Environmental and Agricultural Research Summaries. Volume 1


Lucille T. Cacioppo (Editor)

Series: Environmental and Agricultural Research Summaries
BISAC: SCI026000

This book compiles research summaries from a number of different focuses in the important field of environment and agriculture. (Imprint: Nova)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


The Use of Stochastic Models as a Management Tool in a Shallow Temperate Estuary of South Europe
(Mondego, Portugal)
(Pedro Silva-Santos, Ricardo Jorge Lopes, Tiago Múrias, Joana Medeiros Patricia Cardoso, Marina Dolbeth, Miguel Ângelo Pardal and João Alexandre Cabral)

Recruitment Preferences of a Bivalve Community: Results from Artificial Collectors Over Posidonia Oceanica (L.) Delile Meadows in a Marine Protected Area (MPA)
(Sandro Sardu, Miguel Cabanellas-Reboredo, Josep Alós, Iris Hendriks, Elvira Álvarez and Salud Deudero)

The Use of Aerial Photography in GIS Mapping of Seagrass Meadows
(Vincenzo Maccarrone, Giuseppa Buscaino, Francesco Filiciotto, Gaspare Buffa, Antonio Bellante, Mario Sprovieri, Angelo Bonanno, Gualtiero Basilone, Angela Cuttitta, Bernardo Patti and Salvatore Mazzola)

The Rise of Ruppia in Seagrass Beds: Changes in Coastal Environment and Research Needs
(Hyun Jung Cho, Patrick Biber and Cristina Nica)

Seagrass Ecology and Threats in the Tropical Indo-Pacific Bioregion
(Rob Coles, Alana Grech, Michael Rasheed, Len McKenzie, Richard Unsworth and Fred Short)

Seagrass Meadows of the Wakatobi National Park
(Richard K. F. Unsworth)

Formation of Ripples and Dunes on a Granular Bed Sheared by a Liquid Flow
(Erick de Moraes Franklin)

The State of the Art in Scour Monitoring
(Murray Fisher, Abdul A. Khan and Sez Atamturktur)

Temporal Pier Scour Evolution under Stepped Hydrographs
(Mark W. Schillinger and Abdul A. Khan)

Fundamentals and Modeling of Cohesive Sediment Transport
(Earl J. Hayter)

Non-Equilibrium Sediment Transport Modeling — Formulations and Closures
(Weiming Wu)

Non-Equilibrium Sediment Transport Modeling — Extensions and Applications
(Weiming Wu, Zhiguo He, Qianru Lin, Alejandro Sanchez and Reza Marsooli)

Simulation of Morphological Changes due to Dam Removal
(Yan Ding, Moustafa Elghory, Mustafa S. Altinakar and Sam S. Y. Wang)

Mathematical Models for Simulation of Bedload and Suspension Sediment Transport
(Tomás Morales de Luna)

Sediment Transport in the Caofeidian Coastal Area of Bohai Bay, China
(Yongjun Lu, Liqin Zuo, Rongyao Ji and Huaixiang Liu)

Laboratory and Field Investigations of Marsh Edge Erosion
(Qin Chen, Yavuz Ozeren, Guoping Zhang, Daniel Wren, Weiming Wu, Ranjit Jadhav, Kyle Parker and Hem Pant)

Turbidity Dynamics in Upper Terrebonne Bay, Louisiana
(Arash Karimpour, Qin Chen and Ranjit Jadhav)

Analysis of Climate Change Impact on Runoff and Sediment Delivery in a Great Lakes Watershed using SWAT
(Rabin Bhattarai and Nathan S. Bosch)

Impact of Internal Wave Breaking on the Ocean Upper Layer Formation
(Alexander Yu. Benilov)

Trace Elements in Seawater in Offshore Oil Production Platform Areas
(Sergio Felipe Jerez Veguería and José Marcus Godoy)

Self-Purification of Seawater: A Measure for Environmental Regulation
(Sergei B. Gulin and Viktor N. Egorov)

Macro-Imagineering a “Fifth Coast” USA: Salton Sea Megaport and Seawater Canal
(Richard Brook Cathcart )

Assessing the Effect of Nearshore Currents over the SO2 Absorption in Caribbean Seawater
(C. Riverol and T. Alvarez)

About Sewage Sludge
(Antonis A. Zorpasand Vassilis J. Inglezakis)

Municipal Sludge: Generation and Characteristics
(Muhammad H. Al-Malack and Muhammad Muhitur Rahman)

Sewage Sludge Properties
(Vassilis J. Inglezakis)

Wastewater Treatment Residuals: Sources, Characteristics and Quantities
(George Tchobanoglous, Avraam Karagiannidis and Harold Leveren)

