From Elementary Particles to the Limits of the Infinite Cosmos


Vaggelis Talios
National Technical University of Athens (N.T.U.A), Athens, Greece

Series: Physics Research and Technology,  Space Science, Exploration and Politics
BISAC: SCI074000
DOI: 10.52305/XDCP3766

The book describes our up-to-date knowledge of the Universe and suggests a new theory, the “Theory of the Chain Reaction”, which explains the creation and the functioning of the material part of our Universe and the whole Cosmos. The first five chapters described herein cover the evolution of human knowledge about the Universe, the Universe as it is known today, the elementary particles and the fundamental forces, the theory of the big bang and the other existing cosmological theories about the creation.

After the above, the author presents the “Theory of the Chain Reaction”, a revolutionary theory that explains in an original and innovative way the creation and the evolution of our Cosmos. Next the reader will find the answers, according to the “Theory of the Chain Reaction”, to some questions that still remain unanswered today about the creation such as where have the huge amounts of energy that exist in the universe been found? Does antimatter exist and, if so, where is it? Etc.

The last chapter is a brief summary of the theory of the unification of the fundamental forces and physical theories. This chapter, in any case, is an introduction to the subject of the unifications and was written for readers who want to know more about this issue.
(Imprint: Nova)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Some Words about the Theory of the Chain Reaction



Chapter 1. General Facts

Chapter 2. The Evolution of the Human Knowledge about the Universe

Chapter 3. The Universe as it is Known Today

Chapter 4. Matter, Elementary Particles and Fundamental Forces

Chapter 5. The Cosmological Theories and the Theory of the Big Bang

Chapter 6. The Theory of the Chain Reaction

Chapter 7. The Creation of our Universe, the other Universes, the Antiuniverses and the Cosmos

Chapter 8. A Brief, Imaginary, Theoretical Journey to an Antiuniverse

Chapter 9. The Fundamental Unanswered Questions about the Creation: The Answers of the Theory of the Chain Reaction

Chapter 10. The Theory of the Chain Reaction, the Trilogy of the Creation and the Unification of the Fundamental Forces and Physical Theories


Glossary and a Brief Explanation of Several Basic Terms Used in This Book



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