Focus on Science and Technology from a Georgian Perspective


Sergo Gotsiridze (Editor)

This new book presents and discusses current research from Georgian authors in all areas of science and technology. Topics discussed include mathematical simulation of capillary blood flow disorders; infinite versions of some classical results in linear algebra and vector analysis; measurability of unions of plane disks; modelling of elastic waves generated by a point explosion; investment environment in Georgia; uniform measures in banach spaces and Riemann integrability and uniform distribution in infinite-dimensional rectangles. (Imprint: Nova)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Mathematical Simulation of Capillary Blood Flow Disorders;pp. 1-6
(N. Khomasuridze, Z. Siradze and D. Gorgidze,Institute of Applied Mathematics of Tbilisi State University, Georgia)

Anti-Tumor Effects of Polyvaccine of Staphylococcus-Proteus-Escherichia-Klebsiella and Polychemotherapy;pp. 7-13
(Ketevan Gambashidze, Paata Khorava and Nino Bejitashvili, Tbilisi State Medical University, Georgia)

On Embedded Markovian Processes with the Supplementary Variable;pp. 15-36
(I.S. Mikadze, Sh.Sh. Nachkebia and Z.I. Mikadze, Georgian Technical University, Georgia)

Post-Communist Capitalism and Financial Crisis, or the Mixing of the Necroconomics and the Zombie-Nomics;pp. 37-55
(Vladimer Papava, Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies and others)

Some Considerations About Definition of Optimal Height of Composed, Welded Beams According to N.S. Streletsky;pp. 57-62
(N.Sh. Berishvili and Kh.Sh. Gorjoladze, The Georgian Technical University, Tbilisi)

Solution of Spatial Tasks of Rods with Cross-Sections of Different Forms Using the Double Trigonometric Series;pp. 63-71
(Irakli Gudushauri, Revaz Tskhvedadze, Aguli Sokhadze and Demuri Tabatadze, Georgian Technical University, Tbilisi)

On Infinite Versions of Some Classical Results in Linear Algebra and Vector Analysis;pp. 73-87
(Gogi Pantsulaia, Georgian Technical University, Tbilisi)

Liouville-Type Theorems for Mankiewicz and Preiss-TiSer generators in RN;pp. 89-102
(Gogi Pantsulaia and Givi Giorgadze, Georgian Technical University, Tbilisi)

On Planar Sets Without of Vertices of a Triangle of an
Area One;pp. 103-108
(Gogi Pantsulaia, Dept. of Mathematics, Georgian Technical University, Tbilisi and others)

On a Certain Partition of the Lebesgue Null Set in Rn;pp. 109-117
(Gogi Pantsulaia, Georgian Technical University, Tbilisi and others)

On a Certain Application of Preiss-Tiser Generators;pp. 119-124, (Gogi Pantsulaia, Georgian Technical University, Tbilisi and others)

On Measurability of Unions of Plane Disks;pp. 125-129
(Gogi Pantsulaia, Georgian Technical University, Tbilisi and others)

On Riesz-Thorin Theorems in the Lizorkin-Triebel-Morrey Type Spaces with Dominant Mixed Derivatives;pp. 131-142
(Alik M. Najafov, Dept. of Supreme Mathematics, Azerbaijan Architectural and Civil Engineering University, Baku)

Significance and Tendencies of Small Business Development;pp. 143-147
(T. Shengelia and Kh. Berishvili, Tbilisi State University, Georgia)

The Tribological Efficiency and the Mechanism of Highly Dispersed Amorphous Carbon ad a Dope to Plastic Lubricants;pp. 149-154
(D.S. Iosebidze, E.R. Kutelia, G.S. Abramishvili, T.M. Apakidze,
A.P. Chkheidze and M.T. Khvedelidze, Georgian Technical University, Tbilisi)

Modelling of Elastic Waves Generated by a Point Explosion;pp. 155-166
(Z. Kereselidze, T. Gegechkori, N. Tsereteli and V. Kirtskhalia, Institute of Geophysics, Tbilisi,Georgia and others)

Model of Geomagnetic Field Pulsations Before Earthquakes Occur;pp. 167-178
(Z. Kereselidze, M. Kachakhidze, N. Kachakhidze and V. Kirtskhalia, Institute of Geophysics, Tbilisi, Georgia and others)

The Amount of CD34+, CD 34-CD 133+ and GPA+ in Peripheral Blood Living Nuclear Cells in Patients with Heart Failure;pp. 179-194
(M. Rogava, Z. Gurtskaia and G. Gigilashvili, Georgian Technical University, National Center of Therapy, Georgia)

Effect of Pre-Fermentation Enzyme Maceration of Georgian Red Wine Made From Grape Variety “Saperavi” on Quantity and Extraction of Resveratrol, Anthocyanins and Total Phenols;pp. 195-204
(M. Khomasuridze, G. Datukishvili, N. Shakulashvili, G. Daqishvili, E. Kalatozishvili and L. Mujiri, Dept. of Chemical and Biological Technology, Georgian Technical University, Tbilisi and others)

Deposit Prognosis by Neuron Networks Practiced for Diamonds;pp. 205-212
(Avtandil A. Kvitashvili, Rafael G. Tkhinvaleli, Erekle G. Gambashidze and Lev M. Natapov, Institute of Cybernetics of the Georgian Academy of Sciences, Tbilisi and others)

Investment Environment in Georgia and the Prospects of its Development;pp. 213-226
(T. Shengelia and R. Mindeli, Tbilisi State University, Georgia)

Georgia’s Foreign Trade Development Trends;pp. 227-231
(T. Shengelia and Xatuna Berishvili, Economic Science, Tbilisi University, Georgia and others)

Mean Convergence of Cesaro (C,a)-Mean Fourier-Laplace Series;pp. 233-238
(S.B. Topuria and V.V. Khocholava, Georgian Technical University, Georgia)

On Uniform Measures in Banach Spaces;pp. 239-247
(Gogi Pantsulaia, Georgian Technical University, and others)

Riemann Integrability and Uniform Distribution in Infinite-Dimensional Rectangles;pp. 249-260
(Gogi Pantsulaia, Georgian Technical University, Tbilisi and others)

On Strict Standard and Strict Ordinary Products of Measures and Some of Their Applications;pp. 261-294
(Gogi Pantsulaia, Georgian Technical University, Tbilisi and others)

Lebesgue Constants for (C,a)- Summation of Fourier Series Over Generalized Spherical Functions;pp. 295-301
(S.B. Topuria and N.D. Macharashvili, Georgian Technical University, Tbilisi)


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