Sewage Sludge and Global Change
(Jose Navarro Pedreño, José Martin Soriano Disla and Ignacio Gómez Lucas)

Sustainable Use of Sludge and Treated Wastewater in the Agricultural Field
(Ioannis Papadopoulos, Costas N. Costa and Petros G. Savva)

Land Application of Sewage Effluents and Sludge: Selected Abstracts from 1897-1973
(Antonis A. Zorpas)

Sewage Sludge Compost Evaluation and Utilization
(Antonis A. Zorpas)

Anaerobic Treatment of Sewage Sludge
(Christos Venetis)

Stabilization of Municipal Sewage Sludge by Fly Ash
(E. Papastergiadis, C. Papadimitriou, P. Samaras, A. Karagiannidis and A. Zouboulis)

Ocean Dumping: An Old And Known Sewage Sludge Method
(Antonis A. Zorpas and Irene Voukkali)

Potential Use of Sewage Sludge as a Construction Material
(Demetris Nicolaides)

Problems Related to the Management of Sewage Sludge
(Vassilis J. Inglezakis)

Impact Assessment from Sewage Sludge
(Antonis A. Zorpas, Vasilis Inglezakis and Irene Voukalli)

Legislation on Sewage Sludge
(Vassilis J. Inglezakis)

Approaches to the Implications of the EU Directive on Sludge: Analytical Methodologies, Concentration Levels and Occurrence of Organic Pollutants in Different Types of Sewage Sludge
(Juan Luis Santos, Julia Martín, Irene Aparicio and Esteban Alonso)

Phosphorus Recovery as Map-Struvite from Digested Sewage Sludge
(Kenan Güney)

Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment of Sludge Management
(Lehmann Annekatri, Traverso Marzia and Finkbeiner Matthias)

The Potential of Anaerobic Digestion for Energy Recovery from Sludge
(Lise Appels and Raf Dewil)

Sewage Sludge Treatment: Cost Benefits Analysis and Economic Aspects
(Costas J. Athanasiou)

Gaseous Emissions and Pollution Prevention from the Incineration of Sewage Sludge
(Stavros G. Poulopoulos)

Global Change and Soil Carbon
(Jose Navarro Pedreño, José Martin Soriano Disla and Ignacio Gómez Lucas)

Biosorption of Metals by Soil Bacteria
(V. Prabhawathi and Mukesh Doble)

Soil Yeasts in Agroecosystems
(M. M. Rosa-Magri and S. R. Ceccato-Antonini)

Bacillus Thuringiensis: Soil Microbial Insecticide, Diversity and their Relationship with the Entomopathogenic Activity
(J. Hernández-Fernández and SA López-Pazos)

Microbial Biofertilizer Application Versus Compost Use in Agriculture: Soil Health Implications
(G. Seneviratne, KPK Jayakody, MLMAW Weerasekara, Takashi Someya and Noriko Ryuda)

Effect of Chitooligosaccharides on Plant Defense Responses to Soil Pathogenic Fungi Bipolaris sorokiniana
(G. F. Burkhanova, L. G. Yarulina and I. V. Maksimov)

Hyperaccumulator Endophytes and their Promising Potential in Heavy Metal Decontamination
(Shenglian Luo, Xiao Xiao, Chengbin Liu, Liang Chen, Qiang Xi, Jueliang Chen, Yong Wan, Wanzhi Wei
and Qingyun Cai)

Current Review on Soil Borne Fusarium Wilt Disease of Guava
(V. K. Gupta, A. K. Misra and A. Manimaran)

Spatial Patterns of Microbial Activity in Temperate Forest Soils
(Erika Gömöryová and Dušan Gömöry)

Role of Organic Amendments on Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Formation and Function
(Sarah Jaison, E. Uma and T. Muthukumar)

Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Parameters and Indicators of Soil Health and Functioning: Applications in Agricultural and Agroforestal Systems
(Marcela Claudia Pagano, Santiago Schalamuk and Marta Noemí Cabello)

Influence of Mineral Solubilizers on Growth and Biomass of Acacia Auriculiformis Cunn Ex. Berth. Grown in Nursery Conditions
(Nibha Gupta, Sujata Dash and Ajay Kumar Mohapatra)

Growth of Mycorrhizal Barley (Hordeum Vulgare L.) as Affected by Heavy Metals
(Mohammad Rezvani, Mohammad Reza Ardakani, Farhad Rejali, Faezeh Zaefarian, Sadollah Teimouri, Ghorban Noormohammadi and Mohammad Miransari)

Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi and Alleviation of Soil Stresses
(Mohammad Miransari, H. Abbasipour, J. Karimi, M. R. Askarian Zadeh and A. Saeidi)

Potassium and Sugar Accumulation in Plant Cells
(M. S. Krasavina and N. A. Burmistrova)

