Essays from the History of Georgia: XIX-XXI Centuries


Otar Janelidze (Author) – Faculty of Humanities, Gori State Teaching University, Gori, Georgia

Series: Georgian Classics
BISAC: HIS037000; HIS032000

The presented book, which includes 21 essays, covers the cardinal issues of the new and the modern history of Georgia in the South Caucasus. One part of the essay discusses the Russian conquest of Georgia in the first half of the 19th century and the evolution of the country’s interests in the Caucasus region; the second part describes the vicissitudes of the life of the Democratic Republic of Georgia in 1918-1921 and is dedicated to showing its domestic life and relations with the outside world; and the rest of the text reflects certain aspects of Georgian reality in the Soviet and post-Soviet periods.

This work is based on numerous primary sources, including archival documents, periodicals, memoirs, and special literature. The book is intended for numerous readers interested in the recent past and modern reality of Georgia.


Table of Contents



Chapter 1. Russia’s Caucasian Interests

Chapter 2. Georgian Identity and the Choice of Political Orientation

Chapter 3. Conquering or Voluntary Joining?

Chapter 4. Vorontsov’s Rule in Georgia in Terms of “Soft Power” Policy

Chapter 5. Two Russias (Myth or Reality?)

Chapter 6. The Muhajir Movement in the Caucasus

Chapter 7. The Restoration of the Autocephaly of the Georgian Church and Georgian Socio-Political Reality

Chapter 8. Transcaucasian Sejm and the Georgian Political Spectrum

Chapter 9. Social-Democratic Party of Georgia and the Issue of the Political Independence of the Country

Chapter 10. Three States in One City

Chapter 11. On the Nature of the Relations between Georgia and Germany in 1918

Chapter 12. Diplomatic Representation of the Democratic Republic of Georgia in Poland

Chapter 13. Abkhaz Issue in the Constituent Assembly of Georgia

Chapter 14. The Ossetian Issue in the Democratic Republic of Georgia

Chapter 15. Right-Wing Opposition in the Democratic Republic of Georgia

Chapter 16. Soviet Occupation of Georgia (February-March 1921)

Chapter 17. International Impact of the 1924 August Uprising

Chapter 18. Political Repressions in Georgia: Victims and Executioners

Chapter 19. The Second World War: Georgian Experience

Chapter 20. The Church Factor in the National Movement of Georgia during the 1980s

Chapter 21. The Georgian-Russian War of August 2008 and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization


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