastal Habitats: Lessons from Carbon Dioxide Vents off Ischia.
(Jason M. Hall-Spencer and Riccardo Rodolfo-Metalpa)pp.671-684

Chapter 26. Climate Change Effects on Mediterranean Cetaceans: Time for Action
(Peter Simmonds, Delphine Gambaiani, Giuseppe Notarbartolo di Sciara)pp.685-702

Index pp.703-739

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