George Washington, America’s Moral Exemplar


Series: First Men, America’s Presidents

As the first president, George Washington initiated a number of precedents and was conscious that he was establishing traditions. He also saw himself as a moral exemplar and lived his life as such, both personally and publicly. The Washington presidency created history, guided history, and preserved history. It also interpreted history, assimilated history, and used history. But above all, George Washington was inspirational and moved Americans to support great causes and ideals. The American Revolution, the Confederation government, the U.S. Constitution, the republican and federalist national government, and the new nation all attest to his greatness and virtue. The Washington presidency set the standards high for all other presidents to follow. And his personal character represented America at its finest, reflecting what American presidents should be, indeed must be if the U.S. is to continue to lead the world. The story of George Washington’s moral virtues and public presidential accomplishments is the story told herein.
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Prestigious Honor:

Barbara Bennett Peterson’s book, George Washington, America’s Moral Exemplar, was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize for 2005 in the category of Biography.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents





Chapter 1 – The Youthful George Washington

Chapter 2 – George Washington’s Early Military Campaigns

Chapter 3 – George Washington’s Revolutionary War Leadership

Chapter 4 – Revolutionary Gains, Alliance, and Victory

Chapter 5 – George Washington in the Confederation Period and the U.S. Constitution’s Creation

Chapter 6 – The New Nation is Launched By George Washington’s First Term

Chapter 7 – President George Washington’s Second Term

Chapter 8 – Conclusion of the Presidency, Retirement and Presidential Legacy


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“This is a remarkably well written book in an easy to read style. Subjects often given only cursory attention are covered in an interesting informative way. Such as, great emphasis is placed upon the ethical and moral principles used by George Washington to create our country. Another, for example, is how the Native American, particularly the Iroquois, forms of government were partially incorporated into our Constitution. The author answers all the important questions that readers seek on the life of Washington. What he did, when, why, how, where and most importantly the results gained. She is absolutely right in saying that Americans today are suffering from a cancer on the body politic. Too many of our leaders are acting unethically. Their behavior is a toxin that poisons our social environment. Using George Washington as a role model mentor will aid everyone in preserving the heritage provided us by our fore fathers and mothers.” – <strong>Reviewed by James P. Hodges, Houston, Texas</strong>

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