Environment, Mood Disorders and Suicide


Editors: Teodor T. Postolache (University of Maryland School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD, USA) and Joav Merrick (National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, Jerusalem, Israel, and others)
Series: Health and Human Development (Joav Merrick – Series Editor – Medical Director, Ministry of Social Affairs, Jerusalem, Israel)

We live in a time when the environment makes headlines, especially in association with global climate change and the potential human impact on the planet. It is remarkable that even now, with the environment becoming an important issue in world politics, we still do not really know how or to what extent our environment interacts with our brain and overall physiology. The environment is intricately and, from a research standpoint, hopelessly, multifactorial. The effects of global climate change may be readily seen not only in the thermoregulatory response to temperature fluctuation. This book discusses the environment and its influence on mood disorders and suicide from a scientific perspective.

Table of Contents

(Leo Sher)


Environment, Mood Disorders and Suicide, pp. 1-6
(Teodor T Postolache and Joav Merrick)

Section One: The Physico-Chemical Environment

Chapter 1. Mood Oscillations and Coupling between Mood and Weather in Patients with Rapid Cycling Bipolar Disorder, pp. 9-36
(Steven M Boker, Ellen Leibenluft, Pascal R Deboeck, et al.)

Chapter 2. Mood Improvement with One Hour of Light Treatment in
Patients with Seasonal Affective Disorder, pp. 37-44
(Gloria M Reeves, Johanna Cabassa, Mei Kwan, et al.)

Chapter 3. Mood Improvement During the First Session of Light Treatment in Seasonal Affective Disorder: What is the Optimal Duration?, pp. 45-50
(Gagan Virk, Gloria Reeves, Norman E Rosenthal, et al.)

Chapter 4. Exposure to Chemosensory Stimuli Alters Mood Reports in Patients with Seasonal Affective Disorder, pp. 51-58
(Solomon S Williams, Norman E Rosenthal, Avery N Gilbert, et al.)

Chapter 5. Vitamin D and Suicide Risk Factors, pp. 59-74
(Helen A Smith, Muhammad M Tariq, Baharak Khabazghazvini,et al.)

Section Two: The Body Environment

Chapter 6. Childhood Obesity and Depression, pp. 77-92
(Gloria M Reeves, Teodor T Postolache and Soren Snitker)

Chapter 7. Asthma and Mood Disorders, pp. 93-105
(Anupama Kewalramani, Mary E. Bollinger and Teodor T Postolache)

Chapter 8. Fibromyalgia in Children and Adolescents, pp. 107-125
(Lynn Hugger, Zinoviy Gutkovich and Harriet Knapp)

Section Three: The Temporal Environment

Chapter 9. Jet Lag: Internal and External Timekeeping, pp. 129-139
(Tatiana Menick, Joseph J Soriano and Teodor T Postolache)

Section Four: The Perinatal Hormonal-Immune Environment

Chapter 10. Prepartum Depressive, C-Reactive Protein and Tryptophan Levels, pp. 143-153
(Debra A Scrandis, Patricia Langenberg, Leonardo H Tonelli, et al.)

Chapter 11. Depression After Delivery, pp. 155-171
(Debra A Scrandis, Tehmina M Sheikh, Robina Niazi, et al.)

Section Five: The Biological Environment

Chapter 12. Allergen Exposure, Prior History of Suicide Attempts and
Instability in Patients with Recurrent Mood Disorders, pp. 175-186
(Darryl W Roberts, Leonardo H Tonelli, Patricia Langenberg, et al.)

Chapter 13. Naturalistic Exposure to Tree Pollen in Spring: A Positive Relationship between Depression, Anxiety and Allergy Symptom
Changes in Patients with Recurring Mood Disorders, pp. 187-203
(Manana Lapidus, Leonardo H Tonelli, Robert G Hamilton, et al.)

Chapter 14. Indoleamine Deoxygenase: Interfacing between the Immune
System, Parasites or Allergens and Brain Function, pp. 205-225
(Paula Strassle, Dietmar Fuchs, Manana Lapidus, et al.)

Chapter 15. Self-Reported Mood Sensitivity to Pollen, Seasonality of Mood and Depressive Symptoms in a Northeastern College Sample, pp. 227-237
Alice Kosak, Kelly J Rohan, Yael I Nillni, et al.)

Section Six: The Social Environment: Correctional Setting

Chapter 16. Mood Disorders and Suicide in the Correctional Population, pp. 241-254
(Alan A Abrams, Maheen Patel, Tyler Jones, et al.)

Chapter 17. Suicidality in the Juvenile Delinquent Population, pp. 255-274
(Aditi Malik and Srirangam S Shreeram)

Section Seven: The Cultural Environment

Chapter 18. Religion as a Suicide Protective Factor: A Focus on Islam, pp. 277-284
(Farooq Mohyuddin)

Chapter 19. Ethnic Differences in Adolescent Suicidality, pp. 285-304
(Theodora Balis and Teodor Postolache)

Chapter 20. Seasonality in African Students Living in the Greater
Washington DC Metropolitan Area, pp. 305-312
(Alvaro Guzman, Ryszard Zebrak, Kelly J Rohan, et al.)

Chapter 21. Seasonal Changes in Sleep Duration in African American
and African College Students, pp. 313-322
Janna Volkov, Kelly J Rohan, Samina M Yousufi, et al.)

Chapter 22. A Review on Suicidal Behavior in Latinos, pp. 323-331
(Álvaro Guzmán, Ann Koons and Teodor T Postolache)

Section Eight: The Work Place: A Comprehensive Environmental Perspective

Chapter 23. The Impact of Work Environment on Mood Disorders and Suicide, pp. 335-357
(Jong-Min Woo and Teodor T Postolache)

Section Nine: The Electrical Environment of the Brain

Chapter 24. Brain Derived Endogenous Electric Fields Feedback on Neurons, pp. 361-404
(Sergei V Karnup, Marom Bikson, Leonardo H Tonelli)

Section Ten: The “Environment of the Mind”

Chapter 25. Mindfulness Meditation in Patients with Mood Disorders, pp. 407-428
(Kalina Boteva)

Chapter 26. Applications of Cognitive-Behavioral Theory and Therapy
to Seasonal Affective Disorder, pp. 429-441
(Kelly J Rohan and Yael I Nillni)

Section Eleven: The Hospital Environment

Chapter 27. Non-Psychiatric Hospitalization and Suicide, pp. 445-456
(Janaki Nimmagadda, Azra A Farooqui, Farooq Mohyuddin, et al.)

Section Twelve: Conclusion: Policy, Research and Clinical Considerations

Chapter 28. Policy, Research and Clinical Considerations, pp. 459-462
9Teodor T Postolache and Joav Merrick)

Section Thirteen: Acknowledgments

Chapter 29. About the Editors, pp. 465-466

Chapter 30. About the Mood and Anxiety Program (MAP), Department
of Psychiatry, University of Maryland School of Medicine, pp. 467-469

Chapter 31. About the National Institute of Child Health and Human
Development in Israel, pp. 471-473

Chapter 32. About the Health and Human Development Book Series, pp. 475-476


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