Environmental and Agricultural Research Summaries. Volume 3


Lucille T. Cacioppo (Editor)

Series: Environmental and Agricultural Research Summaries
BISAC: SCI026000

This book compiles research summaries from a number of different focuses in the important field of environment and agriculture. (Imprint: Nova)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Applications of Clay Minerals in Electrochemistry and Wastewater Treatment
(Delia-Maria Gligor and Andrada Maicaneanu)

Clays as Sustainable Catalysts for Organic Transformations
(B. S. Jai Prakash, Y. S. Bhat and C. Ravindra Reddy)

Animal Fibres and Seaweed Polymers to Improve Unfired Clay Blocks Characteristics
(Carmen Galán-Marín, Carlos Rivera-Gómez and Jelena Petric-Gray)

Clay-Organoclay and Organoclay/ Polymer Nanocomposites
(Ahmet Gurses, Mehtap Ejder-Korucu and Semra Karaca)

Specific Surface Area of Fine-Grained Soils
(Yeliz Yukselen-Aksoy and Abidin Kaya)

Clay Deposits, from a Problem to an Economic Resource for the Territory: Case Study in Southern Italy
(Vito Summa and Maria Luigia Giannossi)

Use of Clays to Manufacture Honeycomb Monoliths for Pollution Control Applications
(J. M. Gatica and H. Vidal)

Polymer-Clay Nanocomposite Electrolytes for Rechargeable Lithium Batteries
(A. Kumar and M. Deka)

Clays and Its Modified Forms for Removal of Dyes from Aqueous Solution
(Fiona Patricia Sisnandy, Yesi, Yi-Hsu Ju, Felycia Edi Soetaredjo, Aning Ayucitra and Suryadi Ismadji)

Bearing Capacity of Clay: Influence of Spatial Variation of Soil Properties and Reliability Based Approach
(Amit Srivastava)

Montmorillonite Clay Based Solid Acid Catalysts for Organic Reactions
(Dipak Kumar Dutta)

Structural Modification of Montmorillonite Clay by Pillaring Process: Its Characterization and Applications
(Kanattukara Vijayan Bineesh and Dae-Won Park)

The use of Montmorillonite Clay to Prepare Nanocomposites and Polymeric Membranes
(Amanda Melissa Damiao Leite, Edcleide Maria Araújo, Rene Anísio da Paz, Vanessa da Nobrega Medeiros, Helio de Lucena Lira and Tomás Jeferson Alves de Mélo)

Trace Element uptake from Vermiculite
(Barbara Müller)

Impact of Clay Content on Initiation and Characteristics of Debris Flows
(Chen Ningsheng, Zhou Wei, Hu Guisheng, Deng Mingfeng and Yang Chenglin)

Pillared Clays as Green Chemistry Catalysts: Application to Wastewater Treatment
(C. B. Molina, J. A. Casas, A. H. Pizarro, and J. J. Rodriguez)

Climate and Distribution of Vegetation in Egypt’s Deserts
(M. A. Zahran)

Climate Change in the Arctic Regions of Russia
(O. A. Shilovtseva, N. K. Kononova and F. A. Romanenko)

Towards Adaptation Measures in Protecting Mangroves from Climate Change
(Colin Field)

Reducing Transport’s Impact on Climate Change
(Patrick Moriarty and Damon Honnery)

Mitigating Climate Change
(Patrick Moriarty and Damon Honnery)

Spatial-energy Framework Aiming at Breakthroughs Brings Goals beyond Policy Objectives within Reach
(Rob Roggema, Andy van den Dobbelsteen, Sven Stremke and Wim Mallon)

Adaptation Options to Climate Change Impacts in European Agriculture
(J. Eitzinger, G. Kubu, S. Thaler, J. Glauninger, V. A. Alexandrov, A. Utset, D. T. Mihailović, B. Lalić, M. Trnka, Z. Zalud, D. Semeradova, D. Ventrella, D.P. Anastasiou, M. Medany, S. Altaher, J. Olejnik, J. Leśny, N. Nemeshko,M. V. Nikolaev, C. Simota and G. Cojocaru)

Global Warming, Crop Selection and Adaptation Options in Kenyan Agriculture
(Jane Kabubo-Mariara)

Investigating Possible Causative Mechanisms behind the Houston Cloud-to-Ground Lightning Anomaly
(Michael L. Gauthier)

Climatology: The Effects of Heat Stress on Beef Cattle Production
(Laun W. Hall, Samuel Garcia and Robert J. Collier)

