Environmental and Agricultural Research Summaries. Volume 7


Lucille T. Cacioppo (Editor)

Series: Environmental and Agricultural Research Summaries
BISAC: SCI026000

This book compiles research summaries from a number of different focuses in the important field of environment and agriculture. (Imprint: Nova)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Chapter 1. The Importance of Small Woody Debris in Stream Restoration: Invertebrate Community Diversity in Lowland, Subtropical Streams in the Gulf of Mexico Coastal Plain
Michael D. Kaller and William E. Kelso

Chapter 2. Floodplain Restoration at the Middle Ebro (NE Spain): Considering Disturbances at Different Scales to Propose Restoration Guidelines
A. Cabezas

Chapter 3. Role of Riparian Vegetation and Instream Vegetation in Macroinvertebrate Production in Stream Restoration
J. M. C. K. Jayawardana

Chapter 4. Adaptive Management, Restoration, and Monitoring for Performance Based Results in the Fish Creek Watershed in Northeastern Indiana and Northwestern Ohio, USA
Thomas P. Simon, Dave Altfater, Michael J. Tosick, James R. Smith, Wayne Faatz, Joseph Draper, Beth A. Warner, Carl Wodrich, Anne Remek, Jennifer Campbell-Allison, Daniel W. Sparks and Forest Clark

Chapter 5. Unintentional Selection in Captive Broodstocks Intended for Restoring Natural Populations: Description of the Phenomenon and a Novel Method of Controlling It
Valentina S. Artamonova, Alexander A. Makhrov and Elvira K. Popova

Chapter 6. Benthic Invertebrate Assemblages in Two Basins where Visible Different Dwarf Bamboo Vegetation have Vanished by the Predation of Sika Deer in Odaigahara, Flat Area at Higher Altitude, Japan
Mayumi Yoshimura

Chapter 7. An Appeal to Protect and Restore Exposed Riverine Sediments (ERS) in North America
Michael D. Ulyshen and Scott Horn

Chapter 8. On the Need for Stream and Riparian Restoration in Land Conservation
Arthur E. L. Morris, Wendy E. Fisher, Emy Maloutas-Storheim and P. Charles Goebel

Chapter 9. Effects of Floodplain Restoration on Nutrient Cycling in a Large Regulated River
Thomas Hein, Elisabeth Bondar-Kunze, Stefan Preiner, Gabriele Weigelhofer and Nina Welti

Chapter 10. Restoration, Rehabilitation and Gardening in Mediterranean Stream Ecosystems
Jesús D. Ortiz and Gora Merseburger

Chapter 11. Synthesis Gas Production by Reforming Methane in a Chemical Compression Reactor
V. Shmelev

Chapter 12. New Syngas Production Method Based on Noncatalytic Methane Reaction with Metal Oxides
H. Ale Ebrahim

Chapter 13. Coke Oven Gas to Syngas Technology
Yongfa Zhang and Guojie Zhang

Chapter 14. Thermodynamic Analysis of Synthesis Gas and Higher Hydrocarbons Production from Methane
I. Istadi

Chapter 15. Syngas Production by CO2 Reforming of CH4 under Microwave Heating – Challenges and Opportunities
B. Fidalgo and J. A. Menéndez

Chapter 16. Exploitation of BioSyngas: Hydrogen and Synthetic Diesel Production
A. R. de la Osa, A. De Lucas, A. Romero, J. L. Valverde and P. Sánchez

Chapter 17. Plasma Gasification as a Promising Way of Wood Energy Use
Ph. G. Rutberg, A. N. Bratsev, V. A. Kuznetsov, V. E. Popov and A. A. Ufimtsev

Chapter 18. Role of Electrolysis in Regenerative Syngas and Synfuel Production
Qingxi Fu

Chapter 19. Decarbonized Energy via Syngas Routes
Wojciech M. Budzianowski

Chapter 20. Syngas Production and Applications for Greenhouse Gas Mitigation
NorAishah Saidina Amin and Muhammad Tahir

Chapter 21. Lean Premixed Syngas Combustion for Gas Turbines Applications
Salvatore Daniele

Chapter 22. Natural Diversity of Ectomycorrhizal Fungi in Moroccan Forest Woodlands
Bakkali Yakhlef Salah Eddine and Duponnois Robin

Chapter 23. Ectotrophic Mycorrhizal Symbioses Are Dominant in Natural Ultramafic Forest Ecosystems of New Caledonia
Y. Prin, M. Ducousso, J. Tassin, G. Béna, P. Jourand, V. Dumontet, L. Moulin, C. Contesto, J. P. Ambrosi, C. Chaintreuil, B. Dreyfus and M. Lebrun

Chapter 24. Mycorrhizal Status and Arbuscular Mycorrizal Fungal Diversity of Endangered Plant Species in the Sierra Nevada National Park
Concepción Azcón-Aguilar, Javier Palenzuela, Nuria Ferrol, Fritz Oehl and José Miguel Barea

