Food Science Research Biographical Sketches and Research Summaries. Volume 1


Lucille Monaco Cacioppo (Editor)

Series: Food Science and Technology
BISAC: TEC012000

This book compiles research biographical sketches and research summaries from a number of different focuses in the important field of food science. (Imprint: Nova)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Part I Biographical Sketches

Chapter 1 – Rishipal R. Bansode (pp. 3-4)

Chapter 2 – Guilherme Wolff Bueno (pp. 5-8)

Chapter 3 – Rishi R. Burlakoti (pp. 9-10)

Chapter 4 – Maria Joao Cabrita (pp. 11-14)

Chapter 5 – Maria Helene Giovanetti Canteri (pp. 15-16)

Chapter 6 – Andres E. Carrillo (pp. 17-18)

Chapter 7 – Gabriel Davidov Pardo (pp. 19-20)

Chapter 8 – Rodrigo de Campos Macedo (pp. 21-22)

Chapter 9 – Carmen Lucia de Olivera Petkowicz (pp. 23-24)

Chapter 10 – Luciana de Souza Neves Ellendersen (pp. 25-26)

Chapter 11 – Linda A. deGraffenried (pp. 27-28)

Chapter 12 – Priscila Farage de Gouveia (pp. 29-30)

Chapter 13 – Raquel Marta Neves dos Santos Garcia (pp. 31-32)

Chapter 14 – Federica Graziano (pp. 33-34)

Chapter 16 – Tatsuya Hayashi (pp. 35-36)

Chapter 17 – María Jesús Lagarda Blanch (pp. 37-38)

Chapter 18 – Zhen Ma (pp. 39-40)

Chapter 19 – Flávia Roberta Buss Marenda (pp. 41-42)

Chapter 20 – Fernanda Mattioda (pp. 43-44)

Chapter 21 – Kazunori Nanri (pp. 45-46)

Chapter 22 – Omwoma Solomon (pp. 47-48)

Chapter 23 – Aneeza Soobadar (pp. 49-50)

Chapter 24 – Gilvan Wosiacki (pp. 51-56)

Chapter 25 – SlaĎana M. Ţilić (pp. 57-60)

Chapter 26 – Renata Puppin Zandonadi (pp. 61-62)

Part II Research Summaries

Chapter 27 – Sickly Sweet: Sugar, Refined Carbohydrate, Addiction and Global Obesity (pp. 65-66)
Simon Thornley and Hayden McRobbie

Chapter 28 – Food Chemistry (pp. 67-68)
Dongfeng Wang, Hong Lin, Jianqian Kan, Linwei Liu, Xiaoxing Zeng and Shengrong Shen

Chapter 29 Oils and Fats for the Future. A Case Study: Safoun (Dacryodes edulis) from the Congo Basin Countries in Africa (pp. 69-70)
Thomas Silou

Chapter 30 – Metabolic Aspects of Macronutrients (pp. 71-72)
Mostafa I. Waly, MPH, MSc, PhD

Chapter 31 – Resources, Cultivation, Chemistry and Biological Activities of Salvia Miltiorrhiza (pp. 73-74)
Chun Guang Li, Shujun Sheng and Brian May

Chapter 32 – Cunila D. Royen ex. L., Glechon Epl. and Hesperozygis Epl. (Lamiaceae) in South America: An Ethnobotanical and Phytochemical Review (pp. 75-76)
G. Agostini, T. S. Ribeiro, S. Moura, S. Echeverrigaray and T. T. Souza-Chies

Chapter 33 – Cultivation of Aromatic Plants under Irrigation with Secondary-Treated Effluent (pp. 77-78)
N. Bernstein, D. Chaimovitch and N. Dudai

Chapter 34 – Immunomodulatory Effects of Ayurvedic Herbs: Macrophage Activation and Cytokine Secretion (pp. 79-80)
Upadhyaya Smitha, Telkar Asha, Bhat Jyoti and Banerjee Gautam

Chapter 35 – Development and Application of a Certified Reference Material: Cadmium and Lead in Chinese Medicinal Herb (Herba Desmodii Styracifolii) (pp. 81-82)
Yiu-chung Wong, Siu-kay Wong and Della W. M. Sin

Chapter 36 – Title Effects of Medicinal Herb Salvia Miltiorrhiza on Bone Cell Activities (pp. 83-84)
Yanqi Yang, Lei Chai, Ding Zhang and A. B. M. Rabie

Chapter 37 – Sorghum: An Enigmatic Grain for Chicken-meat Production (pp. 85-86)
Peter H. Selle, Sonia Y. Liu and Aaron J. Cowieson

Chapter 38 – Unlocking the Potential of Sorghum for Development in East Africa (pp. 87-88)
Tom Martin, Moses Biruma, Johan Fogelqvist, Patrick Okori and Christina Dixelius