Climatology and Cosmic Rays in New Development
(Neïla Zarrouk and Raouf Bennaceur)

Detection of Five-Day to One-Month Surface Air Temperature Predictability Using Information Theory
(Gustavo Naumann and Walter M. Vargas)

Tropical Cyclone-Ocean Interaction: Climatology
(Akiyoshi Wada)

Peculiarities of Photosynthesis of Wheat Genotypes Contrast in Grain Yield and Their Use in Breeding Programs
(Jalal A. Aliyev)

Options for Optimised Use of Water Resources for Securing Future Agricultural Production
(Christian Richardt Jensen, Sven-Erik Jacobsen, Søren T. Jørgensen and Fulai Liu)

Climate Change and Wheat Crop Yields in Australia: A Review
(Qunying Luo)

Improvement of Cotton Production in Arid Saline Soils by Beneficial Microbes
(Egamberdieva Dilfuza and Jabborova Dilfuza)

The Role of Hydrogen Cyanide in the Origin of Life
(Alicia Negrón-Mendoza, Alejandro Heredia, Maria Colín-García and Sergio Ramos Bernal)

Cyanide Poisoning in Animals and Humans
(Antônio Carlos Lopes Câmara and Benito Soto-Blanco)

Estimating the Hydrogen Cyanide Generation: Thermodynamics and Mass Transfer
(Humberto Estay)

Application of Cyanide-Bridged Coordination Polymers for Electrode Materials of Rechargeable Batteries
(Masashi Okubo)

Possible Roles of Cyanotoxins in Species Interactions of Phytoplankton Assemblages
(István Bácsi, Viktória B-Béres and Gábor Vasas)

Negative Allelopathy among Cyanobacteria
(Miroslav Švercel)

The Bloom-Forming Cyanobacterium Nodularia Spumigena: A Peculiar Nitrogen-Fixer in the Baltic Sea Food Webs
(Rehab El-Shehawy and Elena Gorokhova)

Which Factors Are Related to the Success in Brazilian Aquatic Systems?
(Andreia M. A. Gomes, Marcelo M. Marinho and Sandra M. F. O. Azevedo)

Is Cyanobacterial Dominance in Brazilian Semi-arid Reservoirs Regulated by Environmental or Stochastic Features?
(José Etham de Lucena Barbosa and Janiele França Vasconcelos)

Picophytoplankton Community Structure in a Hypersaline Coastal Lagoon: Role of Salinity and Links with Viral and Microbial Communities
(Mathilde Schapira and Laurent Seuront)

Accumulation and Phytotoxicity of Microcystins in Vascular Plants
(Jian Chen, Hai Qiang Zhang and Zhi Qi Shi)

Cyanotoxin Health Hazard and Risk Assessment in Freshwater Lakes
(Milena Bruno)

Confocal Laser Scanning and Electron Microscopic Techniques as Powerful Tools for Determining the In Vivo Effect and Sequestration Capacity of Lead in Cyanobacteria
(Isabel Esteve, Juan Maldonado, Álvaro Burgos, Elia Diestra, Mireia Burnat and Antonio Solé)

A New Methodology for Rapid Assessment of Spatial Distribution of Phytoplankton Blooms: Case Study in Pampulha Reservoir
(Ricardo M. Pinto-Coelho, Maíra O. Campos, Eliane C. Elias, Simone P. dos Santos, Denise P. Fernandes, Gabriela P. Fernandes, Aloízio P. P. Gomes and Laila O. Ribeiro)

Ecological Control of Cyanobacterial Blooms in Freshwater Ecosystems
(Alan E. Wilson and Michael Chislock)

Tropical Cyclogenesis in Wind Shear: Climatological Relationships and Physical Processes
(David S. Nolan and Michael G. McGauley)

Analysis of Tropical Cyclone Activity in the Southern Hemisphere using Observation and CGCM Simulation
(Satoshi Iizuka and Tomonori Matsuura)

Synoptic and Climatic Aspects of Tropical Cyclogenesis in Western North Pacific
(Tim Li)

Variability of Typhoon Tracks and Genesis Over the Western North Pacific
(Hisayuki Kubota)

Reduction of Global Tropical Cyclone Frequency Due to Global Warming
(Masato Sugi)

Estimation of Changes in Tropical Cyclone Intensities and Associated Precipitation Extremes Due to Anthropogenic Climate Change
(Junichi Tsutsui)

Sensitivity of Tropical Cyclones to Large- Scale Environments in a Global Non-Hydrostatic Model with Explicit Cloud Microphysics
(Yohei Yamada, Kazuyoshi Oouchi, Masaki Satoh, Akira T. Noda and Hirofumi Tomita)

