Riad Benelmir (Editor)
Universite Henri Poincar, France

Series: Environmental Science, Engineering and Technology

This book sheds light on the interaction between the utilization of energy and the environment, as well as the economic aspects involved with this utilization. It is a vehicle for an international exchange and dissemination of ideas in the multidisciplinary field of energy-environment-economics between research scientists, engineers, economists, policy makers, and others concerned about these issues. (Imprint: Nova)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Adaptability of Refrigeration Hybrid System to Low Temperature Sources
Nahla Bouaziz, Ridha Ben Iffa, and Lakhdar Kairouani

Wind-Powered Desalination by Mechanical Vapor Compression
Chermiti Imen, Hidouri Nejib, and Ben Brahim Ammar

Effect Analysis of Constructive Quality and Orientation on the Energy Consumption of the Buildings in the North of Morocco
S. Babbah, I.R. Maestre, A. Draoui, P. Cubillas, and F.J.G. Gallero

A Comparative Modeling of an Experimental Single-Zone Building with Bond Graphs and TRNSYS
A. Merabtine, S. Mokraoui, R. Benelmir, and D. Descieux

Bond Graph Approach for Modeling and Analysis of Transient Heat Conduction in the Prospect of Energy Building Application
S. Mokraoui, A. Merabtine, R. Benelmir, and N. Laraqi

High Temperature Gas-Cooled Reactors
Piyush Sabharwall and Eung Soo Kim

Materials and Components from NPP Decommissioning: Opportunities of Investigation by Neutron techniques
Massimo Rogante

Knowledge Management of Maintenance Activities for Potable Water Distribution Business
Mohammad D. Al-Tahat and Hasan Al-Shoubaki

Renewability Analysis of Microalgae Biodiesel Using Different Transesterification Processes
Ehiaze Ehimen, Zhifa Sun, and Gerry Carrington

A Critical Review of Organizational Structure and Reforms of the Indian Electricity Sector
S.C. Tripathy and Tripta Thakur

Energy versus Environment
Michel Feidt

Stirling Refrigerating Machine. Confrontation of Direct and Finite Physical Dimensions Thermodynamics Methods to Experiments
Lavinia Grosu, Stoian Petrescu, Catalina Dobre, and Pierre Rochelle

On the Pertinence of a Based Thermodynamics Laws Model for the Simulation of a Beta Type Refrigerating Stirling Machine
Nadia Martaj, Lavinia Grosu, Pierre Rochelle, Rachid Bennacer, and Stephan Savarese

Overview on Gas Turbines and Combined Cycles with Nox Reduction Consideration
V. Cenusa, Riad Benelmir, and A. Merabtine

One Step Reaction Rate Model for Application of HCCI Combustion on Energy Efficient and Environment Friendly Thermal Engines
Fadila Maroteaux and Jean-Baptiste Millet

Reference Calculations for Gas Turbine Installations
V. Cenusa, Riad Benelmir, and A. Merabtine

Beta Type Refrigerating Stirling Machine Numerical and Experimental Study
Nadia Martaj, Lavinia Grosu, Pierre Rochelle, Stephan Savarese, and Rachid Bennacer

Evaluation of a Cold Map for a Moroccan Climate by a Solar Adsorption Refrigeration Machine Working with Activated Carbon- Ammonia Pair
H. El Kalkha, A.Ezzarfi, A. Mimet, F. Lemmini, M. Pérez-Garcia, and M. El Ganaoui


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