Environmental Research Summaries. Volume 2


Danila S. Melekhin (Editor)
Mikolai F. Dolukhanov (Editor)

Series: Environmental and Agricultural Research Summaries
BISAC: SCI026000

This book is a continuation of the book Environmental Researcher Biographical Sketches and Research Summaries which compiles biographical sketches of top professionals in the field of environmental research, as well as research summaries from a number of different focuses in this important field. (Imprint: Nova)


Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Research Summaries on Environment

Ecotourism in the Brazilian Amazon Region: Promises and Challenges

Fish Contamination with DDT due to Malaria Control in the Brazilian Amazon

The Dynamic of Land Use in Brazilian Amazon: A Structural VAR with Panel Data Analysis

Isn’t there an Alternative to Deforestation in Amazonas

Oxidative Stress as a Component of Transition Metal Toxicity in Fish

Pharmaceuticals in Water and their Potential Impact on Reuse

Microbial and Chemical Assays to Determine the Origin of Faecal Pollution and the Presence of Waterborne Pathogens

Side-Effect of Pesticides on Aquatic Organisms

Ecotoxicology of Heavy Metals in Marine Sponges: Different and Contrasting Effects of Heavy Metals on Different Biological Levels

Fine Scale Environmental Variation on Microbial Community Structure and Function in Aquatic Environments

The Micronucleus Test for Aquatic Toxicology

Colonisation of Water Systems in the Built Environment of Northern Germany by Legionella spp. and Pseudomonas SPP

Ferritin and Labile Iron Pool in Limpets from the Beagle Channel

Life Strategies of Marine Sessile Organisms as an Approach for Exploration of Structure and Succession of Fouling Communities

General Defense Mechanisms of the Integument against Bio-Coating in Aquatic Mammals

Marine Biofouling in Heat Exchangers

Biofouling and Anti-Fouling of Medical Devices

Force Measurements of Bacterial Adhesion to Metals Using a Cell Probe in Atomic Force Microscopy

Green Anti-Biofouling Strategies

Electrochemical Technologies for Antifouling Treatments of Cooling Circuits

Surface Modification of Membranes for Antibiofouling

Pharmaceuticals as Antifoulants: Inhibition of Growth and Effects on Adhesion of Marine Bacteria

Protein Resistant Surfaces Based on Polymer Coatings: A Study of Hyperbranched Polyglycerols and Polyethylene Glycol on Gold and PDMS Surfaces

Deposition of Colloidal Particles from Electrokinetic Flow Suspension in Microfluidic Channel

Colonization of Blue Mussels (Mytilus Edulis) on Offshore Wave Power Installations

Antifouling Activity of Marine Paints Studied by Scanning Electron and Confocal Laser Microscopies

Experimental Low-Cost Tool to Reduce Biofouling in Oyster Longline Culture

Analytical Chemistry of Cadmium: Sample Pre-Treatment and Determination Methods

Relation of Cadmium to Other Elements and the Antioxidant System

Mechanisms of Cadmium Toxicity to Various Trophic Saltwater Organisms

Cellular, Biochemical and Molecular Effects of Cadmium on Marine Invertebrates: Focus on Paracentrotus Lividus Sea Urchin Development

Accumulation, Transfer and Remediation of Cd in Soils Affected by the Aznalcóllar Mine Spill (SW Spain): A Decade of Experience (1998-2008)

Total Metallothionein Quantification by Reversed-Phase High-Performance Liquid Chromatography Coupled to Fluorescence Detection after Monobromobimane Derivatization

The Case of Exceptional Capacity of Cephalopods to Accumulate Cd in the Digestive Glands

Determination of Cadmium by Flow Injection Analysis: A Review of Recent Applications

Immunotoxicology of Cadmium

The Potential Use of the Cockle Cerastoderma Glaucum as a Bioindicator of Cadmium Exposure in the Gulf of Gabès Area, Tunisia

Aerobic Solid- State Processes to Mitigate Greenhouses Gas Emission in Municipal Solid Waste Management