Variability of Extratropical Cyclonic Activity in the Northern Hemisphere Associated with Global Processes in the Ocean-Atmosphere System
(Alexander Polonsky, Mikhail Bardin and Elena Voskresenskaya)

Tropical Cyclone Simulation in a High-Resolution Atmosphere-Ocean Coupled General Circulation
(Wataru Sasaki, Jing-Jia Luo and Sebastien Masson)

Multi-Scale Dynamics of Tropical Cyclone Formations in an Equilibrium Simulation Using a Global Cloud-System Resolving Model
(Wataru Yanase, Masaki Satoh, Shin-ichi Iga, Johnny C. L. Chan, Hironori Fudeyasu, Yuqing Wang and Kazuyoshi Oouch)

A Prototype Quasi Real-Time Intra-Seasonal Forecasting of Tropical Convection over the Warm Pool Region: A New Challenge of Global Cloud-System-Resolving Model for a Field Campaign
(Kazuyoshi Oouchi, Hiroshi Taniguchi, Tomoe Nasuno, Masaki Satoh, Hirofumi Tomita,Yohei Yamada, Mikiko Ikeda, Ryuichi Shirooka, Hiroyuki Yamada and Kunio Yoneyama)

Projection of Future Tropical Cyclone Characteristics Based on Statistical Model
(Nobuhito Mori)

A Novel, Illustrated Classification System to Define the Causes of Bovine Perinatal Mortality Internationally
(John F. Mee)

Resetting Priorities for Sustainable Dairy Farming under Global Changing
(I. Blanco-Penedo, J. Perea, J. O. L. Cerqueira
and R. Payan-Carreira)

Somatic Cell Count as the Factor Conditioning Productivity of Various Breeds of Cows and Technological Suitability of Milk
(Joanna Barłowska, Zygmunt Litwińczuk, Aneta Brodziak and Jolanta Król)

Strategies to Improve the Reproductive Efficiency of Dairy Cattle
(L. S. R. Marinho, F. Z. Machado and M. M. Seneda)

Globalization and Deforestation: An Examination of the Environmental Effects of Direct Investment in the Forest Sector in Cameroon
(Richard S. Mbatu)

The Environmental Impacts of Resettlements and Refugees on the Forest Resources of Southwestern Ethiopia
(Mekuria Argaw and Tamrat Kassa)

The Trends and Drivers of Deforestation: A Cross-Country Seemingly Unrelated Regression Analysis for the REDD+ Policies
(Richard J. Culas)

Study of the Coverage of Plants and the Evaluation of Deforestation
(Sira Allende, Carlos Bouza and Amita D. Chakraborty)

Mathematical Modelling of Malaria Using Differential Equations
(Nita H. Shah and Jyoti Gupta)

A Meta-Analysis Study of Deforestation Due to Grazing
(Carlos Bouza and Jose F. Garcia)

A Dynamic Landscape of Forest Regeneration in a Deforesting Forest Frontier
(Sean Sloan)

Tree Trunk Diameter Estimation in Rain Forest Ecology: Analysis and Optimal Control
(R. Dorville, A. Omrane and E. Robo-Petit)

Biological Removal of Nitrogen Compounds from Wastewaters: Conventional and Non-Conventional Processes
(Catarina S. A. Canto, Suzana M. Ratusznei, José A. D. Rodrigues, Marcelo Zaiat and Eugenio Foresti)

Denitrification: Processes, Regulation and Ecological
(Mehran Andalib, Ahmed Eldyasti, George Nakhla, and Jesse Zhu)

Effect of Bioaugmentation on the Enhanced Biological Denitrification in Subsurface Wastewater Infiltration System (SWIS) and Biofilter
(Zou Jinlong, Dai Ying, Yu Xiujuan and Xing Zi-Peng)

Biofilm Reactors in Denitrification Processes
(P. Teixeira and R. Oliveira)

Bio-Denitrification of High Strength Landfill Leachate Using Garden Refuse and Pine Bark as Carbon Sources
(Cristina Trois and Bjorn Plug)

Design Ecological Treatment Systems for Nitrogen Removal Through Nitritation and Anammox
(Wendong Tao)

Denitrification Applied to Wastewater Treatment: Processes, Regulation and Ecological Aspects
(G. González-Blanco, R. Beristain-Cardoso, F. Cuervo-López, F. J. Cervantes and J. Gómez)

