Ki or Psi – Anomalous Remote Effects of Mind-Body System: Biophysical Approach to Unknown Power


Hideyuki Kokubo
Research Director, International Research Institute (IRI), Japan

Series: Alternative Medicine, Health and Wellness
BISAC: MED004000

It is said that humans have unknown power known as ki (bio-psychokinesis). Ki is also not unlike other forms of bio-energy, such as prana in ancient India or psi in modern parapsychology. Referred also as energy medicine, spiritual healing and prayer therapy, these practices have been executed throughout different points in history and countries all over the world. Moreover, energy medicine has been used in hospitals recently. However, there are many unresolved problems with such bio-energy. The focus of this book is the author’s biophysical study on anomalous phenomena, which are claimed to be caused by bio-energy.

In Chapter I, the author describes the concept of ki in modern Japan. He also describes the concept of bio-sensors to detect implicit anomalous weak energy. Bio-sensors are important in modern parapsychology, and many successful studies are done using bio-sensors.

In Chapter II, the author summarizes new findings obtained through his studies by using the pieces of a cucumber. Through his unique methods, various properties of ki (psi) are found. The most important finding is that the ki (psi) phenomenon follows simple laws in physics. The author measured the spatial distribution of ki-field, which is generated around a human body. The result of the world’s first quantitative measurement of ki-field is shown in this book.
In Chapters III & IV, the author explains the detail of how to use cucumbers as a bio-sensor for weak bio-energy; some examples of these are gas, biophoton, and fluorescence measurement methods. The author describes them for students and beginner studiers of ki (psi), and the readers will be able to understand and execute them by themselves completely.

A brief touch on Japanese studies on ki (psi) is shown in Chapter V. Additionally, the author describes Chinese parapsychological study. These historic inheritances will help the readers to understand research senses of the modern study on ki and psi. (Imprint: Nova)


Table of Contents

Table of Contents

<p><b>Preface</p></b> </p></i><p><b>Chapter 1. </b>Concept of Ki and Bio-Sensors </p></i><p><b>Chapter 2. </b>Research on Ki Using Bio-Sensors </p></i><p><b>Chapter 3. </b>How to Use Cucumber as a Bio-Sensor </p></i><p><b>Chapter 4. </b>Biophoton and Fluorescence Measurement Methods </p></i><p><b>Chapter 5.</b> Brief History of Japanese Studies </p></i><p><b>Final Remarks </p></i></p></i>Acknowledgments </p></i></p></i>Author’s Contact Information </p></i></p></i>Index </p></b></i>

This book is written for students and professionals of biophysics, parapsychology, anomalistic psychology, qigong research, spiritual healing, and consciousness study, and also for practitioners of energy medicine such as reiki, johrei, healing touch, qigong, prayer therapy, and various kinds of laying-on-of-hands. The readers will find new properties of their target phenomena, for example, a bio-sensor can show different responses according to human intent; a specific chemical reaction system reacts easily against human intent; structure(s) in living-body is important to react against human intent. Nurses and practitioners will have interest in practical important points of healing which are described in this book if they have done energy medicine for their patients.

In industries of development of Tera Hz devices, innovators and researchers will have interest in weak radiation from human body.

The text is described for beginners who want to know healing study relating to ki or psi. The readers can read and understand this book without advance knowledge even if they are not professionals.
Also, nonprofessional people will have interest in history of parapsychological study in Japan and China. They will found various studies executed by Japanese and Chinese. Also, they will be interesting to a new fact that a layer-structure is detected around a human body in experiments; which layer-structure has been claimed by the mystic and the healer as “bio-energy field”. They will be surprised and have interest in various properties of healing (bio-PK) which are described in this book because interpretations of these properties differ drastically from ones in conventional books of healing practice.

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