Environmental Research Summaries. Volume 3


Danila S. Melekhin (Editor)
Mikolai F. Dolukhanov (Editor)

Series: Environmental and Agricultural Research Summaries
BISAC: SCI026000

This book is a continuation of the book Environmental Researcher Biographical Sketches and Research Summaries which compiles biographical sketches of top professionals in the field of environmental research, as well as research summaries from a number of different focuses in this important field. (Imprint: Nova)


Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Research Summaries on Environment

Ecotourism with Utilization of Wild Animals – Its Conservation Medical Impact and Risk Assessment in Hokkaido, Japan

Past Landscapes for the Reconstruction of Roman Land Use: Eco-History Tourism in the Algarve

Effective Management Decision-Making Depends on Rigorous Research

Quality and Buying Process in Rural Tourism in Spain

Ecotoxicology of Free-Living Soil Nematode Caenorhabditis Elegans

Responses and Tolerance of Azolla- Anabaena System against Salinity Stress

Acetylcholinesterase Inhibition as a Relevant Biomarker in Environmental Biomonitoring: New Insights and Perspectives

Sorption and the Ecological Risk Assessment of Nonionic Organic Contaminants

The Application of Ecotoxicological Tools in the Assessment and Monitoring of Brazilian Waters: An Overview

Responses of Microorganisms to Pollutants and its Application in Environmental Risk Assessment

Applicability of Ecotoxicological Methodologies Developed in Temperate Regions for the Risk Assessment of Pesticides in Tropical Thailand: From Laboratory to (Semi-) Field

Pesticides and Male Reproduction: How to Quantify the Real Impact?

Ecotoxicological Effects of Pharmaceuticals in the Environment

Ecotoxicological Assays Applied in Soils Contaminated by Petroleum Hydrocarbons

Neurotoxicological Effects of Aeration Lagoons Effluents for the Treatment of Domestic and Hospital Wastewaters on Elliptio Complanata

Aquatic Ecotoxicology in Tasks of Water Quality Assessments: Moving from Theory to Practices

The Retrospective Analysis of Aquatic Ecosystem Modification of Russian Large Lakes under Antropogenic Impacts

Antioxidant Response, Heavy Metal and Selenium Accumulation in Juvenile and Adult Procambarus clarkii of Both Sexes from Lake Trasimeno

Iron Pollution in Dora Baltea River (Valle D‘aosta, North-Western Italy): A Case of Acute Toxicity in Wild Brown Trout (Salmo Trutta Trutta)

Wild Salmonids in Italian Northwest Inland Waters: Cadmium, Mercury and Lead Pollution

Environmental Risks of Magnetic Ionic Liquids: Ecotoxicity

Mining the Deep-Sea Vents: Pollution and Conservation Issues

Marine Pollution Research Employing Bivalves in Venezuela

Acid-Enhanced Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs)

Resuspension of Sediment as a Method for Managing Eutrophic Lagoons?

An Updated Report on the Water Chemistry of the Lakes of Central Italy

Availability and Potential Mobility of Heavy Metals in Sludges Using Simple Extraction Procedures

Brown Colored Wastewaters from Molasses Fermentation Processes

Enhanced Losses of Phosphorus in Mole-Tile Drainage Water Following Short-Term Applications of Dairy Effluent to Pasture

Effects of Sampling and Sample Preparation in Bioindication of Invertebrates

Application of Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOPs) to Wastewater Treatment. Case Studies: Decolourization of Textile Effluents, Detoxification of Olive Mill Effluent, Treatment of Domestic Wastewater

Adsorption of Imidaclopid by Heat Treated Kerolites: Effects of Ionic Strength and Temperature

Application of an “O2/CO2 Headspace Test with GC-TCD” for Biodegradability Testing of Synthetic Ester Lubricants in Water and Soil

Removal of Halogenated Hydrocarbons from Water by Zero-Valent Iron

Protist as Tools for Environmental Biomonitoring: Importance of Cholinesterase Enzyme Activities

The Role of Deep Submarine Tailings Placement (STP) in the Mitigation of Marine Pollution for Coastal and Island Mines

