Environmental and Agricultural Research Summaries. Volume 6


Lucille T. Cacioppo (Editor)

Series: Environmental and Agricultural Research Summaries
BISAC: SCI026000

This book compiles research summaries from a number of different focuses in the important field of environment and agriculture. (Imprint: Nova)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Legumes for Grazing and Health: The Case of Bituminaria bituminosa
(María Pazos-Navarro, Mercedes Dabauza, Enrique Correal, David J Walker, José A del Río, Ana Ortuño, Pilar Méndez, Arnoldo Santos, Segundo Ríos, Vanessa Martínez-Frances and Daniel Real)

Nutritional Characterization of Wild Legumes (Lathyrus and Vicia Genera)
(Elena Pastor-Cavada, Julio E. Pastor, Rocío Juan and Javier Vioque)

Legumes Leading the War against “Diabesity-the Obesity-Diabetes Epidemic”: An Overview
(Rocio Campos-Vega, B. Dave Oomah, Guadalupe Loarca-Piña and Haydé Azeneth Vergara-Castañeda)

Soybean: Overview of the Nutritional Profile and the Implications for Nutrition and Health Effects
(I. Mateos-Aparicio, A. Redondo-Cuenca and M. D. Tenorio-Sa)

Fermentation of Lesser Known Legumes
(E. O. Farinde and S. B. Fasoyiro)

Dark and Bright Facets of the Nutritional Value of Grass Pea (Lathyrus sativus L.) Seeds
(Angela R. Piergiovanni, Venturino Bisignano, Giambattista Polignano and Lucia Lioi)

Lentils (Lens Culinaris L.): Linking Whole Foods for Better Human Health
(Dil Thavarajah, Pushparajah Thavarajah and Shiv Kumar)

Medicago truncatula: A Model Organism to Study the Biology of Agriculturally Important Legume Crops
(Mauricio Alberto Reynoso, Virginia Savy, Marcos Lancia, Karen Hobecker, Flavio Blanco and María Eugenia Zanetti)

Antihypertensive Potential of Protein Hydrolysates from the Velvet Bean (Mucuna pruriens)
(Maira Segura-Campos, Saulo Galicia-Martínez, Luis Chel-Guerrero and David Betancur-Ancona)

Use of Herbicide (Roundup®): Potential Influence on Soil Metals Lability and on Radish Metal Uptake
(Fabienne Baraud and Lydia Leleyter)

Common Bean as an Emerging Model Grain Legume
(Virginia Dalla Via, Carolina Rípodas, Joaquín Clúa, Candela Narduzzi, Mauricio Reynoso, Mario Aguilar, María Eugenia Zanetti and Flavio Blanco)

Health Benefits of Legumes
(T. B. Ng and C. C. W. Ng)

Current Update in Methodologies for Extraction and Analysis of Proteins and Isoflavones
(Savithiry S. Natarajan and Devanand L. Luthria)

Mediterranean Sea Biodiversity between the Legacy from the Past and a Future of Change
(Carlo Nike Bianchi, Carla Morri, Mariachiara Chiantore, Monica Montefalcone, Valeriano Parravicini and Alessio Rovere)

Tectonic Development of the Levant Continental Margin, Eastern Mediterranean
(Uri Schattner and Zvi Ben-Avraham)

The Nile Littoral Cell and Recent Shoreline Change: A Review
(Micha Klein)

Circulation in the Mediterranean Sea
(Steve Brenner)

The Upper Mixed Layer
(Fabrizio D’Ortenzio and Louis Prieur)

Nutrient Distribution in the Eastern Mediterranean before and after the Transient Event
(Nurit Kress, Barak Herut and Isaac Gertman)

Underwater Light Field of the Mediterranean Sea
(Noga Stambler)

Dinitrogen Fixation as a Source for New Production in the Mediterranean Sea: A Review
(Ilana Berman-Frank and Eyal Rahav)

Heterotrophic Bacteria in the Pelagic Realm of the Mediterranean Sea
(Elvira Pulido-Villena, Jean-François Ghiglione, Eva Ortega-Retuerta, France Van Wambeke and Tamar Zohary)

Seize the Sea: Alien Invertebrates in the Mediterranean Sea
(Bella S. Galil)

Red Sea Fishes in the Mediterranean Sea – History and Recent Developments
(Daniel Golani and Brenda Appelbaum-Golani)

Cetaceans of the Mediterranean Sea
(Simone Panigada, Margherita Zanardelli and Giuseppe Notarbartolo di Sciara)

Shallow Water Scleractinian Corals of the Mediterranean Sea
(Christine Ferrier-Pagès, Stéphanie Reynaud and Denis Allemand)