Organic Carbon Content of Sandy Soil: Effect of Long-Term Fertilization and Aggregation

Quantitative Analysis of Canopy Photosynthesis Influenced by Light Simulation Models

Volumetric Strain Induced in Medium-Rank Coal by Sorption of Carbon Dioxide, Methane and their Mixture

A Possible Way to Storage Carbon Dioxide on Mechanically Activated Olivine (Mg, Fe) 2SiO4

An Estimation of Carbon Storage Potential, Economic Value and Determinants in Kakamega Forest and Adjacent Farms, Kenya

Carbon Sequestration in Andosols

Rural Households’ Response to Fuelwood Scarcity around Kakamega Forest, Western Kenya

Carbon Sequestration in Soil: The Role of the Crop Plant Residues. A useful Strategy to Balance the Atmospheric CO2

Parameterization of a Process-Based Forest Growth Model using Long-Term Yield Survey Plot Data for Predicting Carbon Sequestration in Cryptomeria Japonica Plantations

Amendment-Enhanced Phytoextraction of Soil Contaminants

Radioecological Geoinformational Systems for Assessment of the Radiation Impact on the Environment Contaminated by the Soviet Nuclear Complex

From Soil Contamination to Land Restoration

Investigation of Metal Pollution in Soils by Single and Sequential Extraction Procedures

Phytoremediation of Heavy Metal/Metalloid-Contaminated Soils

Environmental Applications of Computational Fluid Dynamics: Environmental Impact Characterization and Bioremediation Process of Hydrocarbon Contaminated Soils

Bioactive Microbubble Dispersions as an Emerging Bioremediation Technology

Remediation of Contaminated Soils and Long-Term Risk Assessment of Organic Residues by Using Cyclodextrins

Biodegradation of Mustard Gas Hydrolysis Products in Contaminated Soils

Integrated Surfactant Enhanced Soil Washing and Physicochemical/Biological Treatment of Produced Wastewaters

Evaluation of Agroecosystems Functioning and Resistance on Baikal Siberia Soils Polluted by Aluminum Production Fluorides

Bioremediation of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons Polluted Soils: The Role of Bioavailability and other Environmental Conditions on the Process

Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi in Heavy Metal Polluted Soils and their Role in Phytoremediation

The Use of the Physiologically-Based Extraction Test in Contaminated Land Studies

On the Requirements to Optimise Restoration of Radioactively Contaminated Soil Areas

Response of Plant Species to the Radioactive Contaminated Soil around Nuclear Power Plant Jaslovské Bohunice, Slovakia

Reduction and Removal of Cr (VI) by Streptomyces sp. MC1: As Strategy of Cr (VI)-Contaminated Environment Remediation

Application of Autochthonous Bioaugmentation in Cold Regions of Japan

Contamination of soils with microbial pathogens originating from effluent water used for irrigation

Evaluation of Remediation Technologies Effectivity Based on Life Cycle Impact Assessment Categories
Advances in Marine Ornamental Aquaculture: Breeding and Rearing Studies

Free-Living Zooxanthellae: Behavior, Ecology and Importance on the Coral Reef

The Cost and Benefits of Developing Sustainable Use Strategies and Restoration Activities for Corals and Coral Reefs

Anthropogenic Surface Ocean Acidification with Increasing Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide and its Impact on Coral Calcification

Economic Analysis of Local Global Threats to Caribbean Coral Reefs

Precious Coral Exploitation

Assessment of Marine Pollution in Tropical and Subtropical Regions using Trace Elements in Coral Skeletons

El Nino and Coral Reefs

Review: Capacity building in science and management for sustainable development of coral reefs. An example from the MesoAmerican Barrier reef

Changes of Caspases in the Brains of Hypoxic Fish – A comparison Between a Coral Reef and a Freshwater Teleost

A Simple Numerical Model for the Damage of Corals by Tsunami

Hybridization of Membrane Processes with Conventional Thermally-Based Co-Generative Technologies (Sustainability and Techno- Economic Advantages)

