Environmental Research Summaries. Volume 1


Danila S. Melekhin (Editor)
Mikolai F. Dolukhanov (Editor)

Series: Environmental and Agricultural Research Summaries
BISAC: SCI026000

This book is a continuation of the book Environmental Researcher Biographical Sketches and Research Summaries which compiles biographical sketches of top professionals in the field of environmental research, as well as research summaries from a number of different focuses in this important field. (Imprint: Nova)


Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Research Summaries on Environment

A Revised Checklist of the Flora of Keoladeo National Park, a World Heritage Site in India

The Largest Seismically Induced Landslides – New Opportunities for Geomorphological and Paleoseismological Researches

A Review of Amendment-Enhanced Phytoextraction of Soil Contaminants

A Review of Bioactive Microbubble Dispersions as an Emerging Bioremediation Technology

Effects of a Rock Phosphate on Indigenous Rhizobia Associated with Sesbania Sesban

Corporate Environmental Reporting and Disclosure: Where to Look and What You Get

Effects of the Fungicide and Biocide Dichlofluanid on Living Organisms (A Review)

Agricultural Land-Use in Forest Frontier Areas: Theory and Evidence from Indonesia

Levels and Trends of Organochlorine Pesticides (OCPs) in Antarctica

Utilization of Bovids in Traditional Folk Medicine and Their Implications for Conservation

Conservation and Management of the Biodiversity in a Hotspot Characterized by Short Range Endemism and Rarity: The Challenge of New Caledonia

Surface Stratification of Soil Nutrients in No Till Limits Nutrient Availability and Reduces Grain Yield

Total Metallothionein Quantification by Reversed-Phase High-Performance Liquid Chromatography Coupled to Fluorescence Detection after Monobromobimane Derivatization

Linking the Dynamics of Ruminant Feeding Behavior and Dominant Shrub Responses on Rangeland: Forage Resources Renewal and Biodiversity Conservation

Outcomes of Invasive Plant-Native Plant Interactions in North American Freshwater Wetlands: A Foregone Conclusion?

Wheat in Bangladesh: Yield Growth, Production Performance and Determinant

Rhetoric Construction of Environmental Values in Business

Underground Cavity 3D Detection Using Laser System Cross publication

Diversity of Fungi on Submerged Leaf and Woody Litter
in River Kali, Southwest India

Water Quality and Sustainable Development in Yucatán Peninsula

Dealing with Hydro-Geological Events: Mitigation and History Cases

Identifying Sources of Fecal Pollution in Water with Antibiotic Resistance Patterns

Antimicrobial Treatments of Mold and Bacteria

Carbon and Nitrogen Compounds Applied to Uranium Mine Dump Soil Determine (Heavy) Metal Uptake by Chinese Cabbage

The Use of Dissipated Energy at Modeling of Cyclic Loaded Saturated Soils

Lenart Photoregulation of Nutritional Responses in Fremyella diplosiphon: Effects of Light Quality on Organismal Responses to Iron Availability

Enhancing Environmental Planning with Exergy

International Journal of Computer Research Reactive Diagnosis of Active Systems

What Can Cloud Computing Offer to Scientific Research?

Managing IT Resources the Smart Way: The Case for Virtualization

Parallel Iterative Solvers using Programmable Devices

Cybersecurity: Current Legislation, Executive Branch Initiatives, and Options for Congress

High-Performance Reversible and Quantum Systolic Parallel Processing, Part I: Two-Valued Implementations

High-Performance Reversible and Quantum Systolic Parallel Processing, Part II: Generalized Multiple-Valued Realizations

10 years of Software Development for Approximate Bayesian Computation

Broadband Infrastructure Programs in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

Spectrum Policy in the Age of Broadband: Issues for Congress

Multi-Level Evaluation of Hydrologic Cycle in the Catchment Including Shallow Eutrophic Lake

Integrated Water Management for Small Catchments in Arid Mountainous Regions – Yemen

Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis in Catchment Management: The Issues, Achievements and the Future

Review on Rainwater Harvesting and Soil Water Conservation Techniques for Crop Production in Semi-Arid Areas

Estimating Winter and Spring Rainfall in the Comahue Region (Argentina) using Statistical Techniques

Hydro-Geological and Soil Setting for Controlling the Water Logging Hazards in Dryland Cultivation: Case Study from Farafra Oasis, Egypt

Ecological Lake Assessment Considering Catchments Geology and Catchments Area Using

Urbanization and Parasitoids: An Unexplored Field of Research

Rainwater Acidification with Increasing Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide and its Impact on Calcium Carbonate Dissolution

Rainwater Uses and Storage

Raptors in Urban Environment: A Case Study on Common Kestrel and the Long-Eared Owl
The Global Extent of Black C in Soils: Is It Everywhere?

Current and Emerging Microbiology Issues of Potable Water in Developed Countries

Vermiculture Biotechnology: The Emerging Cost-Effective and Sustainable Technology of the 21st Century for Waste & Land Management to Safe & Sustainable Food Production

Human Waste – A Potential Resource: Converting Trash into Treasure by Embracing the 5 R’s Philosophy for Safe & Sustainable Waste Management

Effective Removal of Low Concentrations of Arsenic and Lead and the Monitoring of Molecular Removal Mechanism at Surface

On the Redistribution of Tissue Metal

Aerobically Biodegraded Fish-Meal Wastewater as a Fertilizer

Equity of Access to Public Parks in Birmingham, England

An Idea for Phenomenological Theory of Living Systems

A New Trait of Gentoo Penguin: Possible Relation to Antarctica Environmental State?

Assessing Population Viability of Focal Species Targets in the Western Forest Complex, Thailand

Protection of Riparian Landscapes in Israel

Hydraulic Characterization of Aquifer(s) and Pump Test Data Analysis of Deep Aquifer in the Arsenic Affected Meghna River Floodplain of Bangladesh

Application of DNA Microarrays to Microbial Ecology Research:
History, Challenges and Recent Developments

Food Safety in India: Challenges and Opportunities

Impact of Pesticide Use in Indian Agriculture: Their Benefits and Hazards

Ozone Decomposition by Catalysts and its Application in Water Treatment: An Overview

Use of Microarrays to Study Environmentally Relevant Organisms: A UK Perspective
Fluid Flow and Contaminant Propagation in Fractured Rock Aquifers

Crowded Desert

Contribution of Homegardens, Agrosilvopastoral Systems, and Other Human-Dominated Land-Use Types to the Avian Diversity of a Biological Corridor in Costa Rica

Spatial, Temporal and Spatiotemporal Continuities of Rainfalls Based on Statistical and Geostatistical Analysis

Secondary Salinization of Soils in the Aral Basin as a Factor of Anthropogenic Desertification

Association of Atmospheric Particulate Chemical Characteristics with Vehicular Emission in Sao Paulo City, Brazil

Role of Fire on Patagonian Grasslands: Changes in Above-Ground Vegetation and Soil Seed Bank

Plateau-Monsoon Water Vapor Transport for Meiyu Rainfall

Industrial Wastewater Treatment Using Advanced Chemical Oxidation with Fenton Reagent

Recognition of Likely Large-Scale Landslip Failure Surfaces Through Geotechnical Core Logging Methods

Embracing Data: Potential Uses for Data Logging in Online Learning Environments

Heavy Rainfall: Long-Term Effects and Mitigation with Drains

Multivariate Zonation of Logging Data

Synthetic Fluid Inclusion Logging

The Role of Water Vapour Condensation in Global Warming
Approaches to Control Airborne Aerosols at Regional Scale: Multiple Sources under Unfavorable Climatology

Wildfire Detection in Europe, Morocco and Tunisia

Biomonitoring of Rivers for Conservation and Sustainability: The Nigerian Experience

The Dynamics of the Marine Environment versus the Rigid Interpretation of Nature Conservation Law

Solid Domestic Waste and its Legalisation in Turkey

Diagnostic of Health Status in Mangrove Ecosystems

Studies on East Calcutta Wetland: A Unique Biological Ecosystem

Threats to European Freshwater Biodiversity from Invasive Amphipods

Outcomes of Invasive Plant-Native Plant Interactions in North American Freshwater Wetlands: A Foregone Conclusion?