Chapter 25. Ectomycorrhizal Fungal Communities in Quercus Suber Ecosystems
E. Lancellotti and A. Franceschini

Chapter 26. Reclamation Strategies of Semiarid Mediterranean Soil: Improvement of the Efficiency of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi by Inoculation of Plant Growth Promoting Microorganisms and Organic Amendments
Almudena Medina and Rosario Azcón

Chapter 27. The Use of Mychorrhiza in Soilless Grown Vegetables
Ozlem Ikiz, H. Y. Dasgan and H. Okkaoglu

Chapter 28. Implications of Mycorrhizal Symbioses in the Trajectory of Plant Invasion Process: How Do They Matter?
Sanon Arsene, Ndoye Fatou, Ramanankierana Heriniaina and Duponnois Robin

Chapter 29. Changes in Ectomycorrhizal Community Structure of Coccoloba Uvifera L Mature Trees and Regenerating Seedlings at Two Levels of Salinity
Avril Raymond, Abdala G. Diédhiou, Clémence Chaintreuil, Sandrine Bessard, Seynabou Séne, Abdennebi Omrane, Régis Courtecuisse, Samba Sylla, Robin Duponnois and Amadou M. Bâ

Chapter 30. Mycorrhizal Industry in Modern Agriculture
Silvio Gianinazzi and Sylvie Masquelier

Chapter 31. Application of Nano- and Ultrafiltration in Sugar Industry
Zita Šereš, Julianna Gyura, Aleksandar Jokić, Gyula Vatai, Biljana Pajin, Dragana Šoronja Simović and Žana Šaranović

Chapter 32. Reclamation of Wasteland for Cultivation of Cotton Crop through Application of Pond Ash and Its Leachate
R. C. Tripathi, S. K. Jha, L. C. Ram and G. Singh

Chapter 33. Plant Cell Wall Derived Sugars as Substrates for Fungi and Industry
Evy Battaglia, Isabelle Benoit, Birgit S. Gruben and Ronald P. de Vries

Chapter 34. Cotton Fibre Grading and Classification Methods
Abhijit Majumdar

Chapter 35. Protein Analysis of Abiotic and Biotic Stress Response during Cotton Vegetative Growth
Joëlle V.F. Coumans and David Backhouse

Chapter 36. Sugar in Hawaii: The Potential for Sugarcane Ethanol in Reducing Energy Dependence
Richard C. K. Burdekin and Erin Liu

Chapter 37. Transgenic Sugar Bee (pp. 75-76)
M. Joersbo

Chapter 38. Interactions between Cotton Crops and Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi (AMF)
Wenke Liu

Chapter 39. Economics of Management Zone Delineation in Cotton Precision Agriculture: A Multi-Year Analysis
Margarita Velandia, Roderick M. Rejesus, Kevin Bronson and Eduardo Segarra

Chapter 40. The Sugar Industry
Renuka Mahadevan and John Asafu-Adjaye

Chapter 41. Sensitivity of Welfare Effects Estimated by an Equilibrium Displacement Model: A Productivity Growth for Semi-subsistence Crops in a Sub-Sahara African Market with High Market Margin
Hiroyuki Takeshima

Chapter 42. Foreign Direct Investment Inflows to Latin America and the Caribbean: Remittances and Market Size
Pablo A. Garcia-Fuentes and P. Lynn Kennedy

Chapter 43. Exchange Rate Volatility Impact on Soybean Trade: Evidence from a Multi-Country Analysis Framework
Shyam Adhikari, Jaime E. Malaga and Eric J. Belasco

Chapter 44. A Study of Iran’s Comparative Costs in Saffron (pp. 89-90)
R. Najarzadeh, M. Reed, S. Saghaian, M. Aghaei and M. Rezagholizadekh

Chapter 45. Global Economic Crises and their Effects on Food and Nutrition Security in Sri Lanka
Jeevika Weerahewa and Sarath S. Kodithuwakku

Chapter 46. Possible Impact of Decreasing Arctic Pack Ice on the Higher Trophic Levels – Seabirds and Marine Mammals
Claude R. Joiris

Chapter 47. Free-Living Marine Nematodes as Bioindicators: Past, Present and Future Perspectives
F. Semprucci and M. Balsamo

Chapter 48. An Empirical Perspective on Environmental Antecedents: Part II- Stochastic Ar (1) Modeling for Retrospective Prediction of the Environmental Quality of Three Riparian Communities Associated with Two Dams in Kumasi, Ghana
Isaac K. Tetteh, Esi Awuah and Emmanuel Frempong

Chapter 49. Water Splitting with Sunlight Inspired by Photosynthesis
Harvey J. M. Hou

Chapter 50. Estimation of Methane Gas Emission from Municipal Solid Waste Landfill: Pune City, India
Sandip T. Mali, Kanchan C. Khare and Ashok H. Biradar

Chapter 51. Fusarium Wilts: An Overview (pp. 103-104)
F. I. Okungbowa and H. O. Shittu

