Enter the World of Microbiology: Interviews about the World’s Most Famous Microbiologists


Manuel F. Varela, PhD –  Professor, Biology, Eastern New Mexico University, Portales, New Mexico, USA
Michael F. Shaughnessy, PhD – Professor of Psychology, Eastern New Mexico University, Portales, New Mexico, USA

Series: Microbiology Research Advances
BISAC: SCI045000

Enter the world of microbiology: A dimension not only of viruses and bacteria, but also of contributions to medicine, health, and well-being. Enter the world of the most famous discoveries of scientists in the realm of biology from all over the world. Learn about their lives and the discoveries that have revolutionized science and the field of microbiology. These are the geniuses that have given the human race so much to improve the health of all mankind.
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Martinus Willem Beijerinck—In Spite of All His Accomplishments & Discoveries—No Nobel Prize!

Chapter 2. Jules Bordet—Killing Cholera!

Chapter 3. Gerhard Domack—Who Discovered Sulfonamides and their Cousins?

Chapter 4. Carl Eberth—Salmonella—The Bacterial Pathogen or the Infectious Disease? You Decide!

Chapter 5. Paul Ehrich—Who Discovered the “Magic Bullet”?

Chapter 6. John Franklin Enders—And the Culture of Poliovirus

Chapter 7. Albert Frankel—What Did He Have to Do with Pneumonia?

Chapter 8. August Anton Hieronymous Gartner—Linking Salmonella with Food Poisoning

Chapter 9. Dimitri Isilfonovich Ivanovsky—Who Discovered This Thing We Call Viruses?

Chapter 10. Shibasaburo Kitassato—The Tetanus Shot— Where Did It Come from and What Does It Do?

Chapter 11. Stuart Levy—The Concerns of Antibiotic Resistance

Chapter 12. Friedrich Loeffler—Diptheria and its Co-Conspirators

Chapter 13. Barry Marshall—And the Mysterious World of Stomach Ulcers

Chapter 14. Peter Medawar—Graft Rejection and Immune Tolerance- The Great Discoveries

Chapter 15. Elie-Metchnikoff—The Wonderful World of Phagocytes and Macrophages

Chapter 16. Albert Neisser— He Discovered Gonorrhea, Studied Syphilis, and Leprosy

Chapter 17. Alexander Ogston—Who Named the Staphylococcus?

Chapter 18. Stanley Benjamin Prusiner—Mad Cows and an Englishman

Chapter 19. Pierre Paul Emile Roux—Diptheria-and its Relatives

Chapter 20. Kiyoshi Sighiga—Dysentery and Gastroenteritis!

Chapter 21. Lazaro- Spallanzani— There is No Such Thing as “Spontaneous Generation”!

Chapter 22. Frederick TwortWho Found those Bacteriophages? Twort Did!

Chapter 23. Emil Von Boring—Diptheria and its Forms and Antitoxin

Chapter 24. Selman Waksman—Neimycin and other Antibiotics

Chapter 25. William Welch- From an Autopsy Comes Science!


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