The Role of Redox Conditions on Soil Nutrients Availability
(Artur Banach and Zofia Stępniewska)

Role of Soil Organisms in Determining Nutrient Dynamics
(Jagdamba Prasad Thapliyal and Sutapa Bose)

Soil Micronutrients: Role in Plant Growth and Integrated Nutrient Management Systems
(A. A. Deshmukh, N. N. Nawani, M. B. Khetmalas and P. N. Razdan)

Role of Microbial, Enzymatic and Pedofauna Activities in Making Good the Adaptation of Trachypogon to Phosphorus Depleted Environments
(D. López-Hernández, M. Toro and J.C. López-Gutiérrez)

Solubilization of Mineral and Rocks: Microorganisms Acting to Improve Soil Fertility
(Maria Leonor Lopes-Assad, Márcia Maria Rosa-Magri and Sandra Regina Ceccato-Antonini)

Role of Microorganisms in Nitrogen Cycling in Soils
(Egamberdieva Dilfuza)

Manganese Deficiency and Toxicity in Soils and Mechanisms Adopted by Plants in Order to Face these Nutritional Disorders: A Review
(T. Chatzistathis, I. Therios and D. Alifragis)

Sustainable Use of Rhizospheric Microflora in Reclamation of Soil Health
(Devendra Kumar Choudhary)

The Use of Vermicompost in Sustainable Agriculture: Impact on Plant Growth and Soil Fertility
(Cristina Lazcano and Jorge Domínguez)

Optimum Soil Nutrients: A Sine Qua Non for Sustainable Agriculture for Food and Nutrition Security
(Emmanuel Uzoma Onweremadu and Angela Chika Udebuani)

Chemical Soil Quality and Mycorrhiza
(Marcela Claudia Pagano and Aba C. Persiano)

Micronutrient Availability in Crop Soils of the Pampas Region, Argentina
(Silvana Irene Torri, Susana Urricariet and Raúl Silvio Lavado)

Soil Microbes and Soil Nutrients
(M. Miransari, H. Omidi, A. Korde Naij, M. Amini and S. Maleki)

Uptake of Nitrogen by Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi
(Mohammad Miransari, M. Habibi, A. M. Naji, M. H. Fotokian and H. Amirshekari)

Soil Organic Carbon Stocks and Changes due to Modifications on Land Use and Management Practices in Brazil
(C. E. P. Cerri, T. F. Abbruzzini, C. B. Brandani, M. R. Durigan and D. Signor)

Management Practices to Preserve Soil Organic Matter in Semiarid Mediterranean Environment
(V. A. Laudicina, V. Barbera, L. Gristina and L. Badalucco)

Organic Carbon Stocks and Management Strategies of the Soils in Taiwan Based on the Soil Information System
(Shih-Hao Jien, Chen-Chi Tsai, Zeng-Yei Hseu, Horng-Yuh Guo, Chin-Tzer Duh and Zueng-Sang Chen)

Soil Organic Matter Characterization at Different Forest Stands in Slovenia
(N. Ogrinc, P. Simončič and N. Kovač)

Soil Organic Carbon Stocks in Relation to Different Land-use Types in a Mountainous Watershed
(Víctor Hugo Durán Zuazo, José Ramón Francia Martínez, Iván García Tejero and Armando Martínez Raya)

Effects of Soil Organic Matter on the Transport of Non- Aqueous Phase Liquid in Soils
(Junko Nishiwaki, Yoshishige Kawabe, Yasuhide Sakamoto, Takeshi Komai and Ming Zhang)

Soot: Structure, Composition and Health Effects
(L. E. Murr)

The Formation and Chemical Properties of Soot
(Jian Liu, Zhen Zhao and Chunming Xu)

Modelling Soot Formation in a Turbulent Flame
(Manosh C. Paul and Sreebash C. Paul)

The Formation of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons, Fullerenes, Carbon Nanotubes and Soot in Combustion Processes
(Z. A. Mansurov and N. G. Prikhodko)

The Effect of Nanostructure and Adsorbed Organic Species on the Radical Activity of Combustion-Derived Soot
(M. Alfè, V. Gargiulo, M. Ghiazza, E. Carella, I. Fenoglio and A. Ciajolo)

Soot Reduction in Compression Ignition Engines Using Advanced Combustion Strategies
(Dong Han, Xingcai Lu and Zhen Huang)

Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition in Lowering Soot and Other Emissions for Internal Combustion Engines
(H. I. Sherazi and Y. Li)

Carbonaceous Aerosols: An Overview Based on Research in India
(Sunita Verma and Swagata Payra)

Challenges in the Modeling of Soot for Buoyant-Driven Fires
(G. H. Yeoh and S. C. P. Cheung)