Marine Debris, A Growing Problem: Sources, Distribution, Composition, and Impacts

An improved method for rapid determination of the reduced and oxidized states of metallothioneins in biological samples

Integrative Ecotoxicological Assessment of Contaminated Sediments in a Complex Tropical Estuarine System

Recent Analysis of Soft Tissue of Clams to assess Marine Pollution in Venezuela

Impact of climate and environmental factors on the epidemiology of Vibrio cholerae in Aquatic Ecosystems

The Possibility of False Negative Results Hampers the Ability to Elucidate the Relationship between Fecal Indicator Bacteria and Human Pathogens and Source Tracking Markers in Beach Water and Sand

Toxicity of African Dust and Related Components to Marine Organisms

Spatial and Temporal Patterns in Toxicity around a Municipal-Industrial Wastewater Discharge in Corpus Christi Bay, Texas

Seasonal modulated MT synthesis in the cockle (Cerastoderma edule) after parasite and cadmium contamination

Petroleum Pollution and Penguins: Marine Conservation Tools to Reduce the Problem

Organic Pollutants in Mussels from Guanabara Bay, A Representative Tropical Estuary

Heavy metal assessment in two Subtropical Estuarine Systems in the State of São Paulo, Brazil

Production of Salt Aerosol and Bioaerosol from a Sea-Salt Aerosol Generator

Environmetrics as a Tool for Lake Pollution Assessment

Lakes in the Apulian Karst (Southern Italy): Geology, Karst Morphology, and their Role in the Local History

Ecotoxicity and Bioaccumulation of Toxin from Cylindrospermopsis Raciborskii: Towards the Development of Environmental Protection Guidelines for Contaminated Water Bodies

Focus on Understanding the Relation between Lakes and Pollution-model based approach and Case Study of Subarctic Lakes

Aquatic Pollutant Assessment Across Multiple Scales

Fish Assemblage Subjected to Strong Anthropogenic Stress: The Case of the Barra Bonita Reservoir, Tiete River Basin, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Pollution Impacts and Key Athropogenically Induced Processes in Lakes of the Russian Euro-arctic Region

Health Effects of Lake Pollution

Mean Residence Times of Stream and Spring Water in a Small Forested Watershed with a Thick Weathered Layer

An Analysis of Internal Phosphorus Loading in White Lake, Michigan

Hydraulic Characterization of Deep Dquifer(s) in the Arsenic Affected Meghna Floodplain, Southeastern Bangladesh

Weight of Evidence Assessment of Impacts from an Abandoned Mine Site to the Lake Dasserat Watershed, Quebec Canada

Simulation of Ecosystem Degradation and its Application for Effective Policy-Making in Regional Scale

Radionuclide Distribution in the Lower Yenisey and Pechora Reaches: Landscape Geochemical Signatures and Patterns of Global and Regional Contamination

Photochemical Transformation Processes of Organic Pollutants in Surface Waters

Complexity, Nonlinearity and Scaling in Sediment Transport Dynamics

Spatial and Temporal Variation of Dissolved Organic Carbon in the Sacramento and San Joaquin River Watersheds

Applications of an Urban Diffuse Pollution Model to Support WFD Investment Appraisal

Assessing Groundwater Pollution Risk in Sarigkiol Basin, NW Greece

What Do People Think About Pollution? Contributions of Human Ecology to the Study of River Pollution with A Focus on Brazil

Surveillance of River Water Pollution by use of an Automatic Trace Metal System

The Status of River Water Chemical Pollution in Zimbabwe: A Review

Ambivalent Role of Microbial Communities in Polluted Rivers

Assessment of Pathogen Indicator Microorganism Loading From Diffuse Sources

Advanced Technologies Based on Ozonation for Water Treatment

Paradigm Shift from a Clean Ocean to a Bountiful Ocean -An Essential Vision Revealed by Ecological Modeling of “Tidal Flats – Central Bay Area Coupling” and “Benthic-Pelagic Ecosystem Coupling”

Bank Filtration of Rivers and Lakes to Improve the Raw Water Quality for Drinking Water Supply

Chitosan for Pesticide Control on Environmental Protection and Water Purification

