Foundations of Iso-Differential Calculus. Volume 1


Svetlin G. Georgiev
Sorbonne University, Paris, France
Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics, Department of Differential Equations, Sofia University, Sofia, Bulgaria

Series: Mathematics Research Developments
BISAC: MAT005000

Nowadays much attention is being given to the development of cancer tumours’ nanotechnologies, production of novel materials and nano-scale structures. The importance of the simultaneous improvement of corrosion and wear resistance is emphasized by the fact that the cost of damage caused by corrosion is very high. The use of electroless plating promotes overcoming many of the problems in the above-mentioned fields.

The term electroless plating denotes the method of deposition of metals and alloys without using the external electric current source. This method could find wide applications in the above-mentioned tasks and resolution of other problems in various fields of industry, relating to nanoelectronics, microelectronics, fabrication of ICs, printed circuit boards and hard memory discs, catalysis, instrument-making, and machine-building. This book presents new data in this field of study. (Imprint: Nova)


Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Chapter 1 – Physical Origin of the Isodifferential Calculus (pp. 1-38)

Chapter 2 – Isoreals (pp. 39-58)

Chapter 3 – Sequences of Isoreals (pp. 59-76)

Chapter 4 – Isofunctions-definition and Properties (pp. 77-116)

Chapter 5 – Limit of Isofunctions. Continuous Isofunctions (pp. 117-128)

Chapter 6 – Isodifferentiable Isofunctions (pp. 129-152)

Chapter 7 – Isointegrals (pp. 153-210)

Chapter 8 – Appendix: Elements of Isodual Mathematics (pp. 211-236)



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