Chapter 52. The Population Trajectories Both of the Wild Rabbit (Oryctolagus Cuniculus) and the Iberian Lynx (Lynx Pardinus) in Spain: Implications for Conservation
Jorge Lozano, Sara Cabezas-Díaz and Emilio Virgós

Chapter 53. Accumulation of Cadmium in the Marine Scallop Mizuhopecten Yessoensis and Its Potential Consequences on DNA Damage
Valentina V. Slobodskova, Evgenia E. Solodova and Victor P. Chelomin

Chapter 54. Eco-Physiological Research for Breeding Improved Cassava Cultivars in Favorable and Stressful Environments in Tropical/Subtropical Bio-Systems
Mabrouk A. El-Sharkawy, Sara M. de Tafur and Yamel Lopez

Chapter 55. Management Strategies for Conservation of Natural Resources in Agriculture
Hrabrin Bachev

Chapter 56. Optimal Managing of Agriculture and Forestry Dynamic Systems in the EU: Strategies and Politics
G. Růžičková, J. Kadlec and J. Janová

Chapter 57. Ghana’s National Strategy on Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+): Implications of Existing Benefit Sharing Mechanisms
Joseph Kofi Teye

Chapter 58. Australian Resources Sector under a Low Carbon Policy
Xianming Meng

Chapter 59. Governance for Sustainable Reconstruction after Disasters:Lessons from Bam
Ivana Marino, Giusy Lofrano and Maurizio Carotenuto

Chapter 60. Public Participation in Fisheries Governance and Management in the Greater Mekong Sub-Region (GMS): A Case Study along the Tonle Sap Lake in Cambodia
Serey Sok, Xiaojiang Yu, Sela Samath and Sokkalyan Thau

Chapter 61. The Battle for Control of Global Crude Oil Markets: OPEC and the Seven Sisters
Charles F. Mason

Chapter 62. Comparative Studies of Trace Elements Status in Tobacco Plants and Corresponding Soils of Bangladesh
M. Safiur Rahman, Atiqur Rahman, M. Abdus Sattar and M. Abdul Hai

Chapter 63. Simulation Study on Treatment Efficiency for Textile Wastewater by Full-Scale Sequencing Batch Reactor
Recep Yleri and Yasemin Damar

Chapter 64. Fate and Behavior of Propineb – A Dithiocarbamate Fungicide in Potato under East-Indian Climatic Condition
Wasim Aktar, M. Paramasivam and Dwaipayan Sengupta

Chapter 65. Assessment of Jaleeb Al-Shoukh Dumping Site for Urban Development
Saleh M. Al-Muzaini

Chapter 66. Performance of an Anaerobic Hybrid Reactor in Treating Antibiotic Wastewater
P. Mullai and P. L. Sabarathinam

Chapter 67. A New Technique for Solving Variable Coefficients Wave Equations
Hossein Aminikhah and Milad Hemmatnezhad

Chapter 68. A Sustainable Drilling Technique
M. Enamul Hossain, Chefi Ketata, M. Ibrahim Khan and M. Rafiqul Islam

Chapter 69. Status of Pollution around Dhaka Export Processing Zone and Its Impact on Bangshi River Water, Bangladesh
M. Safiur Rahman, A. Hossain Molla and S. M. Yassir Arafat

Chapter 70. Dissipation Kinetics of Fipronil in Rice Based Cropping System under East Indian Climatic Condition
Sumitra Roy, Saswati Pradhan, Nilanjan Sanyal, Ashim Chowdhury and Wasim Aktar

Chapter 71. Foliar Application of Alkanolamines Reduces Productivity Losses in Drought-Stressed Crops
Hans Bergmann and Gerhard Gramss

Chapter 72. Ultrasound-Enhanced Electrocoagulation for Wastewater Treatment
Chao-Xin Xie, Ning-Yu Zhou, Zhen-Dong Fang,Teng-Rui Long, Xin-Nian Zhang and Zhi Chen

Chapter 73. Agricultural Land-Use in Forest Frontier Areas: Theory and Evidence from Indonesia
Miet Maertens, Manfred Zeller and Regina Birner

Chapter 74. Utilization of Bovids in Traditional Folk Medicine and their Implications for Conservation
Rômulo Romeu da Nóbrega Alves, Raynner Rilke Duarte Barboza, Wedson de Medeiros Silva Souto and José da Silva Mourão

Chapter 75. Conservation and Management of the Biodiversity in a Hotspot Characterized by Short Range Endemism and Rarity: The Challenge of New Caledonia
Roseli Pellens and Philippe Grandcolas

Chapter 76. Surface Stratification of Soil Nutrients in no Till Limits Nutrient Availability and Reduces Grain Yield
B. J. Radford and B. A. Cowie

Chapter 77. Total Metallothionein Quantification by Reversed-Phase High-Performance Liquid Chromatography Coupled to Fluorescence Detection after Monobromobimane Derivatization
José Alhama, Antonio Romero-Ruiz, Jamel Jebali and Juan López-Barea