The Deep-Mediterranean Sea: Habitats, Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning
(Roberto Danovaro)

Sandhoppers as Bioindicators of Anthropogenic Influences on Mediterranean Sandy Beaches
(Alberto Ugolini and Giuseppe Ungherese)

Eutrophication in the Mediterranean Sea
(Antonio Cruzado)

Ecological Indices Based on Macroalgae and Angiosperms in the Mediterranean Eco-Region: An Overview
(Adriano Sfriso and Chiara Facca )

Caulerpa racemosa, an invasive habitat-modifying macroalga in the Mediterranean Sea
(Judith C. Klein)

Habitat Changes in the Mediterranean Sea and the Consequences for Harmful Algal Blooms Formation
(Esther Garcés and Jordi Camp)

Floating Plastics, Plastic Pellets, and Organic Micropollutants in the Mediterranean Sea
(Hrissi K. Karapanagioti)

Floating and Benthic Marine Litter in the Mediterranean Sea: Typology, Abundance, Sources, Survey Methods and Impacts on Marine Biota
(George Papatheodorou)

Aquaculture Impacts on Mediterranean Seagrasses: An Evaluation of Current Status and Future Prospects
(Marta Pérez, Juan Manuel Ruiz, María García Sanz and Javier Romero)

Environmental Interactions of Marine Aquaculture in the Mediterranean: Current Status and Expected Changes
(Nafsika Papageorgiou and Ioannis Karakassis)

Oil Pollution in the Mediterranean
(Jordi Pon and Joan Albaigés)

Effects of Ocean Acidification on Mediterranean Coastal Habitats: Lessons From Carbon Dioxide Vents Off Ischia
(Jason M. Hall-Spencer and Riccardo Rodolfo-Metalpa)

Climate Change Effects on Mediterranean Cetaceans: Time for Action
(Mark Peter Simmonds, Delphine Gambaiani and Giuseppe Notarbartolo di Sciara)

Biodiversity and Biotechnological Potential of Endophytic Fungi from Mangrove Forests
(Fernanda Luiza Souza Sebastianes, Aline Aparecida Pizzirani-Kleiner, João Lúcio Azevedo and Paulo Teixeira Lacava)

Mangrove Conservation in Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies
(Rahanna A. Juman and Kahlil Hassanali)

Actinomycetes in Mangrove Environments: Taxonomy and Metabolites
(Somboon Tanasupawat and Wongsakorn Phongsopitanun)

Xylariaceae and Mangroves
(A. J. S. Whalley, N. Suwannasai, E. Sangvichien, C. Phosri, N. Ruchikackorn, H-M. Lee, G. P. Sharples, P. Sihanonth and M. A. Whalley)

Mangrove Finch Camarhynchus heliobates: An Obligate Mangrove Specialist from the Galápagos Islands
(H. Glyn Young, Francesca Cunninghame, Birgit Fessl and F. Hernan Vargas)

Analysis of Coastal Erosion and Forest Loss in the Sundarbans Mangrove Using Time-Series Satellite Data
(M. Mahmudur Rahman )

The Mangrove Ecosystem Conservation Strategy in the Niger Delta, Nigeria
(Christian Toochi Egbuche and L. C. Nwaigbo)

Madagascar Teal Anas bernieri: A Mangrove Specialist from Madagascar’s West Coast
(H. Glyn Young, Felix Razafindrajao, Abdallah Iahia Bin Aboudou, Lance G. Woolaver and Richard E. Lewis)

Biogeochemistry Study in Mangrove Ecosystem Sediments Using Dialysis Porewater Sampler
(Issa Sakho, Valerie Mesnage, Nicolas Lecoq, Julien Deloffre, Arnaud Vennin and Robert Lafite)

Reconsidering Climatic Roles of Marshes: Are they Sinks or Sources of Greenhouse Gases?
(Serena Moseman-Valtierra)

The Introduction, Impacts, and Management of a Large, Invasive, Aquatic Rodent in the United States
(Gary Witmer, Trevor R. Sheffels and Stephen R. Kendrot)

The Mesocosm Marsh Ecology of Two Southwestern Spanish Estuaries: Applications
(M. L. González-Regalado, F. Ruiz, J. Borrego, M. Abad, E. X. García and A. Toscano)

Factors Conditioning the Vegetation in the Salt Marshes of the Atlantic Coast of the Iberian Peninsula
(José M. Sánchez)

Nutrient Cycling in Salt Marshes: An Ecosystem Service to Reduce Eutrophication
(A. I. Lillebø, A. I. Sousa, M. R. Flindt, M. E. Pereira, A. C. Duarte, M. A. Pardal and I. Caçador)