Chapter 39 – The Health Benefits of Sorghum Grain for Poultry and Pigs (pp. 89-90)
M. Mabelebele and P. A. Iji

Chapter 40 – Fungal Root Endophytes as Sorghum Growth Promoters (pp. 91-92)
A. B. M. Vaz, I. Sampedro and J. A. Ocampo

Chapter 41 – Breeding for Abiotic Stresses in Sorghum (pp. 93-94)
Tariq Shehzad and Kazutoshi Okuno

Chapter 42 – Gluten-Free Bread: Economic, Nutritional and Technological Aspects (pp. 95-96)
Maria Teresa Pedrosa Silva Clerici and Yoon Kil Chang

Chapter 43 – Impact of Nitrogen and Sulfur Fertilization on Gluten Composition, and Baking Quality of Wheat (pp. 97-98)
Dorothee Steinfurth, Karl H. Mühling and Christian Zörb

Chapter 44 – Functional Gluten Alternatives (pp. 99-100)
Aleksandra Torbica, Miroslav Hadnađev, Tamara Dapčević Hadnađev and Petar Dokić

Chapter 45 – Chiaroscuro of Standardization for Gluten-Free Foods Labeling and Gluten Quantitation Methods (pp. 101-102)
A. M. Calderón de la Barca, E. J. Esquer-Munguía and F. Cabrera-Chávez

Chapter 46 – Effect of Heat on Gluten (pp. 103-104)
Costas E. Stathopoulos and Quan V. Vuong

Chapter 47 – Modern Concepts Pathogenesis of Celiac Disease: From Gluten to Autoimmunity (pp. 105-106)
Asma Ouakaa-Kchaou

Chapter 48 – Emulsion Properties of Different Protein Fractions from Hydrolyzed Wheat Gluten (pp. 107-108)
S. R. Drago, R. J. González and M. C. Añón

Chapter 49 – Techno-functional Properties from Hydrolyzed Wheat Gluten Fractions (pp. 109-110)
S. R. Drago, R. J. González and M. C. Añón

Chapter 50 – Gluten-Free Diet in Children and Adolescents with Celiac Disease (pp. 111-112)
Gian Vincenzo Zuccotti, Dario Dilillo, Fabio Meneghin and Cecilia Mantegazza

Chapter 51 – Technological and Health Aspects of Probiotic Cheese (pp. 113-114)
Barbaros Özer and Hüseyin Avni Kırmacı

Chapter 52 – The Relationship between Genetic and Technological Aspects and Cheese Quality (pp. 115-116)
M. Fresno and S. Álvarez

Chapter 53 – Authentication of Local Cheeses: A Global Perspective (pp. 117-118)
Ahmet Koluman, Rind Kürşat Aktaş and Abdullah Dikici

Chapter 54 – Spanish Blue Cheeses: Functional Metabolites (pp. 119-120)
Sivia M. Albillos, Carlos García-Estrada and Juan-Francisco Martín

Chapter 55 – Sodium in Different Cheese Types: Role and Strategies of Reduction (pp. 121-122)
Mamdouh El-Bakry

Chapter 56 – Investigation on a Typical Dairy Product of the Apulia Region (Italy), The Garganico Cacioricotta Cheese, by Means of Traditional and Innovative Physico-Chemical Analyses (pp. 123-124)
A. Sacco, D. Sacco, G. Casiello, A. Ventrella and F. Longobardi

Chapter 57 – Slovak Bryndza Cheese (pp. 125-126)
Roman Dušinský, Libor Ebringer, Mária Mikulášová, Anna Belicová and Juraj Krajčovič

Chapter 58 – Processed Cheese: Relevance for Low Sodium Cheese Development (pp. 127-128)
Adriano G. Cruz, Adriane E.C. Antunes, Renata M.S. Celeguini, Jose A.F. Faria and Marise Aparecida Rodrigues Pollonio

Chapter 59 – Italian Cheese Types and Innovations of Traditional Cheeses (pp. 129-130)
Palmiro Poltronieri, Maria Stella Cappello, Federico Baruzzi and Maria Morea

Chapter 60 – NMR Spectroscopy in Dairy Products Characterization (pp. 131-132)
Elvino Brosio and Raffaella Gianferri

Chapter 61 – Cheese Flavors: Chemical Origins and Detection (pp. 133-134)
Michael H. Tunick

Chapter 62 – Antihypertensive Peptides Found in Cheese (pp. 135-136)
F. Javier Espejo, M. Carmen Almécija, Antonio Guadix and Emilia M. Guadix

Chapter 63 – New Approachment on Cholesterol Removal in Cheese (pp. 137-138)
Hae-Soo Kwak

Chapter 64 – Cheese Types (pp. 139-140)
Jee-Young Imm and In-Hyu Bae

Chapter 65 – World Production and Consumption of Cheese (pp. 141-142)
Suk-Ho Choi and Se-Jong Oh