Silica-Supported CdS-sensitized TiO2 Particles in Photo-Driven Water Purification: Assessment of Efficiency, Stability and Recovery Future Perspectives

Photo-Degradation of Methyl Orange with Direct Solar Light using ZnO and Activated Carbon-Supported ZnO

Water Purification using Compression and Absorption Heat Pumps

Why Vapor Pressure of a Volatile Liquid Decreases by Addition of Solutes: A New Qualitative Model

The Biotechnology of the Phased Drinking Water Purification in the Conditions of Astrakhan Region)

Additional Purification of Water Bodies and Waste Waters with Consorciums of Aquatic Plants Containing Microorganisms

Environmental Investing Practices in Europe: A Harbinger of Future U.S. Best Practices?

The Environmental Management System

Energy Use, Environment and Sustainable Development

A Game-theoretic Analysis of Environmental Behaviour at the Corporate and Global Level

Sustainable Energy: Challenges of Implementing New Technologies

Market Valuation of the Long-Run Effects of Adoption of Effective Environmental Cost Strategies

Biophysical Terrain Analysis

Organizing Effective Health Care Delivery where Resources are Limited: Special focus on Diabetes

Quantifying the Environmental Performance by Exergy-based

Environmental Considerations into Strategic and Tactical Planning of Supply Chains

The Links between Environmental Regulation and Competitiveness: The Case of the Agriculture Sector in Andalucía

Enhancing Environmental Planning through the Use of the Thermodynamic Quantity Exergy

Environmental Planning Inputs by the Forest Sector: The Scale Factor, the Connection Planning-Management and the Relations with other Planning Sectors in Italy

Operations Research Methods in Production Management with Environmental Constraints

Policy Analytical Capacity in the Environmental Sector: Survey Results from Canada

Governance and Public Participation in the Network Society

Industrial Ecology in the Planning and Management of Industrial Parks

Developing a Drought Planning Evaluation System in the United States

Marine Spatial Planning: Identifying the Critical Elements for Success

A Comprehensive Approach for Participatory Land Use Planning in Areas Affected by Desertification of the European Mediterranean Region

Correlations Between Disease-Specific Mortalities with Particulate and Gaseous Air Pollutants: Risks for Cardiopulmonary Disease and Female Reproductive Organ Cancers

Strategies for Reducing Carbon Dioxide Emissions: The Case of Botswana Rural Communities

Removal Of Aromatic Organic Pollutants by the Ozone/Activated Carbon System

Activated Carbon as Adsorbent in Landfill Leachate Treatment

Decision Support Systems for Material Recovery and Energy Production

Impact Of Various Concentrations of Crude-Oil on the Physicochemical Properties of a Soil in Nigeria

Bacteriological Examination of Drinking Water in Northern Greece during 2000- 2006

A Preliminary Investigation of Fecal Indicator Bacteria, Human Pathogens, and Source Tracking Markers in Beach Water and Sand

From Host Plant Resistance to Agroecosystem Resistance: Lessons from a Comprehensive Case-Study on the Management of Sorghum Panicle Pests in West and Central Africa

Ecotoxicology of Heavy Metals in Marine Sponges: Different and Contrasting Effects of Heavy Metals on Different Biological Levels

Solid Waste Management Practices in the Okavango Delta Ramsar Site

Implications of Waste Quantity and Composition on Diversion Rates from Disposal in Gaborone, Botswana

Crop Selection and Adaptation to Climate Change in Kenya

A Green Measure of Cambodia’s GDP to Assist in Achieving Sustainability

The Role of Sphingobium Chlorophenolicum in Pentachlorophenol Degradation in Different Systems: Batch Culture, Soil and Hydroponic Systems

Deforestation in the Philippines: An Economic Assessment of Government Policy Responses

Influence of Grass Cover on the Leaching of Herbicides in Burgundy Vineyards

Wetland Issues

Developments in Applying Biotechnology Tools in Environmental Engineering

Energy Master Planning: The Case of New Jersey

Removal of Hazardous Materials from Aqueous Waste Streams Using Biomass and Enzymes With Reference to Environmental Control: Review

Integrating Environmental Strategies into Industrial Production and Sustainable Development

Studying Motor Development: A Biological and Environmental Perspective

Phyto-Bioremediation of Polluted Marine Sediments: The Need of a Bio -Physical Approach

Examination of University Students’ Attitudes towards Environmental Problems: A Turkish Example

Influence of Forest Disturbance on Water Discharge

Are Environmental Factors Capitalized into the Nominal Median Price of Single-Family Homes?