Combustion Processes of Biomass in a Fluidized Bed: A Review and Results of CFD Modelling
(Michal Kuffa, Manosh C. Paul and Johannes Janicka)

Steppes across the World: An Overview with Emphasis on the Iberian Peninsula
(Helios Sainz Ollero)

Factors Determining Species Richness and Composition of Steppe Bird Communities in Peninsular Spain: Grass-Steppe vs. Shrub-Steppe Bird Species
(Juan Traba, Pablo Sastre and Manuel Borja Morales)

Species Richness and Niche Differentiation of Darkling Beetles (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae) in Mongolian Steppe Ecosystems
(Omid Paknia, Michael Grundler and Martin Pfeiffer)

Diversity Patterns in the Steppe of Argentinean Southern Patagonia: Environmental Drivers and Impact of Grazing
(Pablo Luis Peri, María Vanessa Lencinas, Guillermo Martínez Pastur, Grant W. Wardell-Johnson and Romina Lasagno)

The Vegetation Structure of the Mongolian Altai Mountain Steppes
(Galina N. Ogureeva, Inessa M. Mikljaeva and Maxim V. Bocharnikov)

Resilience or Vulnerability? Vegetation Patterns of a Central Tibetan Pastoral Ecotone
(Georg Miehe, Sabine Miehe, Kerstin Bach, Karsten Wesche, Elke Seeber, Lena Behrendes, Knut Kaiser,
Christoph Reudenbach, Jasmin Nölling, Jan Hanspach, Mark Herrmann, Ma Yaoming and Volker Mosbrugger)

Estimation of Carbon Dioxide Exchange of Cascade Geochemically Conjugated Steppe Ecosystems in Salinity Condition
(Aleksei Naumov and Elena Smolentseva)

The Late Quaternary Paleoecology and Environmental History of Hortobágy, a Unique Mosaic Alkaline Steppe from the Heart of the Carpathian Basin
(Pál Sümegi, Gábor Szilágyi, Sándor Gulyás, Gusztáv Jakab
and Attila Molnár)

The Conservation of High-Interest Plant Species Offers the Chance to Preserve Unique and Vulnerable Representatives of Gypsum Steppes
(Màrcia Eugenio, Carlos Molina and Gonzalo Montamarta)

The Cover of Steppe Vascular Plants by the Protected Area Network of the Republic of Mordovia (Russia)
(Anatoliy A. Khapugin and Tatyana B. Silaeva)

Recovery of Degraded Steppe Soils of Northern China after Grazing Exclusion
(Martin Wiesmeier)

Effects of Ungulate Grazing on Soil Microbial Diversities in Inner Mongolian Steppes of Northern China
(Xiaoqi Zhou and Yanfen Wang)

The Pseudo-Steppe of La Crau (Southeastern France): Origin, Management and Restoration of a Mediterranean Rangeland
(Thierry Dutoit, Elise Buisson, Sylvain Fadda, Frédéric Henry, Clémentine Coiffait-Gombault, Renaud Jaunatre, Jean-François Alignan, Solène Masson and Adeline Bulot)

Critical Review of the Algerian Experience to Manage the Land Degradation
(Aziz Hirche, Mostefa Salamani, Boughani Abdelmadjid, Dalila Nedjraoui, Ratiba Hourizi and Youcef Oukil)

Sustainable Development in the Caldenal (Argentina)
(Hugo Laborde, Osvaldo A. Fernández, María N. Fioretti, Sandra S. Baioni and Roberto E. Brevedan)

Ishim Steppe Soils and Subsoils’ Hydrological Condition Changes in the Second Half of the XXth Century
(Yu. V. Kravtsov)

Probabilistic Evaluation of Transformation of Soils in Kulunda Steppe under Agricultural Impact
(Irina Mikheeva)

The Status of the Agroecosystems for the Forest-Steppe of the Baikal Natural Territory Under the Conditions of Technogenic Soil Pollution and Variation of Climate Factors
(L. V. Pomazkina)

Soil Evolution and Paleoclimatic Reconstruction Derived from the Study of the Short and Long-Term Pedochronosequences of the Skvortsovsky Burial Ground on the South of the Cis-Ural Steppe Region, Russia
(O. S. Khokhlova)

Above-Ground and Below-Ground Productivity of Central Asian Steppes
(A. A. Titlyanova)

Southernmost South America Steppes: Vegetation and its Modern Pollen-Assemblages Representation
(María V. Mancini; María E. de Porras and Florencia P. Bamonte)

Rangeland Improvement and Management Options in the Arid Steppes of Algeria
(Nedjimi Bouzid)

Role and Value of Organic Substance in Formation of Fertility of Soils
(А. А. Shpedt)

