Environmental and Agricultural Research Summaries. Volume 8


Lucille T. Cacioppo (Editor)

Series: Environmental Research Advances
BISAC: TEC003000

This book compiles research summaries from a number of different focuses in the important field of environment and agriculture. (Imprint: Nova)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Chapter 1- Persistent Pollutants Monitoring in a South Atlantic Coastal Environment: Case Study: The Bahía Blanca Estuary (pp. 1-2)
Andrés H. Arias, Melisa D. Fernandez-Severini, Federico Delucchi, Rubén H. Freije and Jorge E. Marcovecchio

Chapter 2- Contamination and Impact of Organotin Compounds on the Brazilian Coast (pp. 3-4)
Dayana Moscardi dos Santos, Bruno Sampaio Sant’Anna, Ana Flávia Locateli Godoi, Alexander Turra and Mary Rosa Rodrigues de Marchi

Chapter 3- Environmental Noise Pollution, Modeling and Health Effects (pp. 5-6)
Sheetal Agarwal and B. L. Swami

Chapter 4- Use of Water Quality Models for Adaptive Monitoring and Management of Aquatic Systems During Periods of Rapid Environmental Change (pp. 7-8)
L. M. Mosley and M. R. Hipsey

Chapter 5- Radiocarbon and Stable Isotope Analyses in Tree Rings to Detect Pollution Effects in the Years (pp. 9-10)
Manuela Capano and Simona Altieri

Chapter 6- 7, 8-Dihydro-8-Oxoguanine, as a Bio-Monitoring Indicator for Pollutants (pp. 11-12)
Takeshi Hirano and Kazuyoshi Tamae

Chapter 7- The Origin and Intensity of Heavy Metal Contamination in Lakes of the Jura Region of France: A Case Study of Saint-Point Lake (pp. 13-14)
Rachid Nedjai, Jean-Pierre Mettetal and Messaoud-Nacer Nasreddine

Chapter 8- Freshwater Pollution and Biological Water Quality Monitoring: The Increasing Problem of Invasive Species and Accurate Ecological Assessment (pp. 15-16)
Calum MacNeil

Chapter 9- Experimental Evaluation of Phosphorus Export Due to Agricultural and Forestry Land Use in Lake Vico Basin (Central Italy) (pp. 17-18)
F. Recanatesi, M. N. Ripa and A. Leone

Chapter 10- Are Microbial Enzyme Activities Sensitive Indicators of the Trophic State of Marine Ecosystems? (pp. 19-20)
Gabriella Caruso, Franco Decembrini, Rosalba Caruso, Giuseppe Zappalà, Alessandro Bergamasco and Marcella Leonardi

Chapter 11- Environment, Pollution and Child Health: Overview and Report from Thailand (pp. 21-22)
Viroj Wiwanitkit

Chapter 12- Pollution in Buddhist Temple: An Experience on Monitoring Study (pp. 23-24)
Viroj Wiwanitkit

Chapter 13- Building a Spatio-Temporal Environmental Quality Index: The Case of Madrid (pp. 25-26)
C. Chasco

Chapter 14- Water Quality Monitoring of Yellow Jacket River, Mazowe, Zimbabwe: A Review (pp. 27-28)
G. Nyamadzawo, F. Mapanda, M. Wuta, J. Nyamangara, P. Nyamugafata and Z. Jiri

Chapter 15- Pond Usage by Anuran Amphibians (pp. 29-30)
Mattias Hagman

Chapter 16- Recreational and Commercial Ponds in the Southeastern United States: Factors Influencing Nutrients and Fish Production (pp. 31-32)
Andrew W. McDonnell, Tyler J. Stubbs and Robert Kröger

Chapter 17- Optimum Size of Non-Convective Zone of Salt Gradient Solar Pond (pp. 33-34)
Mujahid Husain and Sanjoy Kumar Samdarshi

Chapter 18- A Dynamic Perspective of Shallow Lakes of Arid Patagonia as Habitat for Waterbirds (pp. 35-36)
Julio L. Lancelotti, Miguel A. Pascual and Antonio Gagliardini

Chapter 19- Phytoplankton From Subtropical Ponds: Growth Parameters, Carbohydrate Production, and Polysaccharide Composition of Three Chlorophytes (pp. 37-38)
Lucas da Silva Maria, Armando Augusto Henriques Vieira and Danilo Giroldo

Chapter 20- Lakes Beyond the Earth: Dry Lakebeds on Mars, and Active Methane-Ethane Lakes on Titan (pp. 39-40)
Akos Kereszturi

Chapter 21- Zooplankton Assemblages in Southern Chilean Ponds: Potential Role of Trophic Status and Natural Ultraviolet Radiation Exposure (pp. 41-42)
Patricio De los Ríos, Luciano Parra and Patricio Acevedo

Chapter 22- Laboratory Studies on Behavior of Boundaries between Gradient Zone and Convective Zones in a Salinity Gradient Solar Pond (pp. 43-44)
Choubani Karim

Chapter 23- Various Ponds Alive (pp. 45-46)
Kuang-ming Wu

Chapter 24- The Influence of Fertilization on Duck Breeding in Extensively Managed Fishponds of the Brenne, Central France (pp. 47-48)
Joël Broyer and Laurence Curtet

Chapter 25- Precipitation of Anions: Chemistry, Prediction,and Environmental Applications (pp. 49-50)
Warmadewanthi, H. M. Citraningrum and J. C. Liu

Chapter 26- Inter-Decadal Trend Turnings of Climate Modes and Dynamic/Thermodynamic Structures Associated
with a Series of Winter Precipitation Events over China in January 2008 (pp. 51-52)
Xiaohui Shi, Xiangde Xu and Chungu Lu

Chapter 27- Stochastic Modeling and Simulation of Daily Precipitation for Weather Generation (pp. 53-54)
W. W. Ng, U. S. Panu and T. Sharma