Performance Evaluation and Optimization of the MSF Desalination Plant

TiO2-Assisted Photocatalytic Degradation of Herbicides in Aqueous Solution: A Review

Modeling of a Membrane Distillation Unit for Desalination

Membrane Desalination:Methods, Cost, and Technology

Recent Advances in Supported Ionic Liquid Membrane Technology

A Nonconventional Reverse Osmosis Plant Powered by Storage of Wind Energy as Gravitational Potential Energy

Vapour Side Corrosion (VSC) of Copper-Nickel Condenser Tubes in MSF Plant: Copper-Nickel Dust Formation

Freshwater Scarcities and Desalination: Evidence from Morocco, Spain, the Occupied Palestinian Territories and South India

Renewable Energy Sources for Seawater Desalination -Present Status and Future Prospects

Dust Storm Identification via Satellite Remote Sensing

Dust Storms in Northern China: Temporal-spatial Distributions and Influences, Climate Controls, Forecasts and Impacts of the Surface Conditions

Utilisation and Development of Solar and Wind Resources

Chemical Modification of Asian Dust during Long-range Transport

Establishment and Application of the Meteorological Dust Storm Occurrence Probability Descriptor

Study on the Meteorological Factor’s Impact on the Dust Storm Occurrence

Probing Dust Optical Depths over the Cold Polar Regions of Mars with the Mars Global Surveyor Thermal Emission Spectrometer (TES)

Dust and its Prediction in North China

Ecotourism in Marine Protected Areas: Development, Impacts and Management – A Critical Review

Ecotourism and Flagship Species: Holistic Approaches and Higher Levels of Connectivity for Endangered Tropical Mudflats and Coastal Swamps

Environmental Education as a Crucial Component of the Environmentalist Dimension of Ecotourism: Inducing Short-Term Effects on Environmental Literacy with Long-Term Implications for Protected Area Management

Ecological Tourism and Cameroon – Opportunities and Constraints

Environmental Impacts of Recreational Activities on the Mediterranean Coastal Environment: The Urgent Need to Implement Marine Sustainable Practices and Ecotourism

Is Ecotourism in Marine Protected Areas a Relevant Way for Sharing Benefits from Biodiversity Conservation? A Case Study in West Africa

The Eco-Inn and its Evaluation Indicators in Taiwan

Infant Mortality and Stress Indicators Linked to Tourism Management of Tibetan Macaques

Coastal Ecotourism and Water Quality in Yucatán Peninsula

Ecotourism with Utilization of Wild Animals – Its Conservation Medical Impact and Risk Assessment in Hokkaido, Japan

Past Landscapes for the Reconstruction of Roman Land Use: Eco-History Tourism in the Algarve

Effective Management Decision-Making Depends on Rigorous Research

Quality and Buying Process in Rural Tourism in Spain

Ecotoxicology of Free-Living Soil Nematode Caenorhabditis Elegans

Responses and Tolerance of Azolla- Anabaena System against Salinity Stress

Acetylcholinesterase Inhibition as a Relevant Biomarker in Environmental Biomonitoring: New Insights and Perspectives

Sorption and the Ecological Risk Assessment of Nonionic Organic Contaminants

The Application of Ecotoxicological Tools in the Assessment and Monitoring of Brazilian Waters: An Overview

Responses of Microorganisms to Pollutants and its Application in Environmental Risk Assessment

Applicability of Ecotoxicological Methodologies Developed in Temperate Regions for the Risk Assessment of Pesticides in Tropical Thailand: From Laboratory to (Semi-) Field

Pesticides and Male Reproduction: How to Quantify the Real Impact?

