Environmental and Agricultural Research Summaries. Volume 2


Lucille T. Cacioppo (Editor)

Series: Environmental and Agricultural Research Summaries
BISAC: SCI026000

This book compiles research summaries from a number of different focuses in the important field of environment and agriculture. (Imprint: Nova)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Antarctica: Continent Dedicated to Science
(P. K. Purohit, Soumi Bhattacharya and A. K. Gwal)

An Insight into the Ocean-Ice-Air Interactions over the East Antarctic Marine Boundary Layer: Unique Phenomena
(H. N. Dutta, Pawan K. Sharma, N. C. Deb and Laxmi Bishnoi)

Land-Ice-Air-Ocean Interactions in the Schirmacher Oasis, East Antarctica
(Khwairakpam Gajananda, H. N. Dutta and Victor E Lagun)

Effects of UV-B Radiations on Terrestrial Ecosystem of Antarctica and Their Defense Mechanisms
(Jaswant Singh, Rudra P. Singh and Anand K. Dubey)

Ultraviolet Radiation Stress: Response and Protective Strategies of Antarctic Flora
(Sanghdeep Gautam and Jaswant Singh)

Antarctic Mosses, Limiting Factors and Their Distribution
(Rudra P. Singh and Jaswant Singh)

Affinities of Lichen Flora of Indian Subcontinent Vis-à-Vis Antarctic and Schirmacher Oasis
(Dalip K. Upreti and Sanjeeva Nayaka)

Water Relation of Some Common Lichens Occurring in Schirmacher Oasis, E. Antarctica
(Sanjeeva Nayaka, Dalip K. Upreti and Ruchi Singh)

Solar Wind Influence on Atmospheric Processes in Winter Antarctica
(O. A. Troshichev, V. Ya. Vovk and L. V.Egorova)

Atmospheric Observations at Dome C, Antarctic Plateau, One of the Coldest Places in the World
(S. Argentini and I. Pietroni)

Impact of Individual Responsibility in Changing Global Warming?
(Nitosh Kumar Brahma)

Navigation with Global Positioning System in Antarctic Circle
(Rajesh Tiwari, Smita Tiwari, P. K. Purohit and A. K. Gwal)

Tales Best Told out of School: Traditional Life-Skills Education Meets Modern Science Education
(Eugene N. (Gene) Anderson)

Circles of Value: Integrating Maya Environmental Knowledge into Belizean Schools
(Kristina Baines and Rebecca K. Zarger)

Learning to Protect: Environmental Education in a South Indian Tiger Reserve
(Tapoja Chaudhuri)

The Application of Cognitive Ethnobiology to Environmental Education
(Justin M. Nolan and John Richard Stepp)

Hobbyists in the Role of Environmental Educator: The Case of Amateur Astronomy Clubs
(Martin Storksdieck, Jill Stein and Eric C. Jones)

Folk Knowledge, Interactive Learning, and Education: Community-Based Ecotourism in the Amazon
(Laura Zanotti)

Characterization of Plant Nutrients and Traceable Marker Components in Dairy Manure for Organic Dairy Farming Management Evaluation
(Zhongqi He and Jim J. Wang)

Alteration of Dairy Cattle Diets for Enhanced Recycling of Manure Nutrients
(J. Mark Powell)

Calorific Values and Combustion Chemistry of Animal Manure
(Minori Uchimiya and Zhongqi He)

Thermochemical Conversion Technologies for Production of Renewable Energy and Value-Added Char from Animal Manures
(Kyoung S. Ro)

Bio-oil Production from Poultry Litter: Potential Energy, Environmental and Chemical Opportunities
(Carlos M. Monreal and Morris I. Schnitzer)

Co-Digestion Strategies and Pre-Treatments to Enhance Biogas Production from Animal Manure
(Elena Marañón, Leonor Castrillón and Yolanda Fernández-Nava)

Two Farm-Scale Canadian Case Studies of Bioenergy Production from Anaerobic Digestion of Cattle Manure and Organic Wastes
(Carlos M. Monreal, Xiaomei Li, Anna Crolla, Chris Kinsley and Naveen Patni)

Poultry Litter-based Biochar: Preparation, Characterization and Utilization
(Mingxin Guo, Yufang Shen and Zhongqi He)

Animal Manure Composting: Stability and Maturity Evaluation
(Kristine M. Wichuk and Daryl McCartney)

Evaluation of Sheep Manure for In-Situ Acid Mine Drainage Treatment
(Oriol Gibert, José Luis Cortina and Joan de Pablo)