Chapter 28- Preparation Methods and Investigation of Properties of Mg−Al Layered Double Hydroxides (pp. 55-56)
Tomohito Kameda and Toshiaki Yoshioka

Chapter 29- Main Water-Soluble Ions in Precipitation of the Central Mediterranean Region (pp. 57-58)
Dragana S. Đorđević, Pavle Đurašković, Ivana Tošić, Miroslava Unkašević and Ljubiša Ignjatović

Chapter 30- Coping with Daily Precipitation Errors of Regional Climate Models (pp. 59-60)
Matthias Jakob Themeßl, Martin Suklitsch and Andreas Gobiet

Chapter 31- Natural and Man-Made Radionuclides in Soil as Sources of Radiation Exposure (pp. 61-62)
Snežana D. Dragović, Ljiljana J. Janković-Mandić, Ranko M. Dragović and Milan M. Đorđević

Chapter 32- Radiation Exposure and Protection in Conventional Pediatric Radiology of Thorax (pp. 63-64)
Vera Garaj-Vrhovac, Goran Gajski, Đurđica Milković, Mária Ranogajec-Komor, Saveta Miljanić, Natko Beck, Željka Knežević and Marko Gerić

Chapter 33- Hemopoiesis in Residents of the Techa Riverside Villages after Long-Term Low-Dose Rate Radiation Exposure (pp. 65-66)
Alexander Akleyev, Tatyana Varfolomeyeva, Ludmila Krestinina, and Georgiy Dimov

Chapter 34- The Current State of Terrestrial Ecosystems in the Eastern Ural Radioactive Trace (pp. 67-68)
V. N. Pozolotina, I. V. Molchanova, L. N. Mikhaylovskaya, E. V. Antonova and E. N. Karavaeva

Chapter 35- Radiation Exposure in Pregnancy: Appropriateness, Risks, Dose Reduction Strategies (pp. 69-70)
Mahesh K. Shetty

Chapter 36- Pharmaceuticals Photochemical Reactions (pp. 71-72)
Cecilia M. Peralta and Liliana P. Fernández

Chapter 37- Ultraviolet Exposure Measurements on a Coral Reef by Application of Polyphenylene Oxide Film Dosimeters (pp. 73-74)
Nathan J. Downs, Peter W. Schouten and Alfio V. Parisi

Chapter 38- Radiation Exposures in Medical Imaging (pp. 75-76)
Márcio Sommer Bittencourt and Henrique Lane Staniak

Chapter 39- How to Use UV Radiation to Monitor the Photostability of Pharmaceutical Products (pp. 77-78)
Clayton Anderson de Azevedo Filho, Daniel de Filgueiras Gomes and Beate Saegesser Santos

Chapter 40- Coping with Rainfall Variability in Northern Tanzania (pp. 79-80)
Sara Trærup

Chapter 41- Rainfall Variability and Changes in Bangladesh during the Last Fifty Years (pp. 81-82)
Shamsuddin Shahid

Chapter 42- Non-Parametric Methods for Forecasting Time Series from Cumulative Monthly Rainfall (pp. 83-84)
Julián Pucheta, C. Rodríguez Rivero, Martín Herrera, Carlos Salas, Víctor Sauchelli and H. Daniel Patiño

Chapter 43- Long Term and Interannual Rainfall Variability in Argentinean Chaco Plain Region (pp. 85-86)
Marcela H. González, Diana Dominguez and Mario N. Nuñez

Chapter 44- Rainfall and Water Quality (pp. 87-88)
Benoit Roig, Estelle Baures, Aude-Valérie Jung, Ianis Delpla and Olivier Thomas

Chapter 45- Study of Wet Scavenging of Atmospheric Aerosols Using 222Rn Decay Products in Rainwater (pp. 89-90)
Masanori Takeyasu

Chapter 46- Spatial Variability of Rain and Its Erosivity in a Tropical Semi-Arid Area in Kenya (pp. 91-92)
E. C. Kipkorir, C. K. Songok and A. K. Toromo

Chapter 47- Rainfall Erosivity Measurement and Evaluation: Potential of Piezoelectric Transducers under Tottori, Japan Rainfall (pp. 93-94)Mohamed A. M. Abd Elbasit, Hiroshi Yasuda and Atte Salmi

Chapter 48- Trend of Rain in Northeast Brazil (pp. 95-96)
Priscilla Teles de Oliveira, Cláudio Moisés Santos Silva and Kellen Carla Lima

Chapter 49- Kalman Filtering Approach in the Calibration of Radar Rainfall Data: A Comparative Analysis of State Space Representations (pp. 97-98)
Marco A. S. Costa, Magda S. V. Monteiro and A. Manuela Goncalves

Chapter 50- Climatic Change Impacts on Watershed Hydrologic Dynamics: A Systems Approach to Adaptation (pp. 99-100)
Timothy O. Randhir, Paul Ekness and Olga Tsvetkova

Chapter 51- Water Consumption in Biodiesel Production: Optimization through Measurement of Electrical Properties (pp. 101-102)
Patricio Aníbal Sorichetti and Silvia Daniela Romano

Chapter 52- Overview on the Lipo-Polysaccharide Endotoxin as Emergent Contaminant in Reclaimed Wastewater (pp. 103-104)
Guizani Mokhtar and Funamizu Naoyuki

Chapter 53- Adsorption Equilibrium and Kinetics of Fluoride on Two Synthetic Zeolites (pp. 105-106)
Lucy M. Camacho, Shuguang Deng and Arely Torres

Chapter 54- Association between Root Length Density and Seed Yield in Mungbean (VignaRadiata (L.)Wilczek) (pp. 107-108)
P. Khajudparn, H. Boonjung, P. Laosuwan and P. Tantasawat