Chapter 78. Linking the Dynamics of Ruminant Feeding Behavior and Dominant Shrub Responses on Rangeland: Forage Resources Renewal and Biodiversity Conservation
Cyril Agreil, Danièle Magda, Michel Meuret, Laurent Hazard and Pierre-Louis Osty

Chapter 79. Outcomes of Invasive Plant-Native Plant Interactions in North American Freshwater Wetlands: A Foregone Conclusion?
Catherine A. McGlynn

Chapter 80. The Medicinal Potential of Promising Marine Organisms: A Review
M. Azizur Rahman

Chapter 81. Isolation of Holothurin B from Sea Cucumber Holothuria Arenicola Collected from Alexandria Coast, Egypt
Ahmed El Nemr, Fatma A. Abdel Razek, Amany El-Sikaily, Soliman H. Abd El-Rahman, Ragia M. Moussa and Somaya M. Taha

Chapter 82. Cloning of PII –Like Gene and Purification of PII Protein from Nitrogen–Fixing Paenibacillus Polymyxa
(N. A. Ibrahiem, H. A. Ahmed, K. Z. El-Baghdady, H. M. Gebreel and D. E. Elhadedy)

Chapter 83. Prediction of Interaction of Gymnemagenol and Dasyscyphin C with Cancer Drug Target Proteins by In Silico Molecular Docking Studies
V. Gopiesh Khanna and K. Kannabiran

Chapter 84. Preliminary Studies on Biopolymer, Phytochemicals and Antimicrobials Extracted from Selected Marine Microalgae
D. Devina Merin and S. Prakash

Chapter 85. Antimicrobial and Hemolytic Potential of Alkalophilic Streptomyces VITSVK5 Spp
Kumar Saurav and K. Kannabiran

Chapter 86. Differential Expression of Antimicrobial Peptides in Penaeus monodon in Response to the Administration of Marine Yeasts/Β Glucans and White Spot Virus Challenge
(Swapna P. Antony, Rosamma Philip, T. P. Sajeevan, Simi P. Joseph and I. S. Bright Singh)

Chapter 87. Antimicrobial Peptides from the Indian White Shrimp, Fenneropenaeus indicus: Isolation and In Vitro Activity Profile
Swapna P. Antony, V. V. Afsal and Rosamma Philip

Chapter 88. Antibacterial Activity of Some Red Sea Soft Corals, Egypt
Hassan A. H. Ibrahim, Saad Zakaria Mohamed, Mohammed Abu El-Regal and Aml Zaki Farhat

Chapter 89. Carotenoid Producing Salinicoccus sp. NS1: A Moderately Halophilic Bacterium Isolated from Sea Anemone Anthopleura sp.
Kannan Narmatha, Vijayaragavan Thangaviji, Subramanian Velmurugan, Maria Thason Birdilla Selva Donio, John Selesteen Charles Adlin Jenifer, Mariavincent Michael Babu and Thavasimuthu Citarasu

Chapter 90. Identification of a Putative Antimicrobial Peptide Sequence, Sunettin from Marine Clam, Sunetta Scripta
Naveen Sathyan, Rosamma Philip, E. R. Chaithanya, P. R. Anil Kumar, Swapna P. Antony and I. S. Bright Singh

Chapter 91. Are Phenol Acids of Mangrove Leaf Extract Responsible for Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles?
Asmathunisha Nabikhan, Abirami Gurumoorthy and Kathiresan Kandasamy

Chapter 92. Effect of Some Environmental Pollutants on Enzymatic and Total Antioxidant Activities in Tilapia Niloticus
Shadia A. Fathy, F. Fatma, Abdel Hamid, Mohamed A. Shreadah, Laila A. Mohamed and Mohamed G. El-Gazar

Chapter 93. Optimization of the Environmental Conditions for Alkaline Protease Production Using Streptomyces griseus in Submerged Fermentation Process
Eman W. El-Gammal, D. E. El-Hadedy, Moataza M. Saad and S. A. Moharib

Chapter 94. Molecular Barcoding and Phylogenetic Analysis of the Ornamental Three Spot Gourami, Trichogaster trichopterus
Ann Rose Bright, Swapna P. Antony, Naveen Sathyan, T. J. James and Rosamma Philip

Chapter 95. Biological Notes on the Small Penaeid Shrimp Trachysalambria palastinensis (Steinitz, 1932) of Egyptian Alexandria Coast
Fatma A. Abdel Razek and Somaya M. Taha

Chapter 96. Growth Rate of the Top Shell Tectusdentatus (Forskål, 1775) under Laboratory Conditions. Two Effects of Food Items
Mohamed H. Yassien, Mostafa A. M. Mahmoud, Fatma A. Abdel-Razek, Saad Z. Mohamed and Ali A. F. A. Gab-Alla

Chapter 97. Quality and Economic Evaluation of Some Value Added Products Manufactured from Common Carp (Cyprinus Carpio L., 1758)
S. M. Ibrahim, S. M. Mohamed and M. Kh. Ahmed

Chapter 98. Metal Pollution in Surface Sediments along Egyptian Mediterranean Coast
Ahmed El Nemr, Azza Khaled and Amany El Sikaily