Effect of Sediment Redox Conditions on Relative Contributions of Bacteria and Fungi to Denitrification: A Review
(Dong Cheol Seo)

Microbial Water Denitrification Stimulated by Electric Field: A Review
(Venko N. Beschkov)

Application of Nitrate Removal by Paddy Fields: An Overview
(Tomoki Takahashi and Rikiya Nira)

Denitrification in Plant-Beneficial Bacteria: Genetic Aspects and Role in Plant–Bacterial Interactions
(Elena I. Katsy)

Application of Microbial Consortium to Plant-Scale Sewage Treatment for Efficient Nitrogen Removal
(Joong Kyun Kim and Geon Lee)

Denitrification Processes for Wastewater Treatment
(Ya-Juan Liu, Darren Delai Sun and Yu Liu)

Seabuckthorn (Hippophae Rhamnoides L.) a Golden Bush: Its Genetic Diversity Characterization and Breeding Scope
(Gyan P. Mishra, Ashutosh A. Murkute, Jitendra Kumar, Manish S. Bhoyar, Rajwant K Kalia and R.B. Srivastava)

Studies on Diversity of Fishes, Amphibians and Reptiles of Thar Desert with Conservation Status
(Akhlaq Husain and Gaurav Sharma)

Floral Diversity, Threats and Conservation Measures: A Case Study From Nara Desert, Pakistan
(Rahmatullah Qureshi)

Species Composition and Abundance of Bird Populations in the Thar Desert, India
(C. Sivaperuman)

Mollusc Fauna and its Ecology in the Indian Desert
(M. M. Saxena)

The Desert Environment of Mendoza, Argentina: Status and Prospects for Sustainable Beef Cattle Production
(J. C. Guevara and E. G. Grünwald)

Dynamic in Rodent Communities’ Affects Temporal Niche
(Elke Scheibler)

Encyrtidae (Insecta: Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea) from Thar Desert, India
(Sarfrazul Islam Kazmi)

Eulophidae and Eupelmidae (Insecta: Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea) of Indian Thar Desert
(P. Girish Kumar and S. I. Kazmi)

Coleoptera (Insecta) Fauna from Thar Desert of Rajasthan, India
(S. I. Kazmi and N. Tak)

Collembola (Hexapoda) from Thar Desert, India
(G. P. Mandal and S. I. Kazmi)

Lepidoptera (Insecta) Fauna from Thar Desert of Rajasthan, India
(N. Tak and S. I. Kazmi)

The Role of Environmental Factors in Shaping Diatom Frustule: Morphological Plasticity and Teratological Forms
(Elisa Falasco and Guido Badino)

Marine Diatom Communities: Taxonomical Variability, Physiological Plasticity and Role in the Carbon Cycling at Coastal Upwelling Areas
(Jesús M. Mercado, Soluna Salles and Dolores Cortés)

A Novel Diatom Classification Method Based on Pattern Trees by Using Different Membership Functions
(Andreja Naumoski)

Diatom Flora of Lakes, Ponds and Streams of Kuril Islands
(T. A. Grebennikova)

Reconstruction of Palaeo-Environmental Changes Based on Ecological Information of Diatoms in Shallow Marine Sediments: Example of a Holocene Delta Sequence on the Nobi Plain, Central Japan
(Yuichi Niwa, Yoshie Saegusa and Toshihiko Sugai)

Ecological Role of Benthic Diatoms as Regulators of Invertebrate Physiology and Behaviour
(Valerio Zupo and Chingoileima Maibam)

Living Marine Benthic Diatoms as Indicators of Nutrient Enrichment: A Case Study in the Gulf of Trieste
(Tamara Cibic and Oriana Blasutto)

Problems and Potentialities of Using Diatoms as Paleoclimatic Indicators in Central Argentina
(Gabriela S. Hassan, Eleonor Tietze, Claudio G. De Francesco and Paula A. Cristini)

Paleoecological Significance of Diatoms in Argentinean Estuaries: What Do They Tell Us About the Environment?
(Gabriela S. Hassan)

Bacilli, Green Algae, Diatoms and Red Blood Cells – How Nanobiotechnological Research Inspires Architecture
(I. C. Gebeshuber, M. Aumayr, O. Hekele, R. Sommer, C. G. Goesselsberger, C. Gruenberger, P. Gruber, E. Borowan, A. Rosic and F. Aumayr)

The Importance of Viable but Non-Culturable Bacteria in Monitoring Microbial Water Quality
(Karina Yew-Hoong Gin and Shin Giek Goh )

