Essays on the Philosophical Nexus between Religion and Politics. Volume 2


Emanuel L. Paparella
Barry University, Miami Shore, FL, USA

Series: Religion and Society
BISAC: REL033000

This proposed book is a sequel to Volume 1. It has the same title and consists of eighteen additional essays written over four years (2014-2017) on the theme of the historical nexus between religion and politics. This second volume begins where the first ends and its Table of Contents lists essays Nineteen to Thirty-Six. It takes a sweeping panoramic cultural and anthropological view on the theme that is in some way connected to the following philosophical and dialectical conundrums: myth/history, poetics/science, politics/transcendentalism, freedom/determinism, ideology/history, power/justice, law/love, grand narrative/positivistic approach, hermeneutics, transcendence/immanence, secularism/religion, liberalism/fascism, freedom/human rights, revelation/positivism, democracy/political corruption, moral compass/power, guilt/honor, democracy/truth, ethical tradition/historical tradition, secular humanism/religious humanism, public spirituality/private spirituality, and spiritual identity/political identity.

All of these subthemes are alluded to in the titles of the chapters and then philosophically explored. The chapters also venture into uncharted territory. From the very beginning, they often challenge taken-for-granted assumptions about history, progress, science, the secular and the sacred. The goal is not so much to solve those perennial philosophical conundrums, but to point to their relevancy for an effective handling of various contemporary existential predicaments in politics, in environmental science, and in spirituality. The target audience includes the educated layman of a philosophical bent, but also includes those readers that follow contemporary trends in ethics, spirituality and politics.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Essay 1. Is Northern Europe Still the Last Bastion of Liberal Tolerance?

Essay 2.Irshad Manji on Faith, Freedom, Human Rightsand Love: Why Opposing Religion via a Politico-Secular Discourse is a Blunder

Essay 3. Some Distinctions on Christian and Secular Humanism

Essay 4. An Imaginary Conversation on Myth, Reason and Religion Between Plato and Joseph Campbell at an Athens Café

Essay 5. The Immigrant “Other” in US and EU Politico-Religious Experiences: A Comparative Perspective

Essay 6. Eight Scholars’ Views (Dante, Husserl, Levinas, Dawson, Weiler, Habermas, Eisenstadt and Troeltsch) on the Loss of European Spiritual Identity

Essay 7. The Corruption of Religion: Russia’s Military-Ecclesiastical Complex

Essay 8. Corruption and the Self-Destruction of Democracy

Essay 9. Pope Francis’s Urgent Warning on the Dangers of Populism

Essay 10. White Supremacy in the White House: Rooted in a Dark Theory of History

Essay 11. Power without Moral Compass: Caligula, Trump, Pius XIII, and Machiavelli

Essay 12. Honor, Ethics, Shame, Guilt and Civilization

Essay 13. A New World Order: The End of Pax Americana and Putin’s Enigmatic New Russianness

Essay 14. Democracy: The Missing Ingredient in the Bannon/Dugin Concept of Eurasianism

Essay 15. The Stubborn Facts on Eurocentrism: Nostalgia for the Cold War, Misinformation, and the Russian National Identity Discourse

Essay 16. The Nightmare of Modern Democracy in the Age of Alternate Facts: A Sickness unto Death?

Essay 17. Pope Francis’s Critique of Bannon’s Views on Christianity

Essay 18. Darkness at Twilight: The Devil’s Bargain in American Politics?


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