Gasdermin Superfamily: A Novel Gene Family Functioning in Epithelial Cells


Norihisa Saeki and Hiroki Sasaki
National Cancer Center Research Institute, Tokyo, Japan

Series: Cell Biology Research Progress, Genetics – Research and Issues
BISAC: SCI017000

The Gasdermin Superfamily is a novel gene group consisting of Gasdermin Family genes (GSDMA, GSDMB, GSDMC and GSDMD in humans) and Gasdermin-related genes (DFNA5 and DFNB59 in humans). The members of the Superfamily are expressed in the epithelial cells of a variable type of tissue and may have a differentiation-status specific role; however, their actual functions remain unknown. In this book, the current status of studies on the Superfamily genes is overviewed and their biological importance is discussed. (Imprint: Nova)


Table of Contents

Table of Contents



Discovery of Gasdermin Family Genes

Tissue-Specific Expression of Gasdermin Family Genes

Distinct Expression Pattern of Gasdermin Family Genes in Epithelial Differentiation

Gasdermin-Related Genes

The Superfamily Genes and Diseases

Function of the Gasdermin Superfamily Genes

Phylogenetic Analysis of the Gasdermin Superfamily

Conclusion and Future




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