The Demographic Dimension of Climate Change

Early Detection of Forest Fires from Space Based on the RTM Method

Fire Surveillance and Evaluation by Means of Lidar Technique

An Introduction to Uncertainty in Remotely Sensed Fire Maps and Historic Fire Regime Reconstructions

Aerosol and Trace Gas Retrievals from Remote Sensing Fire Products

The Role of Magnetic Measurements in Detecting Past Fire Signatures in Soils and Sediments

Forest and fire risk dynamics in the Great Xing’an Mountains, Northeastern China: a spatial simulation study

Detection of the Positions and Computing the Rate of Spread of Fire Fronts using a Radiative Flame Model and Inverse Method

Large Scale Forest Fires in Alaska: Detection and Prevention

Treatment of Wastewater by Electrocoagulation Method and the Effect of Low Cost Supporting Electrolytes

Application of Sulphate-Reducing Bacteria in Biological Treatment Wastewaters

Utilization of Water and Wastewater Sludge for Production of Lightweight-Stabilized Ceramsite

Modelling and Observation of Produced Formation Water (PFW) at Sea

Disposal of Sulfur Dioxide Generated in Industries using Eco-Friendly Biotechnological Process – A Review

Novel Biological Nitrogen Removal Processes: Applications and Perspectives

Application of Microbial Melanoidin-Decomposing Activity (MDA) for Treatment of Molasses Wastewater

Wastewaters from Olive Oil Industry: Characterization and Treatment

Usability of Boron Doped Diamond Electrodes in the Field of Waste Water Treatment and Tap Water Disinfection

Utilization of Biosolids as Fertilization Agents on Agricultural Land: Do the Obvious Benefits of Recycling Organic Matter and Nutrients Outweigh the Potential Risks?

Integrated Approach for Domestic Wastewater Treatment in Decentralized Sectors

Biodegradation Characteristics of Wastewaters

Batch treatment for Colour Removal from a Coffee Factory Effluent using a Combination of Electro-coagulation and different electrolytes

Water as a Scarce Resource: – Potential for Future Conflicts

Recycling Wastewater after Hemodialysis: An Environmental and Cost Benefits Analysis for Alternative Water Sources in Arid Regions

Pb (II) Ions Removal by Dried Rhizopus oligosporus Biomass Produced from Food Processing Wastewater

Control of Plasticizers in Drinking Water, Effluents and Surface Waters

The Conflict between Traditional and Formal Knowledge in Finnish and Swedish Forest Management in the Twentieth Century

Knowledge Gained and Gaps Suggested from Recent Forestry-Related GPS Research

Natural Regeneration of Pinus Nigra Arn spp Salzmannii Forest in Cuenca Mountains (Spain): A Problem for Sustainable Forest Management

Evaluation and Implications of Free-Ranging Garrano Horses in The Risk of Forest Fires – the Study Case of Vieira Do Minho Municipality (Portugal)

Multiscalar Analysis of the SpatialPattern of Forest Ecosystems in Central Africa Justified by the Pattern/Process Paradigm: Two Case Studies

Seedling Growth and Survival of Indigenous Tree Species along a Light Gradient in a Dry Afromontane Forest

Forestry Trade and Population Growth in the Philippines in a General Equilibrium Framework

Forestry Education towards Ecological Civilization

Establishment and Application of the Synthetic Assessment System of Forest Ecosystem Health in Beijing Area

Cosmogenic Nuclides and Geomorphology: Theory, Limitations, and Applications

Flood Risk And Landform Of Cambodian Mekong Delta

Why Are Rock Glaciers More or Less Prominent in High Mountains?

