Information and Computer Technologies – Theory and Practice: Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference ICTMC-2010 Devoted to the 80th Anniversary of I.V. Prangishvili

Ivane Gorgidze
Georgian Technical University, Tbilisi, Georgia

Series: Computer Science, Technology and Applications
BISAC: COM000000



Volume 10

Issue 1

Volume 2

Volume 3

Special issue: Resilience in breaking the cycle of children’s environmental health disparities
Edited by I Leslie Rubin, Robert J Geller, Abby Mutic, Benjamin A Gitterman, Nathan Mutic, Wayne Garfinkel, Claire D Coles, Kurt Martinuzzi, and Joav Merrick


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This book consists of several chapters, each of which focuses upon the different aspects of innovative usage of modern Informational Technology and IT-related fundamental sciences in solution of different theoretical and practical problems. (Imprint: Nova)

Part 1. Information and Communication Systems and Technologies

Formal neuron and the models of its adaptation in the redundancy theory
(Archil Prangishvili, Oleg Namicheishvili)

Quantum Information Science: Some Novel Views
(P.J. Kervalishvili)

Information Systems and Technologies Used in Distance Form of Education at The University
(Bondarenko M. F., Dudar Z. V., Revenchuk I.A.)

Integrating (Meta-) Models in a Unified Context
(Bernhard Volz, Ekaterine Turkia, Stefan Jablonski)

Modelling and automation of monitoring and Control processes for transporting oil products
(Surguladze Gia, Burchuladze Alexander, Topuria Nino, Bulia Irakli)

Cyclic Adaptation with Feedback
(Tamara Kajaia, Archil Elizbarashvili)

Estimation of Efficiency of Medical Information System
(Konstantin Kamkamidze, Medea Tevdoradz, Mikhail Manukov, et al.)

Control Unit of the System of Geomagnetic Storms Compensation
(Irina Khomeriki, Nikoloz Invia)

Electric Protective Circuit in Computer Systems
(M. Ramazashvili)

Computer-controlled system for diagnosing the field of Vision
(Irina Gotsiridze, Zviad Gurtskaya, Nikoloz Invia, Vano Maisuradze)

Idempotent Service Capabilities Making Unsafe Operations Idempotent
(Nikoloz Pachuashvili, Teimuraz Kiviladze)

Part 2. Control Theory

Electronic System of Teachers' Registration in The Highest Educational Institution
(A. Prangishvili, L. Imnaishvili, M. Bedineishvili, M. Sulaberidze)

Several Tasks of Complex Automation of Water Facilities
(S. Pedrolo, L. Imnaishvili, I. Prangishvili)

Country and Higher School Integrated Model Innovative System
(A. Prangishvili, Z. Gasitashvili, O. Zumburidze, M. Sulaberidze)

New Approach to Nonlinear Optimization Problems
(V.N.Burkov, I.V., L.I. Gochitashvili, T. N. Kajaia, et al.)

The Method of Network Programming for The Project Management
(V.N.Burkov, I.V.Burkov, I. A. Gorgidze, et al.)

Method of Reflexive Partitions
(Dmitry A. Novikov)

Planning Problems Production and Design Works
(G.S. Javakhadze, D.A. Gorgidze, S.A. Khutsishvili, V.O. Burjanadze)

Identification of one class of the nonlinear open-loop
(Shanshiashvili Besarion, Mchedlishvili Nino)

Mathematical Control Problems for Distributed Parameter Systems (Dps)
(Butkovskiy Anatoliy Grigorjevich)

On the Structural Control (Dependability Planning) of the Infocommunication Networks
(Revaz (Iveri) Kakubava, Zurab Baiashvili, Nino Jojua)

An algorithm of interpretation of knowledge Representation language in expert systems of operative-dispatch control
(M.Kiknadze, M.Khartishvili, A.Kobiashvili)

Part 3. Computer engineering and new technologies

Magnetic materials for quantum effect based sensors
(P.J. Kervalishvili)

Perceptional Control in Ambient Intelligence
(S.A. Dadunashvili)

The Concept of Construction of Uniform Automated System of Penitentiary Establishment and Ensuring its Informational Security
(Tinatin Kaishauri, Otar Shoni, Korneli Odisharia)

Wireless Networks for Offline Sensors
(Dadunashvili Sergo, Petriashvili Lili, Khartishvili Maka)

Part 4. Intellectual control and decision-making systems

Decision-making support systems in power engineering
(F.F. Pashchenko, I.S. Durgarjan, O.N. Belova)

On Determination of The Compatibility of Experts’ Triangular Fuzzy Estimates Under Group Decision-Making
(Teimuraz Tsabadze)

Qualitative Importance of Criteria and Additive Preference Structure
(Vladislav V. Podinovski)

Lexicographic Multistage Games With Perfect Information
(G. N. Beltadze)

Intellectual Investment Management
(Aleksandre Sichinava)

Fuzzy Aggregation in the Discrete Fuzzy Covering Problems
Based on the Expert Knowledge Streams
(Gia Sirbiladze, Anna Sikharulidze, Bezhan Ghvaberidze, et al.)