Regionalizing Hydrological Soil Properties in the Brazilian Cerrado Region Using a Semantic Import Model Approach
(Monika Hofmann, Andreas Hoppe, Joachim Karfunkel and Allan Büchi)

Ephemeral Gully and Gully Erosion in Cultivated Land: A Review
(Antonina Capra)

Protection and Management of Karst Water Sources Catchments
(Nataša Ravbar)

Developing a Spatial Support System for Monitoring of Water Quality of River Isunwin Catchment in Oyo Town of Oyo State, Nigeria
(A. Adediji and I. Lasisi)

The Response of Plants to Drought Stress: The Role of Dehydrins, Chaperones, Proteases and Protease
Inhibitors in Maintaining Cellular Protein Function
(I. Vaseva, J. Sabotič, J. Šuštar-Vozlič, V. Meglič, M. Kidrič, K. Demirevska and L. Simova-Stoilova)

Physiological and Molecular Bases of Drought Tolerance in Wheat (Triticum L.) Genotypes
(J. A. Aliyev)

Experimental Methodologies for Characterization of Impacts of Drought on Seasonal and Annual Timescales in Portuguese Forests
(Abel Rodrigues and Gabriel Pita)

Drought and Arthropod Pests of Crops
(Allan T. Showler)

Plant Drought Tolerance: Some Genetics and Agronomics Relevant Aspects for Breeding in Forage Species
(Gerardo Tapia, Hernán Acuña and Luis Inostroza)

The Impacts of Extreme Drought and Climate Change on Plant Population Dynamics and Evolution
(Robert C. Godfree)

Chemical Composition of Urban Dusts in Slovenia
(Robert Šajn, Gorazd Žibret and Jasminka Alijagić)

Distribution of Heavy Metals in Attic and Deposited Dust in the Vicinity of Copper Ore Processing and Ferronickel Smelter Plants in the Republic of Macedonia
(Trajče Stafilov, Robert Šajn, Biljana Balabanova and Katerina Bačeva)

Methods for the Characterisation and Control of Dust in Materials Handling Applications with a Specific Focus on Passive Dust Control in Transfer Chutes
(T. J. Donohue, C. A. Wheeler, A. W. Roberts, X. L. Chen and A. Katterfeld)

Blowing Dust and Dust Storms in the Arabian Peninsula with Particular Reference to the Arabian Gulf
(M. P. de Villiers)

Sources of Dust: Their Control and Hazard in Kuwait
(Adeeba Al-Hurban)

Photochemical and Climate Implications of Airborne Dust
(Jonathan E. Thompson)

Dust Explosions: Protection of Silos by Venting
(Alberto Tascón and Pedro J. Aguado)

Contamination of Dust Particles by Heavy Metals: The Role of Sources and Transportation Pathways
(Aurela Shtiza and Artan Tashko)

Assessing the Quality of Urban Environment by the Elemental Concentrations of Foliage Dust
(E. Simon, A. Vidic, M. Braun, I. Fábián and B. Tóthmérész)

Eco-City and Green Community: The Evolution of Planning Theory and Practice
(Zhenghong Tang and Ting Wei)

Making Eco-Cities a Reality: Some Key Dimensions for Eco-City Development with Best Practice Examples
(Jeffrey R. Kenworthy)

Comparison of Planning the Sustainable Eco-City in Reading and Taipei
(Szu-Li Sun)

Preservation or Development – TDR and the Applicability to Urban Greenbelt of Seoul
(Yunwoo Nam)

Design Thinking: A Potential Platform for the ‘Reflective Practitioner and Practical Scholar’ to Speak?
(Erin Bolton)

Transportation for Green Communities: What are the Counties Doing?
(Praveen K. Maghelal)

Green Urban Pattern and Environmental Design in Hong Kong
(Shaojing Tian)

Green Agenda in Indian Context: Reflections from Eco-City Experiences in Puri, India
(Akhilesh Surjan and Prasanta Kumar Mohapatra)

International Case Studies of Green City and Urban Sustainability
(Ting Wei and Zhenghong Tang)

Artificial Neural Network Simulation of Spatial Distribution of Arthropods: A Multi-Model Comparison
(WenJun Zhang and GuangHua Liu)

Multispectral Vegetation Indices in Remote Sensing: An Overview
(George P. Petropoulos and Chariton Kalaitzidis)

Development of a Decision Support System for the Estimation of Surface Water Pollution Risk from Olive Mill Waste Discharges
(Anas Altartouri, Kalliope Pediaditi, George P. Petropoulos, Dimitris Zianis and Nikos Boretos)

