Implant Dentistry Research Guide: Basic, Translational and Clinical Research


Ahmed Ballo (Editor)
Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Oral Health Services, University of British Columbia Faculty of Dentistry, Vancouver, Canada

Series: Dental Science, Materials and Technology
BISAC: MED016080

This book introduces early career students and researchers to a complete update on various aspects of major methods and techniques used in the field of implant dentistry and guided-bone-regeneration research. This unique book guides the reader through each aspect in great detail, from basic research approaches such as surface-characterization techniques, in vitro experiments, and ethics and regulations for the use of laboratory animals to the application of different animal models in implant dentistry and bone-regeneration research, imaging techniques, computer finite element models, biomechanical methods, analytical methods for the bone–implant interface, and finally to conducting clinical research. (Imprint: Nova Biomedical )

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


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Part I – Osseointegration Mechanism

Chapter I – Osseointegration: Outlines of Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms => pp. 1-30
(Ahmed M. Ballo, Peter Thomsen and Omar Omar)

Part II – Techniques and Methods for Implant Surface Characterization

Chapter II – Surface Topography and Measuring Techniques for Dental Implant Applications -Possibilities and obstacles => pp. 33-50
(Ann Wennerberg, Bengt-Göran Rosén, and Tomas Albrektsson)

Chapter III – Surface Properties and Characterization Methods of Titanium Dental Implants: Structure, Chemistry, and Oxide thickness => pp. 51-84
(Young-Taeg Sul)

Part III – In Vitro Models in Dental Implant Research

Chapter IV – Use of Simulated Body Fluid for Predicting the In Vivo Bone Bioactivity of a Material => pp. 87-104
(Hiroaki Takadama and Tadashi Kokubo)

Chapter V – Using In Vitro Cell Culture Models to Evaluate Implant Surfaces => pp. 105-132
(Lyndon F. Cooper, Daniela B. Mendonça, Gustavo Mendonça and Ghadeer Thalji)

Chapter VI – Implant Prosthodontics: In Vitro Testing Methods => pp. 133-164
(Erika O. Almeida, Amilcar C. Freitas Júnior, Juliana A. Delben, Guilherme B. Valverde, Nelson R.F.A. Silva, Eduardo P. Rocha, and Paulo G. Coelho)

Part IV – Animal Models in Dental Implant Research

Chapter VII – Animal Models for Experimental Surgical Research in Implant Dentistry => pp. 167-190
(Michel Dard)

Chapter VIII – Evaluation of Implant Osseointegration in Small Laboratory Animals => pp. 191-216
(Ahmed M. Ballo and James Borke)

Chapter IX – Animal Models for Alveolar Bone Augmentation => pp. 217-234
(Tiago Fiorini, Cristiano Susin, Jaebum Lee, and Ulf ME Wikesjö)

Chapter X – Animal Models for Sinus Augmentation => pp. 235-248
(Jaebum Lee, Tiago Fiorini, Ulf ME Wikesjö, and Cristiano Susin)

Chapter XI – Ethics and regulation in the use of laboratory animals => pp. 249-290
(Michelle Hudson and Michael Balls)

Part V – Methods for bone-implant interface analysis

Chapter XII – Histological Methods for Analyzing a Bone-Implant Interface => pp. 293-324
(Wu Gang and Yuelian Liu)

Chapter XIII – Micro-CT Application in Oral Implant Research => pp. 325-342
(Niko Moritz, Ahmed M. Ballo, and Timo Närhi)

Chapter XIV – Applications of Electron and Ion Beam Microscopy in Dental Implant Research => pp. 343-352
(Lucille A. Giannuzzi)

Chapter XV – Molecular Biology Techniques => pp. 353-368
(Stephen Hamlet and Saso Ivanovski)

Chapter XVI – Bioengineering Applied to Oral Implantology. Biomechanical Studies => pp. 369-426
(H.W. Anselm Wiskott)

Part VI – Clinical Research

Chapter XVII – Introduction to Clinical Research in Implant Dentistry => pp. 429-448
(Bilal Al-Nawas, Joanne N. Walton, Wilfried Wagner, and Ahmed M. Ballo)

Chapter XVIII – Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria in Clinical Research => pp. 449-462
(Ferruccio Torsello, Ahmed Ballo, and Luca Cordaro)

Chapter XIX – Qualitative and Quantitative Methods for Evaluation of Dental Implant Osseointegration in Humans => pp. 463-486
(Christer Slotte and Ahmed M. Ballo)

Chapter XX – Radiographic Techniques in Implant Research => pp. 487-512
(Andreas Stavropoulos, Lars Schropp, Rubens Spin-Neto, and Ann Wenzel)

Chapter XXI – Osstell Measurements – The Use of Resonance Frequency Analysis (RFA) for Stability Assessment of Dental Implants => pp. 513-538
(Lars Sennerby, Neil Meredith, and Anders Petersson)

Appendix 1. Abbreviations

Appendix 2. Terms and Definitions

Appendix 3. Web-site links to research and educational programs (globally)

Appendix 4. Index

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