Environmental and Agricultural Researcher Biographical Sketches and Research Summaries. Volume 1


Lucille T. Cacioppo (Editor)

Series: Environmental Research Advances
BISAC: SCI026000

This new book compiles biographical sketches of top professionals in the field of environmental and agricultural research, as well as research summaries from a number of different focuses in this important field. (Imprint: Nova)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents



Ines Alberico
O. Roger Anderson
Oluwayomi Kayode Babatunde
Vanessa Becker
Eliete Regina Bertazzo Canterle
Luciana de souza Cardoso
Ingrid Ester Alvial Chandía
Luciane Oliveira Crossetti
Wayne Iwan Lee Davies
Tiffany Sacra Garcia
Antonio García-Olivares
Zacharias Ioannou
Alexander Ivlev
Manjurul Karim
Lina Nafeh Kassir
Nikolay Khitrov
Jing Li
Blas Lotina-Hennsen
Peter Wilhelm Walter Lurz
David Motta Marques
Roland H. Müller
Nina Novikova
Dyah Retno Panuju
David Pepper
Apostolos Pesiridis
Lúcia Ribeiro Rodrigues
Vladimir V. Shamov
Ng Haig They
Bambang Hendro Trisasongko
Antonio Turiel
Lednyov Andrey Victorovich
Natalyia Volkova
Alexey Vyshivkin
Yong-Liang Yang
Mario Miki-Yoshida
Andrea Young


Drought and Nutritional Stresses in Plant: Alleviating Role of Rhizospheric Microorganisms
(Laura Bardi and Eligio Malusà)

NADP-Dependent Enzymes and Abiotic Stress
(Veronika Doubnerová and Helena Ryšlavá)

Water-Deficit Stress Signal Transduction Pathways in Plants: From Sensing to Response
(Daniela A. Capiati, María Noelia Muñiz García and Rita M. Ulloa)

Abiotic Stress Response in Plants: Integrative Genetic Pathways and Overlapping Reactions between Abiotic and Biotic Stress Responses
(Saúl Fraire-Velázquez, Lenin Sánchez-Calderón and Salvador Guzmán-González)

Circadian Regulation of Abiotic Stress Tolerance in Caenorhabditis elegans
(Andres Romanowski, Maria Eugenia Goya, Maria Laura Migliori, Sergio H. Simonetta and Diego A. Golombek)

Abiotic Stress Responses in Plants
(Yuriko Osakabe and Keishi Osakabe)

Plant Cortical Microtubules and Abiotic Stress Signals
(Che Wang)

Advances in Cleaner Production in the United States
(Jeffrey J. Burke)

A Center for Cleaner Production to Contribute to the Socio-Environmental Development of the Province of Cienfuegos
(Juan José Cabello Eras, Juan B. Cogollos Martínez, Dunia Garcia Lorenzo, Alexis Sagastume Gutiérrez, Andrés Sendón Medina, Moisés, Santos Peña, Luc Hens and Carlo Vandecasteele)

Promotion of Cleaner Production and Pollution Prevention Approach in Mexico through UNISON
(Luis E. Velázquez, Javier Esquer, Nora E. Mungía and Rafael Mouré-Eraso)

Cleaner Production at a Local Environmental Agency: A Case Study of São Paulo State, Brazil
(Flávio de Miranda Ribeiro and José Wagner Faria Pacheco)

Brazilian Experiences in Cleaner Production: Quantifying CP Interventions in Medium Size Companies
(B. F. Giannetti, C. M. V. B. Almeida, S. H. Bonilla, J. F. Faro and M. A. Madureira)

How to Prevent Waste Creating Value? Some Empirical Evidences
(P. Partidário, J. Catarino and J. J. Silva Henriques)

Cleaner Production: A Look at the Human Side
(Angelo Saturnino Neto and Charbel José Chiappetta Jabbour)

Using Cleaner Production Steps for Improving Implementation and Monitoring of Environmental Impact Assessment
(Cláudia V. Viegas, José Luis Duarte Ribeiro and Paulo M. Selig)

Analysis of Exhaust Gases from Internal Combustion Engines and Gas Turbines Burning Both Fossil and Biomass Derived Fuels; Environmental Impact Considering Acidic Emissions
(J. M. Blanco and F. Peña)