Chapter 99. Assessment of the Levels of Manganese, Cobalt, Copper and Iron along the Coastal Belt of Ghana
D. K. Essumang, E. A. Obodai, C. K. Adokoh, Y. Serfor-Armah, B. J. B. Nyarko, A. Asabere-Ameyaw and L. K. Boamponsen

Chapter 100. Heavy Metal Contamination in the Seaweeds of Abu-Qir Bay, Egypt
Ahmed El Nemr, Azza Khaled and Amany El Sikaily

Chapter 101. Mercury and Silver Levels in Mussels (Perna Perna), Red-Mouthed Rockshell (Stramonita Haemastoma), Sediments and Water Samples along the Sakumono Lagoon of Ghana
D. K. Essumang and M. Dorleku

Chapter 102. Effect of Grilling Process on Heavy Metals Concentrations in Some Fish Muscles, Lake Qarun, Egypt
S. M. Ibrahim, S. A. El-Sherif and M. Abo-Taleb

Chapter 103. PCBs and Pesticides in the Soft Tissue of Bivalves along the Coast of North Egypt
Ahmed El Nemr, Abeer A. Moneer, Amany El-Sikaily and Azza Khaled

Chapter 104. Risk Assessment of Organochlorine Pesticides and PCBs in Sediment of Lake Bardawell, Egypt
Ahmed El Nemr, Fadia A. Mohamed, Amany El Sikaily, Azza Khaled and Safaa Ragab

Chapter 105- Degradation of Petroleum Hydrocarbons by Marine Yeasts Candida Tropicalis SD 302 and Pichia Guilliermondii SD 337
Sreedevi N. Kutty, Rosamma Philip and R. Damodaran

Chapter 106. Distribution Patterns and Risk Assessment of Hydrocarbons in Bivalves from Egyptian Mediterranean Coast
Ahmed El Nemr, Amany El-Sikaily, Azza Khaled and Safaa Ragab

Chapter 107. Assessment of n-Alkane and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons Contaminated in the Surface Sediments of the Egyptian Mediterranean Coast
Ahmed El Nemr and Ghada F. El-Said

Chapter 108. Research and Technological Development on Bio-Wastes
Abdeen Mustafa Omer

Chapter 109. Biomass Energy Resources Utilisation and Waste Management
Abdeen Mustafa Omer

Chapter 110. Efficiency of Different Treatment Methods for Removing DDTs Concentrations from Damietta Drinking Water Treatment Plant, Egypt
Mohammed A. Waly, Tarek O. Said and Medhat F. Elhadidi

Chapter 111. Comparative Study of Heavy Metal Removal by Hyphaene Thebaica Adsorbents
Nevine K. Amin and Ola Abdelwahab

Chapter 112. Mitigation of the Impact for New Pipelines Construction, Western Egyptian Coast, Mediterranean Sea
Amr Z. Hamouda and Morad Bacily

Chapter 113. Applications of Biogas: State of the Art and Future Prospective
Abdeen Mustafa Omer

Chapter 114. The Impact of Climate Change on Food Security and Health in Northern Cameroon
Ngambouk Vitalis Pemunta

Chapter 115. Reversal of Global Warming Using $3 Trillion Market Force: Chemicals and Fuels Produced Directly and Selectively in Continuous Fermentations of Gas Blends Comprising Co and Co2
Michael Tyurin

Chapter 116. Global Warming’s Effects on Mesospheric Airglow in the Mlt Region
Tai-Yin Huang

Chapter 117. Does The Regional or Bilateral Climate Regime Harm the Universality of Multilateral UNFCCC Process?
Hitomi Kimura

Chapter 118. Bud Dormancy in Woody Fruit Species
Yoshihiro Takemura

Chapter 119. Evidence of Climate Change from an Urban Environment Comprising Long-Term Climatic Records
Mary J. Thornbush

Chapter 120. Describing Changes in Temperature in 46 Capital Cities of Asia from 1901 to 1998 with Random Walk Model
Shaomin Yan and Guang Wu

Chapter 121. Improving Multi-Level Parallelism and Online Mesh Refinement for Atmospheric Models
Claudio Schepke

Chapter 122. Textile Dyes: General Information and Environmental Aspects
Jyoti P. Jadhav and Swapnil S. Phugare

Chapter 123. Textile Dyes Xenobiotic and their Harmful Effects
Amany El Sikaily, Azza Khaled and Ahmed El Nemr

Chapter 124. Bioremediation of Textile Dyes Wastewater by Marine Microorganisms
Nermeen Ahmed El-Sersy

Chapter 125. Biotechnological Applications of Fungi in Textile Wastewater Bioremediation
Ola M. Gomaa, Reham Fathey and Hussein Abd El Kareem

Chapter 126. Algae as Non-Conventional Materials for Treatment of Textile Wastewater
Manal M. El Saadawy and Ahmed El Nemr