Chapter 66 – Shiitake Mushroom Submerged Culture and Morphogenesis: Regularities, Computations, Practical Use (pp. 143-144)
Olga M. Tsivileva, Alexei N. Pankratov and Valentina E. Nikitina

Chapter 67 – Edible Mushrooms: Potential Role in Weight Regulation (pp. 145-146)
Kavita H. Poddar, Mary Jo Feeney and Lawrence J. Cheskin

Chapter 68 – Cultivated Mushrooms: Disease Control in Mushroom Industry (pp. 147-148)
Ivana Potočnik

Chapter 69 – Production of Pleurotus Ostreatus (Oyster Mushroom) Grown on Sugar Cane Biomass (Trash, Bagasse and Pith) (pp. 149-150)
Noé Aguilar-Rivera, Adolfo Castillo Moran, Daniel Arturo Rodríguez Lagunes and Joaquín Murguia Gonzalez

Chapter 70 – Sustainable Use of Microbial Endophytes (pp. 151-152)
Devendra Kumar Choudhary

Chapter 71 – Chemical Composition and Nutritional Value of European Species of Wild Growing Mushrooms (pp. 153-154)
Pavel Kalač

Chapter 72 – Pleuran: Immunomodulotor Polysaccharide From Pleurotus Ostreatus, Structure, Production and Application (pp. 155-156)
Hesham El Enshasy, Parisa Maftoun and Roslinda Abd Malek

Chapter 73 – Enhancing the Medicinal Properties of Agaricus subrufescens by Growing Practices (pp. 157-158)
Diego Cunha Zied, Francisco José Gea Alegría and Arturo Pardo Giménez

Chapter 74 – Hemolytic Lectins of Higher Mushrooms (pp. 159-160)
V. O. Antonyuk and R. S. Stoika

Chapter 75 – Radioactivity of European Wild Growing Edible Mushrooms (pp. 161-162)
Pavel Kalač

Chapter 76 – White Button Mushrooms, Quality Evaluation and Shelf Life Prediction (pp. 163-164)
Masoud Taghizadeh, Aoife Gowen and Colm O’Donnell

Chapter 77 – Basidiomycetes Mushrooms of Brazilian Tropical Rainforests: Biodiversity and Biological Applications (pp. 165-166)
Luiz H. Rosa, Susana Johann, Carlos L. Zani and Carlos A. Rosa

Chapter 78 – Co-Cultivation of Pleurotus Species with Yeasts (pp. 167-168)
D. N. Novoselova and O. V. Kamzolkina

Chapter 79 – Antioxidant Properties of the most Common Edible Mushrooms Consumed in Brazil (pp. 169-170)
Gisele Pezente Ferrari, Andréia Assunção Soares, Gisele Cristina dos Santos Bazanella, Adelar Bracht, Cristina Giatti Marques de Souza, Cinthia Gandolfi Bôer and Rosane Marina Peralta

Chapter 80 – Biologically Active Mushroom Proteins (pp. 171-172)
T. B. Ng and Xiu Juan Ye

Chapter 81 – Medicinal Activities of Mushroom Polysacchropeptides (pp. 173-174)
Tzi Bun Ng, Jack Ho Wong, Helen Chan, Tak Fu Tse and Timothy Tam

Chapter 82 – Activation and Stabilization of Mushroom Tyrosinase by Addition of Polyethylene Glycols (pp. 175-176)
Zhen Yang, Ya-Jun Yue and Ting-Wei Chen

Chapter 83 – Agaricus bM Mushroom May Protect Athletes against Inflammation, Infection and Asthma (pp. 177-178)
G. Hetland

Chapter 84 – Biological Activities of Pleurotus Mushrooms (pp. 179-180)
D. T. U. Abeytunga

Chapter 85 – Wines from Tropical Plants: Processing, Microbiological, Chemical and Health Aspects (pp. 181-182)
Cheunjit Prakitchaiwattana and Kanitha Tananuwong

Chapter 86 – Effect of Winemaking Techniques on Bioactive Compounds in White and Red Wine (pp. 183-184)
Giuseppe Di Lecce, Sara Arranz, Ramon Estruch and Rosa M. Lamuela-Raventósa

Chapter 87 – Micro-Oxygenation of Red Wine: Chemistry and Sensory Aspects (pp. 185-186)
Giuseppina Paola Parpinello and Andrea Versari

Chapter 88 – Effects of Wine Consumption on the Cardiovascular System (pp. 187-188)
S. Arranz, G. Di Lecce, R. Lamuela-Raventós and R. Estruch

Chapter 89 – Effects of Wine on Vasculature (pp. 189-190)
Dimitris Tousoulis, Anna-Maria Kampoli, and Christodoulos Stefanadis