Biological Invasions: Implications for the Biodiversity in Wetland Ecosystems

Richness and Diversity of Water Mite Species at Local and Regional Scale in Subtropical Yungas (South America)

Soil Remediation: A Sound Alternative

Is Posner’s Principle of Justice an Adequate Basis for Environmental Law?
South African Business Opportunities under the Kyoto Protocol Clean Development Mechanism

Spatial Interpolation Techniques for Environmental Data: Theory to Practice

Interrelation between Coastal Processes, Surface Water and Groundwater at the Outer Coastal Region of the Rio de la Plata Estuary, Argentina

The Influence of Temperatures and Planting Time on Plant Development and Yield of Different Short-Day Strawberry Genotypes and Prerequisites of High Yields

Pollen Morphology and Ultrastructure of Fossil Platanoids and Modern Platanus L: Significance for Systematics and Phylogeny

Evolutionary Models of Weed Life History Population Dynamics

The Environmental Degradation Paradigm in Africa: Perspectives Based on Long-Term Vegetation Cover Monitoring in Northern South Africa

Decentralized Treatment of Sewage Employing Upflow Septic Tank/Baffled Reactor (USBR) in Developing Countries

Wind Erosion and Wind Turbines

The Effects of Soil Pollution and its Relation with Morbidity in Shoreline Areas

Field-Scale Rhyzoremediation of a Contaminated Soil with Hexachlorocyclohexane (HCH) Isomers: The Potential of Poplars for Environmental Restoration and Economical Sustainability
Impacts of Antibiotics and Their Fate Into the Natural Environment

The Potential of Biogas in the Zero-Waste Mode in the Cold-Climate

Persistence and Metabolism of Endosulfan (WDG) in/on Black Gram Under East Indian Agro Climatic Condition

Harvest Time Residues of Oryzalin in/on Soybean under Eastern Indian Climatic Conditions

Harvest Time Residues of Benthiocarb in/on Rice Ecosystem under East-Indian Climatic Conditions

Air Quality Impact Due to Al-Jubail Multi-Stage Flash (MSF) Desalination Plant in Saudi Arabia

Prediction of CO and NOx Abatement in Catalytic Converter of a Compressed Natural Gas Vehicle (CNGV) Cold-Start Engine

Environmental Considerations in Construction Projects

Removal of Cationic Dyes from Aqueous Solution by Adsorption on Pistachio Hull

Cost Benefit in Cabbage Cultivation by Weed Control Using Oryzalin Herbicide and Hoeing Technology

Impact of Spinosad: Macrocyclic Insecticide on the Incidence of Stem Borers in Scented Rice Under East-Indian Climatic Condition

Evaluation of Spatial, Temporal and Depth Variation Patterns of Major Nutrients and Chlorophyll in a Wetland Receiving Agricultural and Municipal Runoff

Comparative Analysis of Pb, Cd, Cr, Ni, Zn and Fe Concentrations in Hair and Urine among the Urban and Non-Urban Industrial Workers and Non-Professional Persons

Pavement Materials Evaluation Through a Two-Stage Life Cycle Analysis Approach
The Influence of Indonesian Tropical Climate to the Fate and Distribution of Nutrients and Micropollutants in Segara Anakan Estuary

River Response to Climate Change in the Tropics: A Three Hundred Thousand Year History of the Nile

Indigenous Culture and Education: Mexican Adolescents’ Perception and Interest on Communal Forestry Management