Chapter 55- Fungal Inoculation with Clay Improves Carbon Stabilization of Tropical Forest Floor Litter (pp. 109-110)
G. Seneviratne, A. D. Igalavithana, H. A. J. Sandamali, M. P. N. K. Henakaarachchi and A. N. Jayakody

Chapter 56- Non-Symbiotic Ground Fungi Mobilize Soil (Heavy) Metals and Promote Their Plant Uptake (pp. 111-112)
Gerhard Gramss and Hans Bergmann

Chapter 57- Algae Sargassum as an Indicator of Trace Metal Pollution of South China Sea Coastal Waters (pp. 113-114)
Elena N. Chernova and Nadezhda K. Khristoforova

Chapter 58- High Polyacrylamide Application Rates Do Not Affect Eubacterial Structural Diversity (pp. 115-116)
James A. Entry, DeEtta Mills, Krish Jayachandran and R. E. Sojka

Chapter 59- Factors Controlling Herbicide Transformation under Anaerobic Conditions (pp. 117-118)
Gerald K. Sims and Ramdas Gopinath Kanissery

Chapter 60- Characterisation of Atmospheric Particulate Matter in Tanzania: A Review of Chemical Composition and Sources (pp. 119-120)
Stelyus L. Mkoma

Chapter 61- Phytoremediation Technologies for the Reclamation of Organic and Inorganic Polluted Soils and Water:
A Review (pp. 121-122)
V. Sheoran, A. S. Sheoran and P. Poonia

Chapter 62- Ammonia–Induced and Withdrawal-Dependent Responses in Aerobic (MDH) and Anaerobic (LDH) Capacity of a Catfish (pp. 123-124)
A. Shiwanand and G. Tripathi

Chapter 63- Coping with Rainfall Variabilitynin Northern Tanzania (pp. 125-126)
Sara Trærup

Chapter 64- Polyols in the Crustose Lichen Rhizocarpon Geographicum (pp. 127-128)
Richard A. Armstrong

Chapter 65- The Effects of High Deer Density on Forest Regeneration and Carbon Sequestration (pp. 129-130)
James W. Bressette and Harald Beck

Chapter 66- Study of the Particle Size of the Natural Coagulant Tanfloc SG to Obtain Drinking Water by Coagulation/Flocculation (pp. 131-132)
Joseane Debora Peruço Theodoro and Rosangela Bergamasco

Chapter 67- A Conceptual Stakeholder-Assisted Model and Policy Design Framework for Sustainable Road Transport in Sub-Sahara Africa (pp. 133-134)
Anderson Gwanyebit Kehbila

Chapter 68- Solubility Profile and Toxicological Evaluation of an Enzymatic Protein Hydrolysate from Green Microalga Chlorella Vulgaris (pp. 135-136)
Humberto J. Morris, Olimpia Carrillo, María E. Alonso, Rosa C. Bermúdez, Alfredo Alfonso, Onel Fong, Juan E. Betancourt, Gabriel Llauradó and Ángel Almarales

Chapter 69- Anaerobic Degradation of Phenolic Wastewater: Batch Test Study (pp. 137-138)
Athar Hussain, Shashi kant Dubey, Kaushik K. Shandilya and Paritosh Srivastav

Chapter 70- Phytoremediation Technologies for the Reclamation of Organic and Inorganic Polluted Soils and Water: A Review (pp. 139-140)
V. Sheoran, A. S. Sheoran and P. Poonia

Chapter 71- Environmental Indicators for the Plastic Recycling Industry (pp. 141-142)
(Elen Beatriz Acordi Vasques Pacheco and Flávia Pinheiro Faria)

Chapter 72- Assessment of Glass Fiber Replacement with Banana Tree Fiber in High Density (pp. 143-144)
Elen B. A. V. Pacheco, Leila L. Y. Visconte and Thiago S. Gomes

Chapter 73- Recycling of Different Spent Earth from Filtration in the Production of Ceramic Materials (pp. 145-146)
D. Eliche-Quesada, F. J. Iglesias-Godino, L. Pérez-Villarejo and F. A. Corpas-Iglesias

Chapter 74- Recycling and Reusing Fiber-Reinforced Composites (pp. 147-148)
V. R. Patlolla and R. Asmatulu

Chapter 75- Recycling of Regenerated Wastewater in the Process Using Water Cascade Analysis in Pulp and Paper Mills (pp. 149-150)
Sudheer Kumar Shukla, Vivek Kumar, B. Chakradhar and Taesung Kim

Chapter 76- Causes of Spontaneous Ignition by Disaster Waste Generated after the Great East Japan Earthquake (pp.151-152)
Naoharu Murasawa, Hiroshi Koseki, Yusaku Iwata and Takabumi Sakamoto

Chapter 77- Components from Asteraceae Flowers (pp. 153-154)
Ken Yasukawa

Chapter 78- Arachis Species: Classification, Phylogenetic Status and Uses as Ornamental Groundcover (pp. 155-156)
Chuan Tang Wang, Yue Yi Tang, Xiu Zhen Wang, Qi Wu, Zhen Yang, Qing Xuan Gong, Guo Sheng Song, Hua Yuan Gao, Wan Li Ni, Shu Tao Yu, Min Li, Lang Qian and Tong Rong Yang

Chapter 79- Understanding the Role of Pigments in Flowers (pp. 157-158)
María Gabriela Lagorio

Chapter 80- Beyond the Physiological Role in Plants: Flowers as Sources (pp. 159-160)
of Therapeutic Molecules
Mahomoodally Mohamad Fawzi

Chapter 81- To Be or Not to Be a Staminode: The Floral Development of Sauvagesia (Ochnaceae) Reveals Different Origins of Presumed Staminodes (pp. 161-162)
J. Farrar and L. P. Ronse De Craene

