Individual Trauma: Recovering from Deep Wounds and Exploring the Potential for Renewal


Kathryn Gow (Editor)
Queensland University of Technology, Australia

Marek J. Celinski (Editor)
Private Practice in Psychology, Toronto, Canada

Series: Psychology Research Progress
BISAC: PSY000000

Life is a mix of good and bad happenings and sometimes terrible things happen to people. Trauma is evident across our lifespan; it is part of our lives. Trauma may not exert the same demands on the individual when they get on with their lives or experience other positive aspects of what life has to offer; however, it does not change its form from trauma to growth – it stays there etched into our psyche as trauma. In simple terms, growth occurs alongside the traumatic etchings. This is a book that will provide some answers to psychologists, counselors, social workers and mental health workers about what happens to people who are traumatized and how they get on with their lives; it also gives some excellent examples of how therapies can assist them in moving forward in life’s journey. (Imprint: Nova)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Part 1: Trauma Therory

Chapter 1. Overview: Conceptualising Trauma as a Deep Wound while Continuing to Live One’s Life
(Kathryn Gow)

Chapter 2. Challenge-Resilience-Resourcefulness as the Essential Components of Recovery
(Marek Celinski)

Chapter 3. The Role of Meaning and Purpose in Psychological Trauma: Insight and Reintegration
(Linda Stocks and Kathryn Gow)

Chapter 4. Grounded Transcendence: Resilience to Trauma through Spirituality and Religion
(Cynthia Eriksson and Dow-Ann Yeh)

Part 2: Trauma and Struggle

Narrative: Family Trauma or Challenge and Resilience in the Galapagos Archipelago
(Elizabeth Tindle)

Chapter 5. Trauma, Grief and Guilt in Suicide Bereavement
(Anita Groos)

Chapter 6. The Long Term Effects of Childhood Sexual Abuse
(Leigh Hodder and Kathryn Gow)

Chapter 7. The Deep Trauma of Secondary Victimisation: Parents of Sex Offenders
(Julie Bennett and Ron Frey)

Chapter 8. Resilience and Resourcefulness in Predicting Recovery Outcome
(Marek Celinski and Lyle Allen III)

Chapter 9. How are Social Support, Sociotropy, and Autonomy Related to Traumatic Stress Disorders?
(Richard Hicks and Sandra Lorensini)

Part 3: Struggle, Recovery and Renewal

Poem: Ward 2E
(Elizabeth Tindle)

Chapter 10. Depression and Trauma among Holocaust Survivors: A Meta-Analytic Review
(Janine Lurie-Beck, Kathryn Gow and Poppy Liossi)

Chapter 11. Sleep Disturbances and Nightmares in Combat Veterans
(Sandra Sacre)

Chapter 12. Coping Self-Efficacy and Psychological Distress in Flood Victims
(Catherine Pritchard and Kathryn Gow)

Chapter 13. A Qualitative Study of Adversity Activated Development and Resilience in Adolescents and Young Adults with Congenital Heart Disease and their Parents
(Jillian Kaisar, Esben Strodl, Robert Schweitzer and Dorothy Radford)

Chapter 14. Contribution of Integration Personality Factor in High Stress Medical Procedures: Organ Transplant Adjustment
(Catherine Anne Bart)

Chapter 15. Psychosocial Experiences of Cancer: Surpassing Survival and Recognising Posttraumatic Growth as well as Distress
(Bronwyn Morris and Jane Shakespeare-Finch)

Part 4: Moving Clients from Traumatic Effects to Recovery

Narrative: Frozen in Time: A Therapeutic Encounter
(Kathryn Gow)

Chapter 16. EMDR Therapy and Adaptive Information Processing: The Development of Resilience and Coherence
(Roger Solomon and Francine Shapiro)

Chapter 17. The Role of Mindfulness in Treating Trauma Clients through Dialectic Behavior Therapy
(Thomas Marra)

Chapter 18. Utilizating and Integrating Mathematics and Physics in Treatment for Recovery from Trauma and Abuse
(Bruce Gregory)

Chapter 19. Activating Spontaneity to Heal Childhood Trauma
(Charmaine McVea)

Chapter 20. Treading Carefully: Avoiding Minefields in Importing Therapy to Cambodia
(Kathryn Gow)

Narrative: Ripples of a Kindness Remembered
(Paul W. Schenk)


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