Conversion of Wood into Liquid Fuels: A Review of the Science and Technology Behind the Fast Pyrolysis of Biomass
(G. San Miguel, J. Makibar and A. R. Fernandez-Akarregi)

Transmission Investment in Liberalised Electricity Markets in the Context of Market Power
(Mohammad R. Hesamzadeh, Darryl R. Biggar, Nasser Hosseinzadeh and Lennart Söder)

Energy, Economic, and Environmental Analysis of CHP and CCHP Systems
(Pedro J. Mago and Anna K. Hueffed)

The Contribution of a Double Ventilated Window to the Energy Efficiency of a Building
(Jorge S. Carlos, Helena Corvacho, Pedro D. Silva and J. P. Castro-Gomes)

Saving Energy in the Residential Sector – Energy Efficiency Systems and their Application
(Tomasz Cholewa and Alicja Siuta-Olcha)

Drilling, Growing or Conserving our Way to Greater Energy Independence: An Analysis of the Factors that Motivate Support for Different Fuel Options in the U.S.
(Kimberly L. Jensen and Christopher D. Clark)

A Semidefinite Programming Method for Power System Optimization Problems
(X. Bai and H. Wei)

Characteristics and Economics Evaluation of a New High-efficiency Power Generation System for Utilizing Waste Heat from Ironworks
(Pyong Sik Pak)

The Environmental and Economical Advantages of Agricultural Wastes for Sustainability Development in Sudan
(Abdeen Mustafa Omer)

Research about the Relationship between Thermal Inertia and Thermal Comfort Adaptive Models
(José A. Orosa and Enrique J. García-Bustelo)

Adaptive Fuzzy Controlled PSO Based Dynamic Decomposed Network Strategy to Solve Large Scale Economic Dispatch
(Belkacem Mahdad)

Butanol: Properties, Engineering and Applications
(Chompunuch Virunanon, Chanika Ouephanit and Warawut Chulalaksananukul)

A New Method to Reduce HVAC Energy Consumption Owing to Climate Change Based on Air Change
(José A. Orosa and Enrique J. García-Bustelo)

The Application of High Performance Computing Technologies in Studying the Strategic Behaviours of Electricity Market Players
(Mohammad R. Hesamzadeh, Darryl R. Biggar and Nasser Hosseinzadeh)

Advances of Bioenergy Research in First, Second, Third and Fourth Generation Biofuels: Transformation of Carbon Balance from Positive to Negative
(Keat Teong Lee and Steven Lim )

Butanol: An Alternative Liquid Fuel
(Jorge Mario Marchetti)

Renewable Energy, Emerging Energy Technologies and Sustainable Development: Innovation in Power, Control and Optimisation
(Abdeen Mustafa Omer)

The Production of Biofuels as a Strategy to Implement in the Italian Energy System
(Annarita Paiano, Gigliola Camaggio and Giovanni Lagioia)

Fermentation Systems towards Hydrogen Production
(Venkataramana Gadhamshetty, Karnayakage Rasika J. Perera, Nagamany Nirmalakhandan and David C. Johnson)

Price Effects of Biodiesel Tax Credits and Blending Mandates
(C. S. Kim, J. A. Duffield, M. Aillery and V. Breneman)

Wind Power: An Economically Viable and Environmentally Sustainable Source of Renewable Energy
(Rajiv K. Sinha and Vishalkumar Patel)

Recent Progress in Adoptive Approaches to Thermal Comfort
(Abdeen Omer)

Aquatic Plants: Is it a Viable Source for Biofuel Production?
(Bo Zhang, Shuangning Xiu and Abolghasem Shahbazi)

The Impact of Biodiesel Production on Water Systems in Urban Areas
(Patricio Aníbal Sorichetti and Silvia Daniela Romano)

Building Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development: Earth Heat Pumps
(Abdeen Mustafa Omer)

Applications of Biogas: State of the Art and Future Prospective
(Abdeen Mustafa Omer)

Ground-Source Heat Pump Technology Advancements
(Abdeen Mustafa Omer)

Sustainable Green Energies Development and Implementing New Technologies
(Abdeen Mustafa Omer)

Membrane Technology for Sustainable Growth
(Angelo Basile, Sudip Chakraborty and Adolfo Iulianelli)