Conservation of the European Wildcat (Felis silvestris) in Mediterranean Environments: A Reassessment of Current Threats
(Jorge Lozano and Aurelio F. Malo)

The Aerial Arthropod Community as a Descriptor of Farming Management in Arable Systems: From a Taxonomical to a Functional Approach
(Berta Caballero-López, José M. Blanco-Moreno, Juli Pujade-Villar, Daniel Ventura, Josep A. Sánchez-Espigares and F. Xavier Sans)

Comparing Several Mathematical Methods to Predict Potential Distribution of Mediterranean Forest Types Using CORINE Land Cover Data and Soil Related Variables
(María Anaya-Romero, Rafael Pino, Antonio Jordán, Lorena Martínez-Zavala and Nicolás Bellinfante)

Conserving Biodiversity through the Protection and Management of Forest Fragments in Changing Semiarid Mediterranean Landscapes
(Francisco Robledano Aymerich and Víctor M. Zapata Pérez)

Spatio-Temporal Dynamics of Soil Food Webs in a Mediterranean Arid Ecosystem
(Enrique Doblas-Miranda, Francisco Sanchez-Pinero and Adela Gonzalez-Megias)

Microbial Ecosystem of Traditional Dry Fermented Sausages in Mediterranean Countries And Slovakia
(R. Talon, I. Lebert, S. Leroy, M. Garriga, T. Aymerich, E. H. Drosinos, E. Zanardi, A. Ianieri, M. J. Fraqueza, L. Patarata and A. Lauková)

Dynamics of a Very Special Mediterranean Coastal Area: The Gulf of Naples
(Daniela Cianelli, Marco Uttieri, Berardino Buonocore, Pierpaolo Falco, Giovanni Zambardino and Enrico Zambianchi)

Shrub Plants and Associated Mycorrhizal Fungi Sustainably Improve the Native Tree Establishment in Mediterranean Ecosystems
(Najat Manaut, Kaoutar Chaffii, Ahmed Ouhammou, Lahcen Ouahmane, Jean Thioulouse, Mohamed Hafidi, Ali Boumezzough, Yves Prin, Antoine Galiana, Ezékiel Baudoin, Michel Lebrun and Robin Duponnois)

Structural Aspects of Mercury Complexes
(M. Melník and P. Mikuš)

Organic–Inorganic Mesoporous Monolithic Scaffolds and Their Functionality in the Optical Ion-Sensitive Removal of Mercury Ions
(Sherif A. El-Safty and M. A. Shenashen)

Isomers in the Chemistry of Mercury Organometallic and Heterometallic Complexes
(M. Melnik and P. Mikuš)

Generation of Superoxide by the Interaction between Mercury Ions and Endogenous Thiols
(Margarita E. Aliaga, Alexis Vásquez-Arce, Camilo López-Alarcón, Claudio Olea-Azar, Germán Barriga and Hernán Speisky)

Effects of Acute Mercury Exposition on the Expression and Function of Organic Anion Transporters in the Kidneys
(Adriana M. Torres)

Mercury: Environmental Concerns and Management Technologies
(I. Padilla, H. Tayibi, O. Rodríguez and A. López-Delgado)

Mercury Toxicity Alters The Antioxidant System of Growing Cucumber Seedlings
(Denise Cargnelutti, Fernando Teixeira Nicoloso Luciane Almeri Tabaldi, Valderi Luiz Dressler, Vera Maria Morsch and Maria Rosa Chitolina Schetinger)

Mercury Contamination in Reptiles: An Emerging Problem with Consequences for Wild Life and Human Health
(Larissa Schneider, William Maher, Aaliyah Green and Richard C. Vogt)

Atmospheric Deposition of Mercury from Waites Island, Horry County, South Carolina, as Compared to Regional Mercury Deposition and South Carolina Fish Consumption Advisories
(Jane L. Guentzel)

The Non-Point Pollution of Nitrogen and Phosphorus in Chinese Agriculture Ecosystem: Current Status and Progress
(Gang Xu, Hongbo Shao,Yingchun Lv, Liye Chu and Junna Sun)

Some Advances in Bio-Removing Hazardous Heavy Metals from Contaminated Soils
(Liye Chu, Hongbo Shao, Junna Sun, Gang Xu, Lihua Zhang and Kun Yan)

Immobilization of Heavy Metals in Soil by Phosphate Treatment: A Review
(Silvano Mignardi, Alessia Corami and Vincenzo Ferrini)

Metal Contaminant Source, Transport and Fate in the Environment and Phytoremediation Methods
(S. H. Desouki and H. Feng)

