Landscape-Geophysical Foundations for Geosystem Monitoring of Forests under Global Climate Change


Authors: Erland G. Kolomyts
Page Range: 251-275
Published in: International Journal of Energy, Environment, and Economics, Volume 30 Issue 3
ISSN: 1054-853X

Table of Contents


A system of hydrothermal parameters is considered, which can be used in climate-genic geosystem monitoring of forests. The forecast constructions are based on modern landscape and geophysical relationships in the region, which are closed on the vegetation cover and soils, as well as on primary bio-productivity. The low representativeness of the known atmospheric humidity factor for the basic and predictive ecological-geographical analysis of local natural complexes is shown. A new geophysical parameter, the edaphic humidity factor, has been introduced, which more accurately reflects the diversity of topo-ecosystem states and their ambiguous response to background climatic signals. The method of calculating this coefficient is presented. The expansion of the methodological base for estimating the ratios of heat and moisture made it possible to use this criterion more efficiently to identify ecological groups of forest biogeocoenoses (with different levels of functioning), as well as to calculate the critical states of their zonal types on the global warming trend. The edaphic the edaphic humidity factor characterizes a fairly large variety of initial states of forest hydro-edaphotops and the trajectories of their response to background climatic changes. This confirms the fundamental possibility of predicting functional changes in topoecosystems under the influence of climatic signals through the hydro-edaphic factor as a leading transmission link. A forecast was made of the dynamics of forest ecosystems in the Volga River basin based on changes in their hydro-edaphotops under the conditions of expected global warming (according to the extreme HadCM3 global climate forecast model).

Keywords: global climate change, geosystem monitoring, thermo-arid climate trend, forest ecosystems of local level, landscape-geophysical factors, deposits of soil moisture, critical states of forest ecosystems

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