Introduction to Multidisciplinary Science in an Artificial-Intelligence Age: Chemical, Nuclear, and Thermonuclear Reactions, and Oxygenic and Anoxygenic Photosyntheses


Luc Ikelle – Imode Education & Energy, Texas, USA

Series: Chemistry Research and Applications
BISAC: SCI008000; SCI013000
DOI: 10.52305/WJCJ5898

The book is divided into three volumes. Volume 2 has five chapters. In these five chapters we introduce, with significant details, the core fundamental notions of (1) deformability, (2) sound and hearing, (3) permeability and porosity, (4) viscosity, (5) immiscibility, (6) wettability, (7) gravity and geodesy, and (8) heat and thermodynamics. We then illustrate, with applications across disciplines, the importance of these notions in our lives and in understanding the world around us. These applications include the description of skyquakes and limnic eruptions, the origin of hydrocarbon accumulations underground, the description of the interiors of our Moon and of Jupiter’s core, the differences between the near and far side of our Moon, vortices in oceans, gravity anomalies of Antarctica and Mars, lateral and vertical plate motions, the absence of induced earthquakes in the Bakken shale play, self-cleaning surfaces including oil spills, human thermoregulation, thermal diagnostics and therapies, bone and muscles losses during space travels, and nuclear fusion by gravitational confinement.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1. Chemical Reactions

Chapter 2. Nuclear Reactions: Gamma-Ray Interactions with Matter

Chapter 3. Nuclear Reactions: Neutron Scattering

Appendix A. Answers to Some of the Quizzes and Exercises