Temporalized Belief Structure on Expert Knowledge Valuations Theoretical Foundations
(Gia Sirbiladze, Anna Sikharulidze)

Genetic Algorithm for The Identification Problem of The Fuzzy Discrete Dynamic System
(Gia Sirbiladze, Mikheil Kapanadze, Anna Sikharulidze, et al.)

Temporalized Belief Structure On Expert Knowledge Valuations.
Application in a. Kaufmann’s Theory of Expertons
(Gia Sirbiladze, Irina Khutsishvili, Anna Sikharulidze, Koba Gelashvili)

Data and Knowledge Management in Information Systems: An Overview
(Badri Meparishvili)

Artificial Intelligence Methods in Commercial Bank Risk Management
(Badri Meparishvili, Alexandre Ediberidze)

Convergent Methods and Means of the Decision of a Problem Personal and Corporate Communications
(Zafar Jafarov)

Adapted Business Model for Information Security in Enterprises
(Lia Khatiashvili, Elene Kamkamidze)

Part 5. System analysis and Sustainable Development Problems

Application of Algebra of Logic in Electrodynamics
(F. Pashchenko, W. Torshin)

Creation of World Standards Educational System as one of the Main Factors of Sustainable Development of the Country
(Zurab Gasitashvili, Zaal Mikadze, Korneli Odisharia, et al.)

Decision-Making Support Systems in Power Engineering
(F.F. Pashchenko, I.S. Durgarjan, O.N. Belova)

Humanization of Life – The Imperative of the Sustainable Development
(G. George Malashkhia)

Georgian Population Nutritional Status and Sustainable Development
(Medea Chikava)

Influence of Dynamic Process in Low Current Sliding Contacts Wear
(Robert R. Babaya)

On the Systematic Approach of Regulation of Plant Living Processes
(Ramaz Gakhokidze)

Role of a Leader in Political and State Administration
(Igor Kveselava)

6. Mathematical Modeling and Computer Simulation

Algebraic Topology Approach
(Alexander Milnikov, Archil Prangishvili)

On Some Parallel Algorithms for Approximate Solution of Problems of Mathematical Physics
(David Gordeziani, Hamlet Meladze)

Numerical Modeling of Oil Infiltration into The Soil for Risk Assessment
(Davitashvili Teimuraz, Gordeziani David, Samkharadze Inga, et al.)

On one Mathematical Model Describing Oil Propagation in The Seas
(David Gordeziani, Teimuraz Davitashvili, Tinatin Davitashvili)

Mathematical and Computer Modelling of Adaptive Systems of Identification and Control of Fuel and Energy Objects
(G.R. Bolkvadze)

The European Option and Modeling of Investment Process
(Teona Dochviri, Besarion Dochviri, Gela Chikadze)

The American Option and Modeling of Investment Process
(Petre Babilua, Besarion Dochviri, Bekar Meladze)

Optimizing Problem of Mathematical Model of Preventive Information Warfare
(Temur Chilachava, Nugzar Kereselidze)

A Note on the Rearrangement Theorem in a Banach Space
(S. Chobanyan, G. Giorgobiani, V. Kvaratskheli*, V. Tarieladze)

Algebraic Geometry and Geometric Algebra Over Groups
(A.Lashkhi, O. Zumburidze)

General Principles of Constructing the Decision Making Supporting System in Residential-Rental Sphere
(M. Khartishvili, T. Kajaia, M.Kiknadze, A.Kobiashvili)

Part 7. Calculations Technology

Visual Analysis Module
(Samsonidze Guram)

Weakly Independent Random Elements
(B. Mamporia)

On an Integral Inequality
(Racho Denchev, Vakhtang Kvaratskhelia, Nikoloz Vakhania)

Classification of a Wide Set of Trajectories
(Tavkhelidze I)

Leak Detection in Oil and Gas Transmission Pipelines
(Davitashvili Teimurazi, Gubelidze Givi, Samkharadze Inga)

A Kirchhoff-Love Plate of Variable Flexural Rigidity Under The Action Of Concentrated Loads
(Jaiani G)

Part 8. Science and Religion

Strabo about Colchis
(Mitropolitan Anania Japaridze)

The Georgian Language Variations Diversities Qualification Question
(Manana Tabidze)

Academic Ivery Phrangishvili’s Conception on The Mutual Relation of Science and Religion
(Shota Shoshiashvili, Nodar Kekelidze)

On The Term “Tsarmartoba” (“ Paganism” In Georgian)
(George Kokoshashvili)

History of the Development Of Monumental Painting in Georgia, Particularly in the First Half of the 14th Century
(Dvali Tamari)

Color Gamma of Soliko Virsaladze in Dancing Costumes of Georgian National Ballet “Sukhishvilebi”
(Dvali Tamari)

Information and Communication Systems and Technologies Formal Neuron and The Models of its Adaptation in The Redundancy Theory
(Archil Prangishvili, Oleg Namicheishvili)

A Flow Experience in the Internet-Mediated Environments
(Alexander E. Voiskounsky, Moscow State University, Russia)


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