Pollution Sources and Fluxes in the South-Western Spanish Littoral
(F. Ruiz, M. L. González-Regalado, J. M. Muñoz, M. Abad, M. I. Prudêncio, M. I. Dias, M. I. Carretero, M. Pozo and A. Toscano)

Controlled Organic Treatment System for Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) and Municipal Waste Water
(O. Pollmann, N. Pollmann and L. van Rensburg)

Assessment of Trace Element Contamination in the River and Alluvial Sediments Using a Sequential Extraction Technique and Statistical Analysis
(Sanja M. Sakan and Dragana S. Đorđević)

Metal Concentrations in Marine Sediments Influenced by Anthropogenic Activities in Bahrain, Arabian Gulf
(Humood Naser)

Comparative Study in the Bivalve Capacity for Metal Bioaccumulation in the Balearic Islands (Spain). Mytilus Galloprovincialis as an Adequate Sentinel Species for Monitoring Coastal Waters
(A. Sureda, S. Tejada, A. Box, J. Benedicto and S. Deudero)

Risk Assessment for the Environment, Population and Infrastructures of Some Abandoned Tailing Ponds in the Mining District of Cartagena-La Union (SE Spain)
(À. Faz Cano, J. A. Acosta, S. Martínez-Martínez, P. Martínez-Pagán, D. M. Carmona, R. Zornoza and S. Kabas)

Methane as a Source of Energy: Enhancing the Catalytic Combustion Process by Electrochemical Promotion Phenomenon
(Carmen Jiménez Borja, Nuria Gutiérrez, Fernando Dorado and Jose Luis Valverde)

High Resolution Spectra of Methane and Interfering Gases and Their Application to the Atmospheric Radiative Transfer Simulation in the Methane Concentration Retrieval Tasks
(T. Yu. Chesnokova, V. A. Kapitanov, Yu. N. Ponomarev and K. Yu. Osipov)

Methane Cycling Microorganisms in Soils from the Peruvian Amazon River Basin
(Ekaterina Tikhonova, Anna Kizilova, Valery Galchenko and Irina Kravchenko)

Biogeochemical Cycling of Methane in the Sevastopol Coastal Area, Black Sea
(T. V. Malakhova, L. V. Malakhova, V. N. Egorov, N. V. Pimenov, Yu. G. Artemov, S. B. Gulin, T. A. Kanapatsky and P. A. Sigalevich)

Synthesis and Characterization of CeAlO3 Phase: Role in Ni Catalysts for Methane-Reforming Reactions
(Hongjing Wu and Leonarda F. Liotta)

Complete Methane Oxidation on Supported Palladium Catalysts: Steady State Isotopic Transient Kinetic Analysis
(Marek Rotko and Andrzej Machocki)

Effects of Feed Strategies on Anaerobic Sequencing Batch Reactors Applied to Biomethane Production
(Giovanna Lovato, José Alberto Domingues Rodrigues, Suzana Maria Ratusznei and Marcelo Zaiat)

Bio-Inspired Methane Oxidation
(A. A. Shteinman)

Evaluation of Methane Emissions Generated by the Use of Compressed Natural Gas in the Transport Sector
(M. S. Sthel, G. R. Lima, M. G. da Silva and H. Vargas)

New Strategy of Methane Analysis: Forensic Applications
(Vincent Varlet)

Effects of Hydrogen and Water Vapor Additions on Emissions of Turbulent Methane Flame Spread on Corner Walls
(Nadjib Ghiti)

Methane Emissions from Ruminants in the Tropics: Implications for Global Warming and Options for Mitigation
(J. C. Ku-Vera, J. R. Canul-Solis, A. T. Piñeiro-Vázquez, E. G. Briceño-Poot, J. A. Alayón-Gamboa, A. J. Ayala-Burgos, F. J. Solorio-Sánchez, C. F. Aguilar-Pérez, L. Ramírez-Avilés and O. A. Castelán-Ortega)

Status and Trends of China’s Tourism Development
(Yanyun Zhao, Xu Qin, Fan Wu and Yang Zhao)

Tourism Potential of the Sheikh Abd el-Qurna Tombs (West Bank of Luxor, Egypt)
(María José Viñals, José Lull and Maryland Morant)

Linking Ecotourism’s Opportunities and National Parks Protection through Geocaching
(Ángel Peiró-Signes, Blanca de-Miguel-Molina, María de-Miguel-Molina and María-del-Val Segarra-Oña)

“Sustainable Tourism” Indicators: A Mapping of the Italian Destinations
(Claudio Quintano, Margherita Pagliuca and Monica Rosciano)