On Shaky Ground: Arctic Communities In Uneasy Transition To A New Climatic Order

Geomorphic Adjustment, Geographic Context and Disturbances

Erosion and Sediment Yield Estimated by GeoWEPP for Check Dam Watersheds in Ephemeral Gullies (South-East Spain)

Modelling the Potential Impact of Groundwater Dynamics on Gully Erosion and Drainage Basin Evolution

Paleomagnetic Evidence for Siberian Plate Tectonics from Rodinia through Pangaea to Eurasia

Geodynamics of Indian Free-board: Archean-Proterozoic Collision Zones and Underlying Lithosphere and its Rapid Drift

Nature of Permian Faunas in Western North America: A Key to the Understanding of the History of Allochthonous Terranes

Geodynamic Evolution of the North African Atlasic Belt

3D Morphology of Phase Microscopic Objects by the Digital Holographic Interference Microscopy Method

Tectonic Control on the Evolution of the Middle Triassic Platforms in the Alpine-Carpathian-Dinaric Region(Differences in the Evolution of Two Opposite Shelves of the Neotethys Ocean)

Morphostructure Oeculiarities of Pay Zones at the Continental Margins of the North-West Australia

The Role of Global Environmental Policy in the Determination of Policy Legitimacy

Global Environment, Biofuel: Sustainable Food Production and Distribution

Woodfuels Use for Sustainable Energy Infrastructures’ Materialization

Evaluation of the Algorithms Used in Calpuff Model for Visibility
Impact due to Industrial Activities

The State of Air pollution in North Korea in Comparison with South Korea

A Description of Access to Water in Yucatán, México

How Can Environmental Accounting Contribute to the Development and Implementation of Environmental Policies?

Effect of Climate Change on Lake Mixing Patterns and Water Quality

The Sustainable Territorial Environmental/Economic Management Approach to Manage Policy Impacts and Effects

Review of Cornerstone Parameters Influencing Future Energy Policy

Climate Change and Its Impact on Agriculture: Challenges for the 21st Century

Clusterization of Atmospheric Water Vapor, Absorption of Greenhouse Molecules by Water Clusters, and Climatic Change

The Variable Solar Dynamo and the Forecast of Solar Activity; Influence on Terrestrial Surface Temperature

Use of computers to simulate and predict ClimateChange in the 21st Century

Global Warming in the 21st Century: Proposition from AYURVEDA, A Traditional Health Care System

Global Warming and Coral Reefs: From Mitigation to Geoengineering

Long-Term Experimental Warming Affects Tissue C/N Ratios Differently in Three Strongly Chionophilous Alpine Species

Global Warming in the 21st Century: The Impact on Agricultural Production in Kenya

Climatic Change Due to Clusterization of Atmospheric Water Vapor

Matching Environmental Policy to Recipients

Green Procurement Policies and Practices: Swedish Perspectives from the Public and Private Sectors

Environmental and Socio-Economic Aspects of Possible Development in Renewable Energy Use

Governance by the Commons: Emerging Perspectives in Global Environmental Governance

Environmental Governmentality as a Policy Apparatus: The Case of Shrimp Aquaculture in Bangladesh

An International Comparison of Public Participation in Forest Policy and Management

Quantifying Eco-Efficiency with Multi-Criteria Analysis

Environmental Kuznets Curves for Carbon Emissions: A Critical Survey

Environmental Consequences of Agricultural Development in Bangladesh: Empirical Evidence, Farmers’ Perceptions and their Determinants

Informal Waste Recycling and Urban Governance in Nigeria: Some Experiences and Policy Implications

The Economic and Environmental Effects of Water Pricing Policy in China: An Analysis of Three Irrigation Districts

The Precautionary Principle and Environmental Protection: The Australian Experience

Social Learning Processes of Environmental Policy

Incentive Based Environmental Policies and Collective Response Trends; Spatio-Temporal Patterns of Land Managers’ Adoption of Agri-Environmental Measures

Capitalism, State, and Environmental Movements: An Analysis from Political Economy Perspective

Incentive Mechanism Design for Nonpoint Source Pollution in China: Group or Individual?

