Immigration: Policies, Challenges and Impact


Eugene Tartakovsky (Editor)
Tel-Aviv University, The Bob Shapell School of Social Work, Tel Aviv, Israel

Series: American Political, Economic, and Security Issues
BISAC: SOC007000

This collective volume provides information on issues at the heart of public discourse on immigration. It includes chapters written by prominent scholars from different countries. The studies presented use a wide array of methodologies, including quantitative and qualitative research, longitudinal studies, and analyses of macro-level data. The book provides a broad time perspective on immigration processes; it presents studies that span from the pre-migration period, and include second and third generation immigrants. The empirical studies included in the book are based on rigorous scientific research and may serve scholars, students, and professionals working with immigrants. However, the book is also relevant for anybody interested in immigration policies, strategies of immigrants’ adjustment, and the impact of mass immigration on both immigrants and the receiving societies. (Imprint: Nova)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Introduction: Global Immigration Processes and Their Impact on Immigrants and Host Societies
Eugene Tartakovsky

I. Motivation for Emigration

Chapter 1 – Before the Big Decision: Psychological Theories on Premigration Motivation (pp. 3-28)
Manyu Li and Irene Hanson Frieze

Chapter 2 – The Socio-Psychological Profile of Prospective Emigrants: Singaporeans leaving Singapore (pp. 29-50)
Chan-Hoong Leong

Chapter 3 – The Emigration Intentionality Prediction Based on Psychological and Contextual Variables in Mexican Adolescents (pp. 51-72)
Alejandra Domínguez Espinosa, Rafael Quintero Cárabez, Bernardo Turnbull and Alma Polo Velázquez

II. Immigration Policies and Attitudes Towards Immigrants

Chapter 4 – A Sociocultural Analysis of U. S. Immigration Law and Psychology (pp. 73-96)
Victoria C. Plaut, Alem Tecle and Mayra Feddersen

Chapter 5 – Illegal Immigration from an Economic Point of View: A Review (pp. 97-114)
Rosa Aisa and Gemma Larramona

Chapter 6 – Political Identification and Acculturation Orientations towards ‘Valued’ and ‘Devalued’ Minorities in Israel (pp. 115-140)
Richard Y. Bourhis, Joelle Dayan and Rana Sioufi

Chapter 7 – Power, Group Dominance, and Factors Influencing Willingness to Provide Assistance to Immigrants (pp. 141-156)
Monika Stelzl and Victoria M. Esses

Chapter 8 – Immigration Issues, Challenges and Policy: A View from New Zealand (pp. 157-178)
Colleen Ward, Aidan Tabor and Chan-Hoong Leong

Chapter 9 – Immigration and Intercultural Interaction Strategies in Post-Soviet Russia (pp. 179-194)
Nadezhda Lebedeva and Alexander Tatarko

III. Acculturation Strategies and Cultural Identities of Immigrants

Chapter 10 – Immigration, Acculturation and Adaptation (pp. 195-212)
John W. Berry

Chapter 11 – A Review of the MIDA Model and Other Contemporary Acculturation Models (pp. 213-230)
Saba Safdar, Kim Chuong and J. Rees Lewis

Chapter 12 – Cultural Identities of Immigrants: Their Formation in the Pre-migration Period and their Transformation during Adjustment to the Host Country (pp. 231-254)
Eugene Tartakovsky

Chapter 13 – Two Perspectives on Diaspora Migrant Identities: The Case of Ingrian Finns (pp. 255-276)
I. Jasinskaja-Lahti, T. A. Mähönen, S. Varjonen, L. Arnold, A. Yijälä and K. Jurva

IV. Psychosocial Adjustment of Immigrants

Chapter 14 – The Geographic Variation of Earning Differentials in Canada: A Comparison of Immigrants and the Canadian-Born in 2006 (pp. 277-296)
Karen M. King and Iris Migyung Lee

Chapter 15 – The Effects of Psychological, Micro-Social and Macro-Social Factors on Immigrant Health: Studying the Mental Health of Immigrants in Spain (pp. 297-318)
José Luis González-Castro and Silvia Ubillos Landa

Chapter 16 – Pole with a Twist: The Performance of Class, Gender and Ethnicity of Polish Women Living in New Zealand (pp. 319-342)
Kinga Goodwin

V. Immigrant Youth

Chapter 17 – A Mixed Methods Perspective into Varying Trajectories of Performance of Newcomer Adolescents (pp. 343-366)
Carola Suárez-Orozco

Chapter 18 – An Interactive Model of Immigrant Parents’ Socialization Strategies, Teachers’ Integration Expectations and Identity Dynamics Among Minority Adolescents (pp. 347-394)
Vijé Franchi and Dorit Roer-Strier

Chapter 19 – Radicalizing Muslim Youth: A Conceptual Analysis and Consequences for Interventions (pp. 395-414)
Paul Vedder and Mitch van Geel

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