Chapter 82- Pollen Grain Diameter: In Vitro Pollen Germination and Regression between Grain Diameter and In Vitro
Pollen Germination in Pickerelweed (Pontederia cordata L.) (pp. 163-164)
Lyn A. Gettys

Chapter 83- Development of Novel Pollination Techniques to Overcome the Effects of Heteromorphic Incompatibility and Herkogamy in Pickerelweed (pp. 165-166)
Lyn A. Gettys

Chapter 84- The Impact of Trade Openness on Technical Efficiency in U.S. Agriculture (pp. 167-168)
Saleem Shaik and Dragan Miljkovic

Chapter 85- Understanding Mexican Meat Consumption and Imports at the Table Cut Level (pp. 169-170)
Jose A. Lopez, Jaime E. Malaga, Benaissa Chidmi, Eric Belasco and James Surles

Chapter 86- Financial Development and International Trade: An Empirical Analysis (pp. 171-172)
Dwi Susanto and C. Parr Rosson

Chapter 87- Domestic Terms of Trade and Resource Transfers from Agriculture: A Case Study of Pakistan (pp. 173-174)
Abdul Salam

Chapter 88- A Dynamic Monthly Model of U.S. Pork Product Markets: Testing for and Discerning the Role of Hedging on Pork-Related Food Costs (pp. 175-176)
Ronald A. Babula and John Paul Rothenberg

Chapter 89- Trade Agreement Impact on Trade Flows, Trade Creation, and Trade Diversion: The Determinants of International Wheat Trade, 1999-2008 (pp. 177-178)
Jessica Jo Johnson and Andrew Barkley

Chapter 90- Market Integration and Relationship between Farm-Level Prices: Evidence from Cherry Markets in BC, Washington and California (pp. 179-180)
Richard Carew, Wojciech J. Florkowski and Ali Doroudian

Chapter 91- Impact of Trade Liberalization in Rice: Assessing Alternative Proposals (pp. 181-182)
Ranjit Mane and Eric Wailes

Chapter 92- Border Effects on Spatial Price Transmission between Fresh Tomato Markets in Ghana and Burkina-Faso: Any Case for Promoting Trans-border Trade in West Africa? (pp. 183-184)
Joseph Amikuzuno and Samuel A. Donkoh

Chapter 93- Effect of Production on Large Cardamom Price Variability in Nepal (pp. 185-186)
Mahadeb Prasad Poudel and Shwu-En Chen

Chapter 94- The Impact of HACCP on U.S. Seafood Exports: The Case of Fish, Mollusks, and Shellfish Other Than Mollusks (pp. 187-188)
Xiaoqian Li, Sayed Saghaian and Michael Reed

Chapter 95- Measuring Commodity-Specific Trade Determinants and Export Potential: A Gravity Model of Pakistan’s Rice Exports (pp. 189-190
Burhan Ahmad and Roberto J. Garcia

Chapter 96- A Dynamic Monthly Demand Model of U.S.-Produced Softwood Lumber with a Futures Market Linkage (pp. 191-192)
Ronald A. Babula, Daowei Zhang and John Paul Rothenberg

Chapter 97- Export-Led Growth and Terms of Trade Volatility in the East African Community Trade Bloc (pp. 193-194)
Barnabas A. Kiiza and Glenn D. Pederson

Chapter 98- The Response to Climate Variability among Farm Families in Northern Ghana (pp. 195-196)
Frank Kyekyeku Nti and Andrew Barkley

Chapter 99- On the Causal Links between Exports and Economic Growth in Costa Rica (pp. 197-198)
Gustavo Ferreira, R. Wes Harrison and Pablo A. Garcia-Fuentes

Chapter 100- Trade Liberalization, Free Trade Agreements, and Economic Growth: The Case of Sri Lanka (pp. 199-200)
Nirodha De Silva, Jaime Malaga and Jeff Johnson

Chapter 101- Interrelation of Land Use Change, Nature Conservation and Urbanization in the Gödöllő Hillside, Hungary (pp. 201-202)
C. Centeri, V. Grónás, K. Demény, Sz. Idei, K. Penksza and A. Nagy

Chapter 102- Child Independent Mobility: Making the Case, and Understanding How the Physical and Social (pp. 203-204)
Environments Impact on the Behavior
Hannah Badland

Chapter 103- Impact of Urbanization on Groundwater Quality: A Case Study from a Fast Growing City of Central India (pp. 205-206)
Deepali Marghade, D. B. Malpe and A. B. Zade

Chapter 104- Socioeconomic and Residential Differences in Environmental Perception and Behavior: Insights from Metropolitan Brazil (pp. 207-208)
Gilvan R. Guedes and Roberto do Carmo

Chapter 105- Urbanization and Biodiversity in Semiarid Landscapes under Strong Environmental and Anthropogenic Stress (pp. 209-210)
Victor Manuel Zapata, Francisco Robledano Aymerich and Jesús Miñano Martínez

Chapter 106- Modeling the Impact of Changes in Land Use and Socio-Cultural Patterns from Urbanization on Recreational Fishing (pp. 211-212)
Neelam C. Poudyal, J. M. Bowker, Gary T. Green and Donald G. Hodges

Chapter 107- Postsuburban Sprawl in European Cities: Challenges for European Urban Policy and Research in the 21 (pp. 213-216)
Axel Borsdorf

Chapter 108- Soil Organic and Inorganic Carbon Storages in Yangtze Delta Region, China (pp. 217-218)
Naizheng Xu, Hongying Liu and Wei Feng

Chapter 109- Tannery Sludge Compost: Use for Crop Production (pp. 219-220)
Maria Dorotéia Marçal Silva, Jeová Lira dos Santos, Mara Lúcia Jacinto Oliveira and Ademir Sérgio Ferreira de Araújo

Chapter 110- Waste for Life (WfL): Poverty Reducing Solutions to Sustainable Waste Management (pp. 221-222)
Randika Jayasinghe and Caroline Baillie

