High-Performance Calcium-Carbonate Concrete


Natt Makul (Author) – Department of Civil Engineering Technology, Faculty of Industrial Technology, Phranakhon Rajabhat University, Bangkhen, Bangkok, Thailand

Series: Materials Science and Technologies
BISAC: TEC005060; TEC021000
DOI: https://doi.org/10.52305/XESF8196

Calcium-Carbonate Powder (CCP) or just calcium carbonate (CaCO3) is found throughout the world and constitutes over 4% of the crust of the earth. Its most ordinary forms are marbles, chalks and limestones, generated by the sedimentations of the shells of corals, small fossilized snails and shellfish. All three forms differ in many other respects, including homogeneity, thickness, whiteness and purity even though they are identical in chemical terms. One of the most versatile and useful materials known to man is calcium carbonate. As it is utilized for industrial purposes, calcium carbonate is obtained through quarrying or mining. Pure calcium carbonate powder can be produced by passing carbon dioxide into calcium hydroxide solutions or can be prepared from marbles. In the former scenario, calcium carbonates are obtained from the mixtures, creating a grade of products known as calcium carbonate powder or CCP. On the order of two microns in diameter, CCP has a controlled and very fine particle size, especially important in paper production. Calcium carbonate powder has various pharmaceutical and industrial applications. In medicine, cosmetic, ceramic, food, plastic, paint, paper and other industries, calcium powder is the most broadly used filler material.

This book is intended for readers who are interested in learning about recent developments in the novel CCP concrete field. It is most suited for college students, researchers, and scientists and engineers who work in the concrete industry. In each chapter, the author discusses modern experiments and theories on recent research and patents published in the most well-known and reputable publications. This book has five chapters, covering topics like good practices with CCP concrete, sustainable CCP for sustainable concrete construction, and innovative mix proportions for CCP. Reference articles and books on these topics in the extensive field of CCP are incorporated into the book to demonstrate and discuss high-performance calcium carbonate concrete.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1. Introduction to Calcium-Carbonate Powder (CCP)

Chapter 2. Principles of CCP Concretes: Theories and Experiments

Chapter 3. Good Practices in the Use of Calcium-Carbonate Powder (CCP) for Concrete Construction Industry

Chapter 4. Sustainable Calcium-Carbonate Powder for Sustainable Concrete Construction

Chapter 5. Innovative Mix Proportions for Calcium Carbonate Concrete



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