Georgian History


Series: Caucasus Region Political, Economic, and Security Issues
BISAC: POL060000

In the scientific work on the basis of rich factual materials, modern specific literature and new archival documents, a new conception of the Georgian nation and Georgian state’s historic development are represented from ancient times until the 21st century. Important stages of material and religious culture of Georgian people are reviewed and peculiarities of historic development are elucidated.

We must emphasize the devotion of Georgian people towards the Western values (Christian religion, advantage of democratic system, respect towards personal rights of a man and etc.) and the struggle against totalitarian ideology and antidemocratic system of ruling.

In this book, special attention is paid to the fact that the relationship of Georgia and America is building a new Georgia which has been of great importance. (Imprint: Nova)

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents


A brief physical-Geographic review


On the origin of Georgians

The beginning of the Georgian statehood

The kingdom of ancient Kartli

The epoch of the Roman expansion

Embracing Christianity

Vakhtang Gorgasali

The period of Erismtavroba

Establishment feudal relations

Fight for unification

The unification of Georgia

David the builder

Queen Tamar

Situation in Georgia and its neighborhood in XIII-XIV Centuries

Georgia in the second part of the XIV Century

The Georgian culture of XIII-XVI Centuries and the character of the social relations

Struggle for restoration of the integrity and liberating of the country in the first part of the XVI Century

Giorgi Saakadze

Bakhtrioni rebellion

West Georgia in XVI – XVII Centuries

Georgian culture of the XVI-XVII Centuries

Georgia during the reign of Vakhtang the VI

Teimuraz II and Erekle II at the head of Khakheti kingdom

Domestic and foreign conditions of Kartli and Kakheti in the middle of the XVIII Century

Imereti in the first part of the XVIII Century

The ambassadors of Teimuraz II in Russia in 1760

Russian-Turkish war of 1768-1774 and Georgia

The problem of unification of Georgia in the 80-ies of the XVIII Century

Georgian culture in the XVIII century

Invasion of Georgia by Aga Muhammad (Mahmad) Khan

Reign of Giorgi the XII

Georgia’s incorporation by Russia

Tightening of colonial straps

Georgia at the beginning of the Twentieth Century

The first republic of Georgia

Back in Russia’s claws

The totalitarian regime in Georgia

Georgia in World War 2

Strengthening of Stalin’s regime

The crisis of the Russian model of socialism in Georgia

The collapse of the communist system

The Third Republic of Georgia


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