Applications of Wind Energy in Sudan
(Abdeen Mustafa Omer)

The Uses of Renewable Energy in Heating, Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality Systems
(Abdeen Mustafa Omer)

Renewable Energy in Agriculture, Sustainable Development and Applications in Sudan
(Abdeen Mustafa Omer)

Increasing Energy Efficiency
(Anita Kovač Kralj)

Evaluation of the Meteorological Data with Respect to Renewable Energy Applications
(Abdeen Mustafa Omer)

The Power of Place: Determining the Potential Energy and Environmental Impacts
(Abdeen Mustafa Omer)

Sustainable Development and Environmentally Friendly Systems
(Abdeen Mustafa Omer)

Helping Agriculture and Horticulture through Technology, Energy Efficiency and Environmental Protection
(Abdeen Mustafa Omer)

Clean and Green Energy Technologies: Sustainable Development and Environment
(Abdeen Mustafa Omer)

Heat Pump Features, Characteristics and Refrigerants
(Abdeen Mustafa Omer)

A Passive System for Energy Needs in Greenhouses
(Mohammed El Amine Boukli Hacene and Pr. Nasr Eddine Chabane Sari)

Developing, Searching and Moving Sustainable Through Renewable Technologies
(Abdeen Mustafa Omer)

Design and Operation of Low Energy Consumption Passive Human Comfort Solutions
(Abdeen Mustafa Omer)

Pretreatment of Cellulosic Biomass for Better Yield of Bioethanol Production
(Somesh Ajnavi, Dinesh Goyal, Anita Rajor, Paritosh Srivastava and Kaushik Shandilya)

A New Technology of Deep Placement of Slow Release Nitrogen Fertilizers for Promotion of Soybean Growth and Seed Yield
(Kaushal Tewari, Yoshifumi Nagumo, Yoshihiko Takahashi, Kuni Sueyoshi, Norikuni Ohtake and Takuji Ohyama)

Earthworms Vermicompost: An Economically Viable and Environmentally Sustainable Alternative to the Destructive Chemical Fertilizers for Sustainable Agriculture-Some Experimental Studies on Potted and Farmed Cereal and Vegetable Crops
(K. Rajiv Sinha, K. Pancham Singh, Dalsukh Valani and Sunita Agarwal)

Vermitechnology for Sustainable Solid Waste Management: A Comparative Study of Vermicomposting of Food and Green Wastes With Conventional Composting Systems to Evaluate the Efficiency of Earthworms in Sustainable Waste Management With Reduction in Greenhouse Gas Emissions
(K. Rajiv Sinha, Dalsukh Valani, Sunil Herat, Krunal Chauhan and Kulbaibhav Singh)

Selective Uptake of Phosphate Ions from Sea Water on Inorganic Ion-exchange Materials
(Ramesh Chitrakar, Akinari Sonoda, Yoji Makita and Takahiro Hirotsu)

Sea Water: A Potential Resource for Biological Fabrication
(Sureshbabu Ram Kumar Pandian, Selvaraj BarathManiKanth, Kalimuthu Kalishwaralal, Venkataraman Deepak and Gurunathan Sangiliyandi)

Trends in the Analytical Determination of Emerging Pollutants in Seawaters: Endocrine Disrupting Phenols
(Verónica Pino, Jessica López-Darias, Mónica Germán-Hernández and Ana M. Afonso)

Environmental Risk Assessment of Pesticides in Mediterranean Portugal: Status and Research Needs
(M. A. Daam, E. Silva, S. Leitão and M. J. Cerejeira)

The Fate of Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals in Seawater 229
(Hua-Bin Li, En-Qin Xia, Xiao-Yan Li, Ji-Dong Gu and Xiang-Rong Xu)

Earthworms: Charles Darwin’s ‘Unheralded Soldiers of Mankind and Farmer’s Friend’ Working Day and Night under the Soil: Their Role as Soil Managers
(K. Rajiv Sinha and Dalsukh Valani)

Soil Fertility and Nitrogen Fertilization in the Modern Sustainable Farming Systems of Moldova
(Boris Boincean )

Predicting Distributions by Analysing Evolutionary, Functional and Environmental Information: A Review of Population Genetic Studies on the Australian Rainforest Flora
(Maurizio Rossetto and Robert Kooyman)