Chapter 127. Role of Redox Mediators in Enhancing Dye Decolorization by Using Oxidoreductive Enzymes
Rukhsana Satar, Ahmed Bin Ali Jerah and Qayyum Husain

Chapter 128. Electro-Coagulation for Textile Dyes Removal
Abeer A. Moneer and Ahmed El Nemr

Chapter 129. Cleaner (Sustainable) Production in Textile Wet Processing
E. Alkaya, M. Böğürcü, F. Ulutaş and G. N.Demirer

Chapter 130. Lipid Interaction with Textile Fibers and Control Release of a Microencapsulated Acid Dye Promoted by Cationic Surfactants
M. Elisabete C. D. Real Oliveira

Chapter 131. Oak Forest Management
João P. F. Carvalho

Chapter 132. Influence of Oak Barrel Aging on the Quality of Red Wines
Pilar Rubio-Bretón, Cándida Lorenzo, M. Rosario Salinas, Juana Martínez and Teresa Garde-Cerdán

Chapter 133. Dehesas: Open Woodland Forests of Quercus in Southwestern Spain
R. Alejano, J. Vázquez-Piqué, J. Domingo-Santos, M. Fernández, E. Andivia, D. Martín, C. Pérez-Carral and M. A. González-Pérez

Chapter 134. Oak Wood
José A. Santos, João P. F. Carvalho and Joana Santos

Chapter 135. Diversification of Cork Oak Stands Traditional Production Management: A Review
Sofia Knapic

Chapter 136. Use of Oak Wood in Manufacture of Barrels for Preparing and Aging Wines
Andrei Prida

Chapter 137. Natural Variability and Responses to Stresses in Andalusia Holm Oak (Quercus Ilex Subsp. Ballota [Desf.] Samp.) Populations
Jose Valero Galvan, Besma Sghaier-Hammami, Rafael Mª Navarro Cerrillo and Jesus V. Jorrin-Novo

Chapter 138. Oaks and Mycorrhizal Fungi
Darlene Southworth

Chapter 139- Comparative Study of Physic-Chemical Characterization and Microbial Adhesion of Oak Wood with other Wood Species
Soumya El Abed, Saad koraichi Ibnsouda and Hassan Latrache

Chapter 140. Magnetic and Green Resins Useful for Oil Spill Cleanup
A. Varela, M. C. Lopes, T. Delazare, G. E. Oliveira and F. G. Souza, Jr.

Chapter 141. Wax Precipitation in Flow Assurance Problems
Baudilio Coto, Carmen Martos, Juan J. Espada and María D. Robustillo

Chapter 142. Vegetable Oils in the Biodiesel Industry
Verónica Leticia Colin

Chapter 143. Honge and Mahua Biodiesel
N. Kapilan and R. P. Reddy

Chapter 144. Oil from Biomass: Engineering Process Technologies
Shuangning Xiu, Bo Zhang and Abolghasem Shahbazi

Chapter 145. Oil from Biomass: Characterization, Upgrading and Application
Shuangning Xiu, Bo Zhang and Abolghasem Shahbazi

Chapter 146. Factors Influencing Fast Pyrolysis
Hui Wang

Chapter 147. Microwave-Assisted Pyrolysis Oil: Process, Characterization, and Fractionation
Bo Zhang, Shuangning Xiu and Abolghasem Shahbazi

Chapter 148. The Effect of Biomass on Bio-oil Production via Hydrothermal Conversion
J. Gan and W. Yuan

Chapter 149. Hydrothermal Liquefaction – A Core Technology for the Production of Environment-Enhancing Energy (E2-Energy)
Zhichao Wang

Chapter 150. Particles in the Indoor Environment: Sources and Health Effects in Developing Countries
Ajay Taneja, Mahima Habil and Aditi Kulshrestha

Chapter 151. Airborne Particulate Matter: Source Apportionment and Modeling Study
Puja Khare and B. P. Baruah

Chapter 152. “Airborne Particulate Pollution in a Tropical Urban Environment: Health Risk Assessment of Residents in High-Rise Buildings”
M. Kalaiarasan, R. Balasubramanian , K. W. D. Cheong and k. W. Tham

Chapter 153. Particulate Matter Originated from Mining-Metallurgical Processes
S. M. Serbula, S. C. Alagic, A. A. Ilic, T. S. Kalinovic and J. V. Strojic

Chapter 154. Particulate Matter Dispersed by Vehicles on Unpaved Roads
Juan P. Flores-Margez and Manoj K. Shukla

Chapter 155. Recent Trends of Particulate Matter Delhi: A Mega City
Sippy K. Chauhan, Shalini Sharma, Anuradha Shukla and S. Gangopadhyay

Chapter 156. A Review of Composition and Sources of Atmospheric Particulate Matter in Tanzania
Stelyus L. Mkoma and Faith P. Mabiki

Chapter 157. Non-Respiratory Health Hazards of Particulate Matter
Parinaz Poursafa and Roya Kelishadi

Chapter 158. Possible Effects of Ambient Air Pollution on the Male Reproduction: Literature Review
Giuliano Polichetti