Utilization of Poultry Litter for Pesticide Bioremediation
(Nanh Lovanh, G. Ruiz-Aguilar, Michael J. Rothrock and Kimberly L. Cook)

Applied Manure Research—Looking forward to the Benign Roles of Animal Manure in Agriculture and the Environment
(Zhongqi He, Mingxin Guo, Nanh Lovanh and Kurt A. Spokas)

New Research Challenges
(Angelo Colorni and Arik Diamant)

Parasitic Protozoans – Increasing Menace in Mariculture Facilities and Marine Aquarium in Kuwait
(I. S. Azad and Ahmed Al-Marzouk)

Status of Aquaculture Health Management in the Islamic Republic of Iran
(Mehdi Soltani)

Diseases in Wild and Cultured Fish in Turkey
(Ercument Genc)

Principle Fish Pathogens in Tunisian Aquaculture
(Cherif Nadia and Hammami Salah)

Breeding the Silver Pomfret,
(Sulaiman M. Almatar and Charles M. James)

Some Metocean Aspects for the Selection of Suitable Mariculture Sites in the Arabian Gulf
(S. Neelamani)

Industry Perspective of Aquaculture in the Middle East – Status and Issues
(C. Regunathan)

Aquaculture in Israel: Current Status and Innovative Approaches
(W. M. Koven, S. Harpaz, J. Van Rijn and N. Mozes)

Aquaculture Status and Needs in the Islamic Republic of Iran
(Mehdi Soltani)

Review of Moroccan Aquaculture
(Abdellatif Orbi, Hassan Nhhala and Mohamed Id Halla)

Aquaculture in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: Growth, Prospects and Problems
(Feisal Bukhari)

Aquaculture in Turkey – Status and Needs
(Hayri Deniz)

Assemblages of Zoosporic True Fungi, Heterotrophic Straminipiles and Plasmodiophorids in Freshwater Ecosystems
(Agostina V. Marano, Carmen L. A. Pires-Zottarelli, Frank H.Gleason, Sigrid Neuhauser and Mónica M. Steciow)

Aquatic Ecosystem Health: A Review
(Surjya Kumar Saikia, Santanu Ray, Joyita Mukherjee and Madhumita Roy)

The Eutrophication of Aquatic Ecosystems: Causes, Effects and Rehabilitation
(Gabriela Elena Dumitran and Liana Ioana Vuţă)

Peculiarities of Aquatic Ecosystems Functioning with Anthropogenic Impact: (Thermodynamic Aspect)
(A. M. Nikanorov and M. M. Trofimchouk)

Cyclic Recurrence of Intrareservoir Processes when Anthropogenic Impact Occurs on Freshwater Ecosystems
(M. Nikanorov and B. L. Sukhorukov)

Change of Biodiversity of Subarctic Freshwater Ecosystems: Case Study Russian North-West Region
(T. I. Moiseenko, A. N. Sharov, O. I. Vandysh, V. A. Yakovlev and C. N. Gashev)

Eucalyptus camaldulensis Dehnh: An Effective Remediator of Geologic Nitrogen in Groundwater
(Mehrdad Mohammadnia and Sayyed Ahang Kowsar)

Hydrogeology and Geochemistry of Fractured Dolomites – A Case Study of Slovenia
(Timotej Verbovšek)

GIS-Based Groundwater Modeling: An Integrated Tool for Managing Groundwater-Induced Disasters
(Madan Kumar Jha)

Some Tools for Investigating Different Groundwater Systems Occurring in Brazil
(Daniel Marcos Bonotto and Edson Gomes de Oliveira)

Damaging Hydro-Geological Events: Definitions, Methods and Case Studies
(Olga Petrucci and Maurizio Polemio)

Cenozoic Aquifer System in Sedimentary Basin of the Lower Tagus River, Portugal
(Manuela Simões)

Hydrogeology of a Transitional Aquifer System between Marginal and Axial Alluvial Deposits in Southern Part of the Gangetic Plains, India
(Dipankar Saha)

Groundwater Pollution and Hydro-Geochemistry in Peri-Urban Cities of Japan and China
(Nguyen Cao Don, Nguyen Thi Minh Hang, Hiroyuki Araki and Fujita Tsuyoshi)

Hydro-Geo-Morphological Parameters as Decisive Factors for Ground Water Aquifer Vulnerability Using Remote Sensing and GIS Technique
(Atiqur Rahman)

Pollution Sources, Monitoring Need and Protection Policy for Groundwater in Kuwait
(Amitabha Mukhopadhyay and Amr Fadlelmwala)