Analysis of Green Oak Leaf Roller Population Dynamics in Various Locations
(L. V. Nedorezov)

Individual Based Modelling of Planktonic Organisms
(Daniela Cianelli, Marco Uttieri and Enrico Zambianchi)

The Effectiveness of Artificial Neural Networks in Modelling the Nutritional Ecology of a Blowfly Species
(Michael J. Watts, Andre Bianconi, Adriane Beatriz S. Serapiao, Jose S. Govone and Claudio J. Von Zuben)

Development and Utility of an Ecological-based Decision-Support System for Managing Mixed Coniferous Forest Stands for Multiple Objectives
(Peter F. Newton)

Ecological Niche Models in Mediterranean Herpetology: Past, Present and Future
(A. Márcia Barbosa, Neftalí Sillero, Fernando Martínez-Freiría and Raimundo Real)

Some Aspects of Phytoplankton and Ecosystem Modelling in Freshwater and Marine Environments: Consideration of Indirect Interactions, and the Implications for Interpreting Past and Future Overall Ecosystem Functioning
(V. Krivtsov and C. F. Jago)

Modeling Population Dynamics, Division of Labor and Nutrient Economics of Social Insect Colonies
(Thomas Schmickl and Karl Crailsheim)

Observation and Control in Density- and Frequency-Dependent Population Models
(Manuel Gámez)

Environmental Noise and Nonlinear Relaxation in Biological Systems
(B. Spagnolo, D. Valenti, S. Spezia, L. Curcio, N. Pizzolato, A. A. Dubkov, A. Fiasconaro, D. Persano Adorno, P. Lo Bue, E. Peri and S. Colazza)

Landscape Structural Modeling: A Multivariate Cartographic Exegesis
(Alessandro Ferrarini)

Basic Concepts for Modelling in Different and Complementary Ecological Fields: Plants Canopies Conservation, Thermal Efficiency in Buildings and Wind Energy Producing
(Mohamed Habib Sellami )

Bioavailability and Risk Assessment of Arsenic in Homegrown Vegetables
(Emese Sipter and Gabriella Máthé-Gáspár)

Effects and After-Effects of 20 Years of Reduced Tillage Practices on Soil Properties and Crop Performance in the Semi-Arid Subtropics in Australia
(B. J. Radford and C. M. Thornton)

Variability and Ecological Significances of Secondary Metabolites in Terrestrial Biosystems
(Nabil Semmar, Saïd Nouira and Muhammad Farman)

Pesticides: A Boon or Threat to Fertile Agricultural Lands
(Vandita Sinha, Vartika Rai and P. K. Tandon)

A Review of Amendment-Enhanced Phytoextraction of Soil Contaminants
(A. Johnson and N. Singhal)

Application of Analytical Pyrolysis-Mass Spectrometry in Characterization of Animal Manures
(Jim J. Wang, Syam K. Dodla and Zhongqi He)

Structural and Bonding Environments of Manure Organic Matter Derived from Infrared Spectroscopic Studies
(Zhongqi He, Changwen Du and Jianmin Zhou)

Carbon Functional Groups of Manure Organic Matter Fractions Identified by Solid State 13C NMR Spectroscopy
(Zhongqi He and Jingdong Mao)

Ultraviolet-visible Absorptive Features of Water Extractable and Humic Fractions of Animal Manure and Relevant Compost
(Mingchu Zhang, Zhongqi He and Aiqin Zhao)

Fluorescence Spectroscopic Analysis of Organic Matter Fractions: The Current Status and a Tutorial Case Study
(Tsutomu Ohno and Zhongqi He)

Ammonia Emission from Animal Manure: Mechanisms and Mitigation Techniques
(Pius M. Ndegwa, Alexander N. Hristov and Jactone A. Ogejo)

Origins and Identities of Key Manure Odor Components
(Daniel N. Miller and Vincent H. Varel)

Manure Amino Acid Compounds and their Bioavailability
(Zhongqi He and Daniel C. Olk)

Determinants and Processes of Manure Nitrogen Availability
(C. Wayne Honeycutt, James F. Hunt, Timothy S. Griffin, Zhongqi He and Robert P. Larkin)

Solubility of Manure Phosphorus Characterized by Selective and Sequential Extractions
(John D. Toth, Zhengxia Dou and Zhongqi He)

Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Organic Phosphorus
(Zhongqi He and C. Wayne Honeycutt)

Characterizing Phosphorus in Animal Waste with Solution 31P NMR Spectroscopy
(Barbara J. Cade-Menun)

Metal Speciation of Phosphorus Derived from Solid State Spectroscopic Analysis
(Olalekan O. Akinremi, Babasola Ajiboye and Zhongqi He)

Modeling Phosphorus Transformations and Runoff Loss for Surface-Applied Manure
(Peter A. Vadas)

Improving the Sustainability of Animal Agriculture by Treating Manure with Alum
(Philip A. Moore, Jr.)