A Case Study of the Methodology Implemented to Develop the Geographic Information System of Tourism Offer in the Alentejo Region
(Maria do Rosário Borges, Jaime Serra and Noémi Marujo)

Tourism Impact at Local Scale: The Case of Tuscany
(Stefano Rosignoli, Enrico Conti and Alessandro Viviani)

Visitor Profiles at World Cultural Heritage Sites: An Empirical Study of Évora, Portugal
(Maria do Rosário Borges, Jaime Serra and Noémi Marujo)

Analysis of the Spatial Standards and Perceptual Components of the Recreational Carrying Capacity Applied to Archaeological Sites: Case Study of Castellet de Bernabé (Llíria, Spain)
(María José Viñals, Pau Alonso-Monasterio and Mieria Alonso-Monasterio)

Image of Extremadura as a Touristic Destination: Fidelity Factor in Countryman Tourism
(Marcelo Sánchez-Oro Sánchez and Aurelio Moreno Fernández-Durán)

The “Countryman Tourism” in Rural Areas: The Case of Extemadura (Spain)
(Y. García García, R. Blanco Gregory and J. A. Pérez Rubio)

International Regulation of the Right of Access to Information in Environmental Matters
(Alma Patricia Domínguez Alonso)

Energy Efficiency of the European Listed Hotels and Stock Market Value
(Esteban Pérez-Calderón, Patricia Milanés-Montero and Javier Ortega Rossell)

Categories of European Exchange-listed Hotels According to Their Level of Environmental Information Disclosure
(Patricia Milanés-Montero, Esteban Pérez-Calderón and María Luisa Pajuelo-Moreno)

An Initial Approach to Calculation of the Carbon Footprint in the Lodging Industry
(Adelaida Ciudad-Gomez)

Environmental Management Systems, Financial Crisis and Competitive Advantage
(Ricardo Martínez-Cañas, Pablo Ruiz-Palomino and Raúl del Pozo-Rubio)

Confronting Spanish Textile’s Industry Future through Sustainable Management
(Lluís Miret-Pastor, Ángel Peiró-Signes, María-del-Val Segarra-Oña and José Mondéjar Jiménez)

Assessment of the Impact of Business Activity in Sustainability Terms: Empirical Confirmation of its Determination in Spanish Companies
(María Luisa Pajuelo Moreno)

The Role of Selenium in Mitigating Mercury Toxicity
(Lucia A. Seale, Nicholas V. Ralston and Marla J. Berry)

Fish as a Dietary Source of Mercury and Methylmercury, Risks and Benefits
(Afnan Freije and Maysoon Awadh)

Inexpensive Low-Cost Mercury Speciation by Hydride Generation Atomic Absorption Spectrometry after Ion Exchange Separation in a FIA System (FIA-IE-HG-AAS)
(A. Gredilla, J. Larreta, I. Martinez-Arkarazo, S. Fdez-Ortiz de Vallejuelo, G. Arana, J. C. Raposo, A. de Diego and J. M. Madariaga)

Cathepsin-Dependent Neuronal Death Pathways Induced by Methylmercury
(Hiroshi Nakanishi and Zhou Wu )

Not Only Concentrations Matter: Some Practical Considerations of In Vitro MeHg Toxicity Studies
(Jason Y. Chang)

Methylmercury and Total Mercury Contamination in an Aquatic Ecosystem of Hg-Mining River in Guizhou, China
(Qingyang Liu)

Mercury Methylation Versus Demethylation: Main Processes Involved
(Susana Río Segade, Teresa Dias and Elsa Ramalhosa)

MeHg-Exposure through Seafood Consumption: Cholinergic Muscarinic Receptor as a Target of Toxicity and Potential Biomarker of CNS Effects
(Teresa Coccini, Elisa Roda, Anna F. Castoldi and Luigi Manzo)

Nitrogen Fixing Symbioses Adapted to Contaminated Soils
(Isabel Videira e Castro and Eugénio Ferreira)

Use of Nitrogen-Fixing Legume Trees to Revegetate Degraded Lands
(Alexander Silva de Resende, Guilherme Montandon Chaer, Eduardo Francia Carneiro Campello and Sérgio Miana de Faria)

Legume Nodule Oxidative Stress and N2 Fixation Efficiency
(Joaquim Albenisio Gomes Silveira, Márcia do Vale Barreto Figueiredo, Fábio Rossi Cavalcanti and Sérgio Luiz Ferreira-Silva)

Analysis of Microbial Diversity to Monitor the Impacts of Soil Use on Brazilian Soils
(Alexandre Rosado and Raquel Peixoto)

