Gun Control: Background, Policy and Legislation


Édouard Dastous (Editor)

Series: Safety and Risk in Society
BISAC: POL006000

Federal firearms regulation has been a subject of continuous interest for legislators. In recent Congresses, a range of proposals has been introduced, with some seeking to ease various federal firearms restrictions or facilitate reciprocity in state treatment of persons authorized to carry a firearm by another state. Other proposals have sought greater restrictions on the federal rules concerning the possession, transfer or sale of firearms, or the expansion of background checks for firearm purchases. These various approaches, in turn, prompt debate about not only their pros and cons but also their legalities, as Congress’s ability to legislate on such matters must comport with the Second Amendment and other constitutional constraints. This book discusses important gun control issues.
(Imprint: SNOVA)



Table of Contents

Chapter 1. U.S. Gun Policy: Framework and Major Issues
Michael A. Foster and William J. Krouse
Chapter 2. Federal Firearms Laws: Overview and Selected Legal Issues for the 116th Congress
Michael A. Foster
Chapter 3. Firearm “Red Flag” Laws in the 116th Congress
Michael A. Foster
Chapter 4. Gun Control: Federal Law and Legislative Action in the 114th Congress
William J. Krouse
Chapter 5. Gun Control: FY2017 Appropriations for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) and Other Initiatives
William J. Krouse
Chapter 6. 3D-Printed Guns: An Overview of Recent Legal Developments
Michael A. Foster
Chapter 7. Gun Control: 3D-Printed AR-15 Lower Receivers
William J. Krouse
Chapter 8. ATF’s Ability to Regulate “Bump Stocks”
Sarah Herman Peck
Chapter 9. Does ATF’s Bump-Stock Ban Comport with the APA?
Sarah Herman Peck
Chapter 10. What You Don’t Know Can’t Hurt You: Supreme Court to Address Knowledge Requirement for Firearm Offenses
Michael A. Foster
Chapter 11. Gun Control, Mental Incompetency, and Social Security Administration Final Rule
William J. Krouse, William R. Morton and Scott D. Szymendera
Chapter 12. Gun Control, Veterans Benefits, and Mental Incompetency Determinations
William J. Krouse and Scott D. Szymendera
Chapter 13. Firearms Background Checks Under H.R. 8 and H.R. 1112
William J. Krouse
Chapter 14. Firearm Background Checks: Current Federal Framework and the House-Passed Proposals in the 116th Congress
Michael A. Foster
Chapter 15. Firearms Eligibility: Stalking- and Domestic Violence-Related Provisions in H.R. 1585
William J. Krouse
Chapter 16. Can the Government Prohibit 18-Year-Olds from Purchasing Firearms?
Michael John Garcia
Chapter 17. Post-Heller Second Amendment Jurisprudence
Sarah Herman Peck

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