Forestry Education towards Ecological Civilization

Migration Factors of Radionuclides and Heavy Metals during Forest Fires in Siberia

Establishment and Application of the Synthetic Assessment System of Forest Ecosystem Health in Beijing Area

Study on the Region Scale Diversity of Rodent Community in Semi-Desert and Desert Areas of China

Air Dispersion Modeling

Underwater Anchored Profiler Aqualog for Ocean Environmental Monitoring

Toxic Metals Fixation in Fe Hydr(oxides) – A Soil Remedial Strategy

Exposure – Dose Relationship for Airborne Nanoparticles

Environmental and Occupational Exposure to PAHs: Monitoring and Evaluation of Genotoxic Effects

Environmental Radiation Monitoring: Public Dose Limits, Measurements and Interpretation

A Cadmium Standard Regression Line: A Possible New Index for Biological Monitoring

The Biological Monitoring of Wild Birds: Part 1 – The Cadmium Content of Organs from Migratory Birds

The Biological Monitoring of Wild Birds: Part II – The Possibility of a New Index for Biological Monitoring

Cadmium speciation and biological uptake over water-sediment interfaces
Radiative Transfer and its Impact on Thermal Diffusivity Determined in Remote Sensing

Vapour Intrusion into Buildings – A Literature Review

Analysis of Nitrogen and Carbon Removal from Organic Loaded Effluents using Reactors in Series and Integrated Reactors

Soil Properties

Small Mammals, Morphology and Molecules: Tale-Bearing Tenants of the Nigerian Southwestern Forest Block

The Evolution of Smog Cloud in the Surface Layer of the Atmosphere

Yeast Diversity in Freshwater Ecosystems

Azimuth-Variant Bistatic Synthetic Aperture Radar Data Processing

Aggregation of Descriptive Regularization Methods with Hardware/Software Co-Design for Remote Sensing Imaging

Ecological Restoration in Boreal Forest Management: Application of Rolled Lawn in an Area Currently Suffering from Pollution

Environmental Chamber Study of the Photochemical Reaction of Diethyl Ether and NOx

Predicting Gaseous and Solid Air Pollution with Cyclostationary Neural Networks
Earthquake Preparation and Warning: Science, Methods and Technologies

Geochemical Characteristics and Environmental Assessment of Paddy Fields: A Case Study of Kočani Field (Republic of Macedonia)

The Underlying Causes of Deforestation and the Patterns of Forest Transition: Implications for the International REDD Policy

Deforestation in Central and West Africa: Landscape Dynamics, Anthropogenic Effects and Ecological Consequences
The Influence of Host Plant Odors on Paddy Field Invasion of Rice-Ear Bugs

Phosphorus Purification in a Paddy Field Watershed and a New Method for Phosphorus Recovery From Natural Water Bodies

Tsunami Warnings: Predicting Arrivals

Chapter 8 Earthquake Predicting by Near-Space Vehicle-borne GNSS Receivers

Chapter 9 The Use of Remote Sensing to Locate Heavy Metal as Source of Pollution

Chapter 10 Deforestation: Causes, Environmental and Economic Aspects

Chapter 11 Deforestation of the Tropical Rain Forest in Mexico: Consequences of Habitat Fragmentation in Community Structure and Function of the Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi

Chapter 12 Environmental (In)Security from Citizens Perspective

Chapter 13 Effectiveness, Efficiency and Equity in REDD Implementation: What Can We Learn from Past Experience?