Estimating Uncertainty of Economically Optimum N Fertilizer Rates with Respect to Prices, N Rate Trial Design and Modeling
(Martin Bachmaier and Markus Gandorfer)

Tier 2 Risk Assessment: Sensitivity of Volatilization Factors to Site-Specific Parameters
(M. Di Sante, F. Mazzieri and E. Pasqualini)

Dampness and Mold in the Home and Depression: An Examination of Mold-Related Illness and Perceived Control as Possible Pathways
(Edmond D. Shenassa, Constantine Daskalakis, Allison Liebhaber, Matthias Braubach and R. N. MaryJean Brown)

Occurrence and Fate of Polyfluoroalkyl Compounds in Seawater
(Lutz Ahrens)

Interpreting Major Isotopic Excursions of Carbon and Sulfur in Seawater from 146 Ma to the Present
(Paul Gorjan)

Deep Seawater: A Boon to Cardiovascular Disease Prone Individuals
(Geethalakshmi Radhakrishnan and Shiro Sasaguri)

Using Controlled Release Fertilizers to Rice Growth, Yield and Nitrogen Use Efficiency
(X. H. Fan, Y. C. Li and M. Zhang)

A Critical Analysis of Concession-based Forestry: The Case of Cameroon in Central Africa
(Dieudonne Alemagi)

Odor Detection and Perception: An Engineering Perspective
(Miguel A. Teixeira, Oscar Rodríguez and Alírio E. Rodrigues)

Re-Constructing Nuclear Waste Management in Sweden: The Involvement of Concerned Groups, 1970–2010
(Jonas Anshelm and Vasilis Galis)

Interactions between Shoreline Flow, Morphology and Biota: Considerations for Management and Conservation
(Lorelle A. Meadows, Aline J. Cotel, Paul W. Webb, Guy A. Meadows and William J. Neal)

The Effect of Landscape-Scale Habitat Modification on Tropical Bird Community Structure in Eastern Guatemala
(Alexis Cerezo, Susana B. Perelman and Chandler S. Robbins)

Rainfall Interception by Deciduous Mediterranean Forests in Slovenia, Europe
(Mojca Šraj, Matjaž Mikoš and Mitja Brilly)

Predation in Landscapes Affected by Fragmentation and Loss of Natural Habitats
(Martina Koubová, Petr Suvorov, Jana Svobodová Tomáš Albrecht and Jakub Kreisinger)

Aerobic Methane Production: Mechanism and Isotope Studies
(I. Vigano, F. Keppler and T. Röckmann)

Neonatal Learning of Environmental Odors in Newborn Rabbits: Dynamic, Plasticity and Robustess
(Jessica Serra and Raymond Nowak)

Odor Control in Urban Areas Originated from Multiple Focuses. Identification of Potentially Toxic Compounds
(E. Gallego, F. J. Roca, J. F. Perales and X. Guardino)

Timber Harvesting Effects on Terrestrial Vertebrates in Temperate Forests of the Eastern United States
(Todd S. Fredericksen)

Special Industrial Waste Repository: Experimental and Numerical Study of the Cap Cover
(O. Pléa, J. P. Gourc, P. Villarda, S. Camp and T. N. H. Lêa)

Fauna Mediated Litter Decomposition as an Indicator of Soil Health in Indian Desert
(G. Tripathi, R. Deora, J. C. Tiwari and G. Singh)

Unionid Mussel Mortality from Habitat Loss in the Salmon River, New York, Following Dam Removal
(John E. Cooper)

Ecological Impact of Habitat Loss on African Landscapes and Biodiversity
(I. Vranken, J. P. Djibu Kabulu, F. Munyemba Kankumbi, A. Mama, L. Iyongo Waya Mongo, I. Bamba, M. Laghmouch and J. Bogaert)

Coal Fly Ash: A Valuable Recycling Treasure in Construction and Environmental Application
(Sagar T. Cholake and Sri Bandyopadhyay)

Airborne Fungi and Bacteria in Public Indoor Environments
(Manuela Oliveira, Olga Maria Lage and Ricardo Araujo)

Integrated Management of Natura 2000 Forest Spaces: Spanish Experiences
(Javier Velázquez, Ana Hernando, María Victoria Núñez and Rosario Tejera)