Ecotoxicological Effects of Pharmaceuticals in the Environment

Ecotoxicological Assays Applied in Soils Contaminated by Petroleum Hydrocarbons

Neurotoxicological Effects of Aeration Lagoons Effluents for the Treatment of Domestic and Hospital Wastewaters on Elliptio Complanata

Aquatic Ecotoxicology in Tasks of Water Quality Assessments: Moving from Theory to Practices

The Retrospective Analysis of Aquatic Ecosystem Modification of Russian Large Lakes under Antropogenic Impacts

Antioxidant Response, Heavy Metal and Selenium Accumulation in Juvenile and Adult Procambarus clarkii of Both Sexes from Lake Trasimeno

Iron Pollution in Dora Baltea River (Valle D‘aosta, North-Western Italy): A Case of Acute Toxicity in Wild Brown Trout (Salmo Trutta Trutta)

Wild Salmonids in Italian Northwest Inland Waters: Cadmium, Mercury and Lead Pollution

Environmental Risks of Magnetic Ionic Liquids: Ecotoxicity

Mining the Deep-Sea Vents: Pollution and Conservation Issues

Marine Pollution Research Employing Bivalves in Venezuela

Acid-Enhanced Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs)

Resuspension of Sediment as a Method for Managing Eutrophic Lagoons?

An Updated Report on the Water Chemistry of the Lakes of Central Italy

Availability and Potential Mobility of Heavy Metals in Sludges Using Simple Extraction Procedures

Brown Colored Wastewaters from Molasses Fermentation Processes

Enhanced Losses of Phosphorus in Mole-Tile Drainage Water Following Short-Term Applications of Dairy Effluent to Pasture

Effects of Sampling and Sample Preparation in Bioindication of Invertebrates

Application of Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOPs) to Wastewater Treatment. Case Studies: Decolourization of Textile Effluents, Detoxification of Olive Mill Effluent, Treatment of Domestic Wastewater

Adsorption of Imidaclopid by Heat Treated Kerolites: Effects of Ionic Strength and Temperature

Application of an “O2/CO2 Headspace Test with GC-TCD” for Biodegradability Testing of Synthetic Ester Lubricants in Water and Soil

Removal of Halogenated Hydrocarbons from Water by Zero-Valent Iron

Protist as Tools for Environmental Biomonitoring: Importance of Cholinesterase Enzyme Activities

The Role of Deep Submarine Tailings Placement (STP) in the Mitigation of Marine Pollution for Coastal and Island Mines

Marine Debris, A Growing Problem: Sources, Distribution, Composition, and Impacts

An improved method for rapid determination of the reduced and oxidized states of metallothioneins in biological samples

Integrative Ecotoxicological Assessment of Contaminated Sediments in a Complex Tropical Estuarine System

Recent Analysis of Soft Tissue of Clams to assess Marine Pollution in Venezuela

Impact of climate and environmental factors on the epidemiology of Vibrio cholerae in Aquatic Ecosystems

The Possibility of False Negative Results Hampers the Ability to Elucidate the Relationship between Fecal Indicator Bacteria and Human Pathogens and Source Tracking Markers in Beach Water and Sand

Toxicity of African Dust and Related Components to Marine Organisms

Spatial and Temporal Patterns in Toxicity around a Municipal-Industrial Wastewater Discharge in Corpus Christi Bay, Texas

Seasonal modulated MT synthesis in the cockle (Cerastoderma edule) after parasite and cadmium contamination

Petroleum Pollution and Penguins: Marine Conservation Tools to Reduce the Problem

Organic Pollutants in Mussels from Guanabara Bay, A Representative Tropical Estuary

Heavy metal assessment in two Subtropical Estuarine Systems in the State of São Paulo, Brazil

Production of Salt Aerosol and Bioaerosol from a Sea-Salt Aerosol Generator

Environmetrics as a Tool for Lake Pollution Assessment

Lakes in the Apulian Karst (Southern Italy): Geology, Karst Morphology, and their Role in the Local History

Ecotoxicity and Bioaccumulation of Toxin from Cylindrospermopsis Raciborskii: Towards the Development of Environmental Protection Guidelines for Contaminated Water Bodies

Focus on Understanding the Relation between Lakes and Pollution-model based approach and Case Study of Subarctic Lakes