Chapter 159. Lanthanides, Actinides and Other Elements in the Atmospheric Fine and Coarse Fractions by INAA
Geraldo Capannesi, Alberto Rosada and Pasquale Avino

Chapter 160. Satellite Remote Sensing of Atmospheric Particulate Matter
Emiliano Ortore and Carlo Ulivieri

Chapter 161. Using Seven Types of GM (1, 1) Model to Forecast Hourly Particulate Matter Concentration in Hualien City of Taiwan
Tzu-Yi Pai, Su-Hwa Lin, Shyh-Wei Chen, Dyi-Huey Chang, Wei-Jia Lai, Shih-Chi Tseng, Shu-Ping Ciou and Jui-Ling Kuo

Chapter 162. Carbonaceous Aerosols: Spatial Distribution and Sources
Anita Lakhani and K. Maharaj Kumari

Chapter 163. Difficulties and Possibilities of Alternative Substrates for Ornamental Bedding Plants: An Ecophysiological Approach
Adalberto Di Benedetto and Alberto Pagani

Chapter 164. Comparison of Physiological and Biochemical Methods for Assessing Microbial Activity and Biomass of Peats
Yosef Amha, Heike Bohne and Beatrix Alsanius

Chapter 165. A Historical Review of Peat Related Research
Ming-Huang Wang and Yuh-Shan Ho

Chapter 166. The use of Peat as Casing Material in Mushroom Cultivation
A. Pardo-Giménez, D. C. Zied and J. E. Pardo-González

Chapter 167- Effect of Copper and Zinc Addition to Peat Casing on A. Blazei Murrill Production
R. González-Matute, D. Figlas and N. Curvetto

Chapter 168. Structure and Properties of Subtropical Brazilian Peat Samples
Andreia N. Fernandes, Francine Girardello, Valdemar Inocêncio Esteves, Maria M. D. Sierra and Marcelo Giovanela

Chapter 169. Importance of Excavator Technology for Increasing the Efficiency of Energy Wood and Pulp Wood Harvesting in Peatlands
Teijo Palander, Jouni Bergroth and Kalle Karha

Chapter 170. Holocene Ligneous Peats in the Norhern Coast of Senegal: Origin, Characteristics, Economic and Environmental Impacts
Mamadou Fall, Ramatoulaye Ndiaye and Jean Pierre Gaye Diop

Chapter 171. Phthalate-Based Coordination Polymers
Svetlana G. Baca and Silvio Decurtins

Chapter 172. A Chemical and Biological Approach to Phthalates Contamination
in Two Estuaries from the Basque Coast (Bay of Biscay): Levels, Distribution and Biomarker Responses
Luis Bartolomé, Nestor Etxebarria, Mariluz Alonso, Patricia Navarro and Maren Ortiz-Zarragoitia

Chapter 173. Phthalate Esters: Bioaccumulation and Intracellular Signal Modifications in In Vivo and In Vitro Models
L. Marchetti, M. G. Sabbieti and D. Agas

Chapter 174. Investigation of Di-2 Ethyl Hexyl Phthalate (DEHP) Behaviour in Contact with Liquid Food Simulants, Blood, Saliva and Soil
N. Belhaneche-Bensemra, N. Lardjane, D. Ikermoud and M. O. Boussoum

Chapter 175. Removal of Phthalates from Environment (pp. 351-352)
Sha Li, Shan Wu, Hua-Bin Li, Qing Hao and Xiang-Rong Xu

Chapter 176. Gas Phase Fragmentation Reactions of Phthalates Ions
Natarajan Ravi, Victor Ibeanusi and Yassin Jeilani

Chapter 177. The Effects of Di(2-Ethylhexyl) Phthalate Exposure on Brain Development
C. A. Smith and M. R. Holahan

Chapter 178. Phthalates: Chemical Properties, Impacts on Health and the Environment
Anderson Joel Martino-Andrade and Ibrahim Chahoud

Chapter 179. Prevention of Phataltes Migration from Flexible PVC Products
Veronica Ambrogi, Cosimo Carfagna, Marianna Pannico and Paola Persico

Chapter 180. Phthalates: Toxicogenomics and Health Effects
Sher Singh and Steven Shoei-Lung Li

Chapter 181. Can We Maintain Sustainability within Harvested Stands of Ponderosa Pine Forests?
A. Chatterjee and G. F. Vance

Chapter 182. Pine Forests in Semi-Arid Inner Asia: Climatic and Anthropogenic Threats and Management Strategies
Hongyan Liu, Oleg A. Anenkhonov and Andrey Yu. Korolyuk

Chapter 183. Fructification and Species Conservation on Pinus halepensis Mill Forests in Tunisia: Managing Structure using Individual Tree Size
Abdelaziz Ayari, Daniel Moya, Mohamed Nejib Rejeb, Salah Garchi and Jorge de las Heras

Chapter 184. Evapotranspiration in Pinus sylvestris and Pinus uncinata Forest Plots from Water Balance Component Measurements in a Mediterranean Mountain Catchment
J. C. Loaiza Usuga and Rosa M. Poch

