Estrogen Receptors: Mechanisms, Structure and Role in Disease

George G. Chen (Editor)
Department of Surgery, Prince of Wales Hospital Faculty of Medicine, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Series: Protein Biochemistry, Synthesis, Structure and Cellular Functions, Endocrinology Research and Clinical Developments
BISAC: SCI007000

Estrogen receptors (ER) are emerging as important molecules involved in the variety of physiological and pathological activities. There are two classic estrogen receptors: alpha and beta. Different cells and tissues have shown divergent responses to these two estrogen receptors. While we are starting to understand the interaction between estrogen receptors and its ligands contributes to the development of various diseases, the discovery of sub-isoforms of estrogen receptor alpha and beta has further complicated the mechanism of estrogen receptors. Nevertheless, continuing efforts in the study of estrogen receptors have helped us to define their roles in diseases and to develop novel therapies against these disorders. The 11 chapters in this book are the excellent evidence to summarize our efforts in this direction. This book should be of great value to not only clinicians and medical students interested in estrogen/ER-related diseases but also basic scientists working in the field of estrogens/ERs. (Imprint: Nova Biomedical )


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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Preface: Continuing efforts needed to decode the complexity of estrogen receptors pp. i-viii
(George G Chen)

Chapter 1. Estrogen receptors: mechanisms, structure and role in endometriosis
(Caio Parente Barbosa, Bianca Bianco, Denise Maria Christofolini)
pp. 1-10
Chapter 2. Mechanisms of Estrogen Receptor Extranuclear Signaling In Human Diseases
(Viroj Boonyaratanakornkit) pp. 11-28

Chapter 3. Function, expression, and deterction of estrogen receptor isoforms in normal and malignant tissues
(Erin K. Shanle, Wei Xu) pp. 29-59

Chapter 4. Regulation of neuropeptidases involved in reproductive physiology by estradiol
(Adele J. Wolfson1, Nicole E. Cyr, Lisa A. Bruce, Jana W. Qiao, Christa C. DeFries, Marc J. Tetel) pp. 61-67

Chapter 5. Endocrine therapy options in premenopausal women with oestrogen receptor positive advanced breast cancer
(MTS Wong, KL Cheung) pp. 69-82

Chapter 6. Nongenomic action of estrogen receptor in breast cancer
(Kotaro Azuma, Satoshi Inoue) pp. 83-88

Chapter 7. Triple negative breast cancer: clinicopathological charateristics, challenges and therapy
(Madeira KP, Guimarães IS, Daltoé RD, Herlinger AL, Ladislau T, Valadão IC, Lyra Junior, PCM, Teixeira SF, Silva IV, Rangel LBA)
pp. 89-113
Chapter 8. The significance of oestrogen receptor expression in breast and oesophageal cancers
(W Al-Khyatt, KL Cheung, SY Iftikhar) pp. 115-131

Chapter 9. Oestrogen receptors: structure, lung expression and role in some respiratory diseases
(Olga Carvalho, Carlos Gonçalves) pp. 133-147

Chapter 10. Roles of estrogen receptors in some respiratory diseases
(Rodriguez-Lara V, Esparza-Silva AL, Mendoza-Rodríguez CA, Cerbón-Cervantes MA, Fortoul TI.) pp. 149-163

Chapter 11. The roles of estrogen receptors in differentiation of osteoblast and bone regenartion
(Jun-Beom Park) pp. 165-168

Index pp. 169-178


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