Ethnic and Cultural Identity: Perceptions, Discrimination and Social Challenges


Adrienne D. Warner (Editor)

Series: Focus on Civilizations and Cultures

This book provides the latest research in ethnic and cultural identity. The first chapter examines the relationship between ethnic identity, culture, body dissatisfaction and related disorder eating behaviors among diverse ethnic groups of adolescent and young female adults. The second chapter discusses migrants’ perceptions of intergroup relations and ethnic group statue in the host society. The third chapter provides an overview of research on perceived discrimination, which is considered the most severe stressor for minority individuals given its persuasive impact on health and well-being.

The fourth and fifth chapters include discussions on the relationship between openness to experience, ethnocentrism, and ethnic prejudice, and the effects of language policy on ethnic minority language maintenance among a relatively newer community in Manchester. The sixth chapter examines how social, gendered, and economic forces have changed the ways in which family systems create and sustain a familial identity.

The second half of the book includes a narrative analysis to explore how a sample of Muslim-identified women attributed meaning to the practice of veiling and the contexts by which women decided to – or not to -wear the hijab; a summary of the results of a qualitative study exploring the influence of discrimination on identity negotiation in transracial international adoptees; provides a review of established health risks to Latino-identifying persons in the United States and successful interventions with various samples; deconstructs the Latin lover stereotype; and finally, maps racial neoliberalism in U.S. popular culture.
(Imprint: Nova)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

pp. vii-xii

Chapter 1
The Role of Ethnicity and Culture in Body Dissatisfaction and Disordered Eating among Young Females
(Virginia L. Lam, University of East London, United Kingdom)
pp. 1-18

Chapter 2
Ethnic Identity in the Shadow of Perceptions of Social Discrimination: The Case of Immigrants from Ethiopia in Israel
(Pnina Golan-Cook, Keith Goldstein and Elite Olshtain, NCJW Research Institute for Innovation in Education, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel)
pp. 19-36

Chapter 3
Ethnic Identity as a Protective Resource for Discrimination among North American Indians: A Comparison with Mainstream Adults in Canada
(Barbara M. Gfellner, Department of Psychology, Brandon University, Canada)
pp. 37-84

Chapter 4
The Role of Ethnocentrism in the Relationship between Openness to Experience and Ethnic Prejudice
(Elizabeth Huxley, Boris Bizumic and Amanda Kenny, Research School of Psychology, The Australian National University, Canberra, Australia)
pp. 85-102

Chapter 5
Ethnic Minority Language use at Home and in Schools: An Investigation into Somali Children’s Bilingualism in Manchester
(Salman Al-Azami, Chefena Hailemariam, Liverpool Hope University, United Kingdom, and others)
pp. 103-120

Chapter 6
The Family Dinner: Mothers’ Perceptions of Family Togetherness
(Mica N. McGriggs and Andrew S. Walters, Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, Arizona, USA)
pp. 121-144

Chapter 7
The Mirror Has Two Faces: Muslim-Identified Women’s Perceptions about Veiling
(Sara F. Mouhktar and Andrew S. Walters, Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, Arizona, USA)
pp. 145-168

Chapter 8
How Discrimination Influences Identity Negotiation in International Adoptees
(Mylène Boivin, and Ghayda Hassan, Department of Psychology, University of Quebec at Montreal, Canada)
pp. 169-184

Chapter 9
Cultural Identity and Positive Youth Development: The Centrality of Culture in Effective Health Interventions for Latino Adolescents
(Andrew S. Walters and Annabelle L. Nelson, Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, Arizona, USA)
pp. 185-206

Chapter 10
Deconstructing the Mystique of the Latin Lover: Latino Men’s Narratives of Romance
(Ivan Valenzuela and Andrew S. Walters, Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, Arizona, USA)
pp. 207-230

Chapter 11
Mapping Racial Neoliberalism in US Popular Culture: The Donald Sterling Affair, “Old Racism” Films and Undercover Boss
(Sean Brayton, University of Lethbridge, Canada)
pp. 231-248

pp. 249-265

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