The Sources of Salts in the Pore Water of the Chalk Aquifer (Eocene Age), Northwestern Negev, Israel
(Yakov Livshitz, S. Arie Issar and Eliahu Rosenthal)

Prokaryotic Morphological and Phylogenetic Diversity in Biofilms from an Alpine Subsurface Thermal Spring
(Marion Dornmayr-Pfaffenhuemer, Gerhard W. Weidler, Friedrich W. Gerbl and Helga Stan-Lotter)

Numerical Analysis and Modeling of Coupled Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical (THM) Phenomena in Double Porous Media
(Qi Li and Kazumasa Ito)

A Comprehensive Study on Nitrate Contamination of Water Resources
(A. G. S. Reddy)

Vertical Hydraulic Conductivity of Highly Permeable Alluvial Aquifers
(Xunhong Chen)

Hydrogeological Criteria for Monitoring Programs Design in Contaminated Aquifers
(A. Hernández-Espriu, J. A. Reyna-Gutiérrez and E. Luis Marín)

Supporting Remediation Decision Making: The Effect of the Aquifer Heterogeneity
(Hillel Rubin, Sharon Yaniv, Eran Rubin and Holger Schüttrumpf)

Hydrochemical Features of Groundwater from Aquifer Systems occurring Near Central São Paulo State, Brazil
(Daniel Marcos Bonotto, Luis Henrique Mancini
and Érica Martini Tonetto)

Aquifer System Characterization Using Integrated Geophysical Methods
(Boutheina Farhat, Ismail Chenini Abdallah Ben Mammou and Sfar. Felfoul)

Groundwater Intensive Use Case Study: Mancha Oriental Aquifer (Se Spain)
(David Sanz, Juan José Gómez-Alday, Santiago Castaño and Angel Moratalla)

Study of Variation in Groundwater Quality in Arid Coastal Aquifer in South-Eastern Tunisia: Using Multivariate Factor Analysis
(Zouari Kamel and Trabelsi Rim)

Effects of Heterogeneity on the Surfactant-Enhanced Remediation of Aquifer Contaminated with Nonaqueous Phase Liquids
(Kun Sang Lee)

Pollution Risk of Groundwater, in a Semi Arid Region by Wastewater Rejections: Case of Tebessa Aquifer System
(Abdelkader Rouabhia, Moufida Bouteraa, Fethi. Baali, Chemseddine Fehdi and Gérard Vergoten)

Numerical Study of Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage System Influenced by Regional Groundwater Flow
(Kun Sang Lee)

Fluid Flow and Contaminant Propagation in Fractured Rock Aquifers
(Claudia Cherubini)

Assessment of Heavy Metal Contamination in the Marine Environment of the Arabian Gulf
(Humood Abdulla Naser )

Can Ice Sheets Self-Destruct and Cause Rapid Climate Change? A Case Study: Jakobshavn Isbrae, Greenland
(Coen Hofstede and Terence Hughes)

Global Warming in a Context of the Millennial Climate History
(M. Ogurtsov)

Temporal and Spatial Patterns of PM10 Concentrations at an Urban Area
(J. C. M. Pires)

Development and Evaluation of Fibrous Adsorbents for Carbon Dioxide Removal
(Xianfeng Wang, Yuhua Duan and Bingyun Li)

Progress in Barley In Vitro Culture and Genetic Transformation
(Alla I. Yemets, Irina V. Tanasienko and Yaroslav B. Blume)

Barley Cultivars and Their Important Role as a Component of Integrated Weed Management Systems
(I. S. Travlos)

Cultivation of Barley on Acid Sod-Podzolic Soils of North-East of Europe
(E. M. Lisitsyn, I. N. Shchennikova and O. N. Shupletsova)

Barley: Variety, Type, Production, Physical and Chemical and Nutrient Profiles, Factors Affecting Digestibility, and Synchrotron-Based Structure Research
(Liqin Du and Peiqiang Yu)

Advances in Barley Biotechnology: Tissue Culture and Molecular Markers
(Nermin Gozukirmizi and Aslihan Temel)

The Photooxidative Processes Induced in Barley by Xanthene Sensitizers
(Nikolai V. Kozel )

Response of Barley Roots to Variation of Nitrogen Nutrition is Conditioned by Changes in Proton and Calcium Metabolism
(O. V. Skobeleva and I. N. Ktitorova)

Barley Grain for the Bugs, the Host and the Farmer: A Pearl or a Fiasco
(A. Nikkhah)

Hydrodynamic Comparison between Soil under Barley and Grassland
(A. Alaoui, B. Goetz and E. Diserens)