Water Interactions Between Bare Soil and Vegetation in Semiarid Mediterranean Steppes: Some New Evidences
(David A. Ramírez, Francisco Domingo and Juan Bellot)

Evaluation of Grazing Pressure on Steppe Vegetation by Spectral Measurement
(Tsuyoshi Akiyama, Kensuke Kawamura, Ayumi Fukuo, Toru Sakai, Zuozhong Chen and Genya Saito)

Chlorinated Organic Contaminants in Surface Sediments of Yangtze River Estuary and Adjacent East China Sea
(Lili Niu, Huayun Yang and Weiping Liu)

Environmental and Land-use Changes in the Tibetan Plateau Section of the Upper Yangtze River Basin during the Last 50 Years
(Stuart A. Harris )

The Yangtze River: Hydro Development, Changing Geography, Cultural and Environmental Implications
(Kepa Morgan and Amaria Francis Waretini)

Innovative Solutions for Yangtze River’s Water Crisis
(Shu-Qing Yang)

The Research of Environmental Flows Methodology in Rivers of China
(X. Ban)

Urban Development and its Impacts on Energy and Resource Consumptions in the Yangtze River Delta: Trends and Future Prospects
(Keishiro Hara, Michinori Uwasu, Helmut Yabar and Haiyan Zhang)

Table Olives in Mediterranean Regions: Economics, Sustainability and Environmental Considerations Focused on a Traditional Food Supply Chain
(Cátia M. Peres, Cidália Peres and F. Xavier Malcata)

Adaptation and Application of Hydrological Approaches for Water Quality Management: Pastoral Agriculture in New Zealand
(M. S. Srinivasan and K. Müller)

The Effectiveness of Riparian Conservation Practices in Reducing Sediment in Iowa Streams
(George N. Zaimes, Kye-Han Lee, Mustafa Tufekcioglu, Leigh Ann Long, Richard C. Schultz and Thomas M. Isenhart)

Diet Selection of Herbivores on Species-Rich Pastures
(P. Hejcmanová and J. Mládek)

Impacts, Ecology and Dispersal of the Invasive Argentine Ant
(Eiriki Sunamura, Shun Suzuki, Hironori Sakamoto, Koji Nishisue, Mamoru Terayama and Sadahiro Tatsuki)

Common Bacterial Blight in Phaseolusvulgaris
(Gregory Perry and K. Peter Pauls)

Potentials and Limitations of Husbandry Practice in Sustainable Systems to Secure Animals’ Mineral Nutrition
(Marta López-Alonso, Marta Miranda and Isabel Blanco-Penedo)

Toxic Element Contamination in Animal Feed
(Marta López-Alonso and Marta Miranda)

Importance of Intrinsic and Extrinsic Attributes in the Purchase of Beef in Central-Southern Chile: A Market Segmentation Study
(B. Schnettler, F. Llancanpán, V. Vera, N. Sepúlveda, J. Sepúlveda and M. Denegri)

Ten-Year Assessment of Agricultural Management and Land-Use Practices on Pesticide Loads and Risk to Aquatic Biota of an Oxbow Lake in the Mississippi Delta, USA
(Richard E. Lizotte, Jr., Scott S. Knight, Martin A. Locke and R. Wade Steinriede, Jr.)

Characterization of the Spatial Circuits of Agroforestry Systems Belonging to Innovative Farmers in the Capim River Pole, Pará, Brazil
(J. S. R. Oliveira, O. R. Kato, T. F. Oliveira and A. M. Silveira)

Advanced Systems for Nitrogen Removal from Effluents Produced in the Fish Canning Industry
(J. L. Campos, M. Figueroa, N. Morales, C. Fajardo, J. R. Vázquez-Padín, A. Mosquera-Corral and R. Méndez)

Storage Temperature Effects on Survival of Escherichia coli and Escherichia coli O157: H7 in Fresh Orange Juice [Citrus Sinensis (L.) Osbeck]
(Andreana Marino, Antonia Nostro, Antonio Tomaino, Francesco Cimino and Paola Dugo)

The Unfolded Protein Response (UPR) in Plant Seeds
(Johann Schernthaner, Jas Singh, Natalie Labbé, Dengqun Liao and Frédéric Marsolais)

Salmonella sp. in Pork Production Chain
(Madalena Vieira-Pinto, Fernando Bernardo, Cristina Vilela, Patricia Themudo and Manuela Oliveira)

Health Effects on Kiwifruits of Edible Fruit Actinidia SPP
(Noboru Motohashi)

Developing Biomarkers to Improve, Detect and Monitor High Pork Quality
(Marinus F. W. te Pas and Arend J. W. Hoekman )

