Intelligence in Plants and Animals


Thomas G. Gentry (Editor)

Series: Historical Manuscripts

BISAC: SCI011000

This natural world, so to speak, is the raw material of the spiritual. Therefore, before man can understand the spiritual, he must understand the natural. This book explores the theory that all animals and plants have a soul and will survive death.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1. Life and Its Conditions

Chapter 2. Plants that Feed on Insects

Chapter 3. Slime-Animals

Chapter 4. Primitive Lasso-Throwers

Chapter 5. Five-Fingered Jack on the Oyster

Chapter 6. Earth-worms in History

Chapter 7. Fiddler-and Hermit-Crabs

Chapter 8. Funnel-Web Builder

Chapter 9. Book-Lovers

Chapter 10. You-ee-up

Chapter 11. Tower-Building Cicada

Chapter 12. Honey-Dew

Chapter 13. Milch-Cows of the Ants

Chapter 14. Living Artillery

Chapter 15. Bright and Shining Ones

Chapter 16. Queen of American Silk-Spinners

Chapter 17. Basket-Carriers

Chapter 18. Honey-Producing Caterpillars

Chapter 19. Hibernating Butterflies

Chapter 20. Leaf-Cutter Bee

Chapter 21. Battle Between Ants

Chapter 22. Nest-Building Fishes

Chapter 23. Slippery as an Eel

Chapter 24. Rana and Bufo

Chapter 25. Our Natural Enemies

Chapter 26. House-Bearing Reptiles

Chapter 27. Summer Duck

Chapter 28. American Woodcock

Chapter 29. Piping Plover

Chapter 30. Bob White

Chapter 31. Ruffed Grouse

Chapter 32. An Old Acquaintance

Chapter 33. American Osprey

Chapter 34. Turkey Buzzard

Chapter 35. Rare and Curious Nests

Chapter 36. Strange Friendship

Chapter 37. Nature’s Little Store-Keeper

Chapter 38. Canine Sagacity

Chapter 39. Feline Intelligence

Chapter 40. Bright Little Cebidae

Chapter 41. Untutored Man

Chapter 42. Living Souls

Chapter 43. Consciousness in Plants

Chapter 44. Mind in Animals

Chapter 45. Life Progressive

Chapter 46. Survival of the Fittest

Chapter 47. Man’s Preëminence

Chapter 48. Future Life


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