Barley Forage for Environmentalist Ruminants: A Distinctive Effective Fiber and Fermentable Energy Entity
(A. Nikkhah)

Barley Grain for Rumen and Ruminants: Over-Modernized Uses of an Inimitable Fuel
(A. Nikkhah)

Barley as a Method of Algal Control
(Daire Ó hUallacháin and Owen Fenton)

Using Barley Straw as Building Material
(Taha Ashour and Wei Wu)

Barley: A Functional Food Ingredient
(El-Sayed M. Abdel-Aal and Rashida Ali)

Functional Food Sources: Beans in Sight
(Rocio Campos-Vega, Hayde Azeneth Vergara-Castañeda and B. Dave Oomahc)

Chemical Composition and Food Properties of Six Cultivars (Whole and Dehulled) of African Yam Bean (Sphenostylis Stenocarpa) Flours
(E. I. Adeyeye)

Chemical Composition and Anti-Nutritional Factors in Five Tropical Legume Seeds
(David Betancur-Ancona, Maira Segura-Campos, Gabriel Rosado-Rubio, Luis Sarmiento Franco
and Luis Chel-Guerrero)

Preparation Techniques for Maintenance of Nutritional Quality of Beans
(Ana Carolina Fernandes and Rossana Pacheco da Costa Proença)

Genetic Diversity of Grains, Storage Pests and Their Effects on the Worldwide Bean Supply
(Isabel Ribeiro do Valle Teixeira and Cristiane Fortes Gris )

Food-Grade Soybean: Consumption, Nutrition, and Health
(Bo Zhang, Luciano M. Jaureguy, Liliana Florez-Palacios and Pengyin Chen)

Angiotensin I-Converting Enzyme Inhibitory and Antioxidant Activities of Protein Hydrolysates from Four Tropical Legumes
(Maira Segura-Campos, Luis Chel-Guerrero, Arturo Castellanos-Ruelas and David Betancur-Ancona)

Beans by-Products, Potential Sources for Functional Ingredients
(I. Mateos-Aparicio)

Relationship between Nutritional Quality of Beans and Growing Conditions
(Eszter Nemeskéri)

Proteinase Inhibitors from Legumes
(T. B. Ng)

Lectins in Legumes
(Jack Ho Wong and T. B. Ng)

Leguminous Alpha-Amylase Inhibitors
(T. B. Ng and X. Y. Ye)

Seed Yield in Mungbean (Vigna radiata (L.) Wilczek) is Correlated with Root Length Density and Total
Dry Matter
(P. Khajudparn, H. Boonjung, P. Laosuwan and P. Tantasawat)

Defensins in Beans
(Jack H. Wong and T. B. Ng)

Benzene as a Precursor for Conducting Polymers
(Johannis Simitzis, Spyridon Soulis and Despina Triantou)

Pharmacologically Active Benzene Derivatives: Synthesis, Complexation with Biometals, and Biological Evaluation of Sterically Hindered 1,2-Dihydroxybenzene and o-Aminophenol Derivatives
(N. V. Loginova, G. I. Polozov, T. V. Koval’chuk, N. P. Osipovich, Y. V. Faletrov, A. T. Gres, R. A. Zheldakova and O. I. Shadyro)

Benzene Conversion to Phenol in Membrane Reactors
(Raffaele Molinari and Teresa Poerio)

Anaerobic Benzene Degradation by Microorganisms
(Arturo Aburto-Medina)

Behaviour of Liquid Mixture Benzene + Hexane
(A. Randová and L. Bartovská)

Biological Treatment Of Benzene Vapors In Biofilters
(Ashraf Aly Hassan and George A. Sorial)

Performance of Biological Waste-Gas Treatment Systems for Benzene and Other VOC Removal from Polluted Air
(M. Estefanía López, María Montes, Haris Nalakath Abubackar, Seyed Morteza Zamir and Eldon R. Rene)

Presence of Benzene in Gasoline Reformulated Water Pollution
(Mónica B. Gramajo and Carlos M. Bonatti)

Benzene and Cytochrome: A Short Comment
(Viroj Wiwanitkit)

Simulation of Cytochrome P450 Catalyzed Aromatic Oxidation, Toxicity, and Carcinogenic Potency of Benzene Derivatives
(Pavel N. D’yachkov and Nina V. Kharchevnikova)

Refining Exposure and Health Risk Assessment of Benzene
(Spyros P. Karakitsios, Dimosthenis A. Sarigiannis and Alberto Gotti)

