Frontiers of Combinatorics and Number Theory. Volume 2


Zhi-Wei Sun (Editor)
Department of Mathematics, Nanjing University, P.R. China

Series: Frontiers of Combinatorics and Number Theory
BISAC: MAT000000

This book is a collection of articles in the second volume of the Journal of Combinatorics and Number Theory. As scheduled this volume consists of three issues and it contains nineteen contributed papers from eminent experts or active young mathematicians which cover various important topics in number theory and combinatorics. (Imprint: Nova)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. Pseudorandom Binary Functions on Almost Uniform Trees
(Katalin Gyarmati, Pascal Hubert and Andras Sarkozy)

2. Composites That Remain Composite After Changing a Digit
(M. Filaseta, M. Kozek, C. Nicol and J. Selfridge)

3. Construction of Families of Imaginary Prime-Cyclotomic Integers With Prescribed Properties
(F. Thaine)

4. Analysis of Kasami-Welch Functions in Odd Dimension Using Stickelberger’s Theorem
(Philippe Langevin, Gregor Leander, Gary McGuire and Eugen Zalinescu)

5. Some Nice Sums are Almost as Nice if You Turn Them Upside Down
(Moa Apagodu and Doron Zeilberger)

6. A Sumset Problem
(Javier Cilleruelo, Manuel Silva and Carlos Vinuesa)

7. On the Correlations, Selberg Integral and Symmetry of Sieve Functions in Short Intervals
(G. Coppola)

8. On the Brauer-Manin Obstruction for Cubic Surfaces
(A.S. Elsenhans and J. Jahnel)

9. Congruences of Alternating Multiple Harmonic Sums
(Roberto Tauraso and Jianqiang Zhao)

10. More Generating Functions for Values of Certain L-Functions
(A.E. Patkowski)

11. Small Primitive Roots and Malleability of RSA Moduli
(L. Dieulefait and J.J. Urroz)

12. Combinatorial Identities Involving Mertens Function Through Relatively Prime Subsets
(Mohamed El Bachraoui)

13. Generalizations of Ehrhart-Macdonald Reciprocity
(Robin Chapman)

14. A New Class of Theta Function Identities in Two Variables
(Robin Chapman, William B. Hart and Pee Choon Toh)

15. On Uniform Bounds for Lattice Points in Intersections of
Hyperbolic Plane Regions
(Patrick X. Rault)

16. Cycles and Fixed Points of Happy Functions
(Kathryn Hargreaves and Samir Siksek)

17. Congruence Properties for Hyper m-ary Overpartitions
(Qing-Lin Lu)

18. Purely Periodic Nearest Square Continued Fractions
(Keith R. Matthews and John P. Robertson)

19. Kac-Moody Fibonacci Sequences, Hyperbolic Golden Ratios and Real
Quadratic Fields
(Kasper K.S. Andersen, Lisa Carbone and Diego Penta)


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