Salmonella Sp. Detection in Samples from Slaughtered Pigs: A Comparative Study of Three Methods
(Manuela Oliveira, Cristina Lobo Vilela, Fernando Bernardo and Madalena Vieira-Pinto)

Methods to Study the Seed Production of Semi-Natural Grasslands: The Example of a Lolium Perenne –Poa Pratensis Meadow of the Italian Alps
(Michele Scotton, Antonio Timoni and Flavia Avancini)

Quality and Shelf life of Low Fat Pork Sausages
(Naga Mallika and E. K. Prabhakar)

Use of Food Live for Larval Peneids: A Review
(Lilian Cristine Marinho de Lima )

Integrative Eco-Physiological Research for Breeding Improved Cassava Cultivars in Favorable and Stressful Environments in Tropical/Subtropical Bio-Systems
(Mabrouk A. El-Sharkawy, Sara M. de Tafur and Yamel Lopez)

The Importance of Biotin and Other Key Nutrients in Alcoholic Fermentations
(Jeffri C. Bohlscheid and Charles G. Edwards)

Agricultural Productivity and Poverty: The Case of Vietnam
(Bingxin Yu, Tingju Zhu, Clemens Breisinger and Nguyen Manh Hai)

The Role of Eco-Management for Sustainable Agricultural Production
(Roberta Salomone, Giuseppe Saija and Luigi Ciraolo)

Molecular Marker Assisted Selection for Disease Resistance Breeds of Cattle
(Rajib Deb, Umesh Singh, Sushil Kumar and Arjava Sharma)

An Improved In vitro Method for Isolated Microspore Culture of Durum Wheat
(Zelikha Labbani)

Modeling Crop Water Requirement in the Upper Indus Basin of Pakistan for Enhancing Food Security
(M. Arshad, Rai Niaz Ahmad and Munir A. Hanjra)

Agricultural Practices for Sustainable Crop Production
(Ademir Sérgio Ferreira de Araújo)

Competitiveness of Bulgarian Farms in Conditions of EU CAP Implementation
(Hrabrin Bachev )

Perennial Weeds in Argentinean Crop Systems: Biological and Ecological Characteristics and Basis for a Rational Weed Management
(Marcos E. Yanniccari and Horacio A. Acciaresi)

Anti-inflammatory Effect of the Waste Components from Soybean (Glycine Max L.) Oil Based on DNA Polymerase Inhibition
(Yoshiyuki Mizushina, Yoshihiro Takahashi, Isoko Kuriyama and Hiromi Yoshida)

Dry Matter Production, Yield Dynamics and Chemical Composition of Perennial Grass and Forage Legume Mixtures at Various Seeding Rate Proportions
(Tessema Zewdu Kelkay )

Genetic Variation of Globulin Composition in Soybean Seeds
(Kyuya Harada, Masaki Hayashi and Yasutaka Tsubokura)

Different Effects of Garlic Preparations: A Mini Review
(Luziane P. Bellé and Maria Beatriz Moretto)

Vegetable Soybean (Edamame): Production, Processing, Consumption and Health Benefits
(Bo Zhang, Cuiming Zheng, Ailan Zeng and Pengyin Chen)

Non-Significant Interactions between Treatments and a Suggested Statistical Approach for Dealing with These Statuses
(Zakaria M. Sawan)

Rapid Methods for Improving Nutritional Quality of Hydroponic Leafy Vegetables Before Harvest
(Wenke Liu, Lianfeng Du and Qichang Yang)

Impacts of Fukushima Nuclear Disaster on Japanese Agriculture and Food Chains 317
(Hrabrin Bachev and Fusao Ito)

Plant Nutrients, Plant Growth Retardants, and Cotton Production
(Zakaria M. Sawan)

Response of Olive Trees to Deficit Irrigation Regimes: Growth, Yield and Water Relations
(Chiraz Charfi-Masmoudi and Mouna Mezghani-Ayachi)

Improving Selectivity in Trawl Fisheries
(N. Madsen and J. Feekings)

Grazing Management of Native and Naturalised Pastures in Harsh Environments
(Zhongnan Nie, Limin Hua, Reto Zollinger, Degang Zhang and Shangli Shi)

Sustainable Grazing Systems for the Enhancement of Livestock Production and Biodiversity in Less-Favored Heathland Areas of Humid Northern Spain
(R. Celaya, A. Martínez, R. Rosa García, L. M. M. Ferreira, C. López López, U. García and K. Osoro)

Genomic Organization and Comparative Analysis of the Genome of Domesticated Animals and Poultry
(Rajib Deb, Sandip Chakraborty, Umesh Singh, Sushil Kumar, Parmad Kumar Panwar and Kuldeep Dhama)

