Gut Bacteria: The Secret to Health


Dr. Ujjwal Sonika (Editor) – Associate Professor, Gastroenterology GIPMER Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi, India
Dr. Medha Kapoor (Editor) – Senior Nutritionist, Varsity skin and wellness clinic, New Delhi, India

Series: New Developments in Medical Research
BISAC: SCI006000

This book provides the bird’s eye view of the latest scientific research centered around the importance of gut bacteria in influencing our health and well-being and their impact on lifestyle diseases.
The scientific information is presented in an easy-to-understand language while being interspersed with fun-facts and anecdotal accounts, which entertain the audience while helping them acquire this fundamental and relevant scientific knowledge.

The authors explain in a lay-person friendly terminology about the role of gut bacteria in determining the state of both our physical andmental well-being. The authors then share insights about the role of gut bacteria in predisposition to various lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, obesity, metabolic syndrome, and response to stress, utilizing the latest published scientific research in peer-reviewed journals.

  • “What are the gut bacteria?”
  • “What are the various factors which affect their composition and numbers?”
  • “How do they perform such vital functions?”
  • “How do they protect us from the biggest killers of today’s mankind- the lifestyle diseases?”
  • And most importantly, “how can we harness this knowledge for our benefit?”

This book answers these questions in an easy language for readers without any background in biology.

The information provided in the book is useful to anyone who wants to lead a healthy life. It is worth reading even for the health care professionals as their current curriculum does not entail extensive information about the gut-bacteria and their significance in determining our health.






Section 1. Gut-Flora: The Ultimate Insider
Chapter 1. Gut-Flora: What Is It?
Chapter 2. Gut Bacteria: What Do They Do For Us?

Section 2. Gut-Flora and Lifestyle Diseases
Chapter 3. Gut-Flora: Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome
Chapter 4. Gut-Flora: Stress and Behavior
Chapter 5. Healthy Gut-Flora – Key Concepts

Section 3. The Pursuit of Healthy Gut-Flora
Chapter 6. Improving Gut-Flora- the Do’s and Don’ts
Chapter 7. Practical Tips for Optimizing Gut Health



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