Biological Monitoring to Assess Low Levels Exposure to Benzene, in Workers and in the General Population
(Enrico Paci and Giovanna Tranfo)

Plant Bioactives in Chinese Dietary Herbs
(Junzeng Zhang and Zhimin Wang)

Seed Storage Proteins as Sources of Bioactive Peptides
(P. W. M. L. H. K. Marambe and J. P. D. Wanasundara)

Bioactivity of Flaxseed Lignans
(Farah S. Hosseinian, Ed S. Krol and B. Dave Oomah)

Chemistry and Bioactivity of Food Phytoalexins
(Chibuike C. Udenigwe and Rotimi E. Aluko)

Bioactivity of Alkylresorcinols
(Rania Agil and Farah S. Hosseinian)

Seabuckthorn (Hippophae Rhamnoides L) and its Products: A Powerhouse of Phytochemicals
(Florence O. Uruakpa and Alphonsus Utioh)

Effect of Different Carriers on the Shelf-Life of Trichoderma Harzianum Formulations
(J. M. Zapiola, V. A. Barrera, R. A. Rojo, G. H. Chiessa, J. Cozzi and L. A. Gasoni)

Biological Control in Agroecosystems: The Case of Coccidophagy by Coccinellids
(Sónia A. P. Santos, Albino Bento and José A. Pereira)

Fusarium Oxysporum Msa 35, A Fascinating Fungal-Bacterial Interaction For Biocontrol
(Marino Moretti and Daniela Minerdi)

Diets for Breeding of Codling Moth Larvae: Conventional and Alternative Approach
(Jean Robert Gnepe, Satinder Kaur Brar, Rajeshwar Dayal Tyagi, José R. Valéro and R. Y. Surampalli)

Soil-Borne Fungi Act as Biocontrol Agents: The Role of Antifungal Metabolite Production
(María Alejandra Rodríguez, Gabriela Cabrera and Alicia Godeas)

Biopolymer Based Biocontrol Strategies against Phytopathogens: New Dimensions to Agriculture
(Surinder Kaur, Gurpreet Singh Dhillon, Mausam Verma, Satinder Kaur Brar, Vijay Bahadur Chauhan and Ramesh Chand)

Pesticide Microemulsions and Biopesticide Formulations
(Lalitesh Kumar Thakur)

Dual Biological Control of Insect Pests and Plant Pathogens with Fungi in the Order Hypocreales
(Bonnie H. Ownley and Mary Ruth Griffin)

Agro-Industrial Waste as Ingredient Replacement for Codling Moth Diet
(Jean Robert Gnepe, Satinder Kaur Brar, Rajeshwar Dayal Tyagi, José R.Valero and R. Y. Surampalli)

Fungi as Biological Control Agents in Agriculture and Animal Husbandry
(D. Brand, C. Rodrigues, L. P. S. Vandenberghe, A. B. P. Medeiros, D. R. Fernandez, G. E. Halfen,
A. L. L. da Silva, J. L. Costa, S. Roussos, V. T. C. Soccol and C. R. Soccol)

Role of Rhizobacteria in Antibiosis
(Farhana Masood, Mohd. Ikram Ansari and Abdul Malik)

Ecological Networks for Biodiversity Conservation: Theory and Practice
(Tomoko Doko and Wenbo Chen)

Medicinal Plant Trade in the Cape Floristic Region
(Lisa E. Aston Philander)

Biodiversity Change and Sustainable Development: New Perspectives
(Clement A. Tisdell)

Response of Tropical Forest Trees to Climate Change in Thailand
(Yongyut Trisurat and Alan Grainger)

Biodiversity Conservation and Management in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest: Every Fragment Must Be Considered
(Roseli Pellens, Irene Garay and Philippe Grandcolas)

A Scientific Guide for Agricultural Water Management and Biodiversity Conservation Inside the North
African Oasis
(Mohamed Habib Sellami)

Assessing the Sustainability of Bioenergy Systems
(Silvina M. Manrique and Judith Franco)

Soil Loss – A Forgotten Aspect of Biofuel Production
(Michael W. H. Evangelou and Rainer Schulin)

Effective Biocatalysts for Lignocellulosic Biofuel by Proteomics Study of Fungal Secretome
(Sunil S. Adav and Siu Kwan Sze)

Biomass Availability and Uses in Brazil
(Aline Machado de Castro, Guilherme Eugênio Machado Lopes, José Nicomedes Junior and Silvia Machado de Castro)