In-Depth Studies of Cattle-Manure-Compost Activated Carbons for Cu(II) Ions Removal
(Muhammad Abbas Ahmad Zaini, Siti Hamidah Mohd. Setapar, Mohd. Johari Kamaruddin and Mohd. Azizi Che Yunus)

Combating Water Scarcity for Global Food Security
(Zeshan Ali, Barkat Ali, Ashiq Mohammad, Mushtaq Ahmad, Ijaz Ahmad, Abdul Aziz Napar, Alvina G. Kazi, Ahmad Ali, Shamim-ul-Sibtain Shah and A. Mujeeb-Kazi)

International Research Collaboration in Agriculture
(Mehmet Cakir and Mark P. McHenry)

Impact of Landscape Agricultural Systems in Erosion Prone Region of Russia
(Ekaterina G. Kotlyarova)

Sustainable Agriculture for Global Food Security
(Alvina Gul Kazi, Malik Zahoor Ahmad, Muhammad Ashraf, Hadi Bux, Sumaira Farrakh and Abdul Mujeeb-Kazi)

Rice Farming Systems and Weed Management in the Philippines
(Jesusa C. Beltran, David J. Pannell and Graeme J. Doole)

Micronutrients for Improving Soil and Human Health
(Muhammad Imtiaz, Wisal Muhammad, Parvez Khan and Amir Raza)

Biotechnology for Sugarcane Improvement
(Saboohi Raza, Javed Ahmed Qureshi and Imtiaz Ahmed Khan)

Private International Investment within the Sub-Saharan Agricultural Milieu
(Mark P. McHenry and Mehmet Cakir)

Efficient Use of Non-Renewable Natural Resources for Quality Wine through Sustainable Viticulture
(Sílvia Petronilho, António S. Barros, Manuel A. Coimbra and Sílvia M. Rocha)

Impact of Desertification and Population Density on Food Security
(Adeena Shafique, Shehroze Ameen, Hafsa Inam, Sadia Arshad, Tehreem Tanveer, Kanwal Shaheen, Sara Nazain, Sajida Parveen, Muhammad Ashraf and Alvina Gul Kazi)

Linking Molecular Mechanisms to Biomarkers in Cardiac Disease Resulting from Prolonged Chronic Inhalation of Ozone: A Gaseous Component of Air Pollution
(Rajat Sethi, Shubham Manchanda, Magdalena Ramirez and Vishal Sethi )

Air Pollution and Cancer: The Cycle of Insult to Injury
(Deborah K. Arnold)

Vulnerability to Ozone Air Pollution in Different Landforms of Europe
(Svetlana Bičárová, Hana Pavlendová and Peter Fleischer)

Genotoxicity of Airborne Particulate Matter as a Tool to Prevent the Effects of Environmental Pollution on Health
(Vera Maria Ferrão Vargas and Andréia Torres Lemos)

Is Air Pollution Contributing to the Obesity Epidemic? New Connections for Further Review
(Alison F. Pittman)

Respiratory Epithelium Response to Air Pollutants, and the Preventive Role of Antioxidants
(M. Rojas-Lemus and T. I. Fortoul)

Is Air Pollution the New Risk Factor in the Diabetes Epidemic?
(Ayesha Akhtar de la Fuente)

Applying Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to Model Localized Atmospheric Pollution
(A. A. Karim and P. F. Nolan)

Tobacco Smoke Pollution and Oral Health
(Darren M. Roesch)

Integrated Environmental Management System and Pollution Prevention Framework for Control of Mercury Emissions Using H2O2 Enhanced Oxidation and Wet Scrubbing
(Prajay A. Gor, Alexander J. Murillo and Alvaro I. Martinez)

Air Quality Modelling through Evolutionary Computing: A Review
(J. C. M. Pires and F. G. Martins)

Pollution and Climate Impact on Respiratory Hospitalizations for Elderly People in São Paulo, Brazil
(Airlane Pereira Alencar, Thelma Sáfadi and Francisco Marcelo Monteiro da Rocha)

Occupational Exposure to Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons
(Klara Slezakova, Marta Oliveira, Cristina Delerue-Matos, Simone Morais and Maria do Carmo Pereira)

Air Remediation Using Non-Thermal Plasmas
(Koichi Takaki)

Trends of PM2.5 Pollution and Its Mutagenic Properties in Turin: A 7-Year Study
(D. Traversi, L. Alessandria, R. Bono and G. Gilli)

The CO2 Hypothesis – The Stress of Global Warming on Human Health: pH Homeostasis, the Linkage between Breathing and Feeding via CO2 Economy
(Donatella Zappulla)

Air Quality Study in Belgrade: Particulate Matter and Volatile Organic Compounds as Threats to Human Health
(M. Tomašević, Z. Mijić, M. Aničić, A. Stojić, M. Perišić, M. Kuzmanoski, M. Todorović and S. Rajšić)