Chapter 111- Spatial Inequality in Waste Management in a Millennium City: The Nexus between Governance and Poverty (pp. 223-224)
Martin Oteng-Ababio

Chapter 112- Treatment of Oily Wastewaters from Metalworking Processes (pp. 225-226)
G. Gutiérrez, M. Matos, D. Allende, J. M. Benito, J. Coca and C. Pazos

Chapter 113- An Approach for Monitoring and Managing Household Solid Waste as Support Tool for Integrated Waste Management (pp. 227-228)
Nguyen Phuc Thanh

Chapter 114- Solid Residues as Amendments of Soils Contaminated with Heavy Metals (pp. 229-230)
Mara Lucia Jacinto Oliveira and Ademir Sérgio Ferreira de Araújo

Chapter 115- Biological Recycling of Bio-waste and Compost Utilisation from a Life Cycle Perspective (pp. 231-232)
Francesco Razza, Sandra Zaccheo, Beatrice Cavanna and Francesco Degli Innocenti

Chapter 116- Towards Sustainable Palm Oil Production: Minimizing the Environmental Damage from Oil Palm Processing (pp. 233-234)
Rajeev Pratap Singh, Parveen Fatemeh Rupani, Anita Singh, Asha Embrandiri and Mahamad Hakimi Ibrahim

Chapter 117- Modeling and Simulation of Process Sustainability in Waste Management in Singapore (pp. 235-236)
Q. Z. Yang, Fengyu Yang and Zhiqi Shen

Chapter 118- Modeling of Laminar Film-Wise Condensation (pp. 237-238)
J. A. Esfahani and S. M. Modirkhazeni

Chapter 119- Water Condensation at Nanoscale: An Atomic Force Microscopy Study (pp. 239-240)
Lucel Sirghi

Chapter 120- Recent Advances in the Synthesis of Heterocyclic Compounds in Aqueous Medium (pp. 241-242)
Y. V. D. Nageswar, K. Harsha Vardhan Reddy, S. Narayana Murthy and A. Ashwan Kumar

Chapter 121- Theoretical Approach of Condensation for Solar Still (pp. 243-244)
Amimul Ahsan, Monzur A. Imteaz, Md. Zahangir Alam, A. A. Mokammel Haque and Abdul Halim Ghazali

Chapter 122- Effect of Noncondensable Gases on Water Vapor Condensation (pp. 245-246)
Riad Benelmir

Chapter 123- Analysis of Stormwater Harvesting Potential: A Shift in Paradigm is Necessary (pp. 247-148)
Monzur Alam Imteaz, Amimul Ahsan and A. H. M. Faisal Anwar

Chapter 124- Rainwater Harvesting (pp. 249-250)
Ataur Rahman, Joseph Keane and Khaled Haddad

Chapter 125- Water Supply through Rainwater Harvesting (pp. 251-252)
Mohammad Hossein Rashidi Mehrabadi and Fereshte Haghighi Fashi

Chapter 126- Decision Dilemma in Adapting Stormwater: A Tale of Three Cities (pp. 253-254)
Oz Sahin, Raymond Siems, Rudi van Staden and Graham Jenkins

Chapter 127- Public Acceptance of Alternative Water Sources (pp. 255-256)
Ana Kelly Marinoski, Arthur Santos Silva, Abel Silva Vieira and Enedir Ghisi

Chapter 128- Challenges and Potentials of Reusing Greywater to Reduce Potable Water Demand (pp. 257-258)
Cristina Santos and Cristina Matos

Chapter 129- Reuse of Laundry Greywater in Irrigation: Potential Changes in Soil Parameters (pp. 259-260)
A. H. M. Faisal Anwar and Monzur Alam Imteaz

Chapter 130- Impacts of Water Price and Restrictions in Water Demand: A Case Study for Australia (pp. 261-262)
Md. Mahmudul Haque, Amir Ahmed and Ataur Rahman

Chapter 131- Impacts of Land Use and Land Cover Changes on a Mountainous Lake (pp. 263-264)
Hassen M. Yesuf, Tena Alamirew, Mohammed Assen and Assefa M. Melesse

Chapter 132- Challenges in the Transition toward Adaptive Water Governance (pp. 265-266)
Kofi Akamani

Chapter 133- Methods and Approaches of Groundwater Investigation, Development and Management (pp. 267-268)
M. H. Ali and I. Abustan

Chapter 134- Industrial Wastewater Treatment Using a Combination of Cavitational Reactors and Fenton Processes: A Review (pp. 269-270)
Parag R. Gogate

Chapter 135- The Slug Tests as a Technical Tool in Aquifers Characterization (pp. 271-272)
A. Alfonso Aragón and M. P. Verma

Chapter 136- Water Cluster Ion Beam Processing (pp. 273-274)
Gikan H. Takaoka

Chapter 137- Water Engineering: A Challenge for Sustainable Development for Vulnerable Communities-Case Colombia
Maria Catalina Ramirez, Andrea Maldonado, Diana Calvo, Miguel Angel Gonzalez, Luis Camilo Caicedo, David Gereda and Felipe Muñoz (pp. 275-276)

Chapter 138- Guar Gum Based Materials for Water Remediation (pp. 277-278)
Vandana Singh

Chapter 139- Water Quality Indices from Unbalanced Spatio-Temporal Monitoring Designs (pp. 279-280)
Sarah M. Raican, You-Gan Wang and Bronwyn Harch

Chapter 140- Estimates of Likelihood and Risk Associated with Sydney Drinking Water Supply from Reservoirs, Local Dams and Feed Rivers (pp. 281-282)
Ross Sparks, Gordon J. Sutton, Peter Toscas and Rod Mc Innes

Chapter 141- Three-Dimensional Numerical Modeling of Water Quality and Sediment-Associated Processes in Natural Lakes (pp. 283-284)
Xiaobo Chao and Yafei Jia