Molecular Microbial Ecology and Conservation: A Molecular Approach
(Acácio Aparecido Navarrete, Fabiana de Souza Cannavan, Lucas William Mendes,Marli de Fátima Fiore and Siu MuiTsai)

The Modulation of Cultivable Bacterial Diversity Due to Introduction of Bacteria and DNA in Tropical Soil Microcosms
(Maria Carolina Quecine, João Lúcio Azevedo and Paulo Teixeira Lacava)

Biodiversity and the Potential of PGPR: Plant-Microorganism Interactions
(Márcia do Vale Barreto Figueiredo, Ademir Sérgio Ferreira de Araújo, Hélio Almeida Burity and Mario de Andrade Lira Junior)

Antimicrobial Substances Produced by Paenibacillus polymyxa, P. brasilensis and P. peoriae Against Phytopathogenic Microorganisms
(Lucy Seldin and Celuta Sales Alviano)

Biofertilizers From Phosphate and Potash Rocks with Acidithiobacillus and Organic Matter Enriched by Free Living Diazotrophic Bacteria
(Newton P. Stamford, Carolina E. R. S. Santos, Fabiana F. Felix and Fernando Luiz Nunes de Oliveira)

Free Living Soil Fungi: Interaction with Heavy Metals and Plant Growth Promoting Activities
(Mohd Imran, Fohad Mabood Husain and Iqbal Ahmad)

Glomalin as an Indicator of Mycorrhizae in Tropical Agroecosystems
(Marcia Toro and Kristine Nichols)

Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi in Degraded Areas
(Adália Cavalcanti do Espírito Santo Mergulhão, Maria do Carmo Catanho Pereira de Lyra, Maria Luiza Ribeiro Bastos da Silva and José de Paula Oliveira)

Ecology of Soil Yeasts
(José Roberto de Assis Ribeiro, Vincent Robert and Allen Norton Hagler)

Effects of Heavy Metal and Metalloid Contamination on the Soil Microbial Response: An Overview
(Amit Kumar Gupta, Rajeev Pratap Singh, Anita Singh and Mahamad Hakimi Ibrahim)

Comparative Characteristics of Land Surface Thermal-Hydrologic Processes among Monsoonal, Non-Monsoonal, and Monsoon Marginal Regions over Northern China during Prevailing Summer Monsoon Periods
(Zhang Qiang and Zeng Jian)

The Synergistic Influence of El Nino/ La Nina and Indian Ocean Dipole on Indian Summer Monsoon Rainfall
(M. V. Subrahmanyam, B. Pushpanjali and K. P. R. Vittal Murty)

Findlater Jet Intensity and Characteristics in Relation to Indian Summer Monsoon
(B. Pushpanjali, M. V. Subrahmanyam and K. P. R. Vittal Murty)

Impact of El Nino/La Nina on Indian Summer Monsoon Rainfall
(M. V. Subrahmanyam, B. Pushpanjali and K. P. R. Vittal Murty)

Characteristics of the Change Between Dry and Rainy Seasons or Summer and Winter Seasons Judging with the Monitoring Data: Case Studies of Cambodia and Japan in Asia Monsoon Zone
(Koji Tamai)

Euro-Mediterranean Torrents: Case Studies on Tools that can Improve their Management
(Dimitris Emmanouloudis, José L. García Rodríguez, George N. Zaimes, Martín C. Giménez Suárez and Evangelos Filippidis)

Altered Community Dynamics in Rocky Mountain Whitebark Pine Forests and the Potential for Accelerating Declines
(Shawn T. McKinney and Diana F. Tomback)

Mountains Ecosystems as a Temporal Sink for Persistent Organic Pollutants
(Ricardo Barra and Roberto Quiroz)

Impact of Land-Use Change on Seasonal Dynamics of Total Protein Flow from Roots of Mountain Meadow Plant Communities
(Valerie Vranova, Marian Pavelka, Klement Rejsek and Pavel Formanek)

Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Transport Over Mountainous Terrain
(Jielun Sun, Stephan F. J. De Wekker)

Multifunctional Agriculture and Wellbeing in Developing Nations
(J. Ram Pillarisetti and Clement Tisdell)

Economic Analysis of Consumer Behavior and Agricultural Products Based on Biodiversity Conservation Value
(Mitsuyasu Yabe, Takashi Hayashi and Bunei Nishimura)

Multifunctional Agriculture in Indonesia: Agricultural Policy and Farming Systems
(Siti Jahroh)

Tropical Mountains Multifunctionality: Dendritic Appropriation of Rurality or Rhyzomic Community Resilience as Food Security Panacea
(Fausto O. Sarmiento, Ricardo Russo and Brandilyn Gordon)