Microbial Air Sampling
(Cesira Pasquarella, Elisa Saccani, Manuela Ugolotti, Carlo Signorelli and Roberto Albertini)

Application of a MARS-Based Regression Model to the Air Quality Study at Local Scale in the Gijón Urban Area (Northern Spain)
(P. J. García Nieto and J. C. Álvarez Antón)

The Impact of Air Pollution from the Mining-Metallurgical Complex on the Content of Total Sulfur in Plant Material and Soil
(Snezana M. Serbula, Tanja S. Kalinovic, Ana A. Ilic, Jelena V. Kalinovic and Branko M. Bugarski)

Ecotoxicity Assessment of Traffic-Related Airborne Pollution
(Nora Kováts and András Gelencsér)

Air Quality in Occupied School Building Spaces in the South of Portugal
(Eusébio Z. E. Conceição and M. Manuela J. R. Lúcio)

UV Irradiation as an Alternative to Chemical Treatments: A New Approach Against Algal Biofilms Proliferation Contaminating Building Facades, Historical Monuments and Touristic Subterranean Environments
(Fabien Borderie, Laurence Alaoui-Sehmer, Faisl Bousta, Geneviève Orial, Dominique Rieffel, Hervé Richard and Badr Alaoui-Sosse)

Enhancement and Restoration of Growth of Durum Wheat (Triticum durum, Var. waha) on Saline Soil by Using Azospirillum brasilense NH and Marine Alga Ulva lactuca
(Elhafid Nabti, Mohamed Sahnoune, Mostefa Ghoul, Doreen Fisher, Mike Rothballer, Michael Schmid and Anton Hartmann)

Production and Properties of Algae Oil Biofuel and Environmental Benefits
(Mohamed Y. E. Selim and Yousef Haik)

Trachydiscus minutus: A New Algal EPA Producer
(Jaromír Lukavský)

Systematics and Taxonomic Keys for the Marine Green Algal Family Monostromataceae
(Felix Bast)

Soil Algae: Ecophysiological Features, Environmental Impact and Biotechnological Potential
(Werner Reisser )

Phenolic Profile of Crude Extracts Derived from a Red Alga, Corallinaelongata Ellis and Solander
(Milagros Rico, Aroa López, Miguel Suárez de Tangil and Argimiro Rivero)

Algal Diversity Dynamics, Ecological Assessment, and Monitoring in the River Ecosystems of the Eastern Mediterranean
(Sophia Barinova)

Apicomplexa in the Amazon
(Sónia Rocha and Carlos Azevedo)

Amazonian Podostemaceae: Importance and Vulnerability of the Biodiversity Hidden under Tropical Waterfalls
(Marcelo Sobral Leite)

Diversity, Origin and Status of Amazonian Avifauna
(Manuel Nores)

Biotechnology and the Sustainable Use of Amazon Biodiversity
(Daniela Bittencourt and Sara de Almeida Rios)

Land Use in the Brazilian Amazon: Agriculture in Smallholdings and the Exploitation of Non-timber Forest Products
(Mirian Cristina Gomes Costa and Hélio Tonini)

Community Forestry in the Brazilian Amazon: An Examination of Power, Challenges and Goals
(Reem Hajjar)

The Governance of Rainforest Preservation in the Brazilian Amazon: The Tapajós National Forest and the Amazon National Park Compared
(Ana Maria de Souza Mello Bicalhoand Scott William Hoefle)

Measuring Urban Quality of Life in the Brazilian Amazon Region – Combining Social, Economic and Environmental Variables
(Josiane do Socorro Aguiar de Souza and José Augusto Leitão Drummond)

Precipitation Changes due to the Amazon Deforestation
(Weber Andrade Gonçalves, Luiz Augusto Toledo Machado and Clênia Rodrigues Alcântara)

Climate Change: Causes, Implications and Consequences for the Amazon Basin
(Clênia Rodrigues Alcântara and Enio Pereira de Souza)

Anaerobic Treatment of Domestic Wastewater
(J. A. Álvarez and M. Soto)

Effect of Anaerobic Pretreatment by Dry Batch Technology on Aerobic Degradability of Sewage Sludge
(Beatrix Rózsáné Szűcs, Miklós Simon and György Füleky)

A Scientific Review of the Agronomic, Environmental and Social Benefits of Anaerobic Digestion
(D. I. Massé, G. Talbot and Y. Gilbert)

Anaerobic Digestion: Processes, Products and Applications
(Abdul-Sattar Nizami)

Microbial Aspects of Anaerobic Digestion for Biogas Production
(A. B. Chaudhari, P. C. Suryawanshi and R. M. Kothari)


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