Liberation Psychology in Brazil


Silvana Calvo Tuleski (Editor)
State University of Maringa, Maringa, Brazil

Series: Capitalism, Counter-Capitalism, and Psychology
BISAC: PSY031000

This book unites studies of Brazilian researchers who are focused on education and psychology. The main objective is to construct a new psychological ideology that is capable of criticizing and confronting the current capitalist society.

The chapters are organized into two major sections: (1) The theoretical and methodological path towards a more critical Psychology, and (2) the social implications of the investigation into psychology and education. Section One is composed of six chapters that propose the following themes: criticism of possible contributions to Marxism leading to revolutionary education; discussion and analysis of public politics effects on Brazilian education, and its limits in the capitalist society; the basic conditions for development of a critical psychology that is effectively radical; the limits and possibilities for a critical Educational Psychology in Brazil; the historical critical pedagogy and the emancipatory education; and finally, the systematization of activity category in Alexis Leontiev’s work.

Section Two is composed of seven chapters that present the results of many group research studies and study groups conducted at upper level institutions. It seeks to add related works on historical cultural psychology’s contribution to a child’s education up until under graduate and graduate studies. It contains four studies focused on critical education of young children which use children’s literature and various art forms.
(Imprint: Nova)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

The Importance of the Method
(Silvana Calvo Tuleski, Juliana Pasqualini, State University of Maringa, Brazil, and Paulista State University/UNESP, Brazil)

Chapter I
When Marxism Ceases to Educate
(Lizia Helena Nagel, State University of Maringá, Brazil)

Chapter II
Higher Education and International Organizations: Cold War, Commodification and the Global Field of Power
(Mário Luiz Neves de Azevedo, Estate University of Maringá, Brazil)

Chapter III
Marxism, Critical Psychology and Human Emancipation: Identifying Catalysts for Building Critical Social Theory
(Fernando Lacerda Júnior, Federal University of Goiás, Brazil)

Chapter IV
A Critical View of School Psychology: Methodological Issues
(Marilda Gonçalves Dias Facci, State University of Maringá, Brazil)

Chapter V
Historical-Critical Pedagogy and the Development of the Individuality for Itself
(Newton Duarte, Paulista State University/UNESP, Brazil)

Chapter VI
The Category of Activity in Aleksei Nikolaevich Leontiev
(Lígia Márcia Martins, Paulista State University/UNESP, Brazil)

Chapter VII
Contribution to a Historical-Dialectical Approach to Early Childhood Education
(Juliana Campregher Pasqualini, Paulista State University/UNESP, Brazil)

Chapter VIII
Early Childhood Education from a Cultural Historical Point of View: The Challenge of Having Small Children as Agents of Activity
(Suely Amaral Mello, São Paulo State University/UNESP, Brazil)

Chapter IX
School Education and Human Development: Literature in Context of Early Childhood Education
(Angelo Antonio Abrantes, Paulista State University/UNESP, Brazil)

Chapter X
Development of Scientific Concepts in Adulthood: The Mediation of Cinematic Art
(Silvana C. Tuleski, Marta Chaves, Hilusca A. Leite, Jéssica E. E. Lucena, Maria A. S. da Silva, Paulo S. P. Ricci, Rhayane L. da Silva, State University of Maringa, Brazil)

Chapter XI
Cultural-Historical Psychology as an Expression of the Dialetical and Historical Materialism Method. Lorem Ipsum
(Elenita Tanamachi, Flavia da Silva Ferreira Asbahr, Maria Eliza Mattosinho Bernardes, Paulista State University/UNESP, Brazil, and others)

Chapter XII
The Psychism of Cultural Man as Historical Constitution
(Adriana de Fátima Franco, Aline Hikari Ynoue, Amanda Caroline Alves, Beatriz Moreira Bezerra Vieira, Bruno Henrique Andrade Pereira, Deise Aparecida Curdo da Costa,Francirene Fabretti Lopes, Jéssica Elise Echs Lucena, Káriliny Teixeira Faria, Lorena Vechiatto, Marcos Felipe Trevisan, Rafael Iglesias Menezes da Silva, Sara Fabrício dos Santos, Taiane do Nascimento Andrade, Wanessa Wonsoski, State University of Maringá, Brazil)

Chapter XIII
The Potential of Continuing Education for a Humanizing Early Childhood Education
(Marta Chaves, Zoia Ribeiro Prestes, Vinícius Stein, Aline Aparecida da Silva, Vania Barbosa Flauzino Machado, State University of Maringá, Brazil, and others)


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