History of the Conquest of Mexico. Volume 3


William H. Prescott
Wilfred Harold Munro (Editor)

Series: Political Science and History
BISAC: HIS038000

William Hickling Prescott’s History of the Conquest of Mexico presents the conquest of Mexico between 1519 and 1521 in four volumes. Although blind and having never traveled to the Americas, Prescott’s account of the conquest of the Aztecs is as highly respected by historians today as it was in the 19th century.
(Imprint: SNOVA)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

List of Illustrations
Part IV. Residence in Mexico(continued)
Chapter V. Montezuma swears Allegiance to Spain—Royal Treasures—Their Division—Christian Worship in the Teocalli—Discontent of the Aztecs
Chapter VI. Fate of Cortés’ Emissaries—Proceedings in the Castilian Court—Preparations of Velasquez—Narvaez Lands in Mexico—Politic Conduct of Cortés—He leaves the Capital
Chapter VII. Cortés descends from the Table-land—Negotiates with Narvaez—Prepares to assault him—Quarters of Narvaez—Attack by Night—Narvaez defeated
Chapter VIII. Discontent of the Troops—Insurrection in the Capital—Return of Cortés—General signs of Hospitality—Massacre by Alvarado—Rising of the Aztecs

Part V. Expulsion from Mexico
Chapter I. Desperate Assault on the Quarters—Fury of the Mexicans—Sally of the Spaniards—Montezuma addresses the People—Dangerously wounded
Chapter II. Storming of the Great Temple—Spirit of the Aztecs—Distresses of the Garrison—Sharp Combats in the City—Death of Montezuma
Chapter III. Council of War—Spaniards evacuate the City—Noche Triste, or the “Melancholy Night”—Terrible Slaughter—Halt for the Night—Amount of Losses
Chapter IV. Retreat of the Spaniards—Distresses of the Army—Pyramids of Teotihuacan—Great Battle of Otumba
Chapter V. Arrival in Tlascala—Friendly Reception—Discontent of the Army—Jealousy of the Tlascalans—Embassy from Mexico
Chapter VI. War with the surrounding Tribes—Successes of the Spaniards—Death of Maxixca—Arrival of Reinforcements—Return in Triumph to Tlascala
Chapter VII. Guatemozin, Emperor of the Aztecs—Preparations for the March—Military Code—Spaniards cross the Sierra—Enter Tezcuco—Prince Ixtlilxochitl

Part VI. Siege and Surrender of Mexico
Chapter I. Arrangement at Tezcuco—Sack of Iztapalapan—Advantages of the Spaniards—Wise Policy of Cortés—Transportation of the Brigantines
Chapter II. Cortés reconnoitres the Capital—Occupies Tacuba—Skirmishes with the Enemy—Expedition of Sandoval—Arrival of Reinforcements
Chapter III. Second reconnoitring Expedition—Engagements on the Sierra—Capture of Cuernavaca—Battles at Xochimilco—Narrow Escape of Cortés—He enters Tacuba
Chapter IV. Conspiracy in the Army—Brigantines launched—Muster of Forces—Execution of Xicotencatl—March of the Army—Beginning of the Siege


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