Georgia: History, Culture and Ethnography (3 Volume Set)


Anzor Erkomaishvili (Editor)
Art Director of Rustavi, State Academic Ensemble of Georgian Folk Song and Dance, Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia

Series: Countries and Cultures of the World
BISAC: MUS017000

This richly illustrated three-volume book is a treasure for connoisseurs of European culture and history.

It is accompanied by audio recordings of 2,445 folk songs and church hymns and 46 dance videos from Georgia’s diverse ethnographic regions. Readers will discover the unique and distinctive culture of a small country in the Caucasus, the place recognized as the oldest dwelling of man in Europe and the homeland of winemaking.

It took ten years of dedicated work of more than one hundred scientists, musicians, and editors, with the generous support of the CARTU International Charity Foundation, to produce this unique publication.

In the first volume, readers will find in-depth information about Georgian pre-Christian culture, church architecture, fresco and icon paintings, as well as sacred hymns belonging to the period after the adoption of Christianity by Georgia (IV century A.D.). In the second volume, readers will learn about Georgian architecture, pottery, stone masonry, winegrowing-viticulture, national costumes, and other elements of Georgian folk traditions. The third volume includes informative annotations to the audio and video recordings contained in the book.

A movie titled The Country – 0.047% of the Land, which inspired us to create this book, is also included as a special gift to our readers.

Trailer with English subtitles

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Volume I

1. Georgia in the Past: The Most Important Events at a Glance
2. Pre-Christian Era
3. Christian Era: Overview
4. Christian Era: Plates
5. The Art of Georgian Sacred Chant
Works Cited

Volume II


Part One. Folk Music
1. Eastern Georgian Folk Music by Region
2. Western Georgian Folk Music by Region
3. Georgian Urban Folk Music
4. Georgian Folk Musical Instruments and Instrumental Music
5. Georgian Folk Dance
6. Selections from the History of the Recording and Study of Georgian Folk Music

Part Two. Essays on Georgian Ethnology
1. Historical and Ethnographic Regions of Georgia
2. Vernacular Architecture
3. Georgian Towers and Fortifications
4. Symbolism in Georgian Folk Ornaments
5. Traditional Georgian Pottery
6. Stonemasonry in Georgia
7. Gravestones and Lamentation Poems
8. Traditional Metallurgy in Georgia
9. Viticulture and Viniculture in Georgia
10. Horticulture and Animal Husbandry
11. Felting in Georgia
12. Traditional Georgian Textile Arts
13. Traditional Georgian Attire

Volume III

Part I. Audio
01 – Sacred Chants
03 – Kakheti
04 – Hereti
05 – Meskheti
06 – Ertso-Tianeti
07- Mtiuleti
08 – Gudamakari
09 – Khevi
10 – Pshavi
11 – Tusheti
12 – Khevsureti
13 – Guria
14 – Samegrelo
15 – Apkhazeti
16 – Imereti
17 – Achara
18 – Tao- Klarjeti
19 – Shavsheti
20 – Lazeti
21 – Lechkhumi
22 – Racha
23 – Svaneti
24 – Urban Folk Music
25 – Instrumental Music
Part II. Video
26 – Georgian Dance


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