Assessment and Selection of Low Cost Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems in Africa: The Case of Ethiopia
(Alemayehu Haddis, Adriaan De Geyter, Ilse Smets and Bart Van der Bruggen)

Biochemical Biomarkers in Aquatic Ecotoxicology: Fundamental Mechanisms, Application and Perspectives
(Jamel Jebali, Mohamed Banni and Hamadi Boussetta)

Indoor Air Pollution
(A. R. Siddiqui and Z. A. Bhutta)

The Vulnerability of Northern Cities to Weather-Related Hazards: Case Studies from the Province of Quebec, Eastern Canada
(Daniel Germain and Jean-Philippe Martin)

Possible Impact of Decreasing Arctic Pack Ice on the Higher Trophic Levels: Seabirds and Marine Mammals
(Claude R. Joiris)

Odour Sources, Detection and Control in Cane Molasses-based Distilleries
(S. N. Mudliar, R. Gupta, V. Yeoul, P. Bhatt, M. Sureshkumar, A. N. Vaidya and R. A. Pandey)

New Bioindicators Sampling Procedures in Indoor and Outdoor Air Quality Control
(José A. Orosa)

Enablers and Challenges to Community-Led Water Resource Management in the upper Taieri Catchment of Otago, New Zealand
(Ben Tyson,, Nick Edgar and Gretchen Robertson)

Particulate Matter: Sources, Emission Rates and Health Effects
(Kaushik K. Shandilya and Mukesh Khare)

Acclimation to a Changing Environment in Arabidopsis Thaliana –An Overview of Temperature Responses in Primary Metabolism
(Thomas Nägele and Arnd G. Heyer)

Impact of Methomyl and Carbofuran Insecticides on Environment and their Remediation by Photochemical Processes
(Anđelka V. Tomašević and Slavica M. Gašić)

Phycoremediation: An Alternative for Cost-Effective Treatment of Waste Streams
(S. Murugesan, R. Dhamotharan, R. Ranjith Kumar, T. Mutanda and F. Bux)

Systemic Insecticides
(Raymond A. Cloyd)

Challenges in the Modeling of Soot for Buoyant-Driven Fires
(G. H. Yeoh and S. C. P. Cheung)

Pyrethroid Environmental Exposure as Risk Factor for Mammal Diseases
(Manuel Carloni, Donatella Fedeli, Rosita Gabbianelli and Cinzia Nasuti)

Resistance toward Chemical Insecticides in the Common Mosquitoes Culex PIPIENS: The Original Status of the Tunisian Populations
(Raja Ben Cheikh, Jabeur Daaboub and Hassen Ben Cheikh)

Effect of Zinc on Primary and Secondary Metabolism of Datura Innoxia and Datura Sanguinea Nathalie Vaillant-Gavea, Fabien Monnet
(Huguette Sallanon, Alain Coudret and Adnane Hitmi)

Interfacial Properties of Nanosized Soot Particles Suspensions and Stability of Related Foams and Emulsions
(E. Santini, M. Alfè, A. Ciajolo, F. Ravera, M. Ferrari and L. Liggieri)

Energy Systems, Greenhouse Gases and Environmental Pollution Control
(Abdeen Mustafa Omer)

Ecology and Impacts of Ciguatera on Coral Reef Ecosystems
(Mindy L. Richlen, Michael L. Parsons and Donald M. Anderson)

Climate Change: Causes and Possible Impacts on Agro-Ecosystems
(Mabrouk A. El-Sharkawy)

Particulate Matter Concentrations in Residential East Delhi and South Delhi, India
(Kaushik K. Shandilya,Khare Mukesh and A. B. Gupta)

Cobia (Rachycentron canadum): A Marine Fish Native to Brazil with Biological Characteristics to Captive Environment
(Marília C. Coriolano and Luana Cassandra B. B. Coelho)

Millepora (“Fire Corals”) Species: Toxinological Studies until 2011
(Alejandra Rojas-Molina, Alejandro García-Arredondo, César Ibarra-Alvarado and Moustapha Bah)

Status of Air Quality at the Rambagh Crossing and Choti Choupad of Jaipur City
(Nitin Goyal, Akhilendra Bhushan Gupta, Renu Jain and Kaushik K. Shandilya)

