Evaluation of the Tier 1 Program (Secondary 2 Program) of Project P.A.T.H.S.: Conclusions Drawn by the Program Implementers


Daniel T.L. Shek, PhD
Department of Applied Social Sciences, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong, PRC
Public Policy Research Institute, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong, PRC
Department of Social Work, East China Normal University, Shanghai, PRC
Kiang Wu Nursing College of Macau, Macau, PRC
Division of Adolescent Medicine, Department of Pediatrics, Kentucky Children’s Hospital, University of Kentucky College of Medicine, Lexington, Kentucky, United States of America

Series: Education in a Competitive and Globalizing World, Social Issues, Justice and Status
BISAC: EDU011000

Based on subjective outcome evaluation data from the program participants and program implementers collected from 49 schools that participated in the Project P.A.T.H.S., the program implementers were invited to write down five conclusions based on an integration of the evaluation findings. The conclusions stated in the 49 evaluation reports were further analyzed via secondary data analyses.

Results indicated that most of the conclusions pertaining to perceptions of the Tier 1 Program, instructors, and effectiveness of the programs were positive, and there were also conclusions reflecting the respondents’ appreciation of the program. Besides, responses on the obstacles encountered and suggestions for further improvement were also observed. Congruent with the previous evaluation findings, the current study suggests that the Tier 1 Program which is a curricula-based positive youth development program was well-received by the stakeholders and the program was beneficial to the development of the program participants. (Imprint: Nova)


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