International Criminal Vacations: Tears of Justice


Farhad Malekian – Uppsala, Sweden

Series: Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement and Corrections; Law, Crime and Law Enforcement
BISAC: LAW026000; LAW051000; LAW025000

Tears of justice continue to bleed due to the orchestrated façade of powertionist egalitarianism within the global criminal justice system. The establishment of the International Criminal Court was intended to halt the perpetration of international crimes and counteract the culture of impunity, both of which have eroded accountability within the framework of criminal justice. However, the Court contradicts its fundamental philosophy, illustrating its significant deviation from its original principles. Instead, it operates as a tool of the largest and most influential governments, solely to advance their own interests while shifting the blame onto others. Embracing the concept of international criminal vacations gravely tarnishes the standards of justice on a global scale–akin to a wart on its integrity. This perspective does not merely criticise the international criminal justice system cynically; rather, it regrettably exposes a lamentable contemporary ideology at the core of the Court’s crucial role. The Court was established to uphold the violated rights of victims in its judgments, not to bestow a license upon criminals. These unveiling sheds light on the characteristics of a cartelised assembly of puppet prosecutors and judges within the Court who, under the guise of humanitarian justice, indoctrinate the global populace to uphold their absurd authoritarian statutes. A comparative analysis of the Court’s practices reveals the shortfall in the moral wisdom that it delivers. This starkly implies that the true face of international criminal jurisprudence involves the deaths of innumerable victims due to the production of weapons, sanctions, or the granting of international vacations without prosecuting the wrongdoers. Thus, these vacations embody the most perilous ongoing crime and to a flood of victims’ tears.

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Table of Contents

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Chapter 1. Crafting Replicated International Criminal Justice
1. Crafting Opposing Criminal Justice Values
2. Criminal Vacation as Possession of Justice
3. Weak Theories Supporting Criminal Vacation
4. Crafting Tears of Injustice as Justice
5. The Vacation Consecrating Theory of Moral Choice
6. White-Washed Criminal Vacation
7. Crafting Misconceptions of Criminal Justice

Chapter 2. The Illusion of International Criminal Punishments
1. Magic of International Criminal Vacation
2. Vacation Chaining International Criminal Justice.
3. Meaningless Morality in Conjunction with Vacation
4. Predicating Equalisation on the Rules of Law
5. Vacation Constituting Mother of All International Crimes
6. Vacation Subverting Criminal Justice Values

Chapter 3. The Voyage of Impunity from International Criminal Accountability
1. Adjusting the Capacity of ICC
2. Careless Legal Reasoning Disproven
3. Subverting the Value of Victims
4. Bankruptcy of the Theory of Accountability
5. Scenario of Criminal Justice Potency
6. Unqualified Permission to Escape.
7. Confrontation with Lack of Proper Identity
8. Demagoguery Increases Freebooters.
9. Inhumane Demagoguery Prejudices.
10. Implementing Demagoguery Controvers

Chapter 4. Gaming with International Criminal Violations
1. Non-Impartiality of the ICC Prosecutor.
2. Castigating Arguments against Criminal Vacation.
3. Abandoning the Characteristic Dignity of the ICC
4. Misleading Ethical Morality with Human Rights
5. Modern Sanctimony Slavery for Vacation
6. Territories of Monopolisation of Justice
7. Maximum Injustice in a Criminal Vacation

Chapter 5. Basis of Immorality in International Criminal Justice
1. Visible Immorality against Rights of Victims
2. Prescriptions of Vice Against the Morality of Nations
3. Intentions of the Metaphysics of Immorality
4. Poisonous Character of Immorality
5. Immorality of Non-Objectification in the ICC
6. The Fruits of Wrongful Preferences Desires
7. Superiority of Ethical Morality to Criminal Justice

Chapter 6. Violations of the Prominence of Universal Natural Law
1. Authoritarianism Modifying Natural Morality
2. Inclined Corruption in the Mechanism of Natural Justice
3. Disregarding the Moral Theory of Naturalism.
4. Untruthful Natural Criminal Justice Interpretations
5. Incapacity of the ICC to Implement Natural Law
6. Embarrassingly Childish Question on the Value of Moral Law

Chapter 7. Irrational Subjective Maxim of Criminal Vacation
1. Irrational Marsh of Evil Injustice
2. Modification of the Wise Maxim with Evil Maxims
3. Abolishing the Major Maxims of Criminal Justice
4. Violation of the Maxim of Common Bonds
5. Personal Inclination and Infringing the Maxim of Wisdom
6. Maxim of the Sympathetic Philosophy of Justice
7. Criminal Vacation Violating the Maxim of Justice

Chapter 8. Violating Moral Limits of Criminal Justice with Vacation
1. Violations of Moral Sentiments
2. Broking the Moral Limits of Criminal Justice
3. Violating the Context of Moral Essence
4. Violating Reasonable Judgments of Morality
5. Breaching the Contextual Elements of Morality
6. Vacation Encouraging Moral Suicide of ICC
7. Inhumane Selectivity in the Case of Violations

Chapter 9. Authorizing International Criminal Vacation
1. Dual Gates of Criminal Vacation
2. Bizarre Reaction on Authorisation of Vacation
3. Restrictions on the High Value of Peremptory Commandment
4. Occupying the Platform of Moral Criminality
5. Failing on Internationalisation of Accountability.
6. Paralysing the Intention of the Statutevia Sanctions
7. Condemnation of Sanctions of Impunity
8. The Importance of the Independence of Judgements

Chapter 10. Vacation as the Resort to Aggressive Use of Force
1. Empowering Aggressive Use of the Statute of ICC
2. Aggressive Force against Commonly Shared Values
3. Imposing Aggressive Theory of Vacation on Justice
4. Invalidity of Resorting to Self-Defence
5. Use of Force against Pacifist Doctrines
6. Aggressive Force against the Vulnerability of Victims
7. Justice with Ethic of Injustice.
8. Connotations of Indeterminacy on Use of Force.
9. Aggressive Algorithm against Criminal Justice

Chapter 11. Disgracing Values of Love in International Criminal Justice
1. Loving Justice for Humanitarian Reasons
2. Philosophical Sentiments of Love for Criminal Justice
3. Omnipotence against Love for Accountability
4. The Intuitive Value of Criminal Justice with Love
5. Imperative Duty Not to Grant Impunity
6. Algorithmic Injustice against Love for Justice
7. Disarming Love for Defanging Criminal Justice

Chapter 12. The Tragedy of Our Conclusion
1. NATO Alliances Against Human Civilisation
2. Bleeding Tears of Justice.
3. Accountability of Powertionist Governments.
4. Scandalous Weaknesses in the Institute of Criminal Justice



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