Loss on Ignition: Estimation Method for Organic Matter in Particulate Matter
(Kaushik K. Shandilya)

Heavy Metals Accumulation in Water, Sediment, Fish and Prawn in Kharasrota River, India
(Supriya Dash, Subhendu Adhikar , Ajay Kumar Patra and Unmesh Chandra Panda)

Magnetic Nanoparticles for Environmental Pollution Management
(Ravindra Kumar Gautam and Mahesh Chandra Chattopadhyaya)

Global Scenarios about Lifestyle and Technology, the Sustainable Future of the Global System and Greenhouses Environment: Helping Agriculture and Horticulture through Technology, Energy Efficiency and Environmental Protection
(Abdeen Mustafa Omer)

Waikato Taniwharau: Prioritising Competing Needs in the Management of the Waikato River
(Te Kipa Kepa Brian Morgan and Linda Te Aho)

Depopulated Rural Landscapes in the North of Spain: Environment, Politics, Space and History: A View from the Local Leaders
(Angel Paniagua )

Coexistence of Conventional, Organic and GM Crops from a European Union Governance Approach
(Macario Rodríguez-Entrena, Melania Salazar-Ordóñez and Samir Sayadi)

The Influence of Environment on Foliose Lichen Growth and Its Ecological Significance
(R. A. Armstrong)

Architecture and Evolution of Fault Damage Zones and Their Applications to Fluid Flow: A Review
(Young-Seog Kim, Paul Edwards and Jin-Hyuck Choi)

Land Disturbance, Vegetation Invasions and Implications for Land Degradation
(V. Kakembo)

Palaeoecology and Palaeoenvironments
(Isabelle Larocque-Tobler)

Land-Use Changes and Biodiversity Conservation in Agricultural Landscapes: A Case Study
(A. J. Rescia, J. Sánz-Cañada, M. V. González-Cascón and I. Del Bosque-González)

Road Transport in Sub-Sahara Africa: Assessing Impacts and Possible Solutions
(Anderson Gwanyebit Kehbila)

Nanostructured Porous Particles Through an Aerosol Route
(Hiesang Sohn, Qiangfeng Xiao and Yunfeng Lu)

Aerosol Nanoparticles of Metals, Alloys and Compounds: Synthesis, Properties and Potential Applications
(E. A. Shafranovsky and Yu. I. Petrov)

Aerosol Properties and Applications in Atomic Analytical Spectroscopy
(José Luis Todolí and Raquel Sánchez)

Modeling of Aerosol Properties in Inhalation Toxicology and Respiratory Drug Delivery
(Jinxiang Xi)

Physicomathematical Modeling of the Explosion-Induced Generation of Submicron Liquid-Droplet Aerosols
(O. B. Kudryashova, B. I. Vorozhtsov, A. N. Ishmatov, I. R. Akhmadeev, E. V. Muravlev and A. A. Pavlenko)

Saharan Dust Contribution to PM10 Measurements
(Rosa Caggiano, Serena Trippetta, Antonella Boselli, Maria Macchiato and Serena Sabia)

Efficiency of Separation of Aerosols in Industrial Apparatuses
(A.G. Laptev and M. I. Farakhov)

On the use of Remotely Sensed Data for Astronomical Site Characterization
(Antonia M. Varela, Casiana Muñoz-Tuñón, Begoña García-Lorenzo, Jesús J. Fuensalida and Julio Castro-Almazán)

Photochemical Synthesis of Aerosol Particles
(Hiroshi Morita)

Nanofibre Filters in Aerosol Filtration
(Pirjo Heikkilä and Ali Harlin)

Agriculture Policy in Sudan
(Abdeen Mustafa Omer)

Efficiency of Economic Organizations and Public Policy Interventions in Agriculture
(Hrabrin Bachev )

An Environmental Impact Assessment of Biofuel Feedstock Production on Agro-Ecosystem Biodiversity in Canada
(J. A. Dyer, O. Q. Hendrickson, R. L. Desjardins and H. L. Andrachuk)

Some Explorations into Zambia’s Post-Independent Policies for Food Security and Poverty Reduction
(Richard J. Culas and Munir A. Hanjra)

