Incidental Findings of Brugada Syndrome Type-1 and Epsilon-Like Pattern in Otherwise Healthy Man: A Case Report


Authors: Brian Mendel, Kelvin Kohar, Karen Elliora Utama, Valerie Josephine Dirjayanto, Radityo Prakoso, and Sisca Natalia Siagian
Page Range: 139-144
Published in: World Heart Journal, 14#2 (2022)
ISSN: 1556-4002

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Background: Brugada Syndrome (BrS) and arrhythmogenic right ventricle dysplasia (ARVD) are rare cardiomyopathies predisposing to sudden cardiac death (SCD). Comprehend-ing the electrocardiographic features of these cardiomyo-pathies is crucial. Case presentation: A 25-year-old medical student presented with no complaints, but had sudden palpitations associated with mild shortness of breath during resting with the duration approximately 5 minutes 4 years ago. The initial assessment showed stable hemodynamics. During examination, the ECG demonstrated incomplete right bundle branch block, Brugada-type 1 pattern, with signs of Epsilon wave. The following year, assessment of the ECG was repeated and findings were found suggestive of Brugada syndrome, although his echocardiography showed no structural abnormality. Conclusion: Careful follow-up with electrophysiology study is recommended for this patient in order to identify the likelihood of true Brugada and suitability for implant-ation of implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD).

Keywords: Brugada syndrome, Epsilon wave, case report, sudden cardiac death


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