Chapter 142- Integrating Major Ion Chemistry with Statistical Analysis for Geochemical Assessment of Groundwater Quality in Coastal Aquifer of Saijo Plain, Ehime Prefecture, Japan (pp. 285-286)
Pankaj Kumar and Ram Avtar

Chapter 143- Suitability of Groundwater of Zeuss-Koutine Aquifer (Southern of Tunisia) for Domestic and Agricultural Use (pp. 287-288)
Fadoua Hamzaoui-Azaza, Besma Tlili-Zrelli, Rachida Bouhlila and Moncef Gueddari

Chapter 144- Application of Water Quality Indices (WQI) and Stable Isotopes (δ18O and δ2H) for Groundwater Quality Assessment of the Densu River Basin of Ghana (pp. 289-290)
Abass Gibrilla, Edward Bam, Dickson Adomako, Samuel Ganyaglo and Hadisu Alhassan

Chapter 145- Evaluation of Community Water Quality Monitoring and Management Practices, and Conceptualization of a Community Empowerment Model: A Case Study of Luvuvhu Catchment, South Africa (pp. 291-292)
L. Nare and J. O. Odiyo

Chapter 146- The Fate and Persistence of the Antimicrobial Compound Triclosan and Its Influence on Water Quality (pp. 293-294)
Teresa Qiu, Christopher P. Saint and Mary D. Barton

Chapter 147- Water Quality Assessment Methods: The Comparative Analysis (pp. 295-296)
Tatyana I. Moiseenko, Alexandr G. Selukov and Dmitry N. Kyrov

Chapter 148- Water Quality Impacts on Human Population Health in Mining-and-Metallurgical Industry Regions, Russia (pp. 297-298)
T. I. Moiseenko, N. A. Gashkina, V. V. Megorskii, L. P. Kudryavtseva, D. N. Kyrov and S. V. Sokolkova

Chapter 149- Chitosan Biopolymer for Water Quality Improvement: Application and Mechanisms (pp. 299-300)
Xinchao Wei and F. Andrew Wolfe

Chapter 150- Groundwater Contamination and Challenges in Meeting Increasing Water Demand (pp. 301-302)
Arjun B. Chhetri, Bishnu H. Adhikari and M. Rafiqul Islam

Chapter 151- Canadian Bottled Water Export Potential to the United States and the Gulf Countries (pp. 303-304)
Anisur Rahman and Tahir Husain

Chapter 152- Disinfection By-Products in Rural Water Supply Systems in Newfoundland: Experimental Investigation and Laboratory Analysis (pp. 305-306)
Rajya Lakshmi Boyalla, T. Husain and M. Abedinzadegan Abdi

Chapter 153- Disinfection By-Products in Rural Water Supply Systems in Newfoundland: Predictive Modeling (pp. 307-308)
T. Husain, Rajya Lakshmi Boyalla and M. Abedinzadegan Abdi

Chapter 154- Wastewater Discharge and its Management for Reuse in a Periurban Area of Bangladesh (pp. 309-310)
M. P. Islam, M. D. Hussain, A. B. Chhetri, M. R. Islam and M. Z. Hossain

Chapter 155- Nutrient Mineral Deficiency in Drinking Water and Its Impact on Human Health (pp. 311-312)
Anisur Rahman and Tahir Husain

Chapter 156- Water Pollution Governance in Trans-Boundary River Basins: Lessons from a Policy Network Analysis of the Songhua River Pollution Event (pp. 313-314)
Yongchi Ma, Bao Xi and Yang Wang

Chapter 157- Removal of Arsenite from Contaminated Water by Constructed Soil Filter (CSF) (pp. 315-316)
Pravin D. Nemade and Hariharan S. Shankar

Chapter 158- Distribution of Trace Metal Pollutants in Surface Water System Connected to Effluent Disposal Points of Dhaka Export Processing Zone (DEPZ), Bangladesh: A Statistical Approach (pp. 317-318)
Golam Ahmed, M. Khabir Uddin, Golam Monir Khan, M. Safiur Rahman and Didarul Alam Chowdhury

Chapter 159- Effects of Thinning on Material Transformation in Cryptomeria Japonica Stand in a Watershed in Eastern Japan (pp. 319-320)
Takashi Yamanaka, Keizo Hirai, Yuko Itoh, Tomoaki Morishita, Kyotaro Noguchi and Shuichiro Yoshinaga

Chapter 160- Natural and Human Influences on the Inorganic Water Chemistry in an Arid Land of Northern Xinjiang, China (pp. 321-322)
Bingqi Zhu, Jingjie Yu, Xiaoguang Qin, Patrick Rioual, Heigang Xiong and Ziting Liu

Chapter 161- Summer Holding Areas of the Gulf Sturgeon within the Conecuh/Escambia River System, Alabama and Florida (pp. 323-324)
Paul M. Stewart, Jon B. Sawyer, Frank M. Parauka and Evelyn G. Reátegui-Zirena

Chapter 162- Climate Change and its Effect on Florida Watersheds (pp. 325-326)
Smita Barkataky and Debashish Goswami

Chapter 163- Factors Affecting Farmers’ Adoption of Best Management Practices in Ontario’s Grand River Watershed (pp. 327-328)
Glen Filson, Delia Bucknell and Stewart Hilts

Chapter 164- Adaptation of National Elevation Datatset to Estimate Depression Storage in a Glaciated Watershed (pp. 329-330)
Sarita Pachhai Karki and Xixi Wang

Chapter 165- Weed Seed Dormancy, Germination and Seedling Emergence Characteristics (pp. 331-332)
Alireza Taab

Chapter 166- Seedling Emergence Characteristics of Carthamus Oxyacantha and Vaccaria Pyramidata in the Soil Profile: Winter Annual Species (pp. 333-334)
Alireza Taab, Saghi Anbari, Mehrangiz Akbari and Maryam Mottaghi Shahpar