Sources and Contents of Heavy Metals and Other Trace Elements in Animal Manures
(Jackie L. Schroder, Hailin Zhang, Jaben R. Richards and Zhongqi He)

Fate and Transport of Arsenic from Organoarsenicals Fed to Poultry
(Clinton D. Church, Jane E. Hill and Arthur L. Allen)

Mercury in Manures and Toxicity to Environmental Health
(Irenus A. Tazisong, Zachary N. Senwo, Robert W. Taylor and Zhongqi He)

Integrating Dynamic Social Systems into Assessments of Future Wildfire Losses: An Experiential Agent-Based Modeling Approach
(Travis B. Paveglio and Tony Prato)

The European Experience on Environmental Management Systems and the Third Revision of the “Eco Management and Audit Scheme” (EMAS)
(Fabio Iraldo, Francesco Testa, Tiberio Daddi and Marco Frey)

Minimizing Environmental Impact from Applying Selected Inputs in Plant Production
(Claus G Sørensen, Dionysis D Bochtis, Thomas Bartzanas, Nikolaos Katsoulas and Constantinos Kittas)

Natural Adsorbents from Tannin Extracts: Novel and Sustainable Resources for Water Treatment
(J. Sánchez-Martín and J. Beltrán-Heredia)

ISO 14001 Research: An Academic Approach
(G. Lannelongue, J. Gonzalez-Benito and O. Gonzalez-Benito)

Measuring Sustainable Culture among Construction Stakeholders in Hong Kong
(Robin C. P. Yip, C. S. Poon and James M. W. Wong)

The Pros and Cons of ISO 14000 Environmental Management Systems (EMS) for Turkish Construction Firms
(Ahmet Murat Turk)

Users’ Preferences and Choices in Argentinean Beaches
(A. Faggi, N. Madanes, M. Rodriguez, J. Solanas, A. Saenz and I. Espejel)

Soil Carbon Sequestration through the Use of Biosolids in Soils of the Pampas Region, Argentina
(Silvana Irene Torri and Raúl Silvio Lavado)

Developing an Ecosystem-Based Habitat Conservation Planning Protocol in Saline Wetland
(Jennifer Hitchcock and Zhenghong Tang)

Are Ecosystem Models an Improvement on Single-Species Models for Fisheries Management? The Case of Upper Gulf of California, Mexico
(Alejandro Espinoza-Tenorio, Matthias Wolff and Ileana Espejel)

A Study about the Adoption of the Practice of Cleaner Production in Industrial Enterprises Certified ISO 14001 in Brazil
(José Augusto de Oliveira, Otávio José de Oliveira and Sílvia Renata de Oliveira Santos)

Towards a Watershed Approach in Non-Point Source Pollution Control in the Lake Tai Basin, China
(Xiaoying Yang, Zheng Zheng and Xingzhang Luo)

Socio-Environmental Marketing as an Environmental Management System to Protect Endangered Species
(Juan José Mier-Terán, María José Montero-Simó and Rafael A. Araque-Padilla)

Spatio-Temporal Modeling of Radionuclide Deposition
(Lubos Matejicek)

Dynamic Modeling of Surface Water Pollution Caused by the Industrial Pollutant Release
(Lubos Matejicek and Lenka Tlapakova)

Modeling of Water Pollution in River Basins with GIS
(Lubos Matejicek)

Spatio-Temporal Modeling of the Dust Emissions from an Opencast Coal Mining Area
(Lubos Matejicek and Zbynek Janour)

Spatial Modeling and Optimization of Municipal Solid Waste Collection in Urban Regions
(Lubos Matejicek)

Spatial Modeling of Air Pollution Based on Traffic Emissions in Urban Areas
(Lubos Matejicek, Zbynek Janour and Michal Strizik)

Modeling of Traffic-Related Environmental Pollution in the GIS
(Lubos Matejicek and Zbynek Janour)

Estimating the Environmental Effects on Residential Property Value with GIS
(Lubos Matejicek)

Spatio-Temporal Data Management for Environmental Modeling of Dust Dispersion over Opencast Coal Mining Areas
(Lubos Matejicek)