How Farming and Forestry Converge: Enhancing the Interface Between Agricultural Production, and Tree Biomass/Bioenergy Systems to Improve Farm-Scale Productivity in Western Australia
(Mark P. McHenry)

Hydrogen and Ethanol Compariso As Fuels dor Internal Combustion Engines
(Verónica Laura Martínez and Juan Isidro Franco)

Hydrogen Production by Mixed Cultures
(Franco Juan Isidro and Rodrigo Enrique García)

Environmental Applications of Non-Thermal Plasmas
(Kurt H. Becker)

Ozone Generation with Cold Plasmas for Water Treatment Processes
(Jose L. Lopez)

Microscopy as an Analysis Tool for Studying Plasma Applications
(Kurt Vandervoort)

Non-Equilibrium Plasmas in Biology and Medicine
(Gregory Fridman)

Decontamination of Chemical and Microbial Targets Using Gliding Electrical Discharge
(Murielle Naïtali, Bogdan Hnatiuc, Jean-Marie Herry, Eugen Hnatiuc, Marie-Noëlle Bellon-Fontaine
and Jean-Louis Brisset)

Dielectric Barrier Discharge: A Versatile Tool for Biological Applications
(Nina Mertens and Wolfgang Viöl)

Conversion of Wood into Liquid Fuels: A Review of the Science and Technology Behind the Fast Pyrolysis of Biomass
(G. San Miguel, J. Makibar and A.R. Fernandez-Akarregi)

Biomass Crops for Fermentative Biofuel Production
(John A. Panagiotopoulos, Robert R. Bakker, Paulien Harmsen, Krzysztof Urbaniec, Andrzej Zarzycki, Ju Wu and Vito Sardo)

Alfalfa Biomass Production and Quality during Cutting Regrowth Cycle under Elevated CO2
(Gorka Erice, Juan José Irigoyen, and Manuel Sánchez-Díaz)

Damage-Induced Variations in Essential Oil Composition and Volatile Emission in Aromatic Plants
(Erika Banchio, Graciela Valladares, Walter Giordano and Julio Zygadlo)

Gasification of Biomass in Aqueous Media
(Sibel Irmak and Oktay Erbatur)

Biofuel Production Potential, Processing and Utilization
(S. Prasad and M.S. Dhanya)

Planting Soybean in Cd-, Cu-, or Zn-Contaminated Soils to Assess its Feasibility in Further Producing Biodiesel
(Hung-Yu Lai, Bo-Ching Chen, Hsuen-Li Chen Chih-Jen Lu, and Zueng-Sang Chen)

Dissemination of Integrated Soil Fertility Management Practices Using Participatory Approaches in the Central Highlands of Kenya
(Jayne Mugwe, Daniel Mugendi , Monicah Mucheru-Muna, Roel Merckx, Bernard Vanlauwe, Andre Bationo and Franklin Mairura)

Bioproduction Engineering: A Road Map for Sustainable Agricultural Practices
(Tofael Ahamed, Tomohiro Takigawa, Noguchi Ryozo and Lei Tian)

Microbial Degradation of Nitro-Toluenes and their Derivatives: Progresses, Challenges and Opportunities
(Debasree Kundu, Chinmay Hazra and Ambalal Chaudhari)

Advances in the Bioremediation of Perchlorates
(Yanguang Song and Steven W. Van Ginkel)

Sustainable Bioremediation, Industrial Ecology, and Public Policies: New Challenges for Chile
(A. Godoy-Faúndez, L. Reyez-Bozo, W. Montecinos-Bustamante and S. Quiroz-Valenzuela)

Bacteria and their Genes Coding for Enzymes Involved in Bioremediation of Petroleum Hydrocarbons
(Diogo Jurelevicius and Lucy Seldin)

Bioremediation of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons
(Belinda Hewitt, Naresh Singhal and Simon Swift)

Interaction of Copper or Chromium with Yeasts: Potential Application on Polluted Environmental Clean up
(Liliana B. Villegas, María J. Amoroso and Lucía I.C. de Figueroa)

Biosurfactants: Potential Biomolecules for Bioremediation of Metals
(Asha A. Juwarkar, Mamta P. Kamat, Sanjeev K. Singh and Santosh K. Yadav)

Geomicrobiology of Heritage Monuments and Artworks: Mechanisms of Biodeterioration, Bioconservation Strategies and Applied Molecular Approaches
(Tikam Chand Dakal and Swaranjit Singh Cameotra)

Microbial Surface Active Agents as Agrochemicals
(Anil Kumar Singh and Swaranjit Singh Cameotra)

