From Infinity to Infinity and Beyond: The Field Evolution Equations


Janina Marciak-Kozłowska
Institute of Electron Technology, Warsaw, Poland

Miroslaw Kozlowski
Warsaw University, Warsaw, Poland

Series: Mathematics Research Developments
BISAC: MAT003000

The evolution processes in nature are governed by natural laws. The origins of the laws are still debated. In the monograph, we will present the idea that the splitting of the forces in the Universe is the result of the special properties of gravity, which influences all interactions in the Universe. We will present the master equations for all interactions and sketch the solutions. All laws of nature influence matter in the same manner which is dependent only on the scale. (Imprint: Nova)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Part I. Electromagnetic Field 1

Chapter 1 – Introduction (pp. 3-6)

Chapter 2 – Fundamentals of Electromagnetic Pulses Interaction with Matter (pp. 7-24)

Chapter 3 – Quantum Equation for Field Propagation (pp. 25-36)

Chapter 4 – Field Pulse Transport in Nanoscale (pp. 37-48)

Chapter 5 – The One Dimensional Boltzmann Type Equation for Field Pulse Propagation (pp. 49-60)

Chapter 6 – The Two Mode Klein-Gordon Equation for Field Pulse Propagation (pp. 61-64)

Chapter 7 – Non-Linear Klein-Gordon Equation for Nanoscale Field Pulse Propagation (pp. 65-68)

Chapter 8 – Sub- and Supersonic Field Pulse Motion (pp. 69-74)

Chapter 9 – The Field Waves in N-Dimensional Space (pp. 75-80)

Chapter 10 – Ultra-Short Field Pulse Propagation in Carbon Nanotubes (pp. 81-88)

Chapter 11 – Schrodinger-Newton Wave Mechanics (pp. 89-102)

Chapter 12 – Field Pulses in Quantum Corrals (pp. 103-106)

Chapter 13 – Klein-Gordon Equation with Casimir Potential (pp. 107-110)

Chapter 14 – Relativistic Description of the Field Matter Interaction (pp. 111-114)

Chapter 15 – On the Possible Field Generated Tachyons (pp. 115-120)

Chapter 16 – On the Possible Void Decay (pp. 121-124)

Chapter 17 – Relativistic Field Description of the Nanotechnology Phenomena (pp. 125-132)

Chapter 18 – Time Delay in Field Induced Photoemission (pp. 133-136)

Part II. Strong Field

Chapter 19 – Nuclear Collective Processes (pp. 139-146)

Chapter 20 – Does Free Quarks Exist ? (pp. 147-154)

Part III. Field Equation for Life Science

Chapter 21 – Field Induced Processes in In Vitro Cancer Tumor (pp. 157-160)

Chapter 22 – Field Induced Processes in the Human Cornea (pp. 161-168)

Part IV. Consciousness Field

Chapter 23 – Brain Waves as the Solution of the Modified Schrodinger Equation (pp. 191-212)

Chapter 24 – Heisenberg Uncertainty and the Human Brain (pp. 213-218)

Chapter 25 – Heaviside Quantons as the Carriers of the ESP Phenomena (pp. 219-234)

Chapter 26 – Langevin Twins and Brain Activity (pp. 235-252)

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