Georgian Science and Technology Developments


Frank Columbus (Editor)

Series: European Political, Economic, and Security Issues
BISAC: POL060000

This book gathers and presents significant research from Georgian authors in all areas of science, technology, and medicine. Topics discussed in this book include: economic developments in Georgia; technology of thin films; characteristics of crystal structures; analytic functions; cell decomposition theorems; the creation of stabile lasers; and the impacts from tourism, as well as issues of poverty and profit in corporate systems. (Imprint: Nova)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


The Essence of Economic Reforms in Post-revolution Georgia: What about the European Choice?
(Vladimer Papava)

The Issues of Poverty Measurement in Georgia
(Temur Basilia)

Estimation of Profit in Corporate Systems
(Guram S. Javakhadze, David A. Gorgidze and Varlam O. Burjanadze)

Impacts from Tourism in Protected Areas
(Maia Lordkipanidze, Yoram Krozer, Tantri Kadiman, Marcel Crul, and Han Brezet)

Late Cenozoic Tectonics and Geodynamics of Georgia (Sw Caucasus)
(Sh. Adamia, T. Mumladze, N. Sadradze, E. Tsereteli, N. Tsereteli, and O. Varazanashvili)

Monitoring of Concrete Constructions Structural Uniformity
(Malkhaz Tsikarishvili, Yuri Melashvili and Tea Nareklishvili)

Creation of Stabile Laser Color Centers by Combined Action of External Fields on Ionic Crystals
(V. Kvatchadze)

Synthesis and Characterisation of Crystal Structures and Bioactivity of Quaternary Arsonium Triiodides
(Lili Arabuli, Nodar Lekishvili, Maia Rusia, and Irma Kartozia)

Technology of Thin Crystalline Films of Lead-Doped Ytterbium Sesquisulfide and Investigation of Their Photoelectric Properties
(Z. U. Jabua, A. V. Gigineishvili, T. L. Bzhalava, and M. E. Chogovadze)

Preparation, Alloing and Optical and Photoelectrical Properties of Pr2 S3 Thin Films
(Z.U. Jabua, A.V. Gigineishvili, P.J. Kervalishvili, T.L. Bzhalava and M.E. Chogovadze)

Genetic Basis of Aging
(Teimuraz Lezhava)

New Model and Version of Destructing Human Immuno Viridae (HIV)
(Mamuka Matsaberidze)

p-Adic Subanalytic Preparation and Cell Decomposition Theorems
(Anatoly Mylnikov)

Synthesis and Use of New Ferrocene-Containing Mono- and Divinylacetyle Alcohols
(Eteri Gigineishvili, Levan Asatiani, and Nodar Lekishvili)

Synthesis, Use, and Study of Kinetics of Triisoamylarsenate Obtained by Etherification Orthoarsenic Acid with Isoamyl Alcohol
(Khatuna Kasradze, Giorgi Bezarashvili, Maia Rusia, Bachana Pichkhaia, Nodar Lekishvili, and Roman Gigauri)

Bioenergy – Informatics Approach to Definition of “Longevity Equation”
(Sergo Dadunashvili)

Ways to Increase Static, Dynamic, and Aerodynamic Stability of Wind Power Towers for Georgia
(Yu. Melashvili, G. Lagundaridze, M. Tsikarishvili, N. Kitiashvili, and S. Gotsiridze)

On Modeling of Magnetic Boundary Layer on the Dayside Magnetosphere
(Zurab Kereselidze, Marina Chkhitunidze, Vladimir Kirtskhalia, and Iamze Kalandadze)

On the Question of Stability of Hydrodynamic Tangential Gap
(V. G. Kirtskhalia and A. A. Rukhadze)

To the Problem of Creation of High Temperature Thermoelectric Generator
G. Bokuchava, G. Karumidze, and B. Shirokov)

Cosmogenic Isotopes As Tracers Of Solar Activity In The Past
(V.G. Bochorishvili and S.L. Tsereteli)

On the Komjath Conjecture in the Martin – Solovaymodel
(G. Pantsulaia)

Overloading and Recursion in Queuing Network Nodes
(G. Sh. Tsitsiashvili and M. A. Osipova)

On Analogy of Liouville Theorem in Hilbert Space l2
(Gogi Pantsulaia and Givi Giorgadze)

On Left-Invariant Probability Measures on General Groups
(Gogi Pantsulaia)

On Variable Hard Y and Smirnov Classes of Analytic Functions
(V. Kokilashvili and V. Paatashvili)

On One-Dimensional Hierarchical Models for Elliptic Problems
(D. Gordeziani, M. Avalishvili, and G. Avalishvili)

On a Generalized Fourier mu-Series in Some Infinite-Dimensional Polish Topological Vector Spaces
(Gogi Pantsulaia)

Design Procedure on Stability of Three-Layer Plate with Cuts and Holes
(G. Kipiani)

Exact Solution of the Problem of Damped Two-Dimensional Benard Flow
(A. Prangishvili, T. Obgadze, D. Gorgidze and G. Javakhadze)

Concentration of 10Be and 14C in Samples of Known Ages
(S. Tsereteli, M. Samkharadze, M. Makhviladze and Z. Shavgulidze)

Detailed Study of Inelastic Processes in K+ -He Collisions
(R. Lomsadze, M. Gochitashvili and A. Müller)


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