‘Gher’ Farming System of Bangladesh: A Win-Win Strategy for Agricultural Development?
(Basanta K. Barmon and Sanzidur Rahman)

The Impact of EU Common Agricultural Policy on Beef Production: A Dynamic Modelling of Producer’s Behaviour
(Isabelle Piot-Lepetit)

Hear European Union Citizen’s Opinion on the Common Agricultural Policy: Guidelines for Policy Makers
(Melania Salazar-Ordóñez, Samir Sayadi and Macario Rodriguez-Entrena )

Water Supply for Agricultural, Environmental and Urban Uses in California’s Borderlands
(Josue Medellin-Azuara, Ali Mirchi and Kaveh Madani)

Agricultural Policies for Rural Development in Europe: The Case of Greece
(Polixeni Iliopoulou and Panagiotis Stratakis)

GIS and Participatory Approaches to Develop Resource Maps for Agricultural Policy
(Tofael Ahamed, MIN Khan, Noguchi Ryozo and Tomohiro Takigawa)

Nitrofurans in Poultry: Use, Control and Residue Analysis
(Jorge Barbosa, Simone Ferreira, Alberto Canelas Pais, Maria Irene Noronha da Silveira and Fernando Ramos)

Topsoil as a Valuable Source
(Mohammad Miransari)

Molecular Mechanisms of Salt Tolerance in Mangrove Plants
(Yuichi Tada)

Soybean Nodulation and Nitrogen Fixation
(Brett J. Ferguson and Arief Indrasumunar)

Retention, Migration and Transformation of Some Typical Pollutants in Moderately Contaminated Farmland Topsoils in Northeast China
(Xingmin Zhao, Deming Dong and Xiuyi Hua)

Nano-TiO2 Application in Agriculture: A Review
(Wen Ke Liu)

Happiness is in the Field: Preventing Atypical Myopathy in Grazing Horses with Rational Management of Pastures and Horses Drawn on the Basis of the Identification of Risk Factors for Disease
(G. van Galen, F. Patarin and D. M. Votion)

Litter Decomposition and Nutrient Release in Miombo Savanna Woodlands of Central Zimbabwe
(Menas Wuta, Robert M. Rees, Peter A. Furley and George Nyamadzawo)

Enhancing the Contributions of Indigenous Tree Species in Tackling Prevailing Environmental Challenges
of the African Savanna
(F. D. Ugese)

Aerial Census of Elephants and Other Mammals in Shimba Hills, Mkongani, and Mwaluganje Conservation Areas in Kwale County, Kenya
(Shadrack Ngene, Joseph Mukeka, David Kimutai, Bernard Ochieng and Patrick Omondi)

Understanding Aboveground Vegetation and Soil Seed Bank Dynamics in Response to Grazing in Semi-Arid African Rangelands: A Synthesis
(Tessema Zewdu Kelkay)

Translocation of Elephants from Moju-Asako to Meru and Aberdare Ecosystems
(Shadrack Ngene, David Kimutai, Bernard Rono, Patrick Mulandi, Mathew Mutinda, Isaac Lekolool, David Ndeere, Joseph Mukeka, Winston Ouna, Francis Gakuya and Patrick Omondi)

Absorbing Roots Areas and Transpiring Leaf Areas at the Tropical Forest and Savanna Boundary in Brazil
(Andre Butler, Ben Hur Marimon Junior, Leandro Maracahipes, Beatriz Schwantes Marimon, Divino Vicente Silvério, Edmar Almeida de Oliveira, Eddie Lenza, Ted R. Feldpauch, Patrick Meir and John Grace)

Zygomycetes from Cerrado Areas
(J. I. de Souza, C. L. A. Pires-Zottarelli and A. V. Marano)

The Guiana Shield and French Guiana and Their Savannas
(César Delnatte)

Ecosystem Modeling and Its Application for Seagrass Beds
(Akio Sohma)

Posidonia oceanica: From Ecological Status to Genetic and Proteomic Resources
(Ilia Anna Serra and Silvia Mazzuca)

The Impact of Hurricanes on Epiphytal Foraminifera on Rhizomes of the Seagrass Thalassia Testudinum, Nevis, North-Eastern Caribbean Sea
(Brent Wilson)

The Importance and Function of Seagrass Habitats for Elasmobranchs
(David E. Jennings)

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