Chapter 90 – New Winemaking Practices: The Use of Inactive Dry Yeast Preparations to Improve Fermentation and the Organoleptic Characteristics of Wine (pp. 191-192)
Inmaculada Andujar-Ortiz, M. Victoria Moreno-Arribas and M.Ángeles Pozo-Bayón

Chapter 91 – Analytical Methods for the Detection of Ochratoxin A in Wines (pp. 193-194)
Akhtar Hayat and Lise Barthelmebs

Chapter 92 – Wine and Neurodegenerative Diseases (pp. 195-196)
Pilar Zafrilla, Juana Mulero, Adela Martínez-Cachá, and Emma Cantos

Chapter 93 – Impact of Winemaking Process in Madeira Wine Composition: From Aging Markers to Ethyl Carbamate (A Contaminant) (pp. 197-198)
Rosa Perestrelo, José S. Câmara and Sílvia M. Rocha

Chapter 94 – Controlling the Highs and the Lows of Alcohol in Wine (pp. 199-200)
Creina S. Stockley, Cristian Varela, Adrian Coulter, Peter R. Dry, I. Leigh Francis, Richard Muhlack and Isak S. Pretorius

Chapter 95 – Increasing Wine Quality through the Use of Oak Barrels: Factors that Will Influence Aged Wine Color and Aroma (pp. 201-202)
P. Rodríguez-Rodríguez, A. B. Bautista-Ortín and E. Gómez-Plaza

Chapter 96 – Non-Saccharomyces Yeasts and Wine (pp. 203-204)
Pin-Rou Lee, Xiao Li, Bin Yu, Philip Curran and Shao-Quan Liu,

Chapter 97 – The Effect of Bacteria Quality, Thermal and Photochemical Treatment on the Composition of Volatile Organic Compounds in Wine (pp. 205-206)
Maurizio D’Auria and Rocco Racioppi

Chapter 98 – Sensory and Antioxidant Evaluation of Sparkling Wines (pp. 207-208)
Cláudia Alberici Stefenon, Camila de Martini Bonesi, Daniel Prá, Carla Eliete Iochims dos Santos, Johnny Ferraz Dias, João Antônio Pêgas Henriques, Mirian Salvador and Regina Vanderlinde

Chapter 99 – The Potentialities of Ultra-Performance Liquid Chromatography Combined with Photodiode Array Detection in the Analysis of Wine Metabolites with Bioactive Effects: The Case Study of Polyphenols (pp. 209-210)
Jorge Pereira, Catarina Silva, João Gonçalves and José S. Câmara

Chapter 100 – Wine Phenolics: Chemistry, Biosynthesis and Effects on Health (pp. 211-212)
Hasim Kelebek and Serkan Selli

Chapter 101 – Differences in Pinot Noir Red Wines Produced by Different Methods: Chromatographic, Spectroscopic, and Electro Aided Study (pp. 213-214)
Heli Sirén, Kimmo Sirén, Sandeep Sharma, Laura Kaijanen, Jaana Ruokonen, Mélanie Bricka and Stella Rovio

Chapter 102 – Microbial Contamination and Spoilage of Consumer Milk – Facts and Fiction (pp. 214-216)
Valerie De Jonghe, An Coorevits, Sophie Marchand, Anita Van Landschoot, Jan De Block, Els Van Coillie, Paul De Vos and Marc Heyndrickx

Chapter 103 – Applicability of Pulsed Field Gel Electrophoresis for the Identification of Lipolytic and/or Proteolytic Psychrotrophic Pseudomonas Species in Raw Milk (pp. 217-218)
P. D. Button, H. Roginski, H. C. Deeth and H. M. Craven

Chapter 104 – Raw Sheep Milk in the Province of Karak: Production, Consumption and Health Effects (pp. 219-220)
Riadh AL-Tahiri

Chapter 105 – Raw Milk: Production, Consumption and Health Benefits (pp. 221-222)
Marcelo A. Ferraz, Claudio Antonio Versiani Paiva, Marcelo R. Souza and Mônica M. O. P. Cerqueira

Chapter 106 – Camel Milk as Therapeutic Alternative to Treat Diabetes; Comparison with Insulin (pp. 223-224)
Amel Sboui, Touhami Khorchani, Mongi Djegham and Omrane Belhadj

Chapter 107 – Progress in Pasteurization Processing of Raw Milk: Bactericidal Effect and Extension of Shelf Life, Impacts on the Physicochemical Properties, Milk Components, Flavor and Processing Characteristics (pp. 225-226)
Ruijin Yang, Sha Zhang and Wei Zhao

Chapter 108 – Controlled Atmosphere-Based Improved Storage of Cold Raw Milk: Potential of N2 gas (pp. 227-228)
Patricia Munsch-Alatossava and Tapani Alatossava

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