Chapter 167- Seedling Emergence of Chenopodium Album in the Soil Profile: Summer Annual Species (pp. 335-336)
Alireza Taab, Mehrangiz Akbari and Maryam Mottaghi Shahpar

Chapter 168- Weeds in Perennial Crops As an Unexpected Tool of Integrated Crop Management (pp. 337-338)
Ilias S. Travlos

Chapter 169- The Role of Cover Crops in Agro-Ecosystems Management (pp. 339-340)
Rosario P. Mauro, Gaetano Roberto Pesce and Giovanni Mauromicale

Chapter 170- Beneficial and Detrimental Interactions between Weeds and Other Pests of Sugarcane (pp. 341-342)
Allan T. Showler

Chapter 171- Isolated Wetlands within the Lake Okeechobee Drainage Basin of Florida: Source and Sink of Phosphorus (pp. 343-344)
Jehangir H. Bhadha

Chapter 172- How can the Functioning of Treatment Wetlands be Enhanced? (pp. 345-346)
Ana Dordio and A.J. Palace Carvalho

Chapter 173- The Ethics of Wetland Management and the Application of a New Philosophical Approach to the Somerset Levels, UK (pp. 347-348)
Adrian Armstrong and Chris Bradley

Chapter 174- Interactions of Structural Marsh Management, Salinity, and Water Depth on Wintering Waterbird Communities (pp. 349-350)
François Bolduc and Alan D. Afton

Chapter 175- Farm Ponds and Integrated Constructed Wetlands (ICWs): A Case Study in Ireland (pp. 351-352)
Gustavo Becerra-Jurado and Mary Kelly Quinn

Chapter 176- Plant-Microbe Interactions Influencing Removal of Heavy Metals and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) in Constructed Wetlands (353-354)
He Chang, Zhenhua Zhang, Zed Rengel and Kathy Meney

Chapter 177- Effect of Livestock Grazing on Water Beetle (Coleoptera) and Bug (Heteroptera) Assemblages in a Restored Salt Marsh: Different Responses to the Same Treatment (pp. 355-356)
Ákos Molnár, János Oláh, József Szekeres and Pál Boda

Chapter 178- Nutrient Reduction Capabilities of Agricultural Drainage Ditch Wetlands: Creation and Policy Implications (pp. 357-358)
E. Usborne, K. A. Littlejohn, S. C. Pierce and R. Kröger

Chapter 179- Constructed Wetland for Improving the Performance of a Facultative Pond Treating High Strength Urban Wastewater (pp. 359-360)
J. A. Herrera Melián, O. González-Díaz, J. Araña-Mesa, G. Martel, J. M. Doña-Rodríguez and J. Pérez-Peña

Chapter 180- Community Changes in Mires in Volcanic Areas Caused by Frequent Volcanic Activity and a Consideration of Conservation Possibilities (pp. 361-362)
Akira Haraguchi

Chapter 181- Wetland-Watershed Modelling and Assessment: GIS Methods for Establishing Multiscale Indicators (pp. 363-364)
Javier Martínez-López, M. Francisca Carreño, José Antonio Palazón-Ferrando, Julia Martínez-Fernández and Miguel Ángel Esteve

Chapter 182- Changes in Composition and Threats to the Sustainable Management of Woodlands in Portugal (pp. 365-366)
Adélia Nunes, Albano Figueiredo and António Campar de Almeida

Chapter 183- The Role and Diversity of Soil Fauna in Different Woodlands (pp. 367-368)
Cristina Menta, Luis G. García-Montero, Federica D. Conti and Stefania Pinto

Chapter 184- Climate Change and Forest Fires in the Ave Region (NW of Portugal) (pp. 369-370)
António Bento-Gonçalves, António Vieira, Flora Ferreira-Leite, Paula Alexandra Malta and Luís da Vinha

Chapter 185- Drivers of Deforestation and Potential for Carbon Trading in Miombo Woodlands (pp. 371-372)
Royd Vinya, Stephen Syampungani, Exhildah C. Kasumu, Robby Kasubika and Concilia Monde

Chapter 186- Soil Microbial Diversity in Dry Woodlands of Central-Western Argentina: Response to Ecological Conditions (pp. 373-374)
L. Noe and A. Abril

Chapter 187- Developing Silvicultural Systems Based on Disturbance-Recovery Knowledge of the Southern African Miombo Woodlands (pp. 375-376)
Stephen Syampungani, Coert J. Geldenhuys and Paxie W. Chirwa

Chapter 188- River Ecology and Stream Restoration (pp. 377-378)
Zhao-Yin Wang and Bao-Zhu Pan

Chapter 189- Ecological Assessment of Mediterranean Streams and the Special Case of Temporary Streams (pp. 379-380)
M. M. Sánchez-Montoya, R. Gómez, M. L. Suárez and M. R. Vidal-Abarca

Chapter 190- Historical Change and Management of the Floodplain Forests of the Middle Elbe River (pp. 381-382)
Brack W. Hale and Michael S. Adams

Chapter 191- From “All Stakeholders” to Balanced Process in Participatory Planning: A Practical, Stepwise Ethics (pp. 383-384)
Wouter T. de Groot and Jeroen F. Warner

Chapter 192- Volga River: Pollution, Water Quality, Toxic Contamination and Fish Health (pp. 385-386)
T. I. Moiseenko, N. A. Gashkina and Yu. N. Sharova

Chapter 193- Ecohydrology-Based Planning as a Solution to Address an Emerging Water Crisis in the Serengeti Ecosystem and Lake Victoria (pp. 387-388)
Bakari Mnaya, Yustina Kiwango, Emmanuel Gereta and Eric Wolanski