Bioremediation of Industrial Wastewaters Contaminated with Hazardous Compounds
(Vicky Dritsa and Fotis Rigas)

Saccharomyces Cerevisiae’s Three B-S: Bakery, Brewery and Bioremediation
(Ileana Cornelia Farcasanu and Mihaela Matache)

Microbial Aspects of Anaerobic Digestion for Biogas Production
(A. B. Chaudhari, P. C. Suryawanshi and R. M. Kothari)

Knowing More about Metals, Microbes and Environment Interactions: How to Improve Wastewater Biotreatments
(Matías Barrionuevo, María Alejandra Daniel, Luciana Garavaglia, Natividad López, Nerina Méndez, Griselda Sosa, Roberto Candal, Silvia Cerdeira, Helena Ceretti, Silvana Ramírez, Eduardo Reciulschi, Anita Zalts and Diana L. Vullo)

Salt Marshes’ Meaning on Nitrogen Remediation
(Ana I. Sousa, Ana I. Lilleb, Nils Risgaard-Petersen, Miguel A. Pardal and Isabel Caçador)

Bioremediation of Chromium Contaminated Soils by Actinomycetes: Mechanisms Involved
(Marta A. Polti, María J. Amoroso and Carlos M. Abate)

Candida Biosurfactant-Enhanced Removal Hydrophobic Organic Pollutants
(Leonie A. Sarubbo and Galba M. Campos-Takaki)

Bioremediation with Marine Algae: A Case Study of the Soda Ash Industry
(R. N. Jadeja, Wenjie Ren and Qixing Zhou)

Biosorption of Trivalent Arsenic by Facultative Marine Aspergillus Niger
(Anjana K. Vala and Rajesh Patel)

Remediation of Heavy Metal Contaminated Soils by Phosphate-Bearing Biotechnological Products
(M. Vassileva, A. Medina, A. Reyes, V. Martos, S. Shilev and N. Vassilev)

Adverse Effects of Cadmium on Plants and Possible Mitigation of Cadmium-Induced Phytotoxicity
(Mirza Hasanuzzaman, Kamrun Nahar, M. M. Alam and Masayuki Fujita)

Morphophysiological, Biochemical, Ultrastructural and Molecular Responses of Cadmium Toxicity in Plants
(Alex-Alan F. de Almeida, Luana M. C. Gomes, Vânia L. Souza and Raúl R. Valle)

Antioxidative Response of Plants to Oxidative Stress Induced by Cadmium
(Luísa Louro Martins, Rafaela Reis, Inês Moreira, Filipa Pinto, Joana Sales and Miguel Pedro Mourato)

Toxic Effects of Cadmium on Plant Growth and Lignification
(Aline Finger-Teixeira, Jennifer Munik Bevilaqua, Maria de Lourdes Lucio Ferrarese and Osvaldo Ferrarese-Filho)

Physiological and Molecular Responses to Cadmium in Plants and Animals
(I. A. Omedo, F. K. Musasia and P. O. Mireji)

Towards Understanding the Influence of Cadmium on Microbial Behavior
(María L. Ferreira, Irene C. Lazzarini Behrmann, Helena M. Ceretti, Anita Zalts, Diana L. Vullo and Silvana A Ramírez)

Toxicity and Tolerance in Microalgal Cells Exposed to Cadmium: A Current Overview
(Enrique Torres, Roi Mera and Julio Abalde)

Solanum Nigrum L., a Promising Cadmium Hyperaccumulator: From Molecular Mechanisms to the Field
(Liangqi Wu, Yulong Li, Qing Ge, Ping Zhang, Xiaojing Liu and Jin Xu)

Cadmium Removal From Aqueous Solutions by Biosorbents: Study of the Operating Conditions
(A. Converti, G. L. Mariottini, A. M. Ben Hamissa, E. Finocchio, S. Al-Arni, R. Botter and A. Lodi)

The Effect of Zeolitic Tuff Nanoparticles on Cd, Pb and Zn Fractionation and Uptake by Barley from a Sewage Sludge-Treated Soil
(Ayoup M. Ghrair, Joachim Ingwersen and Thilo Streck)

Cadmium-Based Devices and their Possible Environment-Friendly Alternatives
(Mythili Prakasam and Alain Largeteau)

Radiation Removal of Cadmium from Aqueous Solutions
(Barbora Drtinova)

Cadmium-Binding Properties of Surface Waters: Role of Dissolved and Suspended Matter
(Yanina S. Minaberry, Ezequiel Barral, Silvana A. Ramírez and Gabriel J. Gordillo)