Re-Defining the Rural-Urban Relationship Through Multifunctional Peri-Urban Agriculture: The Case of Native Maize Conservation in Mexico City
(Tania Hernández-Cervantes and José-Antonio Serratos-Hernández)

Youth Employment in Least Developed Countries: The Contribution of Sustainable Agriculture
(Donald L. P. Lee)

An Overview of Multifunctional Benefits in Relation to Small Scale Farming in China
(Xin An-jing, Zuo Zhi, Yang Song and Kuang Rong-ping)

The Multi-Functionality of Smallholder Farming: A Case of Ethiopia
(Hailu Araya)

Multifunctional Agriculture in Brunei Darussalam: The Prospect of Developing Agritourism as a Diversification Strategy
(Azman Ahmad)

Multifunctional Agriculture in Sudan: Indigenous Practices and Potential Environmental and Social Roles
(Siddig El Tayeb Muneer)

Agriculture, Indigenous Knowledge and Rural Livelihoods in Tanzania
(Evelyne A. Lazaro)

Multifunctional Aquaculture in Brunei Darussalam: Potential and Policy Options
(Rafidzah Sulaiman and Roger Lawrey)

Albanian Agriculture: Analyzing the Past to Decidefor the Future
(Endrit Kullaj and Majlinda Çakalli)

Biological Control Agents for Crop Protection and Sustainability of Agro-Ecosystems in Kyrgyzstan
(Tinatin Doolotkeldieva)

Multifunctional Agriculture in Sri Lanka
(J. M. R. Sarath Bandara )

Priorities and Capacity of Food Policy in Mongolia: The Dilemma Between Ambitions and Reality
(Erdenebolor Baast and Elske van de Fliert)

Encouraging Youth Participation in Agriculture: The Case of Brunei Darussalam
(D. H. Norulazidah, P. H. Omar Alli and Haji Suhaimi Haji Ali)

Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security of Bangladesh – Issues and Recommendations
(Shaikh Tanveer Hossain)

Multifunctional and Organic Agriculture: Trade and Development Perspectives
(Sophia Twarog)

Potentials of Organic Farming in Sustaining a Rich Biodiversity and Best Conservation Practices: Opportunities for Africa
(Olugbenga O. AdeOluwa)

Multifunctionality of Organic Agriculture in Romania
(Maria Toader, Gheorghe Valentin Roman, Lenuta Iuliana Epure and Viorel Ion)

Multifunctional Agriculture, Food Security and Poverty Reduction in India: The Case of Organic Agriculture
(Gangaiah Bollempalli)

Sustainable Agriculture, Food Security and Social Wellbeing: The Cuba Model
(Francisco Dueñas Hurtado)

Creating Space for Integrated Management of Aiako Harria Natural Park, Basque Country
(Abigail L. Adams and Jason D. Lawhon)

Mountains to Sea: Riparian Rehabilitation as a Multiple Management Strategy in the Basque Region, Spain
(Michael J. Blazewic)

Changing Values, Changing Forests: Converting Radiata Pine Plantations and Restoring Native Forest in the Basque Country
(Peter J. Caligiuri)

Financial and Ecological Implications of Transitioning Pinus Radiata Plantations to Mixed-Species Fagus Sylvatica and Quercus Spp. Forests in the Basque Country, Spain
(Sarah A. Lowery)

Management Approaches for Protected Areas of Cultural and Biological Significance: The Beech Pollards of Aiako Harria Natural Park
(Stella J. M. Cousins and Ashley E. DuVal )

Arbuscular Mycorrhizas in Natural Environments: An Overview
(Marcela C. Pagano)

Large-scale Diversity Patterns in Spore Communities of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi
(Javier Álvarez-Sánchez, Nancy C. Johnson, Anita Antoninka, V. Bala Chaudhary, Matthew K. Lau, Suzanne M. Owen, Irene Sánchez-Gallen, Patricia Guadarrama and Silvia Castillo)

Arbuscular Mycorrhizas and their Importance for Tropical Forest Formation in Brazil
(Waldemar Zangaro)

Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi in the Amazon Region
(Clara Patricia Peña-Venegas)

Ocurrence of Mycorrhizas in Highland Fields
(Marcela C. Pagano and Marta Noemi Cabello)

Co-ocurrence of Arbuscular Mycorrhizas and Dark Septate Endophytes in Pteridophytes from a Valdivian Temperate Rainforest in Patagonia, Argentina
(Natalia Fernández, Sonia Fontenla and María Inés Messuti)

Mycorrhizas, an Important Component in Semiarid Sites
(Marcela C. Pagano, Maria Rita Scotti and Marta Noemi Cabello)

