Functional Analysis and Probability


Mark Burgin (Editor)
UCLA, California, USA

Series: Mathematics Research Developments
BISAC: MAT037000

The following topics are presented in the corresponding parts of this book:

1. Measure and Integration
2. Equations and Inequalities
3. Operators
4. Probability
5. Applications
(Imprint: Nova)


Table of Contents

Table of Contents



Chapter 1 – Operations with Extrafunctions and Integration in Bundles with a Hyperspace Base
(Burgin, M.)

Chapter 2 – Orthogonally Scattered Measures and Weak Radon-Nikodym Derivatives
(Yûichirô Kakihara)

Chapter 3 – Hyperintegration in Function Spaces
(Burgin, M.)

Chapter 4 – Directions and Methods in Integration
(Burgin, M.)


Chapter 5 – Soliton Solutions for Nonlinear Evolution Equations by Using Inverse Scattering Method
(Gharib, G.M.)

Chapter 6 – Properties of q-Integral Inequalities
(Sulaiman, W. T.)

Chapter 7 – Hyperintegral Inequalities
(Burgin, M.)

Chapter 8 – Generalized Equations for Numerical Integration over Two Dimensional Domains Using Quadrature Rules
(Logah Perumal and DawThet Mon)


Chapter 9 – Watson Transform for Boehmians
(Roopkumar, R.)

Chapter 10 – Double Commutants of Multiplication Operators on C(K)
(Kitover, A.K.)

Chapter 11 – Curvelet Transform on Tempered Boehmians
(R. Subash Moorthy and R. Roopkumar)


Chapter 12 – Hyperexpectation in Axiomatic and Constructive Settings
(Burgin, M. and Krinik, A.C.)

Chapter 13 – On the Effectiveness of Mixed Model Based Logistic Regression Classifiers for Longitudinal Data
(Daniel R. Jeske, Jun Li, and Vance Wong)

Chapter 14 – Picturesque Diversity of Probability
(Burgin, M.)


Chapter 15 – In Defense of the Much Maligned Classical Formula for the Transient Solution of the Single Server Queue
(Barbara Margolius)

Chapter 16 – The Information Path Functional Approach to Solution of a Controllable Stochastic Problem
(Lerner, V.S.)

Chapter 17 – Real-Time Inverse Modeling of Control Systems in Hypernumbers
(Mark Burgin and Arkadiy Dantsker)



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