Cadmium Exposure from Food –Important Factors in Risk Assessment
Jasmina Djedjibegovic,Aleksandra Marjanovic,
Miroslav Sober and Kemo Sinanovic

Cadmium Level in Red Meat and Edible Offal
(Vladimir M. Tomović, Marija R. Jokanović, Mila S. Tomović, Branislav V. Šojić, Snežana B. Škaljac, Tatjana A. Tasić and Predrag M. Ikonić)

Cadmium in the Food Chain: An Insidious Pathway of Exposure
(Samuel Ogheneovo Asagba and Suru Steven Monday)

Why Do We Defer Actions on Climate Change? A Cognitive Perspective
(Varun Dutt)

Responding Linearly in Nonlinear Problems: Application to Earth’s Climate
(Varun Dutt and Cleotilde Gonzalez)

Steel Industry and Carbon Dioxide Emissions: A Novel Ironmaking Process with Greatly Reduced Carbon Footprint
(H. Y. Sohn and Moo Eob Choi)

CO2–E Emissions from Best Practice Landfill versus Compost
(Barbara Hutton, Edmund Horan and Mark Norrish)

Evaluation of the Potential Carbon Dioxide Emissions Reductions from the Use of CHP Systems in Commercial Buildings
(Pedro J. Mago, Rogelio Luck and Amanda D. Smith)

Building Integrated Renewable Energy Technologies: Embodied Energy, Economic Analysis and Potential of CO2 Emission Mitigation
(Arvind Chel)

Allocating Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Cogeneration: An Exergy-based Approach
(Marc A. Rosen)

The Biomass and its Role in the Climate Change
(Silvina M. Manrique and Judith Franco)

Practicalities of Establishing Forestry Carbon Sequestration Projects in the Agricultural Sector: A Technical and Economic Analysis with Implications
(Mark P. McHenry)

Assessing the Carbon-Stock Potential by Biomass of a Mediterranean Agroforestry Landscape (SE Spain)
(Iván Francisco García-Tejero, Víctor Hugo Durán-Zuazo, José Ramón Francia Martínez, Armando Martínez Raya and José Luis Muriel Fernández)

Sensitive Variables for Applying Biochar as a Fertiliser Substitute and a Method to Sequester Carbon in Soils: A Wheat Crop Scenario
(Mark. P. McHenry)

Carbon Sequestration in an Uncertain World
(Patrick Moriarty and Damon Honnery)

The Impact of Crop Plant Residues on Carbon Sequestration in Soil
(Silvia Salati, Manuela Spagnol and Fabrizio Adani)

Traditional Uses of Check Dams: A Global and Historical Introduction
(William E. Doolittle)

Criteria for Optimizing Check Dam Location and Maintenance Requirements
(Ali Morad Hassanli and Simon Beecham)

Modern Strategies for Torrent Control: Slit and W-Weir Check Dams
(Vito Ferro)

Check Dams in the Torrent Control Practice in Small Mountainous Catchments
(Stanimir Kostadinov and Nada Dragović)

Block Ramp for Torrent Control and Stream Restoration
(Stefano Pagliara and Michele Palermo)

Effectiveness of Check Dams in the Reservoir Sedimentation Control under Torrential Conditions
(Jian Liu, Shuhei Minami and Shinji Egashira)

Managing Stream Morphology with Check Dams
(Ellen Wohl, Anne Chin, Jeffrey P. Haltiner and G. Mathias Kondolf)

Sediment Transportation from Bed-Load to Debris-Flow and Its Control by Check Dams in Torrential Streams
(Rabindra Osti and Shinji Egashira)

Filtering-Retention Check Dam Design in Mountain Torrents
(Vincenzo D’Agostino)

The Effectiveness of Torrent Check Dams to Control Channel Instability: Example of Debris-Flow Events in Clay Shales
(A. Remaître and J.-P. Malet)

Induced Morphological Changes Affecting the Stability of Check Dam Systems
(Xiang-Zhou Xu, Hong-Wu Zhang, Guang-Qian Wang, Yi Xu and Ou-Yang Zhang)

Local Scouring at Check-Dams in Mountain Rivers
(F. Comiti, M. A. Lenzi and L. Mao)

Bed Scouring-Sedimentation Balance Induced by Check Dams in Semiarid Catchments with Different Lithology
(C. Conesa-García and R.García-Lorenzo)

Upstream and Downstream Effects of Check Dams in Braided Rivers, Central Pyrenees
(José M. García-Ruiz, Luis C. Alatorre, Amelia Gómez-Villar and Santiago Beguería)


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