Postharvest Managememt of Litchi(Litchi chinensis Sonn L) and Rambutan (Nephelium lappaceum L.) Fruit

New Generation Novel Agrochemicals: An Eco-Friendly Attempt for Plant Protection

Status and Position of Aquatic Biodiversity of Four Beels and its Floodplain Level of Northern Bangladesh with a Good Practice of Beel Nurseries and Community Based Co-Management Policy

The Links between Environmental Regulation and Competitiveness: The Case of the Agriculture Sector in Andalucía

Electrochemical Sensing of Deadly Toxin-Atrazine: An Overview

Application of Indigenous Technological Knowledge(ITK): An Effective Solution for Fishery

Small Mammals, Morphology and Molecules: Tale-Bearing Tenants of the Nigerian Southwestern Forest Block

The Economics of the Toxic Use Reduction Act in Massachusetts: The Case for State Assistance Programs

A Pilot Study to Develop Forecasting Models for Predicting Hourly Ozone Concentration near Cincinnati, Ohio

A Survey of Monitoring and Management Activities for Conserving Rare Plants in National Parks and Protected Areas, Arizona and Nevada, USA

Alternative Refrigerating, Heat-Pumping and Air-Conditioning Systems on the basis of the Open Absorption Cycle and Solar Energy

Principle of Low Energy Building Design: Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

Design and Implementation of a Solar-Powered Air-Conditioning System

Room Air Distribution, Indoor Environmental Quality and Energy Performance

Solar Thermal Energy Technology: Experimental Study on the Design and Performance of an Indirect Solar Dryer for Agricultural Products

A Passive and Available Air-House Conditioning by Exploiting Renewable Energy Sources

Multi-Purpose Operation Planning of the Micro-Energy Source for Air Conditioning with Renewable Energy

Improving Design in Reversible Heat Pumps

Load Predictor for Air Conditioning Systems using Artificial Neural Networks Models for Intelligent Buildings

Performance of a Passive Aquarium’s Conditioning System

New Progresses in Liquid Desiccant Cooling System: Adsorption Dehumidifier and Membrane Regenerator

Parameters Controlling Ambient Air Benzene Concentrations and Human Exposure in a Medium Sized Southeastern European City
Meteorological Aspects of Air Quality

A Quantitative Comparison of Angstrom¡¯s Turbidity Parameters (¦Á, ¦Â) Retrieved in Different Spectral Ranges Based on Spectral Solar Extinction Measurements

Simultaneous Evaluation of Odor Episodes and Air Quality. Methodology to Identify Air Pollutants and their Origin Combining Chemical Analysis (TD-GC/MS), Social Participation and Mathematical Simulations Techniques

Lichen Biomonitoring of Air Pollution: Issues for Applications in Complex Environments

Hydrocarbon Contamination and Environmental Health Quality: An Overview

Bivariate Stochastic Volatility Models Applied to Mexico City Ozone Pollution Data

Optimization Approaches for Air Quality Monitoring Network Design

Sensitivity of Land Use Parameters and Population on the Prediction of Concentration Using the AERMOD Model for an Urban Area

Solar Radiation and CFD Photochemical Modeling in the Urban Canopy

Aquatic Insects of Remote Alpine Lakes: Taxonomic Composition, Ecological Patterns and Seasonal Dynamics in Altitudinal Environmental Gradient (Tatra Mts, Slovakia)

Herbaceous Species to Control the Alpine Soil Erosion: Field and Laboratory Experimental Tests

Estimation of Growing Season Length in Alpine Areas: Effects of Snow and Temperatures

Socioeconomics of Conservation in the Alps

The Alpine Environment and Anthropisation of the Landscape in the Western Pyrenees (Spain) during the Holocene

Tectonic Control on the Evolution of the Middle Triassic Platforms in the Alpine-Carpathian-Dinaric Region

Genetic Diversity and Population Structure of Alpine Plants Endemic to Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau, with Implications for Conservation under Global Warming

Agricultural Systems in the Savanna-Forest Ecotone of Venezuelan Amazonian: Evaluation of Soil Quality Indicators

Factors Determining Fish Species Diversity in Amazonian Floodplain Lakes

Morphological Diversity of Neotropical Characiformes

Assessment of Insect Logical Diversity in Various Land Use Systems in the Peruvian Amazon

Ethnobotanical Study of Dye-Yielding Plants used in Communities of Shipibo-Konibo Amerindians around Pucallpa City, Peru


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