Spatio-Temporal Modeling of Environmental Stress Impacts on Vegetation Changes in Mountain Forest
(Lubos Matejicek and Eva Vavrova)

Spatio-Temporal Modeling by Field Computers with GPS
(Lubos Matejicek and Jana Konradova)

Environmental Pollutants-Induced Oxidative Stress: A Role for Antioxidants in Health Promotion and Aging Prevention
(Borut Poljsak and Uros Glavan)

Links between Air Pollution and Climate Change and Their Interactive Effects
(Ahmed El Nemr )

Reviewing Experiences from Managing Atmospheric Pollution to Help Facilitate Responses to Climate Change
(Livia Bizikova, Ian Burton, Erica Crawford-Boettcher, and Thea Dickinson)

Catalytic Regulation and Utilization of Greenhouse Gases
(Benjaram M. Reddy, Gode Thrimurthulu)

Reducing Transport’s Impact on Climate Change
(Patrick Moriarty and Damon Honnery)

Aerosol- Climate Interactions: Examples from Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta Region
(Long S. Chiu)

Recent Climatic Changes in Some Selected Cities in Bangladesh – A Case Study on Sylhet
(Jahir Bin Alam, Sirajul Islam and Rezaul Kabir Chowdhuary)

Transition to a Carbon-Frugal Future
(Fereidoon P. Sioshansi)

Energy Research, Environment, Applications and Sustainable Development
(Abdeen Mustafa Omer)

The New EU Climate and Energy Policy – Sustainability Performance of the Different Power Generation Technologies
(Christian Kirchsteiger)

Vulnerability of Renewable Energy to Global Climate Change: The Cases of Hydro and Wind Power Generation in Brazil
(André Frossard Pereira de Lucena, Alexandre Szklo,
Roberto Schaeffer, Isabella Vaz Leal Costa)

Use of Remote Sensing in Environmental Pollution and Climate Change
(Yuanzhi Zhang and Su Yan)

The Use of Spectral Remote Sensing for Detecting and Monitoring Gaseous Emission from Active Coal Fires (Prasun K Gangopadhyay, Freek van der Meer and Paul van Dijk)

An Integrated Analysis of Aerosols, Trace Gases and Particulate Matter over Tropical Urban Region, Hyderabad, India Using Ground Based Measurements and Satellite Data
(K. V. S. Badarinath, Shailesh Kumar Kharol, Anu Rani Sharma and Krishna Prasad Vadrevu)

Development of Regional Climate Change Scenarios and Their Application into Agricultural Risk Assessment: A Review
(Qunying Luo)

Plant Responses Due to Climate Change
(Ahmed El Nemr)

Climate Change, Adaptation Strategies and Annual Crop Production on the Canadian Prairies
(Herb W. Cutforth)

A Simple Geospatial Model Climate–Based for Designing Erosive Rainfall Pattern
(Nazzareno Diodato and Massimo Fagnano)

Climate Change and Microbial Interaction
(Nermeen A. El-Sersy and Gehan M. Abou-Elela)

Harmful Algal Blooms: Future Threats in a Warmer World
(Lorraine C. Backer and Stephanie K. Moore)

Continuous Global Warming or Progressive Part of Long Term Temperature Cycle “Personal History with the Problem”
(Ibrahim A. A. Maiyza)

The Impact of Environmental Pollution on Immovable Cultural Heritage: Decay Mechanisms, Products and Analytical Techniques to Evaluate the Impact
(M. Maguregui, I. Martínez-Arkarazo, K. Castro and J. M. Madariaga)

Mitigating Climate Change
(Patrick Moriarty and Damon Honnery)

Climate Change Mitigation Policies and Post-Kyoto Climate Change Mitigation Regimes: Lithuanian Case
(Dalia Streimikiene)

Governmental Policies on Perfluorocompounds (PFCs) Emissions Mitigation and its Cleaner Production Measures – Case Study in Taiwan
(Wen-Tien Tsai)

Global and Regional Impacts of the Clean Development Mechanism
(Shunli Wang, Henri L.F. de Groot, Peter Nijkamp and Erik T. Verhoef)

Two Maps Serving the Intercelular Exchange of Biochemical Substances and their Behaviour in the Presence of Fluctuations
(D. T. Mihailović, M. Budinčević, I. Balaž and D. Perišić)

Formal Concept Analysis and Category Theory in Modeling Interactions of Living Systems and their Environments
(S. Crvenković, D. T. Mihailović and I. Balaz)

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