Chapter 185. Brazilian Pine: Genetic Studies for the Management of the Forests and the Threats
Valdir Marcos Stefenon

Chapter 186. Estimation of the Potential Carbon Sequestration for Forest Soils under Pinus halepensis using RothC
Elena Charro

Chapter 187. Pine Forests in Israel: History, Species, Threats and Management
Gabriel Schiller

Chapter 188. Spanish Black Pine (Pinus nigra Arn. Subsp. Salzmannii) Seedling Growth under Different Soil Treatments: Implications for Forest Management in Mediterranean Areas
Manuel Esteban Lucas-Borja

Chapter 189. Response of Pine Forests to Long-Term Air Pollution at the Northern Tree Line
Galina N. Koptsik, Anna N. Demidova, Irina E. Smirnova, Sergey V. Koptsik and Nikolay G. Prilepsky

Chapter 190. Development of Carbon Sequestration Models and the Management of Coniferous Forests in China: Assessment of Carbon Sequestration for Pines, Firs, Abies, Picea and Larch Species
Zhang Ying and Haron Jeremiah

Chapter 191. Pinus Nigra Subsp. Salzmannii Forests from Southeast Spain: Using Structure and Process Information to Guide Management
Pedro Antonio Tiscar and Juan Carlos Linares

Chapter 192. Plantation and Non-Plantation Biodiversity Values: Distinctions of Economic Theories and Market-Based Mechanisms to Value Ecosystems and Utilization within an Australian Context
Mark P. McHenry and Katinka X. Ruthrof

Chapter 193. Mushrooms and Woodlands: Ecological Nexus
Osarekhoe Omorefosa Osemwegie, John Aroye Okhuoya and Theophilus A. Dania

Chapter 194. The Use of Forest Plantations in the Semiarid Sahel Regions: Impacts on the Abundance and Diversity of Soil Legume-Nodulating Rhizobia and Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungal Communities
Godar Sene, Mansour Thiao, Anicet Manga, Seynabou Sene, Damase Khasa, Aboubacry Kane, Mame Samba Mbaye, Ramatoulaye Samba-Mbaye and Samba Ndao Sylla

Chapter 195. Indigenous-owned Pastoral Land Forestry Carbon Biosequestration and Bioenergy Options in Arid, Salt-affected Western Australian Regions
Mark P. McHenry and Julia Anwar McHenry

Chapter 196. Harnessing Landholder’s Knowledge for Environmental Monitoring and Management for New Environmental Markets: Lessons from Plantation Forestry Carbon Sequestration in Western Australia
Mark P. McHenry

Chapter 197. Sedimentary Organic Carbon Dynamics in a Native and an Exotic Mangrove Plantation Based on Dual Carbon Isotopic Analyses
Qianmei Zhang, Jinping Zhang, Lianlian Yuan, Chengde Shen and Hai Ren

Chapter 198. The Potential for Carbon Sequestration in Carbon Depleted Areas of the Boreal Forest Ecozone through Agroforestry- Block Plantation
Silvia Lac and Manuel Esteban Lucas-Borja

Chapter 199. Roles of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Association in Plant Nutrition and Growth of Tropical Forestry and Agroforestry in Degraded Soil Reclamation
Nelson W. Osorio and Juan D. León

Chapter 200. Alluvial Gold-Mining Degraded Soils Reclamation Using Acacia Mangium Plantations: An Evaluation from Biogeochemistry
Juan D. León, Jeiner Castellanos, Maria Casamitjana, Nelson W. Osorio and Juan C. Loaiza

Chapter 201. Effects of Incorporating Furcraea Species Biomass into Acidic Andisols
Adriana M. Quinchía Figueroa, Juliana Uribe Castrillón and Carolina Mesa Muñoz

Chapter 202. Effects of Forest Practices on Tortoises Wild Population in a Forest Area
Maria Casamitjana-Causa, Juan C. Loaiza and Pere Frigola Vidal

Chapter 203. Ecohydrology of Amazonian Rainforest Ecosystems
Conrado Tobón and Jan Sevink

Chapter 204. Organic Waste Valorization in Agriculture and Its Environmental Risk Implications
Carla Lopes, Marta Herva, Amaya Franco-Uría and Enrique Roca

Chapter 205. Contamination? Natural and Anthropic Stressors on Freshwater Decapod Crustaceans
P. Collins, V. Williner and M. Montagna

Chapter 206. Nonpoint Pollution Control for Crop Production in China
Zhao-liang Zhu, Bo Sun, Linzhang Yang, Linxiu Zhang and David Norse

Chapter 207. Pollution Management: 4’M Concept
Viroj Wiwanitkit

Chapter 208. Pathway Analysis, Alternative Node Allocation and Decision Making: Tools for Management of Cases of Pollution
Viroj Wiwanitkit

Chapter 209. Trade and Global Pollution under Dynamic Games of Environmental Policy
Akihiko Yanase


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