Analyzing Effective Environmental Policy-Making Process and Evidence from Aviation Sector

Review of Environmental Governance in Kenya: Analysis of Environmental Policy and Institutional Frameworks

Stakeholder Assessment in Environmental Policy Analysis

Characteristics of Urban Highway Runoff: General Water Quality, Toxicity and Particle Size Distribution

Analysis of Research Studies on Exhaust Emission from the Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Fueled by Biodiesel

Do the U.S. Capital Markets Value Environmental Management Systems? New Evidence

Runoff under Sprinkler Irrigation: Affecting Factors and Control Practices

Methane Utilization in the Scope of Sustainable Development – A Catalytic Point of View

Preserving the Biodiversity of Freshwater Ecosystems in a Scenario of Increasing Desertification: Lessons from Genetics

Mycorrhizal Fungi Associations with Four Salt Marsh Species

The Design of a Biobarrier System for the Remediation of Groundwater by Petroleum-Derived Compounds

Phytocaps Reduce Methane Emission from Landfills

The Impact of Land Use on Surface Runoff Generating Processes in a Mediterranean Mountainous Basin

Effect of Biomats on Runoff and Water Erosion under Selected Agro-Environmental Conditions

Internalising Externalities of Energy Systems in a Comprehensive Modelling Approach: A Way to Re-Orientate the Choices of Energy-Economics Markets

Redefining the Clean Development Mechanism to Encourage the Transfer of Sustainable Energy Technologies

Ecological Engineering for Controling Surface Runoff Pollution

Application of Artificial Neural Networks and Neuro-Fuzzy Techniques for Streamflows Forecasting: Accuracy and Uncertainty

Urban Crowns and Forest Crowns: Assessment and Monitoring Tools for Urban and Forest Trees

Wind Erosion: Meaning, Causes, Processes, Features and Control

Testing for the Internal Consistency of Choice Experiments Using Explicit Rankings of Quality Attributes

The Role of Salt Marsh Plants and Microorganisms in Sediment Metal Biogeochemistry

Excess Nitrates in Groundwater Sources of Gulbarga City and Some Selected Villages

Structured Catalysts for the Reforming of Methane from a Biomass Generated Gas

Application of Ground Penetrating Radar in Songshuling Landfill Site: Huzhou to Investigate Pollutant Leakage
Accessing the Framework of Social Forestry for the Sustainable and Participatory Forest Management – With a Focus on Myanmar Bago Yoma

Issues in Agroforestry Development on the Canadian Prairies

Traditional and Modern Agroforestry in the Mediterranean Basin

Forage and Grassland Plants in Agroforestry Systems of the U.S. Western Gulf Coast Region

Contribution of Homegardens, Agrosilvopastoral Systems, and other Human-Dominated Land-Use Types to the Avian Diversity of a Biological Corridor in Costa Rica

Results of 16 Years of Study in a Temperate Silvopastoral Experiment with Pinus radiata in New Zealand

Small-Scale Agroforestry in the Uplands of Bangladesh: A Case Study

Eucalypt Seedling Establishment and the Effects of Water Supply and Demand – Past Research Trends and Priorities for the Future

Integration of Native Genetic Resources in Brazilian Agroforestry Systems

Use of Multipurpose Trees and Shrubs in Forestry and Agroforestry Systems in Northeastern Mexico

The Utility and Application of Ecological Models in Agroforestry: The FORECAST Family of Models

Agroforestry in Dry Forest, Brazil: Mycorrhizal Fungi Potential

How to Improve Adoption of Agroforestry Systems among Small Farmers in Peruvian Amazon?

How useful is Seasonal Climate Forecasting for Tree Planting Decisions in South-Eastern Australia? Perspectives from Local Knowledge Experts

An Estimation of Carbon Storage Potential, Economic Value and Determinants in Kakamega Forest and Adjacent Farms, Kenya

Assessment of Women Agroforestry Practices in Refugee Settlement in Eastern Sudan

Rural Households’ Response to Fuelwood Scarcity around Kakamega Forest, Western Kenya

Agroforestry: A Delivery Mechanism for Multi-Functional Agriculture

Effects of a Rock Phosphate on Indigenous Rhizobia Associated with Sesbania Sesban