Aquatic Pollutant Assessment Across Multiple Scales

Fish Assemblage Subjected to Strong Anthropogenic Stress: The Case of the Barra Bonita Reservoir, Tiete River Basin, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Pollution Impacts and Key Athropogenically Induced Processes in Lakes of the Russian Euro-arctic Region

Health Effects of Lake Pollution

Mean Residence Times of Stream and Spring Water in a Small Forested Watershed with a Thick Weathered Layer

An Analysis of Internal Phosphorus Loading in White Lake, Michigan

Hydraulic Characterization of Deep Dquifer(s) in the Arsenic Affected Meghna Floodplain, Southeastern Bangladesh

Weight of Evidence Assessment of Impacts from an Abandoned Mine Site to the Lake Dasserat Watershed, Quebec Canada

Simulation of Ecosystem Degradation and its Application for Effective Policy-Making in Regional Scale

Radionuclide Distribution in the Lower Yenisey and Pechora Reaches: Landscape Geochemical Signatures and Patterns of Global and Regional Contamination

Photochemical Transformation Processes of Organic Pollutants in Surface Waters

Complexity, Nonlinearity and Scaling in Sediment Transport Dynamics

Spatial and Temporal Variation of Dissolved Organic Carbon in the Sacramento and San Joaquin River Watersheds

Applications of an Urban Diffuse Pollution Model to Support WFD Investment Appraisal

Assessing Groundwater Pollution Risk in Sarigkiol Basin, NW Greece

What Do People Think About Pollution? Contributions of Human Ecology to the Study of River Pollution with A Focus on Brazil

Surveillance of River Water Pollution by use of an Automatic Trace Metal System

The Status of River Water Chemical Pollution in Zimbabwe: A Review

Ambivalent Role of Microbial Communities in Polluted Rivers

Assessment of Pathogen Indicator Microorganism Loading From Diffuse Sources

Advanced Technologies Based on Ozonation for Water Treatment

Paradigm Shift from a Clean Ocean to a Bountiful Ocean -An Essential Vision Revealed by Ecological Modeling of “Tidal Flats – Central Bay Area Coupling” and “Benthic-Pelagic Ecosystem Coupling”

Bank Filtration of Rivers and Lakes to Improve the Raw Water Quality for Drinking Water Supply

Chitosan for Pesticide Control on Environmental Protection and Water Purification

Silica-Supported CdS-sensitized TiO2 Particles in Photo-Driven Water Purification: Assessment of Efficiency, Stability and Recovery Future Perspectives

Photo-Degradation of Methyl Orange with Direct Solar Light using ZnO and Activated Carbon-Supported ZnO

Water Purification using Compression and Absorption Heat Pumps

Why Vapor Pressure of a Volatile Liquid Decreases by Addition of Solutes: A New Qualitative Model

The Biotechnology of the Phased Drinking Water Purification in the Conditions of Astrakhan Region)

Additional Purification of Water Bodies and Waste Waters with Consorciums of Aquatic Plants Containing Microorganisms

Environmental Investing Practices in Europe: A Harbinger of Future U.S. Best Practices?

The Environmental Management System

Energy Use, Environment and Sustainable Development

A Game-theoretic Analysis of Environmental Behaviour at the Corporate and Global Level

Sustainable Energy: Challenges of Implementing New Technologies

Market Valuation of the Long-Run Effects of Adoption of Effective Environmental Cost Strategies

Biophysical Terrain Analysis

Organizing Effective Health Care Delivery where Resources are Limited: Special focus on Diabetes

Quantifying the Environmental Performance by Exergy-based

Environmental Considerations into Strategic and Tactical Planning of Supply Chains

The Links between Environmental Regulation and Competitiveness: The Case of the Agriculture Sector in Andalucía

Enhancing Environmental Planning through the Use of the Thermodynamic Quantity Exergy

Environmental Planning Inputs by the Forest Sector: The Scale Factor, the Connection Planning-Management and the Relations with other Planning Sectors in Italy

Operations Research Methods in Production Management with Environmental Constraints

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