Mycorrhizal Status and Responsiveness of Early successional Communities from Chaquean Region in Central Argentina
(Carlos Urcelay, Paula A. Tecco, Marisela Pérez, Gabriel Grilli, M. Silvana Longo and Romina Battistella)

Measuring and Estimating Ectomycorrhizal Fungal Diversity: A Continuous Challenge
(Ornella Comandini, Andrea C. Rinaldi and Thomas W. Kuyper)

Mycorrhizal Diversity in Native and Exotic Willows (Salix humboldtiana and S. alba) in Argentina
(Mónica A. Lugo, Alejandra G. Becerra, Eduardo R. Nouhra and Ana C. Ochoa)

Tree Species Composition and Diversity in Brazilian Freshwater Floodplains
(Florian Wittmann)

Arbuscular Mycorrhizae in Aquatic Plants, India
(K. P. Radhika, James D’Souza and B. F. Rodrigues)

Importance of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi for Recovery of Riparian Sites in Southern Brazil
(Sidney Luiz Stürmer, Andressa Franzoi Sgrott, Felipe Luiz Braghirolli, Alexandre Uhlmann and Rosete Pescador)

The Forgotten Nature of National Parks
(Vincent Devictor and Laurent Godet)

Balancing Management Needs for Conserving Biodiversity in Grand Canyon National Park
(Jerald C. Mast and Joy N. Mast)

Determination of Optimum Management Strategy for Küre Mountains National Park in Turkey
(İsmet Daşdemira and Ersin Güngörb)

The Concept of Ecotourism Development with Fqfd in the Kinmen National Park
(Tsuen-Ho Hsu and Ling-Zhong Lin)

Protection of Nature – Chamois in the Slovak National Parks
(Štefančíková Astéria)

The Dilemma of Balancing Conservation and Strong Tourism Interests in a Small National Park: The Case of Amboseli, Kenya
(Moses Makonjio Okello, John W. Kiringe and John M. Kioko)

Sacred Groves: Informal Protected Areas in the High Altitudes of Eastern Himalaya, Arunachal Pradesh, Northeast India: Traditional Beliefs, Biodiversity and Conservation
(A. R. Barbhuiya, M. L. Khan, A. Arunachalam, S. D. Prabhu and V. Chavan)

High Temperature Environments Represent a Model for the Analysis of Bacterial Dynamics and Preservation of National Parks
(M. C. Portillo and J. M. Gonzalez)

Microbial Diversity Supporting Unique Ecosystems within National Parks. The Doñana National Park as an Example
(M. C. Portillo, M. Reina, L. Serrano and J. M. Gonzalez)

Fire: A Threat and a Lacking Tool for Biodiversity Conservation in Brazilian National Parks
(L. Koproski, P. R. Mangini and J. G. Goldammer)

Valuation of the Benefits of Wildlife Tourism in Remote Protected Areas: The Case of Gros Morne
(Roberto Martínez-Espiñeira)

The Tragedy of the Governmentality of Nature: The Case of National Parks in Cameroon
(Ngambouk Vitalis Pemunta and Ogem Pascal Mbu-Arrey)

Linking Protected Area Conservation with Poverty Alleviation in Uganda: Integrated Conservation and Development at Bwindi Impenetrable National Park
(J. Baker, R. Bitariho, A. Gordon-Maclean, P. Kasoma, D. Roe, D. Sheil, M. Twinamatsiko, G. Tumushabe, M. van Heist and M. Weiland)

Community-Based Conservation: An Institutional Approach to Assessing Biodiversity Conservation Efforts at Bardia National Park in Nepal
(Shova Thapa Karki)

Priority Areas Integration (PAI) Method: A Tool to Facilitate Biodiversity Conservation?
(Georgios K. Vasios, Panayiotis G. Dimitrakopoulos and Andreas Y. Troumbis)

Communal Game Farming: A Sustainable Land Use Option?
(V. Kakembo, P. Mamfengu and G. Kerley)

Land As Sustenance and Sanctuary: Settlement History and Resource Use in and around Utah’s Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument
(Robert J. Lilieholm and Marietta Eaton)

Assessing the Competitiveness of Protected Areas: The Competitive Positioning of the Peneda-Gerês
National Park
(Maria João Carneiro and Carlos Costa)

The Doñana National Park (SW Spain): From the Sea to the Future
(F. Ruiz, M. Pozo, M. Olías, M. C. Núñez, M. Abad, M. I. Carretero, J. Rodríguez Vidal, L. M. Cáceres, J. Prenda, E. M. Castellanos, C. J. Luque, A. Menor, E. Font, A. Toscano and E. X. García)


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