The Prairie States Forestry Project as a Model for an Effective Global Climate Change Mitigation Project
Eco-Biology of Mangroves

Human Use and Ecotoxicology of Mudskippers: Potential Biomonitors of Mangrove and other Soft Bottom Intertidal Ecosystems

Mangrove Ecosystem of Sundarbans, India: Biodiversity, Ecology, Threats and Conservation

Mangrove Wetland Ecosystem Modeling in the Everglades

The Rhizophora Apiculata Mangrove and its Applications

Microbial Diversity from Mangroves Sediments: Insights from Culture Independent Approaches

Conservation of Xinhui Wetland Region: Sonneratia Caseolaris Engl. Nursery Survival in Xinhui Coastal District of Guangdong, South China Sea

Applications of the Microbial Biodiversity of the Mangroves

Degradation of Mangrove Litter and its Contribution as Dissolved Inorganic Nitrogen to the Adjacent Estuary of Sagar Island, Sunderban Mangrove Ecosystem, India

Assemblage and Diversity of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi in Mangrove Plant Species of the Southwest Coast of India

Underwater Photosynthesis and Indirect Use of HCO3- by Completely Submerged Leaves of Mangrove Species Aegiceras corniculatum

Mangroves in the Change: The Need of New Synthesis of Climate, Ecohydro-logy and Biomedical Research

Soil Condition and Sedimentation Pattern in the Sundarbans Mangrove Forest, Bangladesh

Mathematical Models in Mangroves Induced Soil Salinization
Diversity and Distribution of Trees and Vascular Epiphytes in Kibale National Park, Uganda

Changes and Trends in the Chemistry of Precipitation in the Wielkopolski National Park (Poland)

The U.S. National Parks in International Perspective: The Yellowstone Model or Conservation Syncretism?

Response and Recovery of the National Seashores to Extreme Storms: Sensitivity to the Frequency of Storm Events

Invasive Plant Species: Silent Threats to Biodiversity and Ecological Integrity in National Parks

The Doñana National Park (Spain): Geodesy, DTM and Water Modeling as Management Tools

The Influence of Disturbance on Lepidopteran Community and Their Seasonality on a Constant Leaf Resource in Kibale National Park, Uganda – Implications for Conservation and Forest Management

Vegetation Analysis and Tree Population Structure of Sal (Shorea Robusta C.F. Gaertn) Forests: A Case Study from the Madhupur and Bhawal National Park in Bangladesh

Rhodolith Beds as Critical Habitat for Monitoring in Marine Protected Areas in the Gulf of California

Diversity of Vertebrate Fauna of Ranthambhore National Park (Rnp), India

Conservation Research in Uganda’s National Parks: Forests and Savannas

Leaching of Bisphenol A (BPA) from Polycarbonate Plastics (PCP) and its Degradation by Reactive Oxygen Species in the Environment

An Integrated Knowledge Management System on Flow and Water Quality Modeling

Petroleum Contamination in Warm and Cold Marine Environment

Cleaning Oiled Shorelines: Conventional and Novel Technologies

Enantiomeric Fractions to Assess the Environmental Fate of Mecoprop in Field and Laboratory Chiral Studies

Decontamination of Pesticide Residues in Environment for Safety of Human Beings

Brown Colored Wastewaters from Molasses Fermentation Processes

Soil Ecotoxicology and Metalaxyl and Mefenoxam in Tropical and Temperate Soils
2n Pollen Formation: 40 Cytological Mechanisms of Nuclear Meiotic Restitution

Pollen Biology and Hybridization Process: Open Problem in Walnut

Variable Sized Pollen Grains due to Impaired Male Meiosis in the Cold Desert Plants of North West Himalayas (India)

Capture of Male Gamete Dynamics in Pollen Tubes

Sunflower Pollen: Theoretical and Practical Aspects

Regulation of Pollen Fertility in the ‗9E‘-CMS-Inducing Cytoplasm of Sorghum: Interaction of Plant Genotype with Environment

Pollen Development and Ubiquitin Proteasome System

Pollen Vigor and Seed Production in Sympatric Population of Two Orchid Species and their Hybrids

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