Fundamentals of Electrical Power Systems: A Primer with MATLAB


Samir Abood
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Prairie View A&M University, Prairie View, TX, USA

Series: Energy Science, Engineering and Technology
BISAC: SCI024000

Fundamentals of Electrical Power Systems: A Primer With MATLAB®, is a textbook provides an excellent review of fundamental of the power system and give exciting analysis methods and a cover of the all components of power systems. At the beginning of each chapter, an abstract that states the chapter objectives. And then the introduction for each chapter. All principles presented in a lucid, logical, step-by-step approach. As much as possible, the author avoids wordiness and detail overload that could hide concepts and impede understanding. and In each chapter, the author presents some of the solved examples and applications using a computer program.
Toward the end of each chapter, the author discusses some applications aspects of the concepts covered in the chapter using a computer program.
In recognition of requirements by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) on integrating computer tools, the use of MATLAB® is encouraged in a student-friendly manner. MATLAB® is introduced in Appendix C and applied gradually throughout the book.

Each illustrative example is immediately followed by practice problems. Students can follow the example step by step to solve the practice problems without flipping pages or looking at the end of the book for answers. These practice problems test students’ comprehension and reinforce key concepts before moving on to the next section.

The book is intended as a textbook for a senior-level undergraduate student in electrical and computer engineering departments, and appropriate for Juniors, Undergraduate Students, Graduate Students Industry Professionals, Researchers, and Academics
The prerequisites for a course based on this book are knowledge of standard mathematics, including calculus and complex numbers.

The book’s strengths
-The book using for various academic and industrial levels.
-The book is giving rich and essential information about power systems and give the fundamental study for next book (power system protection and control)
-The book Including a lot of solved examples and problems in each chapter.
-The results obtained from the MATLAB program for different topics.
-Power system protection and control will include in the next part of the book.



Table of Contents



Chapter 1. Electrical Energy Sources

Chapter 2. Elements of Power Systems

Chapter 3. Load Flow Analysis

Chapter 4. Optimum Power Flow

Chapter 5. Faults Analysis

Chapter 6. Power System Stability

Chapter 7. Power System Reliability

Chapter 8. Modeling of Synchronous Generator

Chapter 9. Power Distribution System

Chapter 10. VAR Compensator

Chapter 11. Problems


Appendix A: Complex Numbers

Appendix B: Mathematical Formulas

Appendix C: Introduction to MATLAB®

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