Food Hydrocolloids: Characteristics, Properties and Structures


Clarence S. Hollingworth (Editor)

Series: Food Science and Technology
BISAC: TEC012000

A hydrocolloid is defined as a colloid system wherein the colloid particles are dispersed in water. A hydrocolloid has colloid particles spread throughout water and depending on the quantity of water available that can take place in different states, e.g., gel or sol (liquid). Hydrocolloids can be either irreversible (single-state) or reversible. For example, agar, a reversible hydrocolloid of seaweed extract, can exist in a gel and sol state, and alternate between states with the addition or elimination of heat. Many hydrocolloids are derived from natural sources. Agar-agar and carrageenan are extracted from seaweed; gelatin is produced by hydrolysis of proteins of bovine and fish origins, and pectin is extracted from citrus peel and apple pomace. Gelatin desserts like jelly or Jell-O are made from gelatin powder, another effective hydrocolloid. Hydrocolloids are employed in food mainly to influence texture or viscosity. This new and important book gathers the latest research from around the globe in the study of food hydrocolloids and highlights such topics as: collagen and gelatin extracted from skate skin, sucrose pectin interaction, utiliztion of glucomannans for health and others. (Imprint: Nova)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Utilization of Collagen and Gelatin Extracted from Skate Skin
(Jong-Bang Eun, Jin han Shon, Ji hyoun Eo, Sung Hun, Department of Food Science and Technology, Chonnam National University, Gwangju, Korea, and others)

Food Hydrocolloid Edible Films and Coatings
(O. Skurtys, C. Acevedo, F. Pedreschi, J. Enrione, F. Osorio, J. M. Aguilera, Department of Food Science and Technology, Universidad de Santiago de Chile, Santiago, Chile, and others)

Rheological Properties and Sensory Attributes of Mashed Potatoes Made with Mixtures of Sodium Caseinate and Xanthan Gum
(Cristina Fernández, Wenceslao Canet, María Dolores Alvarez, Department of Plant Foods Science and Technology, Instituto del Frío-CSIC, Madrid, Spain)

Properties of Edible Sodium Caseinate Films Containing Lipids
(Maria José Fabra, Pau Talens, Amparo Chiralt, Department of Food Technology-Institute of Food Engineering for Development, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Valencia, Spain)

Molecular Dynamics in Food Hydrocolloids Observed by NMR
(Shingo Matsukawa, Makoto Shimizu, Bona Dai, Ayaka Shinsho, Department of Food Science and Technology, Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology, Tokyo, Japan)

The Influence of Structural Properties and Biological Functions of Sweet Cassava and Seaweed Polysaccharides
(Albert Linton Charles, Jan-Ying Yeh, Tzou-Chi Huang, Bor-Rung Ou, Department of Tropical Agriculture and International Cooperation,
National Pingtung University of Science and Technology (NPUST), Pingtung, Taiwan, and others)

Chemistry, Structure & Architecture, Synergy & Biodiversity of Galactomannans
(Ganesharanee Ravindran, Lara Matia-Merino, Ghulam M. U. Paracha, Institute of Food, Nutrition and Human Health, Massey University, New Zealand)

Sucrose Pectin Interaction from Solution to Gels
(Donatella Bulone, Daniela Giacomazza, Mauro Manno, Vincenzo Martorana, Pier Luigi San Biagio, National Research Council-Institute of Biophysics, Palermo, Italy)

Utilisation of Glucomannans for Health
(R. F. Tester, F. H. Al-Ghazzewi, Glycologic Limited, c/o Glasgow Caledonian University, Glasgow, UK)

Novel Applications of Polysaccharides from Lactic Acid Bacteria:
A Focus on Kefiran ^
(Analia G Abraham, Micaela Medrano, Judith A Piermaria, Fernanda Mozzi, Centro de Investigación y Desarrollo en Criotecnología de Alimentos (CIDCA-CONICET). Facultad de Ciencias Exactas, La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina, and others)

A Preliminary Study on Antimicrobial Edible Films from Pectin and Other Food Hydrocolloids by Extrusion Method
(LinShu Liu, Tony Jin, Cheng-Kung Liu, Kevin Hicks, Amar K. Mohanty, Rahul Bhardwaj and Manjusri Misra, Eastern Regional Research Center, ARS, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Wyndmoor, PA)*


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