Chapter 194- Temporary Streams: The Hydrology, Geography, and Ecology of Non-Perennially Flowing Waters (pp. 389-390)
Owen T. McDonough, Jacob D. Hosen and Margaret A. Palmer

Chapter 195- Evaluation of Non-Point Sulfate Contamination in River Basins (pp. 391-392)
Akira Haraguchi

Chapter 196- Relation between River Management and Economic Growth in Urban Regions (pp. 393-394)
Tadanobu Nakayama, Ying Sun and Yong Geng

Chapter 197- Fire Regimes, Stand Structure, Fuel Loads, and Fire Behavior in Riparian and Upland Forests, Sierra Nevada Mountains, USA (pp. 395-396)

Chapter 198- Ecological and Socioeconomic Stakes for Conserving and Protecting Riparian Forests in the Dahomey Gap (West Africa) (pp. 397-398)
Kouami Kokou, Armand Natta, Kossi Adjonou and Adzo Dzifa Kokutse

Chapter 199- Partial Geomorphic and Floristic Recovery of an Incised Channel over the Last Twenty Years on Dairy Arm, Hunter Valley, Australia (pp. 399-400)
Anita Chalmers, Wayne D. Erskine and Fiona Erskine

Chapter 200- Ground Water Chemistry under Riparian Zones and Its Possible Effect on the Longitudinal Change in Stream Water Chemistry in the Forested Watersheds, Northern Japan (pp. 401-402)
Yasunori Nakagawa

Chapter 201- Protection of Riparian Landscapes in Israel (pp. 403-404)
Tseira Maruani and Irit Amit-Cohen

Chapter 202- Importance of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi for Recovery of Riparian Sites in Southern Brazil (pp. 405-406)
Sidney Luiz Stürmer, Andressa Franzoi Sgrott, Felipe Luiz Braghirolli, Rosete Pescador and Alexandre Uhlmann

Chapter 203- Different Solutions for Road Pavement Recycling (pp. 407-408)
Joel R. M. Oliveira, Hugo M. R. D. Silva and Jorge C. Pais

Chapter 204- Thermal Degradation of Polymers during Their Mechanical Recycling (pp. 409-410)
Xavier Colin and Abbas Tcharkhtchi

Chapter 205- Polymer-Base Waste Materials for Recycling (pp. 411-412)
Miguel Miranda, I. Cabrita, I. Gulyurtlu and Filomena Pinto

Chapter 206- Review of Cheese Whey Recovery Technologies (pp. 413-414)
P. S. D. Brito

Chapter 207- Environmental Indicators for the Plastic Recycling Industry (pp. 415-416)
Elen Beatriz Acordi Vasques Pacheco and Flávia Pinheiro Faria

Chapter 208- Assessment of Glass Fiber Replacement with Banana Tree Fiber in High Density Polyethylene Composites (pp. 417-418)
Elen B. A. V. Pacheco, Leila L. Y. Visconte and Thiago S. Gomes

Chapter 209- Recycling of Different Spent Earth from Filtration in the Production of Ceramic Materials (pp. 419-420)
D. Eliche-Quesada, F. J. Iglesias-Godino, L. Pérez-Villarejo and F. A. Corpas-Iglesias

Chapter 210- Recycling and Reusing Fiber-Reinforced Composites (pp. 421-422)
V. R. Patlolla and R. Asmatulu

Chapter 211- Recycling of Regenerated Wastewater in the Process Using Water Cascade Analysis in Pulp and Paper Mills (pp. 423-424)
Sudheer Kumar Shukla, Vivek Kumar, B. Chakradhar and Taesung Kim

Chapter 212- Causes of Spontaneous Ignition by Disaster Waste Generated after the Great East Japan Earthquake (pp. 425-426)
Naoharu Murasawa, Hiroshi Koseki, Yusaku Iwata and Takabumi Sakamoto

Chapter 213- Difficulties Encountered in Establishing Parameters for Global Monitoring of Activities in Social Responsibility Areas (pp. 427-728)
A. S. S. Jose and M. A. G. de Figueiredo

Chapter 214- Recycling of Petroleum Oily Sludge to Produce Sustainable Clay Ceramics: A Brief Review (pp. 429-430)
J. N. F. Holanda

Chapter 215- Microbial Contamination and Spoilage of Consumer Milk – Facts and Fiction (pp. 430-431)
Valerie De Jonghe, An Coorevits, Sophie Marchand, Anita Van Landschoot, Jan De Block, Els Van Coillie, Paul De Vos and Marc Heyndrickx

Chapter 216- Applicability of Pulsed Field Gel Electrophoresis for the Identification of Lipolytic and/or Proteolytic Psychrotrophic Pseudomonas (pp. 432-433)
P. D. Button, H. Roginski, H. C. Deeth and H. M. Craven

Chapter 217- Raw Sheep Milk in the Province of Karak: Production, Consumption and Health Effects (pp. 434-435)
Riadh AL-Tahiri

Chapter 218- Raw Milk: Production, Consumption and Health Benefits (pp. 436-437)
Marcelo A. Ferraz, Claudio Antonio Versiani Paiva, Marcelo R. Souza and Mônica M. O. P. Cerqueira

Chapter 219- Camel Milk as Therapeutic Alternative to Treat Diabetes; Comparison with Insulin (pp. 438-439)
Amel Sboui, Touhami Khorchani, Mongi Djegham and Omrane Belhadj

Chapter 220- Progress in Pasteurization Processing of Raw Milk: Bactericidal Effect and Extension of Shelf Life, Impacts on the Physicochemical Properties, Milk Components, Flavor and Processing Characteristics (pp. 440-441)
Ruijin Yang, Sha Zhang and Wei Zhao

Chapter 221- Controlled Atmosphere-Based Improved Storage of Cold Raw Milk: Potential of N (pp. 442-443)
Patricia Munsch-Alatossava and Tapani Alatossava


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